(1939-09-02) A Time to Fight, a Time to Endure
Details for A Time to Fight, a Time to Endure
Summary: Professor Dumbledore pays a visit to the Gryffindor common room to bolster the spirits of his pupils.
Date: 2 September, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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The day has been long, trying, and frustration. Madeline has ridden a roller coaster of emotions from mischievous glee, to delight at her first proper meal, to despair at the thought of how things remain stacked against her. At the moment, she's seated in front of the fire, tearing a bit of parchment into tiny pieces, and flinging them one by one into the flames. The pieces the miss are scattered across the hearth.

"…are as beautiful as ever, my dear." The familiar, deep, warm tones of Professor Dumbledore's voice can be heard from the portrait passage, followed by a giggle that could only be the Fat Lady. Moments later, the Deputy Headmaster appears in the common room, and many eyes look up in wonder and a touch of fear at the rare visit. But given the events of the day, it is no great surprise that the Head of Gryffindor is looking in on his pupils. But there is one in particular he has come to see, it seems. Dumbledore steps toward the fire, and takes a chair opposite Madeline's, resting his hands in his lap and smiling over at her in a grandfatherly manner.

Madeline looks up from her seat on the hearth, her gaze fixing on the Professor with a slightly worried look. "I'm not in trouble for ignoring Eibon, am I?" she asks uncertainly. "I didn't break any rules, so there isn't any reason I should have to go to Black." Was that defensive? Maybe a little. She tears off another piece of paper.

Dumbledore arches an eyebrow curiously. "What is it that Mister Eibon told you? It does seem odd that Professor Black would send him rather than a Prefect to fetch you."

Madeline shakes her head. "Alphard Black," she explains. "Alphard Black wants to see me, but I told Eibon I wouldn't go." There's a snicker from nearby - someone who clearly has an idea of a more truthful version of what Maddie said to Eibon. She shifts uncomfortably, then adds, "Professor, Eibon pulled his wand on me, to try to make me go. But, umm, then he just let me walk away, anyways." Is just pulling a wand breaking a rule? She's not sure. Another piece of parchment gets thrown into the fire.

Dumbledore frowns deeply at the mention of the wand. He looks about to the other occupants of the room, and a few Gryffindors nod their heads, confirming what Maddie is saying. "I see. That is most troubling. I'll have to speak with Mister Eibon. It seems that Magijugend badge may have gone to his head. But I trust I can expect a cooler head from Hogwarts own Junior Auror?" Suddenly, there it is in his hand, being offered to Maddie: Her badge, freshly polished.

A mix of emotions crosses Madeline's face. Surprise, relief… even a little shame. "I… get to keep it?" she asks, reaching out hesitantly to take her badge back. "But then… Why did you say sorry at the feast? Why to me?" She looks down at the gleaming badge, then back up at Dumbledore again. Did he know how she got it?

Dumbledore sighs softly. "I said it to you, and to many other Muggle-born students. I fear that much is happening at Hogwarts this year that is…decidedly unlike Hogwarts. It is going to be a difficult time, but you — all of you," he looks around the common room, "must keep your chins up, and carry on, even in the face of the ugliness happening around us. There is a time to fight, and there is a time to endure. To wait. To plan. Do you understand?" The question is a general one, but his gaze focuses back on Madeline.

"Oh. It wasn't just me." Well, now Madeline feels silly, and color creeps into her cheeks. "But we can fix it - can't we, sir?" she asks. "They can't keep us out of our classes. I wanna learn magic."

"And you will, child," Dumbledore's voice cracks as he winces with overwhelming emotion. "I give you my solemn vow. This will not stand. But for now, those that oppress you have the upper hand. So we must act carefully. But we shall act." He rises from his seat, momentarily resting a hand stop Madeline's head. "Remain strong, Maddie. Your classmates need to see that strength. I know I can count on you."

Madeline bites her lip, looking down at her badge. He called her the Junior Auror, and he wants her to be strong and… Aurors aren't just allowed to give up, are they? Not even Junior ones. "Yes, Professor," she promises. "Thanks for, umm… Bringing this back," she adds.

"Well, I must admit, I was tempted to keep it. I've always wanted to be a Junior Auror." Dumbledore gives Madeline a wink, then quietly makes his way out of the common room, giving encouraging nods as he goes, lifting the spirits of Gryffindor after Gryffindor.

Madeline can't help but let out a little giggle. "Just talk to Rena, sir! Rena Odori!" Madeline calls after him. Or maybe she'll write it to Rena in her next letter. Rena might like to read that, instead of all the gloom.

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