(1939-09-01) Serious Train Ride
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Summary: Angelus showed up at the wrong time. Noalan is ANGRY and Elspeth tries to help… Angelus?
Date: September 1, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Express
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Checking in on the firsties, who have long since finished their chocolate frogs and are comparing the wizard cards they received, Elspeth enters the compartment where she left Evelyn. Lan's cousin excuses herself for the loo when they arrive, and so the two have the compartment to themselves… for a little bit at least. The basket is plopped down, and Neko decides to be guardian cat… making her way up to the racks above to curl up on a small suitcase.

Noalan took the opportunity between moving rooms and checking on the first years to get changed into his school uniform. "Kind of strange having Emi gone." He says slipping into the room and attempting to tie his crest onto his arm with one hand. Even the microcosm of the school seems to be heading into a dark place. "Please tell me you at least brought some of those great treats." He says hopefully. No that they would be short on snacks once the trolley comes by.

Elspeth holds up her hands for the crest that Noalan is trying to adjust in a silent offer to fix it for him, while she nods to the basket on the seat next to her. Her eyes are positively glowing as she invites him to take a look inside. Although it appears to be the same old picnic basket he's seen for the past five years, once he raises the hinged lid he'll see that it's been enlarged inside just a bit. Enough that about twice the feast of previous years has been stored inside. "I was finding a preservation charm and using it this morning, now that I am being over age. You can be having some to take with you to your house when we are arriving at Hogwarts."

Noalan gives her a slight shake of the head, but accompanied by a brief, thankful grin. A few twists of his fingers and he has it. "Did you have any anxiety the first couple times? They work so hard to beat the 'no casting outside so school' rule in that the sense that it's wrong persists for a while." He looks into the basket and grins again, "Brilliant."

"…and I wonder if we can swim across the lake with an enchanted life vest. Maybe we can stop off and say high to Squiddy. And I hope the spell field is still there, that will be exciting. Oh, I'm /so/ excited, Lana." Amyah is walking along, simply talking, but she doesn't have anyone in particular around so who is she talking to? Well she has her plush lamb tucked in the crook of her arm, her good luck stuffie that she hasn't yet forgot. She knocks on the compartment before peeking in, and winces as there are people in here. "Oh, I'm sorry! Moving on."

Dropping her hands without a dimming of her expression, Elspeth pulls her own robes out to go change. "No, it was being a little strange, but you and Evelyn have been doing some magic, so I was not worrying overmuch." The compliment to her idea and food brings a smile, and for a moment it looks like she might leave, then she pauses. Chewing the inside of her lip, she decides she may as well out with it, now. "Lan… there is something I have to be telling you." Then Amyah is there, and she pauses. "It is being all right."

Noalan drops into a seat, his gaze flicking momentarily to her robes as she pulls them out. "Is it about the incident with Angelus, because I did hear about that already and have stuff to tell you too." He pauses as a younger girl looks in. He opens his mouth, possibly to say 'get lost' or the equivalent, but Elspeth answers first, "Ya, no worries."

Amyah offers an apologetic smile, shifting her little lamb in gesture. "We'll find someplace else, sorry," she repeats. As she starts to move, a little squeak escapes her as she's bumped from behind, and so she turns to glance at the boy.

"Oh, my apologies, Tennan," says a familiar voice. "Are you alright?"

"Nothing to worry about, Eibon. I'm fine, just moving on, this one's full." She says, gesturing into the compartment as she carries onward.

Angelus' eyes narrow in suspicion, offering a little lift of his head as Amyah departs. The blonde haired youth peeks into the compartment next. He doesn't acknowledge Elspeth in the slightest, but he does focus his eyes on Noalan for a second. "You haven't seen Evie, have you? I need to speak with her."

"Doubtless only hearing his side," Elspeth replies. She flicks a glance towards Amyah, not sure if the girl is going to be staying, but she may as well get it out. "My father is not wanting me to go over to your manor any more. He is saying that you and Ev will always be welcome to be visiting with us," she pauses and chews her lip once again, "but… any parents that are not going be apologizing for their son calling adults 'slimy creatures' are not being people that Aba is going to be trusting with my well being anymore." She's barely finished speaking when Angelus bumps Amyah, and so she falls silent, her piece said, and lets Noalan answer the question of Evelyn.

Noalan’s mouth tightens and his eyes grow sharp. He shifts his gaze out the window as Elspeth finishes and it remains there, even when Angelus shows up at the door. The eldest son stands up. Finally he turns the door, his predators gaze directed at Angelus, "This is a train, Aelus, start at one end and walk until you find her. If that means jumping off the back of the train when you prove too incompetent to find her, all the better." He walks directly towards his brother then shoulder checks him as he exits the compartment, "I should check in with the Quidditch team."

Angelus hangs out at the frame of the compartment, lifting an arm above his head as he leans on it. He quirks a brow at Noalan's silence, letting out a hum as he tilts his head before a smirk slips against his lips. "Are you /crying/ because Pa and Mother see reason in forbidding-" Oh. Angelus cuts off when his brother turns, his surprise shifting quickly into satisfaction as Noalan snaps. He frowns, unsure of what to say, and stumbles back from the shoulder check as he winces. "Ow," he hisses out quietly, an arm crossing in front of him to massage his shoulder. When there's a jolt from the movement of the train, Gel flails out a hand for the side of the compartment, but he falls back, tumbling against the wall on the other side. Angelus fixes his blue eyes on his brother, narrowing as he sharpens his gaze even as he shakes his head to clear the daze.

