(1939-09-01) Hogwarts Start-of-Term Feast, 1939-40
Details for Hogwarts Start-of-Term Feast, 1939-40
Summary: It's the beginning of the 1939-40 school year at Hogwarts! What could be in store for the students this year? (Sorting Hat song mostly by RoseZeller)
Date: 1 September, 1939
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell



The Great Hall is not decorated as brightly as in previous years. Fewer candles hover overhead, leaving the shadows a bit dimmer as they flick here and there. The enchanted ceiling reflects the overcast sky outside, with not a star in sight, and only a diffuse glow where the moon ought to be.

As the students begin to fill the long house tables, an owl swoops in from overhead, depositing an envelope at the head table in front of Deputy Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He gives a nod of thanks toward the departing bird, and peels open the letter. He reads it with a solemn furrow of his brow, then quickly tucks it away into his robes and out of sight.

Josie frowns a little at the dim atmosphere as she enters the Hall, looking around a moment before hurrying ahead to take her seat at the Gryffindor table. Soon she's grinning again, though, as she greets people she knows with waves.

Brandon is already sitting at the Gryffindor table trying to keep is stomach calm but it keeps emiting strange noises. While looking around him he can't help but notice the Dumbledore doesn't seem to be in a good mood. Not addressing anyone in particular, "I wonder why Professor Dumbledore seems so worried. He usually is in a pretty good mood during the feasts."

Madeline comes in at Cillan's side, keeping an eye on her captain incase he's still groggy. "Josie has to be here somewhere - right?" she asks, tilting her head to look for the other girl. "And maybe we can sit near Noah, too - he's nice! He's gonna help me with transfigurations this year," she explains cheerfully. "Ooo! There's Josie, now! Josie!" Raising her hand, Madeline waves it over her head.

As the doors to the Great Hall were opened, Terrance proceeded inwards. Flanked by the many in his house he made his way towards the Gryffindor table, his eyes darting about the familiar Great Hall noticing the shaded atmosphere. Soon he would find his spot sliding into a spot on a bench that ran along the long house table.

Noah sits with the Gryffindors, naturally, and he isn't terribly happy about the darkened room and the overcast sky. As if they needed an Omen like that when everyone is already nervous about this year. He sits in sight of Rook — mainly to spy on him during the feast. That's not creepy or anything. He hears his name spoken by Maddie somewhere, and wave to her in a casual greeting — although it wasn't long ago they were on the train talking anyway.

Shy of his characteristic smile, there's something undeniably somber about Rook after having taken his place at the long, age-old table dedicated to the loyalest House of all; Hufflepuff. The uniformed 'Puff is waiting with a similar tension to those around him, oblivious to Noah's proximity, and offering the occasional chatter of those he didn't catch up with on the train. In the midst of all of this, Rook has his brightly mottled green toad in hand, small as Archimedes in, fussing over the tiny creature with short sweeps of his fingertips. Archimedes bears it stoically, hunched down in Rook's palm, yet eyeing the table as a means of escape.

Hot on Madeline's heels is Felix, skipping and bouncing like a rubber ball. "Maybe Noah can help me wif Transfiguration too! I'm rubbish at it. Last year, I transfigured my thumb into a carrot." He waves excitedly to Josie as well, "Oi, wotcher, Davies!"

"Ready for another year?" Alphad asks some nearby Slytherins. There's a smile on his lips as he strolls into the Great Hall with nonchalant grace. He's a Seventh Year, and finally there is nobody older and bigger to keep him in check. He's been looking forward to this for years. But it's a strange thing about getting what you want. Instead of taking the oppertunity to impose his will on the first Muggleborn he spots, he instead gives an enouraging 'knuckle-up' gesture to a worried looking second year of his own House. "It's just a bit darker. Nothing wrong with the dark, is there? We're Slytherins. We live in it." He shoulder nudges the kid playfully and continues on. Yes, Alphard is in a great mood!

Cillian has been mostly wakened up by now. Really. He rubs his cheek a bit with a hint of a frown trying to remember something before nodding slowly to Madeline as he enters the hall, and well…his uniform/robes are well pulled together, hair all pulled back neat in the small ponytail he's been wearing it in and he makes his way to his table, pausing form time to time to hand a piece of chocolate or a pepermint to someone as he flashes a smile here or there, and offering cheerful greetings to others. 'Oh what a lovely hair ribbon' 'oh my, yer biceps are nearly as big as me head this year, going for beater again?' and so on as he just grins at Felix with a shake of his head. "/This/ year, every person on me crew has to get the best marks possible in their lessons, we'll be workin' extra hard." He looks between Madeline and Felix before finding a place as he usually does where his Gryff Pirates are seated. There's a pause before he gestures for Felix to join them as well.

For a change when Gabriel walks in he's not walking with the Pirates. Instead he's walking with his Housemates, chatting away with people he hasn't seen for months. However, when he sits down he sits on the inside bench of the table so that his back is to the neighboring Gryffindor table and he himself is sitting almost back to back with Cillian, Madeline, and the other Gryffindor Pirates.

He sounds only slightly miffed when he speaks over his should to tell Madeline, "You know, I'm really good at Transfiguration too."

Dumbledore checks his pocketwatch, then rises from his seat, stepping away from the head table. As he makes his way through the students, he pauses briefly, patting Madeline on the shoulder. "I'm sorry," he says sadly, but he is away before he can explain, heading out to do his duty as Deputy Headmaster to greet the First Years down at the lake.

His tie neatly done and looking quite respectable in his school robes with prefect badge pinned to his chest. Seamus has changed a fair bit since the end of the last term, being both taller and much more adult looking. The blonde prefect's hair and the fact that he already has his cookie tin in hand, giving it to a second year that seemed more than a little bit nervous about the whole thing. Despite the fact he does hear Alphard's comment, the prefect just shakes his head a bit. Settling into the Hufflepuff table, he tries to soothe some of the second years that were looking a bit nervous from the dour environment.

Josie smiles happily as she sees Madeline, Cillian, and Gabriel, waving to them, and saying, "Hi." She nods to Gabriel and says, "He is." She starts to say more, but then Dumbledore pauses by Madeline and appologizes, and she blinks, looking back to Madeline after Dumbledore's moved on, "What was that for?"

Madeline settles into a seat, turning her head to grin at Gabriel. "Yeah - but he's really good, and a seventh year. But I'll need all the help I can get." Looking towards Felix she adds, "I'm sure he will!"

And then Dumbledore is patting her on the shoulder and hurrying past, while Maddie turns her head to watch him go with puzzlement. "Yeah, umm, it's okay Professor!" she calls after him. What was the sorry for? "…is he not gonna give me my badge back, after all?" she asks softly, with a hint of worry.

"Isn't the ceiling kind of lovely?" Finley asks as he sneaks up behind Madeline and Felix,"'Allo Maddie, you got a new boyo hanging on ye then?" He asks looking at Felix as he settles in. "Good to be back even if the air looks like a bog at night. Treacherous that is. Don't think the craic will be very good tonight." He says shaking his head as he flexing his fingers a little bit. He's a bit worried himself, even if looking at his face it isn't obvious.

Terrance nodded to some of the Gryffindors that passed on their way to take their seat at the table. But then, he caught sight of Dumbledore rise to leave. As he watched him pause near Maddie, his brow raised. "What was that all about?" he asked under his voice, before continuing to watch the stream of students make their way to their appropriate house tables.

The dark haired scion of House Black continues to enthusiastically spread some good cheer (or try to) among his fellow Slytherins, ignoring the general somberness of their surroundings. He elbow nudges and back slaps, and makes a few soft whispered jokes that makes mock of the other Houses. Finally he finds himself where the Seventh Years are meant to sit.

Gabriel turns around slightly once Dumbledore has passed by, a worried frown on his face. "I… That's not the kind of thing one says for something like a badge, Maddie." He hesitates a moment before adding, in a low, worried voice, "That sounds like he might have bad news…"

Brandon eyes follow Dumbledore as he passes near the Gryffindor table. Another student near him comment: "Dumbledore is crazy." and Brandon nods at this comment. Perhaps Maddie knows what this is about but judging from his reaction, Brandon doubts it.

Felix beams so brightly, he might just catch fire when Cillian invites him to sit with the Pirate crew. He squeezes in, his narrow form fitting easily in among the others. At Finley's question, Felix looks up at the ceiling, noticing for the first time. "Blimey, ain't a star to be seen!"

Seamus is noted, a familiar face with unusually colored hair, and the sixth year Rook offers him a half-hearted wave in greeting. He's too distracted by his own thoughts to note Maddie's presence, or even Dumbledore's odd behavior. Noah still goes unnoticed as Rook slips back into his typical scatterbrained daydreaming, a method long learned for dealing with this sort of thing, absently patting the little toad cradled in his hands.

Abraxas, looking a bit miffed about something, comes in with the other Slytherins and makes his way towards the House table. He smooths the front of his robes and then runs his fingers through his hair, before taking a place at the table with the other fifth years. He doesn't seem bothered by the general gloom of the atmosphere, however, commenting off-handedly, "It always was a bit bright in here."

"Well - what else could it be?" Madeline asks in confusion. "Abraxas Malfoy took my badge and said he was gonna give it to Dumbledore - that's the only thing he'd have to talk to me about, isn't it?"

Unless he knows about her spying on the Magijugends last year? Could it be about that? If it's about that then it's really, really, really bad news.

"It's gotta be about the badge."

Levi enters with a group of his housemates he ushers them forward though. He will look down the row before they all pass him to go towards the house table. He lags behind a bit looking about as he walks not super eager to reach the table. He will of course do so once things start.

After a quiet train ride, Elspeth enters the Great Hall, Ravenclaw prefect next to Slytherin Prefect, and her best friend, Evelyn. A bit of the summer relaxation has already been erased from the sixth year's face, but she does smile slightly at the boisterousness of the hall, despite the slightly darker setting. "It is being a bit sombre," she mentions quietly to her companions. "I wonder if there is being a meaning to it all." A shout from the Ravenclaw table, and she takes a deep breath, and manages a grin with her parting nod for Noalan. "Shall we?" she asks Evelyn, leaning her shoulder briefly against the blonde Eibon girl's shoulder.

Cillian looks a bit thoughtful as he stares up at the ceiling for a moment and just takes a deep breath, blinking owlishly and tilting his head to the side before just whispering softly to those near him, like Felix. "…the stars are sleeping…"

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Madeline looks at Finley with a slightly forced smile. "Hi, Fin!" she greets him. "Oh, you know me. Loads of friends, me! Can't get enough of 'em. Best way to live, if you ask me.
"It is dark in here tonight, though. Be a good night for telling a scary story."

Also among the Gryffindors is Kimiko Saito, hand-in-hand with Niko Denholm. So, apparently their relationship lasted the summer. Both are looking a fairly grim, which is unusual in both of their cases. Maybe it's just the somber atmosphere?

Josie nods in agreement with Gabriel, and says, "He got an owl just a bit ago, as I was walking in. This isn't mail time, so it has to be important. I really hope it is just the badge, but sounded more serious."

Noah catches Madeline's eye, long enough to give her a reassuring smile. That smile lasts exactly as long as Madeline is paying attention. And then swiftly disappears.

Noalan has been excessively taciturn the remainder of the trip to Hogwarts. He tended to only answer direct questions, and then only in one or two words if any. He slinks in with his cousin and Elspeth, paying no heed to the change in decorations. He gives Elspeth a little shrug and breaks off from them to take a seat at the Slytherin table, thumping down and glaring at the place setting in front of him like it did him some personal wrong.
Noalan gives you a cookie.

Click, whirr…click, whirr. The familiar sound of Hephaesta's limping gait can be heard as she finds a place near the end of the one of the Ravenclaw benches. Most of her housemates have learned to let her have one of those end spots, as it's rather difficult for her to get her bad leg up and over the bench when she has to get up and down.

Gabriel shrugs a little bit to Madeline and just says, "I hope its just about the badge." Then he turns to greet Elspeth as she walk by him to the area for her year at the Ravenclaw table, "Hello Elly."

Gabriel also greets Hephaesta, but with a little more reservation since he's started to get the impression he seems to annoy the older mechanical genius. "Hello again, Hephaesta."

Josie looks back towards the Ravenclaw table behind her as Gabriel mentions Hephaesta, and smiles brightly, giving an energetic wave to the older girl, "Hi!"

Hephaesta has to look around for the source of the greeting, as she isn't all that accustomed to being greeted. Seeing that it's Gabriel lifts her brow in a bit of surprise, but she gives him a soft smile and nods. "Hello, Ward." Ah, but there's a more familiar greeting. Phae turns to find Josie at the Gryffindor table, and hives her an enthusiastic wave. "Hello, Josie! Did you have a good summer?"

Angelus flicks a hand delicately through his blonde curls as he walks in, glancing around. "I think someone got a little lazy to flick out their wand," murmurs the boy as he arches a brow. A smirk flicks at his lips. He pauses before splitting off to his table, allowing his gaze to sweep the four tables as he frowns, pondering. With a shake of his head, he sighs and heads over towards the Gryffindor table. He snaps his fingers, rolling his eyes as he points directly down at a spot closest to the Head Table. "I'm sitting here. Thank you for being consideration."

"Aye. A great night indeed! I can tell all sorts of stories." Finley says grinning at Madeline with a big grin on his face. "It's a dark and weary night it is. Probably best not to tempt the fates too much. This is also a good day for bad things to be aired." He says looking perhaps the most serious that he's ever looked in his life, meaning that he's actually TRYING to frown, and comes out as a weird look.

Caretaker Pringle strides into the Great Hall, leaving damp footprints behind him. He weaves through the students that are still standing, growling orders as he goes. "Sit down. Get your rears in your seats, for Merlin's sake." He approaches the head table, leaning over it to listen to something spoken to him from Headmaster Flint. Pringle stands upright, staring in something like disbelief at Flint. But the Headmaster simply nods firmly, and dismisses the Caretaker with a flick of his fingers.

