(1939-09-02) The Trapping of Lions
Details for The Trapping of Lions
Summary: It's Gryffindor versus Gryffindor when an act of sabotage leads to the involvement of the newly empowered Magijugend.
Date: 2 September, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Roaring Corridor, and Headmaster's Office
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

Gryffindor Common Room

The big, round common room of Gryffindor Tower is full of squashy stuffed armchairs and couches upholstered in rich red fabric. Tables are placed in useful spots around the room and a bulletin board is up on one wall, where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. can be posted. The wooden floors are covered by old Persian rugs and the walls are covered in burgundy wallpaper that depict various mystical animals in golden silhouettes. Illumination is provided by a large window that looks out onto the castle grounds and is supplemented by a fireplace that dominates one large section of the wall providing not only light but also warmth.

Madeline is sitting at a table with a quill, ink, and parchment. She frowns at her page as she writes, a hand knit blanket wrapped aroung her shoulders. Periodically, she picks up a cookie sitting on a clean kerchief and takes a nibble, setting it back down. Just because she hasn't been eating in the Great Hall hasn't meant Madeline is shunning food entirely. She's twelve, after all. She brushes a few crumbs away from her page before continuing with her writing.

Niko is sitting on a armchair by the fireplace, he has his defense against the dark arts book out and is reading ahead. A few people have patted him on the back and even joked around a bit with him about the happenings of the day. Sitting on the table next to is his tea, he picks it up and takes a small sip of it. His face is still straight, for people who know him it seems he is slipping deeper and deeper into dark places.

Kimiko emerges from the girls dormitories, where she's been hiding out as much as possible since the Start-of-Term Feast. She's looking a bit pale as she descends into the common room, eyes flitting from one face to the next, her perpetual smile missing from her round face. Spying Madeline, she approaches from the side, and without a word, bends down to hug her fellow Muggle-born.

Madeline wraps her arm around Kimiko, looking up at the older student with a small smile. "Been sending any letters?" she asks, followed by, "Hey, have you seen Felicity? I meant to keep an eye on her, but I sorta lost track, and…" Felicity, of course, being one of their new housemates. And a Muggle-born.

The portrait swings open to let Angelus in. Judging by the expression on his face, someone knows. While his gaze sweeps around the commons room, the youth is piping up, "What's all that talk about honour and stuff? What are you /doing?/"

Kimiko shakes her head, shrugging apologetically at Madeline. "I haven't seen her since this morning. She's…probably just exploring the castle?" Kimiko's gaze is drawn to Angelus's entrance. But her eyes turn immediately to Niko, then drop to the floor, her lower lip forming a slight pout.

Niko sits his tea back down before closing his book slowly and standing up looking over at Angelus, his hand moving to his chin for a moment. "Suppose you are talking about all your stuff?" he says with a chuckle, "You got a problem with it Eibon?" he says tilting his head, "Because I got a problem with you and your club and a problem with wanks like you in our house." he says with a shrug, "I got a problem with the new class and people being serve slop." he says with a shrug, "So what are you going to do about it Eibon?" he says with a chuckle, his hand running through his hair, "Go run off to your Maji-buddies?" he says his face going straight, "Keep this in mind, you have to live with us for the year, better pick your side carefully." he says his arms moving and crossing across his chest.

"Maybe I should go looking for her…" Madeline says uncertainly, looking towards the portrait just as Angelus comes in. She frowns, turning her attention back down to her letter. "But I really ought to finish this." 'Dear Rena,' the letter starts. It goes on from there.

Kimiko sighs audibly, finally speaking to Niko. "For Merlin's sake, it was not slop. Do you think I would eat it if it were? Just…stop it." She looks from Niko to Angelus and back again. "Both of you are being complete idiots! Didn't anyone listen to the Sorting Hat's song? We have to stand together or this school is going to fall apart!"

