(1939-09-02) A Game is Afoot
Details for A Game is Afoot
Summary: Samira and Gabriel have a frank conversation in the Infirmary about curiosity and Slytherin House.
Date: 1939-09-02
Location: Hogwarts Castle, Hospital Wing
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Its only the second day of the school year so the Hospital Wing is fairly quiet. As Madam Spleen takes care of some paperwork at her desk Gabriel is standing at the medicine cabinets with a clipboard in his hand. With his free hand he's touching the top of each bottle in front of him, "14, 15, 16… 16 bottles of ditany extract."

He calls out the final count a little louder then his murmured counting and as soon as he does the quill that's been floating over his clipboard writes out the total on his own, allowing him to keep counting without taking his eyes off the inventory.

Samira peers into the Hospital Wing from behind the entryway door. With a bright, curious smile, she takes in the rows of cast-iron beds and the magnificent stained glass window at the far end. There isn't anyone to visit yet in the beds. The transfer student is about to head off to continue her exploration of the castle, when she notices someone familiar. The inquisitive little boy from Diagon Alley, and then the Hogwarts Express, is dictating to a floating clipboard.

Hands clasped behind her back, Samira makes her way through the Hospital Wing in perfect silence. Like a ghost, she appears at Gabriel's side and simply stands there, watching him. A wide, impish (and perhaps unsettling) smile lingers on her lips.

Gabriel continues his counting until he hits a spot where there's a missing bottle, "Wonder where you went…" He turns around to go look for the missing bottle just to run the sight of Samira a little too close to him. He bounces back in a knee-jerk reaction, stumbling into the medicine case and sending all the little glass bottles jingling and jangling in little shivers. "Oh! Hi, Prince. Do you need some help?" He doesn't seem quite as thrilled or friendly as the last few times he's run into Samira but he's being polite enough.

Samira blinks, not having meant to surprise the boy quite so much. "Ah, forgive me. I should have not approached so silent." Hands stuffed into her pocket, the new Slytherin starts to rock back and forth on her heels. Her dark gaze lingers on Gabriel's features as she continues to smile. "I don't need anything. I am just exploring the castle. But, when I saw you, I remembered that I never had a chance to answer your many questions. For a Ravenclaw, I know it must be difficult to have a question unanswered, no?" Her British accent isn't quite as pure and pristine as before. A hint of her Egyptian accent is showing through.

Gabriel tilts his head a little bit to one side, watching Samira curiously. After a moment he nods, "Welcome to the Hospital Wing. Its a good place to know how to find, just in case." With a quick, efficient movement he plucks the quill out of the air and lays it flat on his clipboard before putting both down on one of the few empty places on the shelf. "I am curious still, yes. I'm curious about a lot of things. Like why you were sorted into Slytherin House. I thought you might have been sorted into Ravenclaw, actually."

Samira nods at his quite reasonable curiosities. Leaning back against a nearby pillar, she says, "The sorting hat considered putting me in Ravenclaw. So much debate. I just listened. My mind was keen, my curiosity great. Devoid of prejudice or assumptions. In Ravenclaw, I could do well. But ah, such good I could do in Slytherin. I am clever, but even more cunning." Falling silent, Samira shrugs, as if the choice hadn't concerned her much one way or the other.

Gabriel tilts his head to the other side. But this time, instead of looking curious his eyes are slightly narrowed and he brow is furrowed. "You know that using Slytherin and good in the same sentence might make the universe implode, right?" After a moment of thought he grudgingly adds, "Well… I've met /one/ good Slytherin. I think the Hat must have been drunk the day it sorted her into that house…" Taking a few steps back he sits down on one of the pristinely made beds, making a mess of the carefully folded and arranged sheets.

"I am pleased that you have met at least one who defies your expectations. There are those who come with prejudice in their hearts, while others will soon learn to act as is expected of them." Samira steps closer and sits down beside him. Her gaze wanders throughout the Hogwarts Infirmary, rather interested in the castle's unfamiliar architecture.

Gabriel kicks his feet back and forth as he thinks for a few moments, eyes still narrowed. A muttered, "Well… Maybe they haven't evillized you yet…" escapes his lips before he asks, "What other parts of the Castle have you found? And does it look anything like your old school? Come to think of it, why /did/ you get transferred here? Would it not have made more sense to finish out your schooling back home?"

"It would, but my father had been keen for me to attend Hogwarts. The moment my mother died, he arranged for me to live with my uncle in London so that I could complete my studies here." Samira rests her weight back on her outstretched palms. "At the Heka School of Ancient magic, we aren't sorted by houses. We are sorted by blood. What happened yesterday to the muggleborn students is standard fare where I am from." She glances at Gabriel with an impish grin. "I have spent more time in trouble than out of trouble for my defiance of such divisions."

A point gets added to the 'good' side of the Evil Samira/Good Samira scoreboard in Gabriel's mind. A tiny little smile creeps onto his lips as he says, "Well, if you do that here it will get you in trouble with most of your House… Which I am betting you have noticed by now." Then the smile disappears as he realizes he should really acknowledge the other part of her comment, "My condolences for your mother."

Samira accepts the condolences with a casual nod and doesn't remark further on it. "Yes, I am curious to see how long it will take them to figure me out. I think I will make a game of it." She glances at Gabriel with a grin. Her eyes gleam with impish mirth. "So deceitful of me. Perhaps now I seem more at home in Slytherin to you?"

Gabriel is obviously relieved the conversation goes back to Slytherin House and doesn't veer off to the whole death of a mother topic. He giggles a bit, chokes it down adn forces into a chuckle and repeats a variation of something he said a few days ago at the Menagerie after Samira has left, "Well, I guess deceit is like magic in that its a tool. And if a tool is good or evil depends on the person using it and the ends its being used for, right?" Another point goes up for Good Samira. Seems anything that discomfits the members of Slytherin House at large is a good thing in Gabriel's book.

"The best games are shared and I hope it entertains you, little Ravenclaw." Samira gets to her feet with a smooth grace. "I hope you never hesitate to ask me your questions. I don't promise to answer all of them, but never hesitate." Slipping her hands back into her pockets, she gazes across the Infirmary to the door.

Gabriel seems to like this idea, at least to judge by the grin on his face. "Well thank yyeeeee…" From behind the two students come an outraged voice saying, "Ward! Get off the bed. Look at the condition you have left it in!." Madam Spleen follows her own voice into the room, a currently disapproving grandmotherly presence. But her attitude changes immediately to one of diligent concern when she realizes that there is someone else in the room, "Oh, dear. Ms. Prince. I was caught up in my paperwork and did not hear you come in. Are you unwell? Is there something I can help you with?" Her attention is mainly focused on the Slytherin girl but she does take a moment to shoot Gabriel a glance that clearly says there will be a Conversation later.

Samira blinks when Madam Spleen swoops down to scold poor Gabriel. She watches with impish amusement until at last the grandmotherly with notices her. "Not yet, but I wanted to know where I should go if I do feel the chill get worse."

Madam Spleen nods a time or two in response to Samira's answer, "A very prudent thing to do. But now you must forgive us Ms. Prince. There is work to do and Mr. Ward must finish his inventories /and/ repair the damage he has done to my sheets before his next class. I am sure he will be happy to chat with you once he is done with his duties for the day." She then turns a gimlet eye on Gabriel and asks, in a tone that brooks no debate, "You /are/ eager to return to your duties, are you not, Mr. Ward?"

The aforementioned Mr. Ward is actually already working on putting the bed back into its prior pristine condition. With a quick nod he says, "Yes Madam Spleen. Have a nice day, Prince. I hope you enjoyed your visit."

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