Brandon looks over the Ravenclaw's table towards the Slytherins. The 5th year has a grim look on his face. Perhaps he's blaming them for the change in the school's atmosphere. His thoughts are interrupted by Pringle's arrival and his eyes follow him as he makes his way towards the head table, "I wonder what Flint is up to" he mutters for himself.

"You feeling alright, Fin?" Madeline asks, peering at the boy's expression. She pats him on the arm. "Long as we're all together - we're a house! - ain't nothing that can really go wrong this year!" she declares.
Yeah. She's not trying to convince herself of that at all.

Josie nods quickly to Hephaesta and says, "Mostly. One bad day, but the rest of the summer was brilliant. Spent the first month and a bit with my dad in London, then came back to the farm in Hogsmeade. How was yours?" She jumps a little at Pringle's shout, even though she is already sitting.

Hephaesta nods, smiling at Josie. "Mine was wonderful. I had another apprenticeship at Macnair Manufacturing's Research and Development laboratory. I was also able to make some time to work at Mr. Toulson's broom shop again. I did feel terribly that I couldn't work there full time. But I have to start looking to my future career."

Gabriel leans back towards the Ravenclaw table, "Oh! Madeline, you weren't there when I remembered to tell people. I'm the new Nurse's Aide here at the school! Got the letter telling me so a couple of days ago!" Maybe that'll make things a little more chipper around his area of the Great Hall.

Miranda has been sitting with her other seventh year Hufflepuffs, quietly chatting away. Now and then, she'll look toward the other tables, waving mostly to some of the older students she knows from classes or from the book club, but she is otherwise quite happy to wait where she is.

Settling down at the Ravenclaw table, Elspeth smiles to Gabriel, not even raising an eyebrow to the nickname. "Hullo, Ward. I hope you were having a good summer." With her robes now settled around her, she looks up and down the table. "Mulciber," she adds. "Will I be seeing you at Quidditch?"

As Pringle turns to face the house tables, there is a strange look on his face. His mouth is tightened, lips barely parted in a silent growl that many a troublemaker has witness. But his eyes are…almost sad. Certainly a look no student at this school has ever seen. He begins to make his way down along the Ravenclaw table. As he goes, he taps several students on the shoulder, saying grimly, "Come with me." As more and more students are gathered in a line behind him, it becomes clearer and clearer than each and every one of them is Muggle-born. In fact, every Muggle-born Ravenclaw is summoned to him, to follow him to the far end of the table, where he orders the remaining students seated there to slide along toward the head table. "You lot," he addresses the Muggle-borns, looking not a single one of them in the eye. "Sit here."

"Oh, Gunny, that's great!" Madeline says enthusiastically, brightening instantly. "You'll learn so much!" Leaning across the aisle between their tables, she hugs the other boy happily.

There' something that's not sitting right with Cillian as he watches with a squint, his best buddy Pringle is there! And he just studies the man thoughtfully and looks between him and the students and back to Pringle and then where they are being seated and something catches in his chest as he just watches, conversation fading to the background for him.

Hephaesta goes to answer Elspeth about Quidditch, but then Pringle is tapping the other girl, and Phae goes silent, wondering what is going on. Her expression turns to outright worry as she puts together what is happening.

Brandon is shocked as he things he's beginning to understand what's going on. He knows most of these students and he's soon realizing that they are all muggle-born. He stops talking and reaches inside his robe for his wand but he doesn't pull it. "What is Flint doing? Where's professor Dumbledore?" he asks those around him. "I don't like this."

Abraxas looks, at first, a bit surprised when the muggleborns start to be rounded up. "Well, at least we know that's not a problem for this house. And about time, if I may say so myself."

Elise is sitting at the table with the other Ravenclaws, watching things and looking tired. She glances around, seeing who all is here, nodding when people's eyes meet hers.

It takes another Slytherin next to him to bring Alphard's attentions to finally reach Pringle and his collection of Muggleborns. "Is he doing what I think he is doing?" The Black boy asks with a hushed murmur. His aristocratic features reveal his shock. Then he smiles. He looks down the table at Abraxas and gives the boy a nod of agreement. About time, indeed.

Gabriel is just disengaging from Madeline's hug when Pringle taps him on the shoulder along with the other Muggle born Ravenclaws. Frowning a little bit he stands up to follow the group and the frown deepening as he starts to realize what the commonality is. Then he stops and looks around at Pringle clearly about to debate the orders and the apparent reason for them.

Tiffany looks a bit confused as she's apparently required to leave her seat and follow some of her other classmates up to the head table, but does so with little a look of vague curiosity. The whole mood of the place seems totally lost on her.

Pringle starts culling out the Ravenclaw Muggleborns, and Madeline can only watch helplessly. "Oh, no, no, no…" she mumbles quietly. Helplessly, she looks to Cillian. "Cap'n…" Not that Cillian'll be able to do a damned thing. Not that any of them can. Was this why Dumbledore had touched her shoulder? Because she and Rena had failed after all? Tears start to pool in her eyes.

It's really the murmurs that pull Rook out of his reverie, the shocked tone of the whispers that suddenly start like wildfire through the various tables. Blinking away the glaze to his eyes, the Hufflepuff sixth year glances over his shoulder with alarm. Lips part at the display semi-distant from him, and Rook's complexion grows markedly more pallid than before, but his expression is oddly… thoughtful and eerily resolute.

Soleil coolly states, "Well at least we don't have to worry about getting shuffled around." To her fellow Slytherins.

Noah notices what's happening at the Ravenclaw table. How could he not? He turns cold. It may not be terribly obvious but his hands are clenched into fists as he watches. He doesn't say anything. But, after a moment he pulls out a handkerchief from his robe, sighing to let out the tension, and handing it to Madeline. "Chin up, Maddie." He says softly, to try to reassure her. But his voice comes off a little less than happy. He can't really help it.

Once Mr. Pringle has the Ravenclaw Muggle-born students seated as far from the head table as possible, he moves on…to the Gryffindor table. The scene repeats itself as he gathers the Gryffindor Muggle-borns.

Colton does a lot of hair ruffling and secret handshakes and winking as he mingles with his fellow Lions. Like most things Pringle says doesn't sink in real quick into his brain so he continues to just mill about the table greeting the people he hadn't seen all summer. There are some things being passed around. Seems Colton spent his summer in New Orleans with the Quinnland Clan and he is passing out Flint Voodoo Dolls for a few knuts each. But he's in very little rush to sit. So he's still standing when it's the Gryffindor Table's turn to get segregated and with a frown he changes his mind about where he's going to sit and the Half-Blood mozies over to the Muggle-Born end of the table and makes to climb in amongst them. When he gets a look from Pringle, the smart ass pipes up, "We can sit wherever we like." A little loop hole in Flints plan he's trying to exploit. The Muggle-Borns have to sit at the end, but he said nothing about the other purities having assigned seating, so his butt plops down between Maddie and the muggle-Born next to her and Maddie is given a bit of a side hug.

"What if I don't get up? What if we just refuse to get up?" Madeline whispers urgently, as she watches the Ravenclaws get moved.

Cillian tries to catch Gabriel's eye from where he is and he just shakes his head slowly and mouths 'later' with a determined glint in his eye, trying to mentally communicate it'll be okay as he reahces out to gently rest a hand on Madeline's shoulder as he just gently slips her a peppermint and shakes his head. "It will be okay…it'll be okay Maddie…" And he does start to get to his feet as well, to follow after the girl if allowed. "C'mon…c'mon luv, we'll just take all the good treats with us…"

Josie looks back towards the Ravenclaw table and frowns. She looks quickly around for Evelyn, but unable to see her in the crowd. She opens her mouth, looking back to Pringle, but then stops, unsure exactly how to proceed it seems. "This isn't fair," she comments softly. At seeing what Colton does, though, she smiles and moves to copy him. She may be a half-blood as well, but she moves to sit with the muggle-borns.

Miranda watches this culling with alarmed interest, watching the progress with growing anxiety. When Pringle moves on to the Gryffindor table, Miranda hunkers down at the end of the Hufflepuffs', whispering furiously with some of those near her. Even if she won't be included in this segregation, there are plenty of students in Hufflepuff who will be.

"What… What are they doing?" Amyah, sitting at the Hufflepuff table, suddenly has a very concerned and surprised look on her face as she watches the business with the Ravenclaws…and Pringle moving to Gryffindor. "/Rude/," she whispers sharply.

Terrance watched with a look of distain as the muggle born students were slowly rounded up and moved to the end of their house table. He knew things were turning for the worse, but he didn't expect this. "Bl…purists…I hope you …… deserve." he murmured under his breath, glaring at Pringle as he walked by.

Noah shakes his head. "Then the house will suffer, probably. This war isn't going to be won in a day. We need to change their minds. We aren't gonna do that by being obstinate. What we need…Is for the purebloods to sit with us. In solidarity." He looks around. "They have the power to make a statement." He stands, and follows Pringle. "Come on. This isn't over yet." He offers a hand to Maddie. "Later, you and I will talk about how we can change things. Alright?"

Pringle growls at Colton. But rather than yanking him out of his seat as one might expect, he leans down to whisper in the boy's ear.

That got Noalan's attention. The mood in the great hall had been strangely mirroring his own. Mirroring his own. When he figures out what's happening he's unable to fight down a sudden explosive laugh, "Oh my god, this is so F***ing childish and petty." It's seriously something his little brother would do and thing it was the height of cleverness… when he was eleven.

"What the." The seventh year says as he's moving through towards the Hufflepuff tables he notices that Pringle is gathering up students no not students but sorted ones. Levi looks through them to find why they are being chosen there is one common trait at least from those he does know in from those tables. He'll turn looking from staff tables to Pringle and the students themselves a bit shocked this is too much.

The segregation is nothing new to Elspeth, and she gives a sad little smile to Evelyn as she steps over the bench. She puts an arm around Madeline's shoulder and leans down to say something in her ear if she tries to remain seated. A slight shake of the head is given to Gabrielle, and she walks down, to the farthest end of the table, as far away as she can get from Flint and turns to give him a chin up look, and deliberately sits as far from the head table as she is able.

Zayn has been seated silently, slowly taking small bites of this and that. Small sips of this and that. Really being rather quiet and watching the events. His responses to anything that has been asked to him has been rather dead pan, was it perhaps the situation with the new Slytherin prefect that has him rather annoyed or was it the current events. Taking another sip of something, he agrees at the Slytherin table with, "That we don't." is all, in a rather slow tone.

Niko on the other hand was sitting next to Kimiko at the Gryffindor table, he had been trying to cheer up the table with talks of Quidditch, but then things quickly turned sour, with the shuffling at the Ravenclaw table, turning and looking at Kimiko, his hand taking hers and entwining with hers. "Kimiko…" he says softly, a look of worry and dread in his eyes.

Only Cillian and Noah's gentle urging manages to get the girl to her feet, and she clings tightly to Cillian's hand as she moves to her new seat, sniffling. She and Rena worked so hard. This isn't right. "I- I'll write to Rena and Chief Worthington just as soon as.. as…" She sinks into her new seat, a few tears streaking down her cheeks.

Gabriel glares at Pringle and before sitting down, while the segregation is going on at the other tables he turns to face the head table and loudly proclaims, "Haec res deridicula!" his glare having shifted to Flint. Then he determinedly goes and sits at the Muggle section of the table but ensuring the he's sitting with his back to Madeline, arms crossed over his chest and still glaring daggers at the head table.

Polly is sitting at the Slytherin Table with other of her year. She gives nods up and down the table to her fellow students and daintily starts to eat, picking at her food here and there.

Colton turns to look Pringle in the eye after he's whispered to. There is something in Pringle's eyes that makes Colton soften his resolve and he reaches up to pat Pringle on the shoulder and then move to sit with Josie as close to the Muggle-Borns as he can.

Kimiko looks to Niko with a bit of panic in her eyes as her shoulder is tapped. But as much as she wants to stay with him, she's as terrified of Pringle as anyone, and follows at him, holding onto Niko's hand for as long as she can before the current of Muggle-born carries her away to the end of the table.

Cillian may not be able to sit by Maddie, but he kneels down a bit next to the bench to offer to Madeline. "Yer a pirate, Copper, you remember that. They cannae be touchin' what's inside no matter what they ask ye to do, tink of it as an adventure, they've tried to lock ye up, but ye will be out before ye know it." He hesitates for a moment before moving a hand to carefully remove his eyepatch and, blinking that glossy prismatic and freaky looking eye he offers it to Madeline. "Ye and Gabriel can be sharin' it…I'm down here with ye both." He speaks very quickly, straightening up and holding up his hands a bit to show he's willing to go back to his seat without a fuss but he's tearing up, jaw setting as he has to keep that bad eye closed for the time being.

When Colton relents, Pringle nods to the boy, and taps a spot on the table. "Here. You can sit this close." His eyes go not only to Colton, but to Cillian and those others that showed signs of trying to sit with the Muggle-born. Up at the head table, Flint clears his throat irritably.

From there, Pringle moves on to the Hufflepuff table, and the grim affair begins anew.

Niko stands up and shakes his head, his mouth opens as he watches, what is going on his eyes moving between Kimiko and Pringle, then back to Kimiko where she is sitting. His brow furrowed in a mix of emotions, confusion and anger. When Pringle moves on to the the Hufflepuff table, he very slowly and simply straightens out his robes and moves to sit next to Kimiko again.

Felix looks to Madeline with confusion in his eyes. "Wot's goin' on? Maddie? What're you cryin' for? Cap'n?" He looks to Cillian, to whom he gives the title of respect, whether or not he's a Pirate. "Why's everyone gettin' switched about?"