Angelus takes a look around. As his gaze sweeps over Madeline they linger over her for a second, which brings his eyes on Kimiko as he frowns, and then is bringing his gaze to lock on Niko as the older boy speaks. There's a flicker of annoyance in his blue eyes as he stares sharply at him, but he doesn't interrupt. His head inclines a little to one side, letting him speak. It's moments before Gel says anything, because he has no response, can't make light of it with a joke. He draws his gaze away from Niko and shifts his gaze onto Madeline and Kimiko again. He'll deal with /that/ first, right. He steps towards the table. "Evans, stop what you're doing. Black needs to speak with you." Message sent, he looks to Kimiko and he offers her a smile, lifting his head at her. "Am I such a bad person, sweetheart?" A chuckle escapes the youth. "Saito's the true lion at heart. She's not going around throwing a tantrum because there are people who can have something that she doesn't." He turns to fix his blue eyes on Niko, lifting his chin. "You want to step outside the commons so you don't cause more of a scene?"

If there ever was a person who could start to pull Niko out of his downward spiral it is Kimiko. Letting out a small sigh, he runs his hand through his hair and simply says, "You're right Kimiko." he says with a small shrug sitting back down, though his brow does arch at the comment to Maddie, "Oh and Black can just summon whoever he wants?" he says shaking his head, "Maddie finish your letter." he tells her, picking up his book, "Unless you are going to do something about it Eibon?" he says with a small shrug, as he opens his book. "Like Kimiko said, no scene to be had. Pick your stuff up and bring it back up. I won't toss it again." he says offering Angelus a rather cold smile.

Madeline doesn't even answer Angelus, she just picks up her cookie for another nibble, then writes her letter some more. It's as Niko speaks that she looks up, putting on a feigned confused look. "Why wouldn't I? You know - Niko, Kimiko - I have move biscuits in my room if you want any. My mum made them - before she put me on the train. She's a real good cook."

Kimiko has her jaw set, ready to stand her ground and fight with Niko over this. But then he goes and takes the wind right out of her sails. "Oh," she says in surprise. "Well…good. We can't have you getting into trouble if it won't do any good." Angelus gets a stern look, but she tries to take her own advice and not stir things up further. Maddie gets a genuine, if weak, smile. "Thank you, Evans. I'm alright for now. But I'll come find you if my tummy growls." A Seventh Year at least, Kimiko is starting to settle into a new role as something of a mother lion, looking after the younger cubs. Proud of herself, she steps over to Niko, giving him a soft smile at last, and mouthing Thank you before she bends down to kiss his forehead.

Angelus drops his head into his hand, eyes closing as he rests his forehead. A sigh escapes him before he lifts his head, fixing a few strands on his head as his eyes roll upward. When he lowers his hand, he finishes his approach to the table and simply reaches out in attempt to shut Madeline's book on his own. "Evans. /Please/. Look, I'm /sorry/ I was a git with you and your uncle. Can you just come with me?" He intends to lean on the table so that his hand would be on the cover of her book. His eyes shift onto Kimiko, and to Niko. "And Denholm, come on, my stuff? If you're cross, then just come after /me/." He gestures over his shoulder at the entrance way. "What do you want to do? Hit me? Let's take it outside."

Niko nods slowly at Kimiko, "You're right Kimiko, I let my anger get the better of me. Thank you for reminding me." he says as she kisses his forehead, "Thank's Evans, but maybe later, I am just going to finish my tea I think." he says offering Maddie a smile, looking over at Eibon he lets out a small sigh, "Listen, Eibon… I am sorry… I am still a bit of a wreck from the attacks." he says with a smile, "If you need help finding and picking up your things." he says looking at Kimiko and giving her a nod, "I will be glad to help. I shouldn't have done that." he says slowly offering the boy a genuine smile.

"How about I make sure I take some time out to help you with your Potions Club?" he says with a nod, trying to make peace. A smile on his face flicks just a little, "Come on Eibon, let her write her letter." he says with a nod, "And trust me, if I wanted to hit you, Eibon. I would have by now." he says with a chuckle.

