(1939-09-02) Niko Takes His Lumps
Details for Niko Takes His Lumps
Summary: Niko and Kimiko are sent to Mr. Pringle for punishment.
Date: 2 September, 1939
Location: Caretaker's Office, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Kimiko's cheeks are stained with tears as she walks alongside Niko to the Caretaker's Office. She barely touched her food at dinner. Though unlike some Muggle-born who are hunger striking, she simply lost her appetite at the thought of being at Mr. Pringle's mercies afterward.

Niko has been trying to keep Kimiko calm with reassuring smiles, though this is the first time he has been sent here too. His hand moves through his hair slowly, before he pats Kimiko on the shoulder before reaching up and knocking on the door.

The door swings open with an ominous creak. Odd that the Caretaker wouldn't oil the hinges of his own door. Within the bleak room, the scarecrow-like form of Mr. Pringle stands before his desk, facing away from the door. He looks over his shoulder and out of the corner of his eye at the two students, his cruel mouth stretching into a grin that bares his teeth. "Come for your lumps then, 'ave you? Come in. Shut the door."

Kimiko shudders, and clings to Niko's hand, choking back a sob.

Niko nods slowlt at Mr. Pringle, "Aye Mr. Pringle, I do apologize for the situation and having to disturb your evening. Niko has never been anything but pleasant to Mr. Pringle, so why hold any bitterness against him, not his fault. His hand moves and touches Kimiko's softly, giving her a reassuring smile as he leads her him shutting the door behind them, standing straight, "I hope your evening has been well, Mr. Pringle?" he asks softly.

Pringle chuckles, shaking his head. "Oh, no bother at all, laddie. I enjoy my job. Somebody has to instill a sense of honour and pride in this great school. Now, about those lumps…" The Caretaker steps to the side, revealing that on the desk is a tea set, with two cups set out. He holds a tiny pair of silver tongs over a cup full of sugar cubes. "…one, or two?"

Kimiko's whimpers end abruptly with a surprised squeak. She looks to Niko, befuddled, whispering, "Is this a trick?"

Niko nods slowly, "I completely agree and have always respected you for the job you have done Mr. Pringles." he says softly with a nod, "Two please, Sir." he says warmly. Though he does give Kimiko a look of, 'I have no idea.'

"Relax," Pringle says to Kimiko. Though it doesn't help her relax when he waves his wand at the door and says, "Colloportus," locking it tight. "Sit down. Drink your tea. I'm not goin' to punish you for bein' Muggle-born, lassie." He steps around his desk, taking a seat in his own chair with a sigh. "I may be a monster, but even I have standards."

In a daze, Kimiko sits, and takes up her teacup. She doesn't dare disobey the man she's been properly terrified of for six years.

Niko looks very relieved, even if he may still get punished he was prepared for that, he takes a seat with Kimiko. "Thank you for the Tea, Mr. Pringle." he says warmly, sitting there silent after that for a moment, "And thank you for not Punishing Saito… she had nothing to do with my brash actions." he says nodding.

"Clearly. So why do you suppose she's here?" Pringle looks between the two of them. "Surely Headmaster Flint isn't a stupid man. He's got to be capable of recognizing that Saito is innocent of wrongdoin' in this, aye?"

Kimiko is speechless, entirely unsure what to say or do, save drink her tea as commanded.

Niko takes a sip of his tea, "I can't really say Mr. Pringle." he says with a small nod, "I made my case that she knew as much as anyone else in the House and she was still sent here, Sir." he says nodding, "I do not know the Headmaster on a personal level, but I am sure he had is reasons." he says nodding again.

Mr. Pringle chuckles, pouring himself a cup of tea. No lumps. "Aye, but you're a smart lad. Surely you've a theory." He nods between the two students. "That door is locked, and…" He takes up his wand again, casting another spell at the door. "Recedito! There. Now it's Imperturbable as well. Speak your mind, laddie."

Niko runs his hand through his hair, either this was going to end poorly for him or well it wasn't, "I don't think my father died for this type of Wizarding World." he says slowly with a nod, "I think people like the Headmaster has unfairly chosen to treat Muggle-borns as less then equals, which is in my eyes no holds no sense of Honor of Pride for Hogwarts, or the Wizarding World." he says nodding, "I feel as my father always put it, "That a Wizard is not determined by blood, but their actions in life." he says slowly taking another sip of his tea.