As soon as Pringle moves to the Hufflepuff table to begin the process all over again, Rook rises to his feet with a numbed expression as several students younger than he, and a few senior are herded upwards to be gathered and reseated. The pale-faced blonde doesn't seem keen to listen to any sort of suggestions as to where he ought to sit, remaining resolutely, and stubbornly so, among those students of his House that are muggle-born with every intention of sitting with them when they're ushered to the back of the table.

When Niko arrives, Kimiko looks up at him pleadingly, shaking her head with tears in her eyes. "No…don't make trouble. Please. It's…it's just a seat. I'll see you after the feast, sweetie."

When Dumbledore enters with the gaggle of new students he halts at seeing that things have not yet settled down in the Great Hall. He gestures for his little ducklings following him single file to pause. "This is the Great Hall. This is where we have all of our meals. If you are sorted into Slytherin, that will be your table, there is Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, on top of being Deputy Headmaster and Professor of Transfiguration I am the Head of House for Gryffindor. The gentleman at the High Table there is Headmaster Flint. That is Professor Slughorn, Head of Slytherin House. Professor Beery is Head of Hufflepuff and that…if you go to your tippy toes to see him is Professor Mopsus, Head of Ravenclaw House." He fills the time paused with warm welcoming and educational filler for the new students.

"Because they think we're mudbloods," Madeline answers Felix - perhaps a bit more viciously than she intended.

After sitting, she nods wordlessly to Cillian, taking the patch and fiddling with it in her hands. She's still crying, of course - she can't quite seem to stop, as she stares down at the table top. This isn't right. This isn't fair! She still thinks they all should have just refused to move.

Brandon gets to his feet and gives a stern look at Flint, trying to catch his eyes. Once he's sure he's been noticed, we walk towards the Muggle-born table. Knowing that Pringle won't allow him to sit there, he squeezes himself between two Gryffindor as close as possible from the Muggle-born table. From this point on, his eyes are not leaving the headmaster.

Shaking his head, Terrance glance up to the head of the table as Flint clears his throat, "Ah, go boil your head, you damn git." he said, only loud enough for a few Gryffindors around him to hear. Then, he glances back to Pringle as he moves onto the Hufflepuff table.

Niko just shakes his head looking at Kimiko, "No, if we are picking sides. Fine." he says looking at Kimiko, "Then I choose the muggle side of me." he says shrugging, reaching to grab a bite of food. "It's not just a seat to me…" he says looking at Kimiko.

Huh. While Angelus sits, he watches with a bemused expression as people are asked to shuffle. While he certainly can't resist the smirk as he glances towards Madeline, his blue eyes linger over Kimiko and Niko, frowning as he glances down at the table's surface.

Samira stands in the middle of a line of firsties. Although she isn't particularly tall for a fifteen-year-old, she can see easily over Aris Malfoy's head. Quite unlike all the terrified stares of the other children, Samira follows Dumbledore's condescending explanation with a wry smile.

Aris rises up onto the very points of her toes with a ballerina's balance, craning her neck to get a look at the different tables and the people gathered at them. The minor furore over all the shuffling about doesn't go unnoticed and she glances back over her shoulder, lowering her voice to speak to Samira: "What do you think is going on?"

Kimiko sets her jaw stubbornly. "Niko, no. I won't have you end up in the dungeon for me. Please…I just want to get through the feast. We can't start everything off by getting into trouble."

When he hears Maddie crying Gabriel leans back so that he ends up pressing his back against hers, laying almost flat across the aisle to be able to reach her. With a grim smile he whispers to her and the rest of the Muggle born Gryffindor Pirates, "Dinnae worry maties. This will be a fun year, mark my words." His tone of voice makes it clear that what he's thinking of as 'fun' might not be so for the people on the receiving end…

Levi watches Pringle well glares more like it when he reaches Hufflepuffs table. He will move though from where he had been about to sit to the spots indicated as as close to the muggle-borns as he is allowed to sit

Cillian sighs as he rummages in the sleeve of his robe for something, retrieving a backup patch which he puts on rather quickly, trembling a bit and then exhaling when its back on and he looks to Felix gesturing for him to follow if he can to move down a bit closer to the place where Flint says is the closest they can sit. He hears all the whispers and comments and such and he glances at Madeline's reaction and he just bows his head. "Because…grown ups can't use their imagination like we can, and this year the shadows aren't in the books anymore." He glances up towards where the teachers are and just bows his head and blows a kiss as per his tradition and then he looks down to the table. "They are holdin' them. So we keep our smiles, and our treats and we be usin' our brains. A song's been sang." His crew is crying and upset and dear lord, this is more of a mess.

Miranda continues to watch Pringle's progress, and while she moves closer to the head table to make room at the other end, she shares a quick glance with Levi as she, too, stays as near that far end as their numbers will allow.

By the time Pringle finishes his work at the Hufflepuff table, his shoulders are slumped, and he isn't even looking at faces anymore. A few non-Muggle-born Hufflepuffs have even managed to slip in amongst their Muggle-born peers without his notice. The Caretaker moves to the back of the hall, crosses his arms and leaning against the wall, staring down at the stone floor with a blank expression.

Samira glances down at Aris and shrugs. "Not sure." She gazes at the tearful muggleborn students from afar. "They don't seem too pleased about it though. Perhaps they are the ones that received the lowest marks on exams last year and so they have to send at the end of the table this year."

Niko just takes another bite of food, "No trouble, I am half blood, I am just as much muggle as I am a wizard." he says with a shrug. His eyes close for a moment, and he knows this is a bad idea but he also knows, "My father wouldn't have moved… and it wouldn't have just been a seat to him."

"Everyone remain calm. We shall behave as our House expects. Be glad that we're as far from Flint as we can now." Seamus says as he leads some of the younger Muggleborn students to the far end of the table. "Good evening. I'm sorry about this." He says looking directly into Pringle's eyes for a moment as he makes sure that all the younger students are seated at the end of the table. He really wants to complain to the the Board of Governors for this. Flint was really going too far.

Noah moves down, and sits with the other muggle-borns. "Dumbledore isn't going to stand for this…" He mutters. "I'll talk to him later. We'll figure something out." He smiles reassuringly. Because that's all he can do. Reassure. Do his best. Keep calm. For now.

Zayn takes another quick bite of food as he watches what his going on, slowly. His eyes leveled on the situation, watching other peoples reactions, even Pringle's expression. He takes a slow bite of his food and looks down his table slowly, then back to the other tables, silent for now.

Tears fall from Kimiko's eyes now as she begs Niko. "Please. They'll do something awful to you. You mustn't do this. Niko…if…if you don't go back, I'll move. I won't let you…I'll…I'll kick you!" Try as she might to sound serious about the kicking, it just doesn't ring true.

Dumbledore steps over to his Houses Table after making sure the new students are staying in the center aisle. "I applaud everyone's attempts at doing what is right. However, please take your for the moment assigned seats so that we can focus on welcoming those very shell shocked young students over there. Hmm? So please, settle down in an orderly fashion. Keep chins up, this is not the time. We will have our time to roar my lions. But for now, we rest and bask in the heat from cruel desert sun. I am proud, make me prouder and do as I ask. Now, take your seats and let's welcome some new Lions…" With that he pats the surface of the Gryffindor table and moves back to the initiates. "Follow me to the High Table. In order that I called you earlier one by one you will sit on the stool and I shall place the sorting hat upon your head and you will be sorted into your house."

Madeline knows her crying is just making it worse for everyone. She's a Pirate, and she's a Gryffindor, and she's a Jr. Auror - even if someone horrid stole her badge - and she's supposed to be strong and brave and what about the poor firsties that might have to come and sit next to her soon? She wipes at her eyes as she tries to stop crying.
After another sniffle she says, "I think we should just get everyone to get up and walk out. What can they do if everyone just walks out? Sure, Slytherin'll stay put, but the other houses…" Most of Gryffindor would leave… Wouldn't they?

Josie looks back to Cillian and nods. She isn't crying, she's gone from shocked to downright angry. "We're pirates, so we fight. As much as we can without getting thrown in the dungeon, but, we keep doing this. They push the muggleborns out, we walk with them as far as we can. And we should write too. Our parents, and the Daily Prophet, and… and I don't know, yet, but we'll figure something out to get the word out. But pirates and mud club together, we can fight this." She quiets, though, instantly as Dumbledore starts talking.

Gabriel finds that he has leaned too far back to be able to easily get back into a seating position so instead he lets himself fall all the way to the floor, taking the impact on his shoulder. As he's getting up he notices Pringle's attitude and after a moments' hesitation, turns an bow to him while saying, "Mr Pringle. Thank you for caring. We know you're just doing your job." making sure to say it loud enough that the Caretaker can hear him amongst the hubbub. Then he takes his seat and resumes glaring at the head table.

"That seems peculiar," Aris offers to Samira, though she's not about to dispute it - she's got no idea. And if that's the case, she's bolstered by the idea that she probably won't have to sit at the end of the table, then. She squares her shoulders, smiling a little smugly to herself. When Dumbledore makes his announcement she quickly falls into step to follow him, doing her best not to bounce excitedly at the notion of finally being sorted!

There's something of a fleeting, yet sad smile for Seamus; with the ruckus going on, Rook has managed to slip in among the muggle-borns of his House, entrenched in sitting with them. Being Hufflepuff, it isn't likely anyone is going to give the Lovegood up for his lineage, and Rook makes a point of remaining quiet and passive for the most part. Setting Archimedes down upon the table in front of him, he prods lightly at the tiny creature, who goes hopping along for the only mild entertainment of the shaken younger students about him. Even trying to maintain his smile fails, no matter that they're about to gain a gaggle of new students or not, and Rook's naturally sunny disposition is unusually bleak.

Brandon looks at Dumbledore and hesitates for a moment. Then he rises to his feet with a sigh and heads back towards his place. Hopefully Dumbledore has a plan. Brandon spent the whole summer hearing his parents babbling about their pure-blood theory and he doesn't want to have to put up with it at school too.

Niko shakes his head, set in his choice. "No, my father wouldn't stand for it and I won't either." he says firmly looking at Kimiko, "He didn't live his life worried about outcomes, he lived it worried about the now." he says nodding slowly. But then Dumbledore's words hit him, they hit him like someone just punched him in the stomach as hard as they could. His eyes turn to him slowly as he stares at him for a moment, almost burning. Standing up slowly, he straightens out his robes again, standing straight and tall as he looks over at Kimiko for a moment, "I love you." he says before he moves back to his seat, sitting down with a straight face.

Abraxas shakes his head and rolls his eyes at all the wailing and gnashing of teeth as the muggle-born are moved to the end of their respective tables, "I'm sure if the Headmaster had his druthers, they'd all have their wands broken and be put out entirely. But this is a start." A pause, and then he says, "Didn't I suggest something similar last year?"

Samira slides her hands into her pockets and follows along behind Aris, looking far more relaxed than anyone standing in front of that many people ever should. Recognizing someone from the train, sitting at the Ravenclaw table, Samira tries to catch her eye and smiles.

Kimiko looks up at Niko with tearful gratitude. She mouths back to him, I love you, and watches him go. Somehow, it's the hardest goodbye she's ever given him.

"Well looks Slytherin's gotten to be as pleasant as ever. I do wish we could eject them and the Headmaster." Seamus says under his breath. He's absolutely sure that they are quite disgusting lot with their obsession with blood purity. He pulls out his pocket watch to check the time. He was hoping it ends soon.

Alphard watches the common with increasing boredom. It had been amusing to start with, but as it drags on the boy just loses interest. He turns to talk to Genevieve next to him about some recent professional Quidditch matches.

Genevieve rolls her eyes and shakes her head, laughing at something Alphard had said. But the reply's an easy thing, lips a little closer to his ear while those dark eyes of hers sparkle with far too much amusement. Seems she's rather enjoying being back this year.

Noalan has fallen into disbelieving chuckles, shaking his head like he's trying to shake it off. "Oooooo, you have to sit here now instead of over there. Bet your upset now. You have to be near the door, we know how muggle borns HATE doors." His chuckle grows into a bitter laugh, "I mean, sure it has better access and lets you be the first out after eating, but you Don't get to sit near the authority figures. That's where you want your malcontents, right? As far from the wardens as you can get? My god who thought this out." He falls quiet, but his shoulders continue to shake.
Genevieve gives you a cookie.

Cillian looks to Josie and gives a small nod as he watches Pringle walk off before thankfully Dumbledore is talking as he just eyes the man with a wary trust, a desire to be able to trust at least one adult and he tips an invisible hat to the older gentleman and he takes a deep breath. "We're about to get some new lions, no more cryin' all, clear your throats, we need to be able to teach 'em how to roar!" He flashes a grin. "Even if yer mane is wet and soggy with sweat because mine would be iffen I was in a bloo-blinkin' desert, I'd also probably smell like the loo when a ghost's backed up one of 'em…stinky and wet and oh merlin…I'd still have to be savin' me throat so when they say 'hey, lion, why are ye all wet and icky?' I can go 'hey, random person…why did I just blow yer hat off with my roar…'…."

Zayn takes another small bite of bread after he picks it off, "So how was your summer, Black?" he asks curiously looking across the table at Alphard, tilting his head curiously for a moment.

Hephaesta is fairly distracted, but manages to catch the smile from Samira. It brings some measure of joy to this joyless occassion, and she offers a weak smile back, waving meekly to the Egyptian girl.

Finally managing to calm herself down - mostly - Madeline opens the peppermint Cillian slipped to her and pops it into her mouth, finally managing a glance back at Gabriel. "Cap'n gave us this," she murmurs quietly, showing him the eye-patch.

Felix does take Cillian's invitation, sitting as near to Madeline and the other Muggle-born as space will allow.

Levi sits near the back of the Hufflepuff table. He is still fuming but trying to take dep breaths he does spot Miranda as she moves towards he end as well nodding in solidarity to her. He doesnt know if this is how the year is starting out what will happen next.