As soon as Angelus is headed towards her table, Madeline is on her feet, letter in hand. She moves over towards Niko and Kimiko, perching herself on the arm of one of the chairs. "What do you think we'll learn in Domestics this year?" she asks the older student, doing her best to keep smiling. "Do you think I can learn how to wash dishes this year? That's one of my chores at home - so I'm really hoping I can learn it, though I suppose it doesn't matter for a few years yet."

Kimiko's smile finds a bit more happiness as Niko seems to be trying to make peace. "I'll help as well, Eibon. We're all Gryffindors, and we must look out for each other." She arches an eyebrow at Madeline, then nods, smiling with understanding. "Well, in my Second Year, I learned the Ironing Charm. I don't think I learned any dishwashing until Third. But you're so bright, maybe you'll pick it up this year." She gives Niko an expectant lift of her brow. "We probably ought to go get Eibon's things now, before anyone else nicks anything."

Angelus' gaze follows after Madeline as he frowns at her. But his eyes flick towards Niko, Kimiko, and a smirk flicks against his lips. "Well if you want to come help," he gestures towards the portrait hole, "let's go." He turns, stepping over to the entrance to stand off to the side, watching each of them.

Niko stands up and straightens out his clothes, nodding at Kimiko and offering Madeline a smile. "I am sure you will get the dishwashing charm figured out." he offers her a small wink and smile as he goes to follow Angelus.

Madeline doesn't look exactly pleased by the fact that the two older students are going out with Angelus - but there's not much she can do about it. Especially while pretending Angelus doesn't exist. "You think so? Well. I'll give it a try, anyways, if they're teaching it. You guys enjoy your walk, though." She smiles at them both. "Oh. If you see Black, tell him I said hi," she adds cheerfully.

Angelus' gaze follows Niko and Kimiko out, his hand dipping into his robes, but before he follows he turns onto Madeline with an icy stare. "You're going to go see Black," he says. As his tone turns bitter, his British accent comes far more pronounced. As he draws out his hand from his robes, his wand is in his hand and aimed at Madeline. "Don't think I won't."

"If Black wants someone to kiss his swelled head better, he'll have to find someone else," Madeline answers, addressing Angelus for the first time. She goes to the fireplace, putting in her letter, and pushing it all the way in. She stands there, waiting until it's burned away, then starts towards the stairs to her dorms. "Tell 'im I said so, too," she adds.

"Blimey, Evans!" Is all Angelus shouts out before he whips around, darting out of the portrait hole.

Roaring Corridor

There's almost a hush here at the top of the stairwell, all the bustle of students and grinding of gears going on below muted by the total silence above. Occasionally a particularly loud clang of staircase connecting to its landing, or a spike in laughter will reach the ears, but it fades and is quickly forgotten. It's never too silent here in the corridor because very often a stuffed lion's head will look left, then right and then give a thunderous roar before being chided by those in their portraits for startling them.

Abraxas has found a convenient wall to hold up outside the Gryffindor Common Room's entrance. He's waiting, like a serpent ready to strike.

Niko steps out of the portrait hole, his hand moving through his hair slowly. Kimiko in tow, looking over his shoulder he watches Angelus not come through right away. His arms moving to cross across his chest slowly.

Niko and Kimiko exit, and, well, there's actually a delay before Angelus pops out after them. A few seconds, and the blonde haired boy comes out with his wand in his hand, his grip tight on the vanity handle. "They don't respect us!" he calls out instantly, pointing out at Niko and Kimiko.

Genevieve strolled down the hall at Alphard's side, her voice dropped in a tone that invited quiet conversation, "I'd been hoping to catch a moment with you," the click of her slippers had a rather pronounced gait, but then, that was typical of Jenny. "About the Magijugend, but this really is just finding a way to hasten things," there was a faint…stiffness to the girl's jaw, a glimmer of annoyance in those dark eyes. "This is beyond insulting, Alphard."

Abraxas pushes himself away from the wall and into the obvious path of travel, "Which one was it, Eibon?" he says, and then makes sure that his Eye of Truth pendant is clearly lying atop his tie. "Whoever was responsible will need to come with me to see Headmaster Flint."