Up in the luggage rack Neko is on full alert, her back arched and tail bristling. "She is changing into her school robes," Elspeth says quietly, after a couple moments of stunned silence. Finally looking up, she murmurs soothingly to her little cat, trying to encourage her to come down.

Noalan doesn't respond to anything Angelus says, but reaches back to grab his brother's robes and 'help' him up. He yanks, trying to drag him bodily down the corridor. "Ya, here, I'll help you find her. I wouldn't want you to get lost." He says, voice tight. "Move, before the 'train' makes you lose your balance again."

Shaking his head, Angelus is on his feet but still crouched when Noalan snags his robes. "Hey, hey!" he calls out, swiping out at the hand holding on. He struggles to keep his balance, dragged by his unyielding brother, scrambling as both hands are up, fingers tightening on Noalan's wrist. "You're going to ruin the robes," he hisses out. A sigh blows past his lips. "Blimey, you're acting like this because of a bloody…" His hands twist and turn as he struggles to get Noalan to release him. "You're mental," he hisses in a tone tinged with frustration, "for someone who'd tarnish the family name with her blood."

Elspeth doesn't know what to do. She's never seen Noalan actually angry, or even resort to physical manhandling of the git that is his little brother. "Lan," she tries to get his attention with a quiet but firm call of his name. "I think he can find Ev if he is really wanting to. It is all right, it is almost being a relief, really. I am sorry to be saying that, but… it is." She bites the corner of her lip. "Just… you can let him go, now? I think he is, how do you say, 'getting the hint'?" Her robes are still over her arm as she stands at the door of the compartment.

Noalan purposefully holds off putting his foot down a second too long, purposefully causing himself to stumble. This is translated into an exaggerated jostle of his younger brother. "It's fine. We should be kind to our lessers, shouldn't we? So I'll help my half blind, criminally stupid brother find our cousin so he can ask her what ever insulting question he's managed to think up in the last five minutes." Lan's grip is white knuckled, "Then I can drag you back here before you cause her to beat you to death with your own owl. SOUND LIKE A PLAN?"

Angelus doesn't even care about what Elspeth is doing right now. If she wants to help get his brother to let go of him, by all means, do it! He keeps up his struggle, frustration rising. "/Noah/," he growls out. "You better let go," he threatens, practically hopping ungracefully after him. It doesn't take much for the fourth year's knees to buckle when jostled, but as he tumbles his hands grip his brother's legs so that he might topple him too. But once Angelus falls /again/, his hand flails inside his robes vigorously, fumbling out his wand. As he fumbles for the handle, flicking it from his robes, he starts, "Defl-" But loses it when it drops out of his hand to the floor.

Noalan staggers and has to grab the wall for support, not wanting to lose his grip on his young victim. His head whips around at the beginning of a spell. Setting his feet more securely he reaches down with his other hand and uses both to try to drag Angelus up. The strain shows on his face as he tries to actually lift him off his feet. "Don't try." He growls. "I've been excessively tolerant of you up to this point, and even now I'm restraining myself, but if you don't stop being such a f***ing sociopath, you're going to force me to 'take steps'." His eyes flash with what would be difficult to describe as anything other than malevolent evil. And then he lets go, turning his back contemptuously on his younger brother and stalking down the hall way.

“Let … go,” Angelus mutters out, his hands on Noalan’s wrists as he struggles to pull them away. “I’m already going to tell Pa about this,” threatens the boy. He meets his brother’s eyes with his own, hatred flashing in his blue eyes. “Are you so tainted by her that you don’t care how unsafe she might be to your family? I did-“ Gel cuts off when he’s released. As he flops to the floor of the train, the first thing he does is snatch up his wand, simply holding it tight against his knee. He glares sharply as his brother begins stalking off. “You need to be banned from her altogether if she’s going to start making you /mental/,” he says, shaking his head as he begins to pick himself up, slipping away his wand. He immediately works at adjusting his robes. “Unbelievable.”

Noalan pauses and turns his head to look back. A hungry looking smile splits his face below two gimlet eyes "Aelus, this is, and has always been, about you. Control your raging ego for two seconds and at least try to recognize that. You sound like a single minded jackass spouting pure blood propaganda out of context like this. You could blame it all on moon frogs and it would make as much sense." Turning fully he takes up a threatening stance, "And if you know what's good for you, you'll keep this little incident just between the two of us. Besides the almost certainty that no one will believe you, if I hear you've been talking about it, you might have to learn how to live life without being able to use magic." He takes several steps towards Angelus, "Got it 'little man'? I'm done being nice. Shape up, or I'll show you some of the things I've learned from…" His smile suddenly becomes manic, "well… you know." His fist trembles and spasmodically comes up to smack himself in the forehead. When the hand comes down again, the smile is gone and his eyes are cold, but more like himself. "Don't make me go there."

Angelus doesn’t look back up at Noalan when he turns back. He continues to brush down his robes, fixing them, smoothing out the fabric. He’s too busy fussing at the collar to bother giving his brother a look. “Blimey, you owe me new robes if you’ve stretched out the collar,” he murmurs, tinged with mild annoyance. Then, as if noticing his brother’s speaking to him, he turns to him as he lifts his head. “Huh?” he lets out, tilting his head as if he just realised Noalan was still there. But sparks fly in his eyes as he focuses them on him, frowning deeply at him. “Back off, Bro. /Back off/. All you do is push me away, and I’m bloody tired of it.” His blue eyes darken icily, just daring Noalan to try. He then drops his head purposefully, brushing the back of his hands down his robes as to say ‘we’re done now, you’re not important, you’re crazy’ before he turns to walk in the opposite direction from his brother. “Don’t talk to me again until you’re done being a git.”

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