Alphard frowns at something Genevieve says. He nudges her sharply with his elbow, then looks at Zayn. "I was with the Ministry all summer. The Auror's Office," and from his tone, he expects Zayn to be suitably impressed by the statement. "It was as you'd expect." In other words he's spent most of his time like every other apprentice does, running around doing petty errands and making coffee.

Once at the podium with the seat for first years built into it Dumbledore takes the sorting hat up from where it's sitting askewed on the carved owl's head of the podium. It squirms as it stirs and the top twisted part yawns at the ripped patch and a white string dribbles at the corner of its folded mouth like some drool. He mutters to Dumbledore, "Must I? It's not like they actually listen." Dumbledore just stoically nods and the sorting hat clears it's 'throat' and begins to sing.

Thrice I will not sing a song.
For the treasures they are all gone.
No cup, no crown, no sword of might,
only the locket sings with delight.
So I sing my song and melody,
Of where students ought to be.
Chosen by the founders four,
To help young students find their way,
When, confused, they stumble in the door,
On their first Hogwarts day.
Four houses to choose from,
Not one less or more,
Each one by a different founder,
To fill with students they adore.
Gryffindor, loving bravery,
Chose the strong of heart,
While Slytherin, feeling differently,
Thought cunning the greatest art.
Ravenclaw claimed for her own house,
The clever and the smart,
While Hufflepuff took to her embrace,
The just and kind of heart.
All these students, with their differences,
Are each key to this great school.
And if Hogwarts hopes to stand,
Unity's the greatest tool.
House to house and hand to hand,
Leaving differences behind.
Only when you work together,
Can your strengths all be combined.
Now at last, the time has come,
For me to send you separate ways.
But remember, our division,
Could bring the end of Hogwarts' days.

Genevieve squeaked when Alphard elbowed her, cutting her eyes in his direction before she favored Zayn with a smile and a tiny wave. Only to offer another quiet reply in Alphard's direction. Her grin? Growing by the moment.

Niko sits silently, a few people try and and cheer him up by talking Quidditch, which simply grants them a small hand wave from him.

Samira's eyes widen and her lips part into a surprised smile as the sorting hat yawns and then addresses Dumbledore. "Ya salaam," she says under her breath in Arabic. The song impresses her well enough. At least, she pays attention. And once the sorting hat is one, she breaks into applause with all the rest. This whole thing is strange to her from start to finish, so its words about unity mean nothing special to her in particular.

Zayn offers Genevieve a polite smile and nod in return of hers. Though as Alphard speaks he listens nodding slowly, "Sounds interesting." he says nodding, "I spent the summer learning Business from my father at Harpy Radios." he says with a small shrug, "It was interesting, but I didn't have time to work on any of my arts." he says with a small shrug.

As the sorting hat sings… Madeline looks up, her eyes still damp. She at least is listening to the hat's words. See? That hat gets it. The hat is with them! …it's still strange, though. A sentient article of clothing. But she'll take support wherever she can find it.

Gabriel gives Madeline a thumbs up when she shows him Cillian's eyepatch then settles down to glare at the head table while the Sorting Hat sings its song. Once the Hat is done he starts to clap loudly, more or less yelling, "The Hat is smarter than some people in this room!"

Aris once more gets up on the tips of her toes to watch the Sorting Hat while it sings. She glances from table to table as they are mentioned in verse, glancing between her fellow initiates as though trying to sort them in her head already. When the song is over she claps politely, grinning wide.

Amyah might be required to sit away from the head table, but she offers a bright, cheery smile to all her fellow Hufflepuffs. "Come on," she says brightly, and lifts her hands on either side of her. "Let's show them how we are one." She looks hopefully around, her hands asking for a hand on either side of her. "Join hands."

From the head table, several of the professors watch with obvious expressions of concern at what has happened here. But among them, one seems not to much concerned as…well, furious. Vindictus Viridian, the Muggle-born Professor of Charms could cut glass with his stare.

Josie, too, applauds the hat's song, smiling a bit again. She doesn't say anything, though, just staying seated and turning her attention to the new firsties, to watch what's always the best part of the opening feast.

Dumbledore calls up, "Stanley Longbottom…"


The Deputy Headmaster applauds and gives Stanley a welcoming pat on the shoulder and points towards the Gryffindor Table. Then his smile goes to Aris and he gestures to the stool for her to sit on waiting to place the sorting hat on her platnium blond head. "Aris Malfoy…"

Noah's reaction to everything is a little strange. He's basically becom a stepford smiler. He's plastered a smile onto his face that doesn't reach his eyes. His eyes are angry. Cold, burning anger. He says nothing to anyone, simply watching the proceedings, and getting ready to welcome new Gryffindors when they're sorted.

Brandon applauds at the Hat's song while still looking towards the head table, "Take that Flint. Even the hat is against you."

The Sorting Hat's song kills Noalan's dark humor and just leaves him with just the dark mood. Maybe it is better Artemis isn't here. She would be spending the year in detention if she had been anyways. If anything this recent turn of events is heartening. It's hard to be afraid of someone like this. His gaze lifts to the change in decorations again, as if noticing them for the first time. "It's all just pageantry. An artificial ominous feeling. Flint might have missed his true calling."

Niko claps softly at the sorting of Stanley to his house with a small forced smile. Looking around to see if anyone is doing much better then him, he knows he is worse for wear, considering the events. But that is not the firsties faults…

From her side, the muggle born Arevan reaches out to take one of Amyah's hands. "I love obvious villains. It makes it more fun."

Aris gulps, nerves finally creeping up on her for the first time this evening. She doesn't balk when her name is called, though, and quickly trots over to the stool to take a seat. She looks up almost warily as the hat is laid down upon her head, chewing her bottom lip in thought for a moment. It rests on her head for a short while, ruminating and then loudly announcing: "SLYTHERIN!" Visibly relieved, Aris climbs out off the stool and makes her way over to the the Slytherin table.

Zayn brings his hands together to form a polite clap as Aris is sorted into Slytherin, offering him a nod from his spot at the table.

Levi will clap lightly for the sorting hat though only the hats words are worth cheering for he can at least hear the words of Amyah down the table from him by a way and gives an approving nod he will hold both his hands out on etiher side to take the hands of the students there if accepted solidarity by house is the best they can hope for for the moment as the sorting begins.

As the hat calls out Gryffindor for Stanley, Terrance gives an applause. But, he was not as lively as usual, the mood around the hall having darkened his mood.

Abraxas applauds for his cousin. "Was there any doubt? The Malfoys have been Slytherin as long as there has /been/ a Slytherin. The hat knows quality when it sees it."

Dumbledore gives a gentle clap for Aris and gestures for her along the way to the Slytherin Table. "Samira Prince…"

Elspeth taps Gabriel on the shoulder, and gives a shake to her head, although there is something of a fierce light in her eyes as the hat reproaches Flint and Slytherin alike. She shifts her hand down quietly, and takes his hand in a firm grip, nodding to the person on the far side of him. She reaches across the end of the table for the muggleborn sitting across from her.

Alphard grins at Aris' choosing into Slytherin House. Gives her an enthusiastic clap and a wave to come have herself a seat with her fellow snakes. "Good one, Malfoy!" He calls out.

Lifted both hands as well, to clap when Aris was sorted and a proud smile was tossed the young first years way, a little wink of encouragement too as she made her way towards the table; quietly mouthing, 'Well done' in her direction.

"First goes to Gryffindor," Madeline remarks as she claps, trying to raise her own spirits. "That's a good thing - right?" She'll take whatever good omens she can find tonight, as she sidles a bit closer to Noah, net to her.

When Pringle finally looks up from his staring contest with the floor, his eyes meet with Viridian's. Though it would be hard to catch by anyone between them (which is the entire room), very slight nods are exchanged between the two severe men.

Miranda also joins hands with the students on either side of her as she smiles encouragement to both Levi and Amyah, then looks down the length of the table where the sorting continues.

Noah reaches out to pull Madeline into a side-hug. Because however angry he is, he's not going to let it show, as much as he can manage, and there are more important things than fighting right now. Reassuring Madeline is high on his list of more important things to worry about, so he puts an arm around her in a protective and reassuring motion, communicating nonverbally that he's not going to let anyone hurt her.

Over at the Ravenclaw table there's a few less claps as they pick up on Amyah's idea. After Eslpeth grabs Gabriel's hand he turns to the next Ravenclaw in line and holds their hand, encouraging them to do the same thing with their neighbor.

Levi holding the hands of the two there he does spot the looks from the students giving reassuring smile and returing the nods he is given. The quidditch player looks down the length of the Hufflepuff table and hopes they will follow suit or as many as possible they must stand together.

Samira keeps her hands clasped behind her back and sashays over to the sorting hat. She faces the student body, smiling broadly, and dips into a deep curtsy before she sits down on the stool. The sorting hat rests on her head for a few moments, considering this puzzle of a girl. Samira tilts her head slightly underneath the hat. At last, the sorting hat shouts: "SLYTHERIN!" With a bright smile, Samira hops off the bench and returns the sorting hat to Dumbledore's hands.

Hephaesta perks up when Samira is called to the Sorting Hat, watching closely and holding her breath. When the hat announces she is a serpent, her shoulders droop in disappointment. But, she remembers her manners, and claps politely, trying to catch Samira's eye to give her an encouraging smile…or as close to an encouraging smile as Hephaesta knows how to do.

Cillian offers a hand to Felix with a thoughtful expression and his other hand is offered over to whoever is on his other side but he doesn't need his hands to be loud, really, when the first person is sorted into Gryff, he gave a mighty cheerish roar sound, now he just waits and watches. These are new kids, might as well make them feel welcomed.

Continuing the sorting the name calling goes on and one by one the remaining first years get sorted. "Lizette Rousseau …"


The list is extensive but finally one of the final names is called out, "Sampson Smith …"


Amyah gives Arevan a beaming smile, her eyes lighting up. As her hand links with hers, she squeezes a little bit on her best friend's hand. Both her hands lift now, as if to make a point, and flashing a big, bright smile over at Levi. As her gaze wanders over to watch the Sorting, she says brightly, "United. Like the Hat says."

Hattie opens her palm and holds it out open palm up to her neighbor. But she doesn't say anything. She just stares at the charger, and listens for her brother to be called.

Aris takes a seat at the Slytherin table, glancing up and down to get a look at her new housemates. She spots her cousin - recognizing him more from description than interaction - and lifts a hand to smile and wave at him. When Samira is sorted into the serpents as well she moves over to one side, giving her room to sit next to her if she so chooses. They mightn't be in the same year but they're kind of in the same boat.

Felix grins at Cillian, taking his hand and following suit, offering his hand to the person on the other side of him. He isn't entirely sure what's going on, but Cillian's doing it, so it must be great.

Samira notices Hephaesta's smile as she heads over to the Slytherin table. Her smile brightens and she offers her new friend a mischevious wink. But, noticing the fair few glares she's getting from a few of the other students, she blinks and arches a brow at them. She doesn't seem too perterbed by the animosity. Hands clasped behind her back, she arrives at the head of her table and peers, looking for a seat with the students closer to her age. Aris' kind effort to make a space for her goes unnoticed.

Zayn offers Samira a small polite nod as she is sorted into Slytherin, his hands moving up and clap politely when she starts to move towards their table. Though he can't help but look towards the other tables with a bit of a straight face.

As each new Gryffindor is sorted, Niko tries to force that smile as he claps, looking down the table for Kimiko, wanting to see how she is doing. He just wants to get up and run over to het and take her hand and run out of this place. His eyes close for a moment as he shakes his head.

Genevieve let loose a wolf whistle for Samira, another proud smile shot the girl's way, before she peered at Alphard. A quite but rather helpful remark about the years turn outs, thus far.

Abraxas nudges a few of his fellow fifth-years down to make a space for Samira as he applauds, "Make way there, make way." He nods in approval. A few good catches for the serpents this year, it seems, and all of them of sufficient purity.

"A snake?" Madeline says with disappointment as the Egyptian girl gets sorted. She would have liked to have the girl in Gryffindor. And she seemed nice enough before- (a small voice in the back of her mind reminds her that none of this is a reason to start hating Slytherin house). As she sees the other Gryffindors holding hands, she reaches out to the student beside her. She doesn't really need to hold Noah's hand, though. Instead, she looks her arm around his back.

Alphard applauds Samira's arrival at the Slytherin table. "Welcome to Slytherin, Prince!" He grins and waves hero ver to their table. Meanwhile he also gives Genevieve another elbow nudge, for something or the other.

Brandon grunts as Samira is sorted into Slytherin. Not that he's suprised, on both side his family usually is sorted in the snake house. But it does make him feel lonely…

Gabriel looks as disappointed as Hephaesta and Madeline when Samira gets sorted into Slytherin but doesn't glare at her. Instead he looks up and down the Ravenclaw table seeing how the unity effort (getting everyone to hold hands) is going.

"Welcome to Slytherin House Aris, Samira, hope you're not fond of the sun. How's your poison resistance by the way?" Noalan asks, wanting to make the new comers feel welcome. Everything that's happened recently has left him feeling rather manic.

As the hat now began to call out the Slytherin house, Terrance decided to pay more attention to the floating candles or the silverware set before him, sliding hi knife into his hand and twirling it on the empty plate.

Rook is too honest a person to feign happiness over this moment, but he bars himself from frowning, or from showing the excess of sadness welling up over the evening's events. When someone next to him gently nudges him at the Hufflepuff table for his hand, the corners of his mouth twitch and the blonde boy accepts the grasp of the younger student next to him. Looking to his right, he fishes a hand out for the next student's, twining his fingers about theirs so long as they don't resist, offering a supportive squeeze to the muggle-born.

Samira notices the spot that Abraxas makes for her and approaches with a slight sway of her hips. Her eyes dance with mirth as she takes in her new housemates: Abraxas, Noalan, Genevieve, Alphard, and Zayn. She lifts a hand in greeting at Zayn as she takes the spot next to Abraxas.