Niko's eyes move to Angelus slowly, his arms still crossed against his chest, "So I was right." he says to Angelus calmly, "You are a coward." he says with a chuckle, moving to stand in front of Kimiko, "So this is how you are going to play it Eibon?" he says shaking his head at Angelus slowly, just standing there with his arm crossed as he gives Kimiko a small pained look. Looking at Abraxas, he puts his hands in the air, "Twas me, I throw Eibon's stuff off the roof." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Lets go see the Headmaster." he says looking at Abraxas.

Kimiko whirls to look at Angelus in confusion. "What? Oh sod, Eibon. We were just making pro-…" She cuts herself off, realising that Abraxas has popped out of the woodwork. "What in the world? Eibon, is this your idea of honourable behaviour? That is completely unbecoming of a Gryffindor!" She stares at Angelus in astonishment.

Alphard isn't strolling. He's eating the ground with his long legs. Only his sense of dignity has been keeping him from running ever since word reached him of the horrible injustice done to one of the valiant members of the Magijugend. Genevieve will have to put in some effort to keep up. The tall Slytherin boy's robes are whipping a dark storm all about his lean and athletic frame. Where before the mark of his Magijugend membership was silver, now it is golden. Go Genevieve he growls: "Yes, it is beyond insulting. It's downright reprehensible, and we will see it right. We'll have time to talk about the Magijugend later, I promise." A flashed look goes in his fellow Quidditch aficionado's direction. "You know you'd be welcome." Because she's a friend. He comes into view of the scene in front of the Gryffindors. His dark eyes assess the scene.

"Who would respect you?" Comes the comment from Finley as he comes towards the portal to his House. "What are ye lot doin' here? I thought ye snakes stayed in the dark and damp." He says frowning at Alphard and the other Slytherins. "I don't think he has much honor. He is a Magijugend after all." He says looking at Angelus. Wrinkling his nose a little bit, before he begins running fingers through his messy hair.

"Oh, is that you, Higgins? Disrespecting the Magijugend? Well, I'm sure that Headmaster Flint would like to have a talk with you, too, about the proper respect due to your betters." Abraxas sneers, then tilts his head a bit and gives it a shake, schooling his face into a more neutral expression. He gives his robes a little tug. "Denholm, Higgins, Eibon, all of you come with me."

Niko raises his hand gesturing for Finley to stop, but it seems to be too late by the time, Abraxas speaks up again. Just giving him a small nod, "Like I said. lets go." he says with a shrug, "Kimiko, please do me a favor and wait in the Commons, make sure people know what's going on." he says with a shrug as he moves to follow the Malfoy.

"Cousin," Jenny's voice was pitched to carry, those dark eyes sliding beyond Alphard, whose words brought more than a curt nod from the seventh year, before she sought out her cousin, Angelus. "Are you alrig—-," it was Finley's remark that drew her head snapping to the side. "Ah, no, Higgins, that's the thing. Us snakes fit all sorts of places and watch from even more." Either way, Jenny pushed on further through the crowd in an attempt to make her way to Angelus' side to assess that it was only his pride and not him, that'd been hurt. Her expression a mix of worry and furry.

Kimiko sees snakes closing in on all sides, and cleaves closely to Niko's side. But she frowns at Abraxas, and protests. "You can't get Higgins in trouble for disliking your silly club, Malfoy. He hasn't broken any rules!" She clings to Niko's arm, moving right along with him for the moment. "I'm walking with you. Just so there's another pair of eyes." Those eyes aim at Angelus in a disapproving scowl.

"A moment, Malfoy. You should take his wand, though. Denholm has no sense of propriety or any respect for rules, so better safe than sorry. However it strikes me that there is more at play here than simple disrespect," Alphard says, having heard the latter words. He fixes his gaze on Kimiko first, then Finley second. He asks in a tone that's close to reasonable, except it's edge is cold and merciless. "Tell me, were either of you present when Denholm performed his cruel and senseless at of vandalism against one of his fellow Housemates? If so, did either of you attempt to stop him? In either circumstance, did either of you immediately go seek an authority figure, in a Magijugend, a Prefect, or a member of faculty?"

