(1939-09-02) For the Louvre of Mischief
Details for For the Louvre of Mischief
Summary: Colton goes to see for himself the scene of the wonderful crime and Samira comes along an the pair, now polarized by the Houses discuss what's going on.
Date: September 2nd, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Roof - Lake View Louvre

Lake View Louvre
It is a summer afternoon. The weather is cool and overcast.

By far the largest covered-louvre on the grounds, the room is shaped in the form of a trapezoid. The windows that are open to the outdoors are broad and tall, and frequently accept breezes that carry mist from the lake far below. The castle's walls are rather thick, and the wall is an excellent place to lean against. The floor is made of a dark, polished wood that is held in place by ancient nails. Several chairs, each made of ash, rest along the edges of the room, and beside them are tables made from gnarled, bark-covered elder. Wax lines the top of each table and hangs like stalactites from the tops of each. The ceiling is lined with dark, wooden rafters that are sealed with thatch during the winter.
Directly below the castle's walls are sheered cliffs that descend hundreds of meters. The loch below, Hogwarts Lake, crashes against the wall of stone and ruble, and flings mist and spray in giant arcs that paint the stone an ashen-grey. The loch extends towards a pair of mountains in the distance, though they are often covered in a blanketing haze that clings to the tumultuous water's surface.

Colton came up here to get a good view of what all of Angelus' things can be seen from the point it was launched. He's leaned over the wall looking far down to the rocks and water below. A very pleased expression on his face.

Samira tilts her head as she peers over at Colton. Her footsteps are as silent as a fleeting shadow. Hands clasped behind her back, she appears at his side and leans over the wall to see what he's looking at.

Colton chuckles and gives Samira's cheek a cheeky boop with his nose. "Niko threw all of Gelly's shite over the wall." He points the littered items that float on the water and cling to the rocky cliffs. "Idjit deserved it though." He then smiles to Samira, "Hey. Thinking about pushin' me off now that we're mortal enemies?" He teases, he's actually not the sort for immediate prejudices like that now that he' Gryffindor and she's Slytherin.

Samira flinches with a rather mouse-like squeak when Colton nudges her cheek with his nose. At once, her cheeks burn with an embaressed flush. Crossing her arms, she leans against the side of the wall. "Ah, you're a Gryffindor then?" She does her best to smile despite the hint of caution in her eyes. "I suppose I'm expected to take revenge for the scattered possessions?" No doubt, she assumes that Gelly is a Slytherin, whoever he is.

Colton smirks, "Aye, you guessed right on the train, remember?" He doesn't hold the slip of the memory, the train ride was a lot to digest for the transfer student no doubt. "Far as revenge, nah, not unless you've got a liking for backstabbing traitorous snobs."

Samira had been a bit flustered, but now she remembers their previous conversation better. "I don't tend to conform to what is expected of me," she says with a smirk of her own. She glances past him down to the mess below. "Although I don't quite see how they are traitors. I'm sure they would argue that they are quite loyal to their shared heritage." She glances up at Colton, curious of what he'll make of that.

Colton does look at her a bit oddly. "What are you goin' on about?" He doesn't have a clue what she's talking about and isn't shy about saying as much. "Angelus Eibon. Worst Gryffindor in the world. Sorry excuse for a living thing really."

Samira blinks, rather surprised. "This happened to a Gryffindor?" She laughs and shakes her head in bemused amusement. "Eibon you said? There is another Eibon in Slytherin. That one doesn't seem too pleased about the recent changes."

Colton nods and smirks. "Yep, to a Gryffindor. It's how Niko got a hold of his things. There's Eibon's everywhere, Two Eibon's in Gryffindor, Two in Slytherin, One's a badger and one's a Ravenclaw. What you call prolific…right?" He chuckles out loud and then gives her side a little poke. "Scooch on back some so I can get down without elbowing you."

Samira flinches away, managing not to squeak this time. Stuffing her hands into the pockets of her robes, she meanders over toward the center of the louvre. "It seems I've come at an interesting time. Where I am from, instead of houses like yours, we are simply sorted by blood from the start. The practice goes so deep that it is impossible to change. But here, it is new." She turns slightly to glance over at Colton. "I think the phrase is, nipping in the bud?"

Colton slides down from where he was dangling to look over. "Yeah, well old isn't always good. This thing Flint is doing is bullshit. A thousand backwards steps back to a time when we were getting burned at the stake, some with good reason. But you're right, you sure did come at an interesting time. This won't last forever, hell I doubt it will last more than a month, this isn't Grindelwaldland. Flint's gone mad if he thinks this shite is going to continue for very long. I don't know what you mean by nipping what in what bud?"

Samira shakes her head and with a dismissive wave of her hand, she says, "I must have gotten the phrase wrong. But you suppose it won't last the month? Why such an assumption?" She tilts her head, watching Colton curiously.

Colton rubs his head ruffling his shaggy dark hair slowly as he looks confused about the phrase still. He does understands her question about his assumption, this he knows! "Because there's more of us then there is of them, and they are either going to push us too far, and be sorry for it. Or they are going to realize their mistake and start to cover their arses."

Samira nods and continues to wander slowly through the louvre. "I doubt they will realize their mistake. Not so long as they hold the power." She glances back over at Colton. "Do you suppose a student revolt will change policies?"

Colton shrugs his shoulders. "I think it will change something. Just becareful, right? I don't want you getting swept up onto the wrong side of all of this and getting hurt."

Samira glances over with impish laughter. "Oh? I'm not so worried about such things. No. What scarces me most is to be bored." She wanders back over to the wall Colton had been leaning over before. "It will be interesting to see if an open revolt has much effect. But, I suspect it will simply provide our authorities with an opportunity to implement even harsher policies."

Colton shrugs and comes up behind her and gives her sides pokes again, out to tickle her. "I don't think it will have to come to full out revolt. Especially since most of the faculty is also barking about this too. Do you know who the Minister of Magic is? Tits Gambol… well she and Dumbledore are real close. Flint doesn't even known her, or prolly never even laid eyes on Tits come to think of it. So Flint might have manipulated his way into power. But he's not the top of the food chain by far. He's a hyena that's fockin' with lions. Not smart."

Samira glances over her shoulder as Colton approaches and tries to shy away. But, she doesn't quite manage it and squeaks with another sharp flinch. The rather ticklish girl steps back, just out of reach and peers squint-eyed at Colton. But upon hearing his words, she smiles. "Ah, in truth? That is good to know. Then you /do/ have hope." Grinning, she rocks back and forth on her heels. "But, it seems I'm doomed to lurk on the wrong side of things. One glance an there are those who hiss at me worse than a rain-soaked cat."

Colton grins and really has very little sense of boundries and he slings an arm around her shoulders for a side hug, buddy hold. "Stick with me Sugar and you'll be fine."

Samira's shoulders tense and her hands grip the sides of her cloak tightly. The warmth of her complexion deepens once more as she peers up at the older boy. She isn't quite sure what to make of him. But, a bit of a grin eventually finds its way to her lips. "Good to know."

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