Leaning in to hear what Noalan says and laughs impishly at his words. "Poison? Ah, there does seem to be a fair amount of animosity towards this house. But, the Heka School was mostly underground. So, at least I will be fairly used to the lack of sunlight part." With a grin, she glances up at Abraxas sitting next to her. "Hello again, Abraxas Malfoy."

"United." Levi confirms a smile given, though he knows more than just a show of solidarity will be needed to fix the injustice that's going on. This will be a good start though and so as the sorting goes on he notices that some of the other student houses have picked up the call. Appart from one of course.

With the Sorting Ceremony complete, Headmaster Flint himself finally rises. When he assumes the podium, gripping its sides with an iron hold, the Great Hall seems to darken a few shades. In fact, those that look may notice that the candle flames have actually diminished. When his icy stare has brought silence at last, his grating voice echoes through the room.

"Students. For those of you that do not know me, I am Headmaster Flint. I am in charge of this school, which means that my word is law here. Those of you that wish to test this will quickly find yourselves at the less-than-tender mercies of our Caretaker, Mr. Pringle."

Aris notices the spot beside her goes ignored and quickly shuffles to fill it, tilting her head down slightly to look at her hands in her lap. When Noalan speaks she looks up at him and tilts her head to one side, considering the question but not offering an answer of her own once the Headmaster starts talking.

Miranda squeezes the hands of the students to either side of her at the Hufflepuff table, not letting go as the sorting finishes and Flint takes the spotlight. She glances toward Pringle when the caretaker's name is mentioned, then lets her gaze travel down the line at the head table before she returns her attention to the headmaster.

Following the vein of passive resistance that seems to have come up in the Hall Gabriel, still holding his neighbors hands, slides around a bit on the bench so that his back is turned to Flint as soon as the man takes the podium.

"Do you suppose we ought to all hold hands too?" Jenny, also known as Genevieve inquired in part to Alphard but also, to the others who were scattered round nearest to hear. Not much louder than that, however. She quited down when the Headmaster started speaking. The grin though, it remained.

Mr. Pringle makes no motion in response to Flint calling him by name, whereas in previous years he has leered and loomed menacingly to reinforce the point.

Cillian gently squeezes Felix's hand and then his attention goes to the headmaster as he begins to speak, and the young captain's features are schooled into a careful mask of interest, eyebrow quirked a bit.

Felix's blissfully ignorant smile has begun to fade, as he is starting to get a sense for what is actually going on. It was so much nicer when he was simply confused. He squeezes Cillian's hand in return, perhaps a little too hard.

Samira rests an elbow on the table and props up her jaw in her palm. Head tilted in this manner, the transfer student watches Headmaster Flint from her table with great interest. Her dark gaze flits to Pringle before she focuses on Flint once more.

"In recent years," Flint continues coldly, "the behaviour displayed at this school has been nothing short of atrocious. Apparently the loss of house points has been an insufficient deterrent to violating not only the rules of this school, but the law itself. It has led to injuries, an investigation from the Hogsmeade Magistrate, and even death. This. Will. End.

"From this day forward, the Magijugend shall be 'deputized', so to speak. They will be empowered to assist in disciplinary action in the school. Students caught misbehaving will be subject to detainment by the Magijugend, who may use certain spells to enforce this discipline, as necessary."

At the head table, Professor Viridian's face is turning a fierce shade of red. Just as Viridian looks to be about to rise from his seat, Professor Dumbledore places a hand on his arm, leaning over to whisper something to him. Viridian pauses to listen, and though he grinds his teeth, still scowling, he settles in his chair for the time being.

Flint continues without noticing the activity behind him. "These 'deputies' are identifiable by these." Flint holds up a metal pendant in the shape of the Eye of Truth — the mark of Grindelwald. "Those of you that are undoubtedly considering attempting for forge your own Magijugend badges, be advised that the symbol has been made Taboo at Hogwarts. This means that I will be made aware of any and all uses of the Eye of Truth. Wear it in support of Grindelwald if you wish. But attempts to wear a forged Magijugend badge will result in severe disciplinary action. Do not test me on this.

"All forms of Muggle literature are banned from Hogwarts. Muggle books, magazines, newspapers, et cetera are considered contraband. Any student found in possession of such items will face the loss of house points, detention, and the confiscation of the item in question."

Zayn offers Samira a smile at her greeting, but his attention shifts towards the Headmaster as he begins to speak. Silently sitting there staring and listening intently at the words he is speaking. His hands moving and clasping in his lap as he does so. His brow furrows a bit at the mention of Deputizing, what does that mean for himself and the prefects? His tongue clicks against his cheek, slowly as he mulls this over.

Niko lets out a small sigh, he is listening to Flint but unlike previous years he isn't looking up at him. he is just sitting there silently, trying to make sense of the world as it seems to have been flipped upside down. The mention that muggle books are banned, certainly catches him off guard and cases him to blink slightly, his gaze finally moving to Flint.

The headmaster's words did not seem to draw Terrance's attention. If anything he seemed to be trying to ignore the noise that extruded from the man's mouth. He continued to twirl the knife on his plate during the explanation. As news that the Magijugend would be deputies of the school though, he stopped the knife. "So, the days will continue to grow darker." he muttered, shaking his head while looking down at the table.

"Ya, it's tough being on top, well I guess the bottom given where they've stuck our common room. On the bright side, they've at least placed our dining table in such a way as to prevent being stuck in across fire. Though backstabbing is still possible." Noalan's grin is a bit bleak, "You lucky first years have joined us just in time for the civil war." He looks up as Flint speaks, "Here we go."

From across the hall, Elise seeks Cillian's eyes, the look on her face one of calm defiance. She'll tip her head up questioningly if she catches his gaze.

Samira glances at her fellow Slytherins, interested in their reactions to these announcements. The banning of muggle books doesn't seem to faze her much, nor does giving certain elite students power over others, for that matter. She tilts her head, trying to see which of them, if any, wear a Magijugend badge.

At Flint's words about deputizing the Magijugend, Madeline goes from frowning at the table, to staring at him in horror. Oh, no, no, no, no! But- but- They can't- She and Rena…!

Tears start to creep into her eyes again. "I guess I'm a lousy Auror," she mutters quietly, before fixing her gaze on the table again. This is so unfair! She worked so hard!

Flint clears his throat and moves on. "The Forbidden Forest is strictly off limits. Do not even approach it. Arrows do not stop at the tree line. Students died last year for ignoring this warning. Follow in their footsteps, and undoubtedly you will suffer the same fate. The centaurs are suffering no trespassers in their lands."

Flint takes a moment to briefly introduce each Professor and their subjects, as well as other faculty members, such as the Librarian, Nurse, Caretaker, and Keeper of Keys and Grounds. "This year we have formalized a Student Aide program. If you wish to apply to be a Student Aide to any Professor, or to Madam Patil or Madam Spleen, submit your letter of interest with Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore.

"There is a significant change in the curriculum this year," Flint announces, a slight smirk crinkling the corner of his mouth. "To provide extra attention to those students suffering from less fortunate circumstances, we have developed a new program for them. The Special Class for Underprivileged Magical Students will replace their normal classes, and will help to-…"

As Flint introduces the new program, the newest face at the head table rises from his seat. The gangly man with unruly straw-blonde hair vaults over the head table and approaches the podium. "Thanks, Headmaster," he interrupts Flint, nudging his way in front of the podium with a beaming, guileless smile. For a moment, Flint's face tightens up in a mask of impotent rage, his hands tightening into shaking fists. But when the Headmaster glances angrily toward Professor Black, the other man lifts a calming hand. While not exactly calm, Flint does return to his seat, sweeping his cloak and storming across the space between like an angry deity.

Josie is frowning again, looking up to Flint as he speaks. She doesn't say a word, though, smart enough not to draw attention to herself right at this moment. Then one of the teachers actually interrupts the headmaster and she blinks, glancing around and then back.

Noah pulls Madeline closer. "No." He says softly. "Flint is a lousy headmaster." He spits out the words. But then his smile returns. Honestly, he's probably looking a little crazy at the moment covering all that rage underneath a smile. It isn't terribly convincing. He's pissed off. Everyone can see that. Dead people can see that.

Alphard is one of the students wearing the Magijugend badge. He's been listening acutely to what Flint has been saying, his brows knitted together with a frown as if he can't quite decide if this is real or not. He flicks a look up and down the Slytherin table, then seeks out the other Magijugend as well to check their reaction. "Hm," h e says. "Well. This will be interesting."

At the Ravenclaw table Gabriel's face is a mirror of Viridian's turning bright red as Flint continues to speak. He manages to stand halfway before Elspeth takes advantage of being one of the people holding his hand to pull him back down onto the bench with a gentle thump at just about the same time Flint is interrupted by the new professor.

Celes fidgets with her Magijugen pendant uncertainly. This is all so, well, she just didn't expect all this. She glances uncertainly at Angelus, "I thought that was job of prefects. I didn't think we'd be turned into a police force." She shrinks a bit in her seat, feeling the mood in the room and knowing she's in over her head.

Cillian glances from pirate to pirate, attempting to meet their gaze and he does meet Elise's look with a small nod of his head before turning back to watch Flint with that calm expression. He glances back over to Madeline as she starts crying and he bites his bottom lip before glancing back over to Flint when he continues speaking and the pirate captain just has a moment where he blinks slowly and he quickly shakes his head. "…oh lovely…they /finally/ made a special class for those obsessed with dunking 'eads in the loo, I always thought there was something off about them sorts…" He whispers softly to those near him before turning his attention to the new teacher.

"Ah! The addle-brained infiltrator," says Samira with a grin when she notices the gangly man take over the podium. This should be entertaining. Shifting to lean her elbows on the table, she folds her arms and peers up towards the head table.

Aris lifts her eyebrows at a few of the things Headmaster Flint talks about in his speech, although what she actually thinks of them is anyone's guess. Her expression is more curious than anything else. The sudden arrival of the professor leaping over the table causes her eyes to widen and she looks back and forth to see if that is, y'know, a normal thing?

"So more rewards for the incompetent among us." Seamus mutters under his breath looking over at the Slytherin table. He really wants to write to the Board and see if this wouldn't be enough to get that incompetent ignorant prejudiced fool from the position of Headmaster.

The blonde man couldn't be more oblivious to Flint's fit of pique behind him. Instead, he addresses the student body. "'Ello, everyone! I am so excited to be here. I'm Professor Burke. But you all can just call me 'Tash'. I'm looking forward to seeing which of you will be put in the S.C.U.M.S. program. As you've probably guessed, I'll be teaching that class. It's gonna be a great time, trust me. My door will always be open to my students, so don't hesitate to come see me if you need help with something. And hey, even those of you who won't be in S.C.U.M.S., I can't wait to get to know you all." Tash throws his fist in the air with a shouted, "HOGWARTS!" Then, giving all of the professors a big grin, he walks around the head table to return to his seat.

Ethel is here, really she is, she is sitting quietly, at the head of the Hufflepuff table, her prefect badge firmly pinned to her breast, if she has anything to say about what is going on.

"You don't understand," Madeline answers Noah, letting out a quiet sniff. And she isn't supposed to explain. But how is she supposed to write to Rena about this? And she can't go to Hogsmeade, yet…

Samira bursts into a fit of impish giggles as 'Professor Burke" proves as entertaining to watch as she'd hoped. Shaking her head, she glances at the Slytherin students sitting near her. "I saw him on the train. He seems like still a child himself, no?"

Cillian raises his voice to echo the new teacher's shout of 'Hogwarts!' before looking around like 'what?' and then he just gives the hand he's holding another gentle squeeze and waits to see what else will happen. He already likes this 'Tash' person.

"He does lack a certain… gravitas." Abraxas agrees, shaking his head slightly. He reaches down and fingers the Eye of Truth that he wears, as well, being a member of the Magijugend. He looks around to those he knows from the 'club' and gives a tight little nod. "Big responsiblity that. He knows where to put his trust."

Zayn is still trying to mull over the new executive decision to deputize people other then prefects. Though he is doing his best to keep his face straight as he rubs his chin slowly more a moment, his eyes looking over this new Professor, he doesn't really care for him, he thinks to himself. He doesn't comment on Abraxas's comment, he just sits awaiting more information.

Niko watches the new man slowly, his eyes narrowing slightly. He doesn't like this man, he doesn't like the new rules, he doesn't like this year. Really he just doesn't like Hogwarts, his eyes move over each one of the Professors slowly, ending with Flint, his hand moving and running through his hair slowly with a rather pained sigh.

Noah shakes his head. "We'll figure out what to do about it later, alright? This…" He sighs. "This is injustice. We're not gonna stand for it." His smile finally fades. It isn't as if it was convincing anyone. The anger is dying down, being replaced by a cold sort of resolve. "There's no point being angry right now, no point being sad. What matters isn't how we feel. It's what we're going to do about it." He looks to the other Muggle-borns of Gryffindor. "I'll hold a meeting later. We'll talk. See what we come up with. Alright?"

Brandon can't hide his disgust. The morons of the Magijugend? You can be sure they're going to abuse any power they are given. And what about these new class? What about this professor? Brandon shakes his head but he's already planning some…actions.

Angelus is just listening to it all, hands clasped in front of him on the table, blue eyes focused up at the head table. Occasionally there's a flicker at his lips, his head tilting, humming thoughtfully, simply listening to all the information. "Interesting," he murmurs. "What's that?" he says quietly as he tips his head closer to Celes, blinking as he turns to glance at her. "We should except this responsibility to the school and Professor Flint," he whispers quietly to Celes.

Gabriel will feel his hand squeezed a little tighter at the new class being mentioned, but Elspeth's gaze arrows in on the new Professor. Her head tilts slightly, and even for a Ravenclaw the gears can be seen spinning in high gear. However, her demeanor has fallen into last year's mask of solemn calm.