Abraxas purses his lips, but nods, allowing Alphard to take the lead for the moment. He puts his hand out, "Your wand, Denholm. And yours, too, Higgins. It seems that you haven't learned your lesson from the Feast yet." He hasn't drawn his wand, either, apparently relying on his constructive authority at the moment. "And as for Higgins, he just said that both Black and I, as members of the Magijugend, are without honor. In better Wizarding society, that would be grounds for a duel. Since that isn't permitted here, we'll have to make due."

Niko shakes his head at Kimiko, "No need." he says to her softly. Before looking over Angelus for a long moment, before looking at Black, "Don't have my wand on me." he says with a shrug, "Welcome to check." he says nodding, "Considering I thought I was coming to help Eibon get his stuff, after I apologized." he says his cold eyes move back over to Angelus again, his face straight. Looking back at Black, "No, they weren't, though what I find curious is the fact that this took place within our House and Eibon here didn't seek out one of our Prefects to alert them." he says with a shrug, "If we are going, lets go." he says.

Abraxas purses his lips, but nods, allowing Alphard to take the lead for the moment. He hasn't drawn his wand, apparently relying on his constructive authority at the moment. "And as for Higgins, he just said that both Black and I, as members of the Magijugend, are without honor. In better Wizarding society, that would be grounds for a duel. Since that isn't permitted here, we'll have to make due." <revised>

"That's right!" Kimiko exclaims. "This is a Gryffindor matter. It should be handled by the Gryffindor Head of House. Don't worry, Niko. I'll find Professor Dumbledore, and he'll get this all settled!" She aims a look at Abraxas and Alphard, putting on as brave a face as she can manage. "You should probably consider just staying put until Dumbledore handles this. He is the Deputy Headmaster, and you wouldn't want to upset him by overstepping your bounds."

"I respect my betters. I respect Denholm here, and me brother. Oh and I respect Professor Dumbledore LOADS! He's got more skill than anyone I've met." Finley says laughing a bit,"Plus he's actually INVENTIVE when it comes to punishments! Today's was HORRID!" He doesn't sound that pissed. "He's kind of busy right now. I'm gonna leave. The present company makes me skin uncomfortable." He says as he begins heading for the portrait.

Angelus lets out a breath as he glances at the common room entrance, but when he turns back he's suddenly flicking his blue eyes over all that have gathered. His eyes lock on Niko, arching a brow at him as he draws in a deep breath. "Actually, Denholm, I did have a prefect." His gaze shifts onto Abraxas and back to Niko. "But you refused to come out with me." He clears his throat, glancing over his housemates, then towards Alphard and his cousin. "Can I be excused?" he asks, spreading his arms in front of him. "I would like to go pick up my things." He sets an icy stare on Niko.

Alphard cuts a disapproving look in Niko's direction. If he normally carries himself with airs of arrogance, now he's so puffed up on his own sense of power and authority that should be able to float away. Without really being aware, he's trying to emulate his Uncle Sirius. So he keeps his mask hard and cold, rather than flailing with fury. "He is a Fourth year and he is a Seventh year, and nobody would fault him for failing to hold faith with his Prefects if this is how Gryffindor would treat him." He looks then towards Kimiko and Finley. "Since neither of you made any effort to call Denholm's actions to the proper authorities, I must assume you were attempting to cover them up. Thus you are accomplices after the fact. You will both come with us to Headmaster Flint, or we will utilize our lawfully given power to detain you." And with that, Alphard draws his wand. He aims it straight at Finley's back. "You will come with us. All three of you. Now."

Niko shakes his head, "Eibon don't act like a First Year." he says looking at him, "You have a Dorm full of Gryffindor Commons, if you wanted a Prefect to handle this situation all you had to do is poke one of them." he says with a shrug, "Also didn't refuse one bit, you asked if I wanted to take a swing at you and I told you no." he says with another shrug. Looking at Alphard, "And like I said, lets go to the Headmaster." he says, though as he demands Kimiko come too, he just lets out a sigh, he doesn't say anything but he knows that Angelus has drawn a line in the sand and he will make him pay, his eyes move back over to Angelus as he gives him a small smirk.