"Aye…your Da was a wise man. I was sorry to hear of his passin'. Died a hero, he did." Pringle tilts his head, smirking curiously. "You ready to fight for the world he died for? Think you've got the stones to risk it all like he did?"

Niko takes a sip of his tea, though he looks like he is trying to hold back a few tears as Mr. Pringles compliments his father, though he nods slowly, "He was a very wise man." he says chocking a little bit as he talks, "And he did die a Hero." he continues, taking a deep breath before taking another slow sip of his tea as he tries to compose himself, looking up at Mr. Pringle, "Thank you, Sir. My father would have been honored to hear that." he says nodding, before he continues, "I've been ready to fight, Mr. Pringle, for the world he left, all he ever wanted was to leave it a better place for me… I want to make sure that I do his memory justice." he says nodding.

The talk of Mr. Denholm brings Kimiko out of her own fear and confusion, and she reaches over to take Niko's hand in a show of support. Lately she's gotten used to pushing down her own issues to help NIko with his.

Mr. Pringle nods firmly. "Good. You will, and I can help you. But first I need you to promise me something." He reaches into a drawer of his desk, though his eyes remains fixed on Niko, waiting for an answer.

Niko gives Kimiko's hand a small squeeze, smiling at her. Trying to tell her it is alright and that he is alright. Looking at Pringle he nods slowly, "Of course Mr. Pringle." he says in regards to the promise.

"This nonsense you pulled today. Tossin' Eibon's things off the roof." Pringle furrows his brow, shaking his head. "That was stupid. Worse, it was reckless and impulsive. It's that sort of thing that'll ruin your chances to change anything before you've even started. There was another student like you, last year. Had grand ideas about tryin' to change the course Hogwarts was on. Then the stupid git challenges Alphard Black to an illegal duel and got himself fixed right up by the Magijugend. Now, he's not here, and we've got bloody S.C.U.M.S." He stands up, leaning on his head to loom menacingly. "Don't be another bloody Julian Edwards. Promise me, laddie, or this conversation is over."

Niko hands his head a little bit, the thought of trying to justify what he did crosses his mind, but he shakes his head. "Mr. Pringle, you have my word as a man." he says standing up and offering his hand to him, "That I will not act brash or lack judgment again, Sir." he says nodding, "I will think before I act and not do anything else to harm the chances we have to fix this, Sir." he says nodding, "That is what my father would want." he says slowly.

Pringle extends his hand, but he doesn't shake Niko's. Instead, he slaps something into Niko's hand. A worn pocketbook, with yellowed pages and a weathered leather cover. "Use this. Its bewitched so only the wielder can read those pages. Anyone else'll be Confunded. It also won't let you remember what you see in it. So you've got to have it to use it. If you draw too much attention, pass that on to someone else that can use it well. Remember, information is power, and right now, our side has very little power."

Niko looks a little surprised when the item is slapped into his hand, he blinks a few times before looking from Pringle to it, looking inside for a moment and nodding slowly, "Understood Mr. Pringle." he says nodding, "I will do just that, we will keep as much power as we can and use it, Sir." he says nodding, slipping the item into one of the pockets on his robes.

Pringle nods firmly. "Good. Spread the word. There's a Resistance. A meetin' will be called soon. Bu give no names. I cannae risk the Magijugend overhearin' that I'm involved. And Denholm…" Suddenly Pringles face becomes more recognizable, with a predatory snarl just barely held in check. "If you give me up, there won't be any place you can hide from me. I trust we're clear on that."

Niko nods slowly, "Understood." he says to the first portion, his hand moving to rest on Kimiko's shoulder softly, "You have nothing to worry about Mr. Pringle, we are clear." he says nodding slowly, giving Kimiko's shoulder a small squeeze.

Kimiko is all too grateful for the squeeze, as Mr. Pringle's words remind her to be very afraid of the man. Her hand goes up to clasp Niko's, holding on as if for dear life.

Pringle takes his seat again. "Now that we've got that handled, there's the matter of your detention. Seein' as you made a right mess of the cliffs and lake, you'll be assistin' the man who's got to clean up what Eibon didn't, and pacify the merfolk. Report to Ogg, and my the fates have mercy on you."

Niko nods, "Understandable and well deserved, Mr. Pringle." he says nodding again giving Kimiko another small squeeze, "I will ensure it is done and done properly, Sir." he says nodding. Turn to leave with Kimiko, as he heads to his fate with Ogg!

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