"I think we need to get rid of every last one of them and Flint needs to go." Finley says rolling his eyes a little bit at this whole thing. "They're a bunch of eejits to let this kind of thing stand." He says shaking his head.

Felix cannot help a little giggle at Cillian's exclamation after Tash's. He gives the Pirate Captain a quizzical look, whispering. "You fink they'll put me in that class?" Felix is notoriously awful at magic. Charms, potions, transfiguration…you name it, he's made a mess of it. All except flying. His wand may not want to listen to him, but a broom sure will.

Cillian tsks and shakes his head. "Ye'll be a pirate this year if yer willing to take the oathe, we'll make sure ye get at least a passing grade this year." He assures the young man. "But that teacher…" He trails off. "Hmm, this year's gonna be real interesting."

"I'll write a letter to Rena," Madeline murmurs quietly. "And Chief Worthington. Maybe they can help." She doesn't sound like she has much hope in it - but what else can she do? "They can't check our mail, can they?" she asks worriedly. She never wrote to Rena openly, before! It was just the coded pictures!

Gabriel leans back a little bit to whisper to Madie, "Mad! Stop talking about that! Later!" The younger girls is liable to get herself in trouble if she keeps flaunting her connections in this atmosphere.

Felix's eyes threaten to pop right out of his face. "Really? I can be a Pirate?!" He was trying to whisper, but he's easily heard at both the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables. He ducks, lowering his voice. "Course I'll take the oaf."

Soleil actually gained a look of her own cold rage surprisingly at the Slytherin table when mention of the Magijugend being deputized. But she takes a deep breath and looks down at her plate, organizing her silverware in the way she prefers it waiting for Dumbledore to do his hand waving thing.

Which Dumbledore indeed does. He has a warm smile for everyone and with his chin tilted up he waves his arms, "Welcome class of 1939 to 1940. It will no doubt prove to be the most…interesting of years!" When his gesture is complete the candelight grows all the better to illuminate Flint's twisted up frown all the better and the feast soon appears on each and every table. Prime Rib Roasts and Turkeys and Suckling pigs and all manner of delicious fare and side dishes pile high in the center of each table. Such opulent succulance can be found on most of the table so it is a stark obvious contrast the the provided feast ebbs and fades into scraggly chicken legs and wings and brown peasant breads and gruel like stews at the far end of each table where the Muggle-Born Students have been seated. There is also now more niticably in the tables carved lines separating the tables and if anything is passed from the succulent side to the pauper's meal side the things wither and rot in a blink as they pass that segregation line.

When Elise notices that there is fabulous food on her side of the table, but that the Muggle-Born students aren't getting an equal kind of succulence, her appetite disappears. She pretends to eat, but really she's slipping rolls and fruit into her pockets whenever she thinks no one is looking. She keeps her head down, the expression on her face positively murderous.

Noah crosses his arms, and simply refuses to eat. He looks entirely unamused. "Do you all know what a hunger strike is, by chance?" He asks, flatly, to the others. The light in his eyes has just gone dark. Cold.

Madeline glances back at Gabriel biting her lip… but then nods. He's probably right.

She turns back to look at her own table as the food appears - and tightens her jaw at what she sees, then simply picks up her plate, and turns it upside down. "I'm not hungry," she announces.

It is after Dumbledore speaks, and the food is brought to the table that Terrance notices the quality of food being given to the muggle-borns. This was the last straw for him, tossing his knife down onto the plate with a clang and pushing the plate away from him. "Should have elected to just get out of this place last year, when I had the chance." he said quite loudly. "When the bloody hell can we go to our commons?" he then asked, glancing up and down the table.

Ethel doesn't even pretend to eat, looking from the fare that is on the non-muggle side then to the other, she rises from her seat, and starts towards the back of the tables, she moves and slides herself in between two muggle borns, inclinding her head to them, she doesn't eat, she just sits there.

Samira's peers at the magnificent feast that appears appears before her and the rest of the Slytherins. Although it isn't quite as opulent a feast as what she an the other purebloods at the Heka School of Ancient Magic are accustomed to, the transfer student looks pleased enough. Oblivious to the suffering of the muggleborn students at other table, Samira leans forward and begins helping herself to the food. She takes a little bit of each dishes, hoping to sample each dish before the meal's end.

Miranda looks so hopeful when Professor Dumbledore addresses everyone, and when the food appears, she downright beams at her fellow students. That is, until she looks the few inches to her side where the muggleborn Hufflepuffs are sitting. Her hope dies, as does her smile, and the grip on her fellow students' hands. "I don't understand," she says quietly, dejectedly staring at the plate in front of her before looking across the table at Levi, then down toward the others. "How are the other professors letting this happen? This isn't law, this is… this is… injustice," she finishes, scandal colouring the last word.

Zayn looks at the food that has shown up and simply takes his glass and pours himself some water. Taking a slow sip, he is still letting things settle in his mind, though he does look at Soleil from his place at the table, his hand running through his hair slowly. Before his attention shifts between the rest of the table, he can't help but adjust his Head Boy badge slightly on his robes, though a feeling of frustration fills him as he does so.

Mean while Niko looks at the food then down the table at the food the Muggle-borns were giving. His stomach turns, he can't bare to eat anything. His hands move up to his face and run up it then through his hair, "Bloody hell…" he mutters shaking his head.

Well, well, well. "Lookit who's carrying the power now, hmm, Black?" Jenny teased, those dark eyes flicked once in Alphard's direction, before she set about organizing her plates. It took her… a good few minutes to realize that not everyone, at least beyond their table, was served the same thing. "Wouldja look at that," she whispered, nudging Alphard in the ribs and directing his attention beyond their comfortable lot.

"Disgusting. This is not fit for consumption." Seamus says pushing the food away from him. Moving them to the far end of the table is one thing but forcing this offense to the culinary arts upon people is a sin greater than anything that this school to this day has done. He doesn't stand up but he does speak loud enough for his entire table to hear, "When everyone is done with their meal, we will leave but not until everyone is done."

In contrast to those who deny their appetites, Elspeth lets go of Gabriel's hands and reaches forward for some chicken and brown rolls. She leans down and whispers something to Gabriel, and then across the table towards the other muggle borns. A few follow suit, and begin to fill their plates. They may not eat with a gusto at first, but they clean their plates. As for the prefect herself, she nibbles her chicken wings and tears apart her roll to pop little pieces in her mouth as if it's the normal food everyone else has.

Polly looks down at her plate of food and Hmmms. A few choice cuts of roast, some nicely boiled potatoes, a pumpkin pastie a goblet of juice. She drops her napkin to her lap and carefully tucks in. She looks up and down the tables to her house mates and then gives a small shrug.

Cillian just chuckles softly at Felix and 'shhhs' softly before nodding. "Later." Then when the tables begin to fill, his eye(s) just widens as he notices the differenc ein the foods and such and his mouth just drops open before it quickly shuts and he swallows hard as he just shakes his head slowly and sighs. He does as he usually does at meals, small rolls and pieces of fruit and such are tucked and hidden away, things folded into napkins as he just stares at the things at the table and exhales softly. He looks up and down the table for a moment before bowing his head out of sight like he's looking under the table and placing two fingers down his throat after releasing Felix's hand, give him a moment as he straightens up and its not pretty, its not even pretty at all as he throws up carrots and chocolate and probably some of the pudding he had at lunch and then waves a hand vaguely. "I…I tink…I tink I need to be seen by the nurse…me tummy, oh…" He takes a deep breath and then another.

Gabriel has had enough. Not even to keep Cillian and the other Pirates happy is he going to stand for this. Like Terrance he tosses his silverware on his plate with a loud clatter but he doesn't stop there. He gets to his feet and purposefully starts to head for the main doors of the Great Hall without saying another word.

Samira follows the nudge that Genevieve gives to Alphard and peers at the muggle born students at other tables. "Those students," she says, waving her fork to catch Genevieve's attention. "What are those students there? Did they make the worst grades last year?"

Levi watches as Dumbledore speaks though he is expecting more from him, something from him but the feast begins though it's quick to be notice the difference in food. He lets go of the hands for the moment just to turn his plate over face down. He looks to Miranda and shakes his head "It's awful, injustice doesn't start to cover it." he isn't eating it's clear.

When Cillian vomits, Elise is up on her feet and at his side, face pinched with worry. "Oh, no!" she says. "Do you need help getting to the Nurse?" she asks, glancing around. "I can walk you to the Infirmary, Cil!"

Solidarity is… well, solidarity, even when it doesn't taste particularly good. Several of the muggle-borns nearby Rook are already eating, albeit with less zeal and often with hungry, envious glances further up the table. While the Gryffindors look to be setting up a hunger strike, and Seamus is shoving his plate away with distaste, Rook is nibbling without appetite at the edge of a brown dinner roll. Nothing else is touched, but Rook leans over and whispers something to the third year settled in next to him with a meager smile. Whatever it is he whispers seems to perk the third year up some, but Rook simply resumes eating the largely tasteless roll.

Abraxas helps himself to a few cuts of roast, and a big turkey leg, and a glass of chilled pumpkin juice, and then a number of sides. He begins to eat with gusto. "All this putting the bad blood in its place has made me hungry…" he admits, with a smirk. He's probably the type that would go and eat right over the shoulder of one of the muggleborns, if he could get away with it.

Chastity frowns at the meal set before her, being a pure born has its own perks, she shakes her head and pushes her plate away, "I am not eating this." She folds her hands delicately on her lap and glares daggers at the Head Master, "And rest assured my father will be hearing about this."

Miranda looks quickly to Rook and Seamus, then watches Levi turn over his plate. Shifting in her seat with a distinct look of uncomfortableness, she reaches for one of the bread rolls on her own side of the magical line. If they can eat plain, she can certainly eat plain, though every few minutes, she shakes her head slowly and slouches.

Madeline looks towards Gabriel as he gets up to leave, and then Cillian is puking… and she looks up at Noah. "Can't we all just walk out now, please?" she asks quietly. "I just wanna go to the Common Room," she all but begs - as if he has the authority to grant that.

"Muggleborns," Alphard tells Samira with a shrug. He's still struggling to get to grips with the idea of power that has suddenly been put on his shoulders. It has left him somewhat detached and aloof. Idly his fingers brush against the Magijugend pendant. Likely his mind is full of ideas about how it could be used. "At some point it had to happen, I suppose." His shoulder rolls in a dismissive and utterly indifferent shrug. "It doesn't really matter." With that he digs into his food.

Mr. Pringle strolls casually to the closed doors of the Great Hall, standing before them as Gabriel nears. He beckons him closer, bending low to speak. He points to Cillian as well, beckoning the Gryffindor to come so he can speak quietly with them both.

Cillian just shakes his head at Elise and holds his stomach because good lord have mercy throwing up is not fun at all as he is beckoned and he gets to his feet, making his way towards Pringle and shaking his head as he eyes Gabriel. "Ye 'ave to eat Gunny." He gasps before gagging on a bit of regurgitation and having to swallow it with a face that reads 'oh my god this is so gross'.

Samira glances up at Abraxas with a curious tilt of her head. "Bad blood?" She glances at Alphard and nods when he clears up her confusion. "Ah, I see. So this is a new policy? How interesting. Where I am from, instead of houses, we are sorted by bloodline and that is simply the way of things." She takes a bite of a dinner role, peering over at the muggleborn students with interest.

Elise stays with Cillian anyway - it's no secret by now that she likes him. She hovers, all worried and mother-hen-like. "Can I go with him?" she pleads of Mr. Pringle. "Please, sir?"

Noalan is a little surprised at this point no one has up and walked out, Flint just keeps piling on. Strangely no mention of Hogsmead… yet. Oversight, or trap? He would put money on the latter. He looks at the food as it appears on the other tables and just shakes his head. Lan is going to be busy this year, he may need to even train up some assistants.

Felix leaps up in shock at the vomit, scrambling away and falling to the floor behind the bench. "GROSS!" He stands up, brushing himself off. "Uh…I can't sit there anymore…"

Gabriel grumbles and comes to a stop in front of Pringle, arms crossed over his chest adn legs spread a littlewide. He hasn't realized Cillian has thrown up until the other third year comes to stand next to him and he smells it on him, which causes him to loose some of the anger in his face, having it replaced by concern for his friend, "Are you OK, Cap'n?"

Noah simply keeps his arms crossed, and waits. He doesn't eat, and he doesn't even pretend to smile anymore. He simply waits. It isn't the quality of the food that's the issue—hell this is not as bad as he's used to. He's used to surviving off the land, eating berries and nuts and whatever aninals he can catch. It's the injustice of it. "We can eat in the common room later. But I refuse to eat here. I will figure something out, I promise."

And the look of concern is followed by a look of surprise when Pringle speaks to them in a low tone, a moment of consideration and a nod. Gabriel then looks back at before asking Pringle, "He will be allowed to see Madam Spleen, correct?"

Ethel still sits down with the muggle borns, she leans forward and looks down the table, any Hufflepuff that is eating any of the good food gets the stink eye from the Prefect.

Dumbledore is frowning towards the Gryffindor table. His eyes on Cillian in particular, there will be repercussions for his dramatics, just once the Feast is over. Wiggles of his want and it looks as if the stones underneath the mess absorb it and then there's a tiny whirl of bubbles and it's all cleaned up. "Stay where you are Mr. Flitwick. We all will be grateful for that which we have received." He picks up a scraggly chicken leg from his plate and salutes his Gryffindors and sinks his teeth into it with ghusto.

"I'm not hungry anyways," Madeline answers sullenly. "I ate on the train." She frowns down at her plate, looking one way then the other to see how many of the students are eating - and how many aren't. She manages a weak smile for anyone with an empty plate. She appreciates it, anyways.