Well, NOW Abraxas draws his wand, holding it at his side, "Higgins, last warning, come with us or suffer the consequences. You're just going to make it worse on yourself." His lips draw into a thin line, and then he raises his wand warily, as if some part of him is insisting this is a bridge too far.

Genevieve cut a frown in Niko's direction when he smirked at her cousin. Lips pursed so that she swept against the inside of them with her tongue. But for the moment, she continued to hold her tongue; standing there as a protective presence at her cousin's side for all the good it might do him. One that, stood a little straighter when Alphard drew his wand. Not because she thought him in the wrong, but because she planned on being attentive if this first testing of his new authority went awry.

Kimiko gasps at Alphard, jaw dropped in shock. "You're just making things up now! I wasn't even there, you…you…bully!" Take that, Alphard. But as the wands come out, she gasps. "Stop it, stop it! You're all just making this worse! Higgins…please, just come along. Flint can't punish us when we haven't done anything wrong."

Turning around, Finley looks at Abraxas, "LAWFUL?! There ain't a damn thing lawful about you lot!" Finley spits out,"Headmaster may have said you could but you are still under the laws of the magical world!" He says angrily,"So use a spell that violates those laws. I dare ye." He says angrily,"I will come along though."

"Bully?" Alphard asks, and this time the hint of a smile does touch his lips. "If I'd ever paid any attention to you at all, you'd know better. This is the new Alphard Pollux Black. I'm done with petty bullying. This year I am going to enforce a better Hogwarts." He even sounds like he genuinely means it! Yes, his words all but vibrate with the sincerity of a reformed believer. Aren't they just the worst?! "Headmaster Flint, and through him the Governors, and through them the Ministry, has put its faith im me. I'm going to prove it a good and proper choice. Now march along, now. I have no desire to put you down, but I will if you force my wand." The last for Finley, meaningfully. He indicates for Abraxas to take the lead, and he'll take the rear.

"Go get your things, Angelus," he says almost kindly! Like he can empathize with the poor boy! "Gen, mind helping him?" and an unvoiced thanks in his gaze, for her support. He could tell.

"In any event, Saito, if I must spell it out for you: With your willful silence you've made yourself an accomplice in the malicious tyranny of fear and oppression that Denholm has attempted to create in Gryffindor. You might have low blood, but I honestly thought better of you."

"You know, I'm fairly sure that's another slur on our honor, Black. But, yes, of course." Lowering his wand to his side, Abraxas takes the lead, heading back towards the staircase and, eventually, to the Headmaster's Office.

"Alphard," Jenny finally spoke again, her voice pitched to carry, "Did my ears decieve me or did Higgin's here just accuse the Headmaster of illegal activity? Because that rather sounds an awful lot like what I just heard." And yet, she still held position behind the ground of upset parties; lingering near Angelus' side.

But..she couldn't help but be proud, could she, of Black's little speech. He stood so proud and tall, so firmly settled in his own self worth. "Come along, cousin. Let's go get your things tided up. And talk about what steps you're going to take first the next time someone decides to meddle with your affairs." And with that, she offered to gently steer the boy away.

Headmaster's Office

This three tiered tower houses the Headmaster's Office and living quarters. The headmaster's office itself is a large circular room lined with solid mahogany bookshelves crammed to bursting with books and scrolls and interrupted from time to time by one of the many windows that give light to the office. The only break in the books that does not contain a window is created by a fancily carved niche in which rests a battered old leather hat with a floppy brim, its folds and crevices bearing a suspicious resemblance to a scowling face.

Two flights of stairs, one running along each side wall, meet at an unseen point in the middle which leads to the tower's living quarters. The stairs' landing is hidden behind a wide expanse of wall defined by a triple set of Doric columns on each side that meet in a peaked decorative arch. On this wall reside the portraits of past headmistresses and headmasters of Hogwarts with the biggest portrait of them all belonging to the immediate predecessor of the current Head and always occupying a place of honor right above the office's throne-like chair. In front of the portraits' wall lives a large gothic desk carved out of mahogany to match the shelves on the walls and always crammed with paperwork.