The food comes and… Amyah's expression falls. The bright smile vanishes completely as her mouth hangs open. She's just stares silently, blinking, slowly her eyes welling up with tears before she lets out a heavy breath. "Arevan?" she asks, looking at her in a silent question. She picks up a fork and slams it down on the table, then rises up from the table, gives a look toward the head table and a shake of her head, and taps her fellow students on the shoulder. "We don't need this," she says, lifting her chin before she whirls around and walks up to the Gryffindor table where she reaches out to drape her arms around Madeline. "Hi," she says comfortingly.

Pringle nods to Gabriel, and stands, pointing to a Gryffindor Prefect and summoning her with a jerk of his fingers. "Take Peele to the hospital wing," he commands her. "He's sick."

Pringle shakes his head at Elise. "You say, lass. You're fine. It'll be over soon."

Elise squeezes Cillian's hand before stepping back as ordered and watching him go, worry on her face.

Terrance glanced around, and then as he saw him take a large bite of chicken his face turned to disgust. This was the leader of his house? The leader of the brave and strong of heart? He shook his head in disappointment, before slowly crossing his arms and lowering his head to the table. 'If I cannot go to the Commons, I will just sleep here.' he thought to himself.

Aris sits bolt upright at the table when she notices the vomiting going on. She looks down at her own meal, having been starving but now losing her appetite quite suddenly. She looks down at the food on her plate, untouched save for a few nibbles here and there, and turns to whoever on the Slytherin table might hear her: "What do I do if I'm not hungry anymore?"

Cillian just blinks his eye and bows his head to Pringle before glancing over to Gabriel. "Use your wits…" He coughs softly and glances behind him and then to Pringle and then back to the room and then back to Pringle as he holds his stomach, jaw set as the young boy is really doing all he can to hold it together, trembling a bit. "Please sir…" Its a quiet begging, and he looks honestly relieved at the permission he's being granted as he prepares to follow after the girl. When he's out of the hall though, when he's not within hearing range, its mostly gibberish as he just manages to sob out. "…the stars have gone to sleep, why must I live that which I dream…the stars have gone to sleep…and now they will have the dreams, why have the stars gone to sleep…" And off he goes to the nurse.

Madeline gives Amyah an uncertain look, her eyes going to the girl, and then back to her table. "You should be in your seat," she says hesitantly. "You're gonna get in trouble, switching tables and all." She lets out a sigh before adding, "Wish we could all just walk out, though."

Hattie whispers to a neighbor under her breath, "No, don't…! If you give them a reason to send you down, you could lose your wand for good." She picks up a fork and daintily jabs a roll. "That's what they want. We've worked too hard to make stupid mistakes now…"

Once Cillian has left, Gabriel returns to his seat, once again glaring daggers at the Headmaster. Once he's back at the Ravenclaw table he gives Elspeth a small, apologetic smile, sits back down and delicately, carefully flips his plate upsidedown. At this point following Elspeth's example would be a futile gesture.

"Let them eat." Seamus says towards Ethel,"There's no reason to waste good food. I want them to eat it. Solidarity is good but I'd rather our lads and lasses were hale and hearty for what's to come. I get that the current Headmaster wants to try and segregate us and break us but he's seriously underestimating us." He says with a bit of a grin,"The real problem is that he's just patting a bunch of lackluster students on their back so that they can feel good about themselves for being lacking in so many areas."

Josie watches Cillian go with a look of worry, but she stays in her seat. Still, she makes no move to eat until Dumbledore urges them to, and even then doesn't seem to have much of an appetite.

Samira consumes chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and fresh baked bread without the slightest apparent guilt that there are those in the hall that get no such feast. Setting down her fork, she gets to her knees on her bench to peer across to the Ravenclaw table. "I'll be right back." And before anyone can do too much to stop her, she stands and begins to stride between the tables in search of her friend from the train, Hephaesta.

Futile gesture or not, Elspeth puts a drumstick and a roll on Gabriel's plate. She glances down the table towards Hattie, and if their eyes meet, she'll give the girl a little smile. She pokes at Gabriel's food. "It is being all right. Eat. You are needing your strength. We all are."

The head table is abuzz. It began with Dumbledore leaning over to speak quietly with Headmaster Flint. Then Professor Black joined the conversation. Then Viridian. Now a gaggle of Professors are gathered around Flint, who is looking increasingly irritated.

Miranda is short, and misses any daggers being stared in her direction, though after she's washed down her bread roll with a glass of plain water, she ends up leaning her elbows on her table and staring at her once again empty plate. "You know how they think," she murmurs to the older students near her. "What would they care about hunger? Who's suffering? The ones they don't care about, and the ones they'll stop caring about when they see whose side we're on." She levitates her unused fork for a moment, glumly watching the reflected candlelight. "There are better ways to resist."

It would be a waste of food to not eat it. Angelus doesn't bother to even glance at the other side of the table anyway. He digs in, piling food onto his plate. Not that he seems to be talkative this evening. Too busy taking it all in.

Gabriel tries to hold out, he really does. But it was a long train ride and he was saving space for the feast and now Elspeth has put food right in front of him and he finally breaks. Grabbing the scraggly chicken leg he bites into it with a little more savagery than really necessary to bite some meat off a drumstick.

Levi looks across the lines to the side reserved for Muggle-borns now his plate isn't being used an he's tried to pass food which doesn't work. He'll look to them though nodding to a roll if only they can take the food away than he'll only eat that.

However misguided it may be, Noah is stubborn, and he refuses to eat. Even with Dumbledore advising him to. Maybe this hunger strike won't last. But the first day? He can go a day without eating. Enough to make a statement. There may be better ways to resist. But he hasn't thought of any, yet."

Abraxas isn't really digging this new Prefect thing, as he sees Samira get up from near him and start away from the table. He gets to his feet in a flash of robes and moves after her, reaching out to put a hand on her arm and whispering something quietly before coking his head back towards the Slytherin table.

Professor Mopsus strolls a circle around the Ravenclaw tower. "Mmm, everything smells delicious." His walking staff jingles with all the little trinkets of Divination symbols and tolls that dangle from the top of the staff. "Let us all eat up and smile gratefully at our Headmaster. Because what does a gracious host do when he receives praise?" Just another pop quiz at the Ravenclaw table.

Zayn stands up moving across first to Samira, gesturing to the Slytherin table to her, "Sit back down at our table, Prince. Prince Five points from Slytherin." he says slowly, before looking over at Amyah, "Tennan, sit back down at your table. Tennan, Five points from Hufflepuff, for leaving your table." he says with a small nod to her, giving glaring looks at the perfects, "Do your jobs Perfects." he says before he moves back to the Slytherin table. His face not looking very pleased.

"I know. I know," sighs Amyah in response to Madeline's words. She gives her another squeeze before she straightens, casting a look when she finds herself gestured back to her own table. She sits down, solemnly piling food into her plate. She'll eat what's given to her - there's people out there who have worse!

Terrance sadly would not see the Slytherin house be the first to lose house points on the year, his head still tucked into his arms laid upon the table. Soon the sound of rising students would let him know he could leave for the commons.

Hattie flicks her eyes down the way, and gives a curly-haired nod, with the best and warmest smile she can. She even raises a glass to all her housemates, and drinks. Thus her mouth is full when Mopsus quizzes.

Samira pauses when Abraxas snags her by the arm and whispers into her ear. "Eh? Not supposed to sit at other tables?" Such a surprise. She glances to Zayn and hands on her hips, she says, "Li maatha? I didn't know it was a rule. Why take points from me?" Shaking her head she makes a sound of light exasperation and returns to her seat.

As Amyah whispers to her, Madeline just shakes her head. "I'm fine," she insists. "I'm not hungry." In fact - she's worried that if she does eat, she might throw up.

Gabriel grumbles a response to Mopsus around his bite of chicken. "By ancient laws of hospitality once a guest has eaten a hosts food the host must not harm said guest for the length of their stay."

"Hufflepuff, remember that we need to set a proper example. How can we expect those who sit in Slytherin to behave properly if we do not show them? Those of you who are being treated well, eat your fill. Remember to remain SEATED until the time has come though to leave. Tennan, see me when we get back to the Commons." Seamus says sighing a bit. Yes. He expects misbehavior from Slytherin and even Gryffindor at times. Letting out another sigh, Seamus has a bad feeling about this term and keeping his House from rioting against the Headmaster. "And remember, purity of blood is nothing. Work hard and treat people by their actions."

Ethel has settled in, at the muggle table, though she's not eatting. It's as she is glaring dggers down at her table for eating that she is tapped on the shoulder, and told to move back to the wizarding table. She rises and hears Zayn speak about prefects doing their jobs. "When the rules are unjust, shouldn't they be put right?" She returns to her seat and gives a nod to Seamus, still though the halfblood Prefect doesn't eat.

Akilina sitting at the Muggle-Born side of the Ravenclaw Table pushes up her glasses and takes a guess at the question presented to her house as she chews on the food provided. It's better and more food than she sees when she's at home so she's grateful for having it. "They…hmmm… they become grateful in return, Professor, or at least they must socially appear to be appreciative right back or they face being disgraced."

Mopsus nods and points his staff towards the sound of the little mouse Akilina and then to Gabriel. "Very good." Because Flint is surrounded by voices he's deaf to the next question Mopsus pops on his Eagles. "And what is the old saying about the proximity of friends and enemies?"

Hattie says, "Keep the prior close, and the latter closer?"

"Murray, trust me. I do not agree with them any more than you do but we have to work within the system and work hard to counter them." Seamus says seriously,"Would anyone care for a biscuit? Or a sweet?" He says pulling a couple tins from his robes. Yes. Even at this point he has food stuffs on his person. "You should eat though Murray. It'll be a long night and little ones will be feeling alone, tired and scared. Something that the Headmaster has compounded."

Zayn looks at Samira, "Because, you obviously don't see anyone else at our table getting up. That should be enough." he says with a nod, "You will not make the same mistake twice now." he says his tone obviously frustrated. Is he trying to cut a clear line in the sand of where the power lies? Perhaps. Looking over at Seamus as also corrects the same person, gives him a small though before he can return to his table he looks at Ethel as she addresses him, "Murray, we do not make the rules as Prefects, we enforce them. We do not dabble in what is unjust or just, conduct yourself as a Prefect. Murray Five Points from Hufflepuff, for conducting yourself in a fashion less then befitting of the badge you wear." he says offering her a small nod.

Ethel waves a hand to Zayn, ignoring him, she settles in, her plate moved out in front of her, "So much for helping people." She looks to Seamus and gives a nod, "I am not afraid of hard work. My mother is muggle born and I would pit her against any of those who would think them her better." She gives a little smile at this and turns, sitting quitely the rest of the dinner.

Abraxas escorts Samira back to the table. He was, after all, up doing his job as a prefect. Then he motions towards a seat on the bench and takes one himself. "I was taking care of it, Shafiq." he says, a bit crossly. Then he gets himself a second helping.

With her mouth fill, Elspeth is unable to answer the first question, and when the second is put to them, she tries to swallow too quickly and ends up choking a little, but she points towards Hattie for her answer, as if agreeing.

Mopsus clacks his staff on the stone floor with a big grin and points the jingle jangle bits and bobs covered staff head towards Hattie, "Sharp as a razor, Miss Wilkins, well done. So, on the tap of three, let us all shower Headmaster with our gratitude, and show him what an band of sharp minded and curteous folk we Eagles are." Down thrusts his staff again, in a *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*.

"The house cup isn't important," comes Rook's voice, quiet but firm. "But we shouldn't try to draw too much attention to ourselves just yet. Seamus is right, so is Miranda. There are other ways, and we can talk about them back in the common room." Being a pureblood amongst muggle-born, Rook plays down his spot, wedged in between a third year and a fifth year at the table. His voice is only meant for those at his table, and it doesn't reach many of those sitting nearest the professors, the purebloods. "I have a few things in my trunk from the trolley still if anyone is terribly hungry when we go to turn in."

Samira immediately starts helping herself to dessert, already seeming to have forgotten her infraction and Zayn's irritation with her. Pumpkin pie, puddings, and other sweet confections. Such delight! With a grin, she glances up at Abraxas and takes a bite of chocolate cake. "It seems you will be rather busy this year," she says with an impish mischief in her eyes.

Gabriel's scowl releases a little bit and he even smiles some. Trust a little random trivia to cheer up a Ravenclaw. At least this Ravenclaw. And drawing inspiration from the first question he graps a glass of water and raises it on high, "A toast! To all the new members of Hogwarts' esteemed houses and to our gracious Headmaster for providing us his hospitality on this night!"

"I'm muggleborn. My Aunt's a witch but my parents, my brothers and even my nephews are all Muggles." Seamus says seriously,"And I plan to help every last one of our House out. Just not here, and not now." He says quite simply,"Muggles work hard. If anything. People like Black are just eejits who wouldn't know how to work hard if they instructed in the simplest words possible." He very rarely uses insults. Although Alphard Black does seem to bring out the worst in him. "Shafiq, perhaps you should have a word with the Prefects in your own House about how they're behaving. It looks like one is doing far worse than the others here." He says giving Abraxas Black a cold look.

Zayn starts to move back towards his seat, but then catches Seamus' words, "Cavanaugh, that issue has been addressed." he says slowly looking over him for a moment, "How about instead of trying to draw lines in the sand, you actually help me by doing your job?" he says clicking his tongue against his cheek. Looking at watching as Hufflepuff looses Twenty points, he looks at Seamus again, "How about we Prefects set the example instead of us all looking like dolts?" he says shaking his head and walking away.

He moves back to his seat looking at Abraxas, "Yes you were, but other Prefects where not doing their job. An example had to be set, twice it seems."

Hattie murmurs softly, "Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" quoting from some book or other, eyes rounded out, docile in appearance as a cow in India. As the staff taps down the second time, she cues her near classmates: "Thank you, Headmaster," and then says it in chorus on the third tap. Like a bitter wine, it burns all the way down.

Miranda nods her agreement to the comment about waiting to plot until in their common room. She stops making her fork float when she spots Professor Beery approaching, though aside from the few bread crumbs on her plate, it's rather obvious the platter hasn't been used for much. When he takes twenty points from their house, Miranda looks to Ethel with a worried frown. "This year really isn't off to the start I'd hoped to see," she says quietly as she stashes her wand in her robes again and leans on the table, waiting for dinner to end.

Finally, a harried Flint waves the other professors away, and rises from his seat. Looking grumpier than usual (which is a feat unto itself), he approaches the podium, raising his voice. "As you all must be very tired from your journey, I think an early bedtime is in order. I declare this feast ended. Prefects, you will gather your housemates and lead them back to the dormitories. Good night," he huffs, turning to reclaim his seat.

Ethel looks to Seamus and gives a nod to him, "One day, they will be seen for what they are, and I feel sorry for anyone who stands in their way." She looks to the head table and sighs softly, "It is a shame though."

Samira pipes up from her rice pudding, "Hatha sa'iidan, ya Shafiq." In Arabic, she wishes him luck. But, that impish smile may make him wonder whether her wishes are genuine, or if she is looking forward to causing him more trouble than ever.

Elspeth's glass is raised alongside those of her housemates, although, she's still coughing sligthly with her hand pressed to her chest, so her words can't be added.

"It looks like the Headmaster has spoken. If everyone would be so kind as to rise now." Seamus says with a pleasant smile affixed to his face. Zayn is given only the briefest of glances, but it looks like he would love to say quite a bit more to the Headboy on the issue,"Miss Murray, if you will assist me in getting our House lined up in a right proper manner. We will return to our Common Room." he says in measured tones. "It is a shame they let their lack of intelligence show so very sharply."

As Flint finally declares the feast ended, Terrance popped his head up and roughtly pushed the bench back. Then, tossing his legs over the bench, he rose and made his way towards the exit of the Great Hall, his feet leading him to the Gryffindor tower. "Thanks for the food, you big git." he said, the words masked in the now noisy hall.

Abraxas bristles, "Just because I tried to do the right thing instead of put that mu… student in her place right then and there." He squares his shoulders and then swings his leg over the bench to get to his feet, "Alright, Slytherins, especially you firsties… Lets get on our way."

Miranda is all too happy to rise to her feet with the other students as Flint calls an end to the meal. They didn't even have to listen to an after-dinner speech! She looks to the Hufflepuff prefects and waits patiently, ready to accompany her fellow seventh years down toward their own dorms. Some last solemn greetings are shared with the nearby students at Gryffindor's table, until bit by bit, they're released into the castle at large.

Zayn stands to and offers Samira a small nod, before he starts to move to start making sure the Perfects are doing what they are suppose too. "I understand that Malfoy, but as you can see this is going to be quiet the year for me." he says slowly his hand running through his hair slowly as he takes one more sip of his water and shuffles off.

As soon as Flint declares the feast over, Madeline is on her feet, looking distinctly relieved. She moves away from the table to line up with the other Gryffindors, sparing a brief glances back at Dumbledore. The other teachers - they're not going to let this continue, are they?

She takes a place near Noah, filing out of the hall and fighting the urge to run up the stairs ahead of everyone.

Ethel nods her head and rises, she hasn't eaten a thing, she looks to the first years and says, "If you would all be so kind as to line up please." She motions to the end of the table and says, "We'll head up to our common room, and we will show you where you are going to be living for the school year." She gives a warm smile her eyes moving along all the students, from first year to seventh, "Please be curtious and follow the rules, if you are muggle born, would you do be so kind as to watch our backs?"

Josie looks relieved, too, as this very unpleasant feast night has been called to an end. She stands and joins the other Gryffindors on the way out.

As Hufflepuff is directed to their feet, Rook pulls himself upright, his shoulders still slumped from the events of the evening. The third year who sat through the meal with him at his left is dogging his footsteps, no doubt still remembering promises of pasties tucked away in Rook's trunk. Rook, on the other hand, takes the opportunity to take a few steps closer to the Gryffindor table while the rest of his own House is assembling to leave. While Noah is still handling a number of the young Gryffindors, Rook slides arms around Noah's shoulders with a squeeze hard enough to nearly squeeze the oxygen from Noah's lungs. There's a quick mutter at Noah's ear, a brisk kiss on his cheek, and then Rook is darting back to rejoin his Housemates as they start their solemn march from the great hall.

"Oi! Malfoy, did ye have ta pay someone fer that stick up yer arse or did it come from inbreedin'?" Finley calls out as he stands on his seat. "Cause If I had inbreedin' like yers I would SO not be showin' me face around." He says before hopping down and going over to Dumbledore,"So when should I be going to see Pringle this time?" He asks with a happily lilt to his voice.

Felix hurries after Madeline, quick to show solidarity now that he can actually stand with her. "You okay, Maddie?" His usually smiling face is turned down in deep worry.

Noah is silent as he helps guide the Gryffindors out, and toward the common room. However early Flint thinks they'll be turning in, Noah is likely to be up answering questions, giving advice, and otherwise considering the position everyone is in with this new policy. Rook's hug is returned, though the kiss on the cheek is met with a rather intense blush, and a nod in response to whatever it is that Rook whispered to him.

Madeline looks at Felix, biting her lip before forcing a smile onto her features. "Yeah," she answers. "Why wouldn' I be? I'm Maddie the Magnificent!" she exclaims, spreading her arms wide.

Her gaze goes to Finley next, gaping slightly… and then giggling. "I guess Gryffindor's not in the lead on points anymore," she adds. It shouldn't - but that little stunt raised her spirits. "Come on - maybe there's tea in the common room. I think I'd like some tea."

Hattie puts down her napkin neatly, and looks for her little brother, wherever he is in the press, to squeeze his shoulder, and whisper something urgent. And then she's off to find and follow the Ravenclaw prefect.

Dumbledore leans forward, tilting his head almost curiously at Finley. "Do you suppose that going to Mr. Pringle is the worst sort of discipline that can be devised for you, Mr. Higgins? I fear your brother has filled your head with some fanciful notions. I think I have something else in mind for you, young man."

Abraxas shoots a look at the Head Boy as someone shouts at him so. He closes his eyes and murmurs, "Father is watching, father is watching…" A silent count to ten, and fists clenching and unclenching, and then he says, "Okay, all the muggle-borns at the… oh, wait, we don't have any of that lot. Good for us. Right, then, everyone to the dungeons."

In a marked change from his attitude earlier in the evening Gabriel politely lines his silverware up on his plate then gets up and lines up with the rest of the Ravenclaw, even helping the Prefects make sure that the firsties are being organized and well-mannered.

He can also be seen going from person to person in his House and whispering something quick to them. Right before they leave the Hall, a number of the Ravenclaws turn around with Gabriel, formally bow to the head table and in a chorus say, "Thank you for your hospitality."

Colton watches on as he brother mouthes off to Alphard with a mix of emotions, pride, amusement, fear and concern for the trouble that is coming down upon him. The older of the Higgins brothers gives Dumbledore an innocent look. He didn't fill no one's head with anything! Finley far as Colton's concerned popped out of their Mum just as he is!

Zayn walks up to Finley from making sure things are getting organized properly. He hears Finley's words and starts to make his way over to handle to situation, but sees he is at Dumbledore before he has a chance. Waiting now to see if he is needed, which more then likely he isn't.

Samira squeezes her eyes shut as she covers a massive yawn with her hand. With a belly full of delicious Western food, the transfer student is starting to feel fairly sleepy. Running her hands through her long, wild curls, she slowly gets up and wanders over to stand next to Abraxas. "Did you say dungeons?" she asks, arching a brow as she peers up at the taller boy.

"Oh he dangles me by me toes and what not. Hurts like bloody hell but it's worth it for sayin' me mind ta that git!" Finley says wrinkling his nose. "So what's it going ta be? Another detention? Those get REALLY interesting." Apparently his definition of interesting can be a bit… off. "Course some are dull and are just scrubbing things or writing lines. Those get really boring because lines are HARD!" His writing is abysmal too."Or do ye wanna think about it first and punish me later?"

Ethel loosk to Seamus and says, "I think we got everyone Seamus." She smiles and looks to the group, "Follow me if you will, I'll show you to our common room." Does her very best to keep her head held, and not look back and glare at the Headmaster. Turning she starts for the door, making sure that the first years are following, she does keep a slow pace, letting them gawk just a little, but not much.

Hephaesta is rather distracted, overwhelmed by all that's happened. But when the feast is finally called and people are gathering to depart, she makes her way to the doors as quickly as he lame leg will allow. There she waits, ostensibly for her housemates. But her eyes are on the Slytherin table. Specifically, they are on Samira.

"Let's get them settled in them. Everyone follow Miss Murray. I'll bring up the rear to make sure we don't lose anyone." Seamus says as he falls into a pattern that he's quite used to since he became a Prefect. Every single Hufflepuff student is of course given a tasty biscuit as they pass him.

Erica Stainwright makes the rounds about the Hufflepuff Table after everyone's gotten up. She piles the left over bits of food from plates onto a platter that's been picked clean. All the dirty plates are stacked and then the platter is pressed right over the line and the left over bits of food rot away. "Fat Friar! Here, come and eat. You can even share it with the rest of your ghosts, just please make sure you clean up afterwards, because this is yucky."

"Yes, we're headed down to the Slytherin Common Room." Abraxas says, as he moves to the head of the line and holds up his hand so that the Firsties know who to follow. "Okay, this way."

Dumbledore chuckles, shaking his head. "Goodness, no. While I cannot help but doubt your bravery in the face of torture, young man, I rather think I know something that will be a much better deterrant. Report to my office tomorrow morning, first thing. We'll discuss your detention then. Oh, and of course…twenty points from Gryffindor, for disrespectful behaviour to your classmates, and flagrant disregard for the rules." He gives Finley a helpless shrug, as if to say it cannot be helped.

Saluting Dumbledore with a muggle salute and then giving one to Zayn, just to snub his nose at him a bit in a polite and respectful manner, "Well you know me… I don't do so well with rules when they're not in our favor. See ye in the mornin' Professor!" Finley says cheerfully before running off to join Gryffindor.

Zayn just offers Finley a small nod, looking at Dumbledore he inclines his head politely, "Professor." he says in both greeting and dismissing himself, he turns to look over Great Hall slowly, making sure everything is going as it is suppose to, his hand running through his hair again, as he makes sure no one is getting left behind.

Colton shakes his head and moves to put Finley in a headlock to ruffle-noogie his little brother's hair. He tells his mini-me what a big git he is, saying that his brother has the brains and mouth of a dirty nappy and all the other sorts of big brother teasing and mocking a little brother one can do, all in their native language. Colton does spare an apologetic look towards Dumbledore, "Don't be such an arse to Dore. There's brave and then there's stupid lil brother. Be the first, right?"

Hephaesta manages a smile for Samira, though it is still overshadowed by the doubt and worry this feast instilled in just about everyone. "I hope so. They aren't as strict about seating during lunchtime meals. At least…they haven't been in the past. Maybe…then? Or sometime when we don't have classes, we can meet in the courtyard and talk." She turns her head to see her housemates leaving. "I think we both have to go. But…tomorrow?"

"Who was being an arse? I actually MEANT what I said! Every word of it! If I'd tried to act like I was sorry for what I'd said, he'd have KNOWN I was tellin' a lie. He knows us well enough that we don't apologize easy for things. Plus it's usually nice to see the Professor in the mornings. He's REALLY inventive in his punishments. Almost as such as ma!" Finley says grinning as he struggles to get free. "Anyway, wouldn't he find the muggle salute interesting?"

Abraxas is starting to lead the firsties towards the door when he realizes that one of the new students is missing from their number. He turns and sees Samira drifting off, "Prince! Come along, or you will wind up sleeping in the entry hall. We're leaving."

Samira studies Hephaesta's features with a smile that is both impish and warm. Nodding to Hephaesta, she says, "Tomorrow. At breakfast. Our tables are next to each other. We can talk across the gap." She glances over when Abraxas calls to her and she holds up a hand for him to wait. Glancing back up at Hephaesta, she adds, "Sleep well, Phae." And with that, she heads after Abraxas and the firsties with a smile.

"Yer being an Arse." Colton confirms. "So what if you meant it, randomly blurting it out makes ye look touched brother, and loses us House Points and makes the tossers ye were hollarin at feel like they got the won. The grinning excitement about detention adds to the whole git arse vibe yer given off. We'll get the tossers, but not by yelling the truth at them like it's something they don't know or expect or care about what you think. Save your breath, and our House some points next time, aye?"

Samira studies Hephaesta's features with a smile that is both impish and warm. Nodding to Hephaesta, she says, "Tomorrow. At breakfast. Our tables are next to each other. We can talk across the gap." She glances over when Abraxas calls to her and she holds up a hand for him to wait. Glancing back up at Hephaesta, she adds, "Sleep well, Phae." And with that, she heads after Abraxas and the firsties with a smile.

"Yer being an Arse." Colton confirms. "So what if you meant it, randomly blurting it out makes ye look touched brother, and loses us House Points and makes the tossers ye were hollarin at feel like they got the won. The grinning excitement about detention adds to the whole git arse vibe yer given off. We'll get the tossers, but not by yelling the truth at them like it's something they don't know or expect or care about what you think. Save your breath, and our House some points next time, aye?"

Abraxas narrows his eyes just a hint as Samira holds up a forstalling hand. He seems about to do something about it when she comes over and joins them, so the Malfoy only says, "We'll address this later." For now, he starts to herd everyone towards the Slytherin Common Room.

Hephaesta nods eagerly to Samira's suggestion. She could situate herself to be able to talk to Samira at breakfast, couldn't she? She waves goodbye to her new friend, shrinking a little as her eyes fall on Abraxas. Oh yes. There's that. She's a Slytherin now. This is going to be interesting.

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