The gargoyle guarding the passage to the Headmaster's Office steps aside for Abraxas when the password is given, opening the way for the group of students to enter. They enter the voluminous chamber to find not only the grim visage of Headmaster Flint staring at them, but the wizened lines of Professor Black's face looking on curiously. Black's eyebrow is lifted inquisitively into an impressive arch.

"What's this, then?" Flint demands impatiently. "Overseer Black, explain."

"We're sorry for disturbing you, Headmaster Flint," Alphard says as he dips his head respectfully to the old man. "Normally Pringle or a Head of House might suffice, but the target of these.." a hand sweeps out to take in Denholm, Finley and Kimiko. "Students' misdeeds was a member of the Magijugend, Angelus Eibon. With our current responsibilities it seemed like this should come to you."

He clears his voice and then steps a little forward and to the side so that he's not blocking Flint's view of the others. And to make himself separate and more important, of course.

"Niko Denholm has admitted to violating Eibon's belongings, stealing them from his dorms and vandalizing them by throwing them away. Naturally the boy was quite distraught. He's being helped right now to retrieve them by Genevieve Solomon who was kind enough to provide her assistance, but who knows the state they'll be in." He shakes his head. "I believe this was done solely to ostracize Eibon for being a Magijugend, to bully and browbeat him so he would no longer dare to stand up tall and do his duties as a Magijugend as you've asked of us." He pauses. "These two were interfering with Malfoy and me taking charge of him. After interviewing them, I also believe they were aware of what Denholm was doing to Eibon, but instead of going to a proper authority figure they chose to shield the perpetrator and so assist him in his cruel acts. Which makes them accomplices, I believe."

"All of them have shown repeated poor attitude, and no respect for our authority or yours." Alphard slaps on.

Abraxas has slipped his wand back away on the way up to the Headmaster's office, and smoothes his robes down, taking a step to the side to leave the malefactors isolated front and center. Since he hasn't been addressed, he does not speak, but does not in agreement with several points made by the Overseer.

Flint's face grows darker and darker as Alphard explains.

But Professor Black simply continues to look intrigued. It is he that chimes in next. "Heavy accusations, Alphard," he addresses his grand-nephew in the familiar. "Denholm? Let's start with you. Are these charges, as presented, how you see the course of events?"

Niko just stands there, letting Alphard say his peace, only commenting once, "Nikolas, if you wouldn't mind, Black." he says offering Black a smile, as he corrects him to his name. "We are in a proper setting, not the time for nicknames." he says nodding. "Yes I threw his items off the roof, however it was not due to his club status." he says nodding, "That was never brought up in the interview done by Black." he says nodding. "It was due to Eibon's imprudent desire to be called, Emperor Eibon within the Gryffindor commons, however if Emperor is indeed a title within the Magijugend, I was not aware and sincerely apologize." he says nodding.

"I have done nothing disrespectful towards the rightful authority given to the Magijugend, knowingly." he says nodding again, "I admit I was the one responsible for for a senseless act of anger." he says with sigh, "I have been struggling, I admit with my anger after my Father's untimely death in the line of duty, watching him burn before my very eyes." he says shaking his head, "But I recognized this with the aide of my Housemates, in which Saito and Evans can confirm." he says slowly.

"I offered Eibon an apology, even after that he asked if I wanted to harm him, I said I did not. I instead offered in good will to aide him in recovering his belongings and aide in his Potions Club to make up for my brash unacceptable behavior." he says nodding, "At this time he accepted this offer, we left to go get his belongings, when I was confronted by Malfoy and Eibon, saying that I would be taken here." he says nodding, "As I have pointed out to Black, I fail to see how our house was not capable of handling this situation, by Alerting our Prefects or Head of House." he says with a sigh, "As far as I am aware, I have not done anything disrespectful towards the Magijugend." he says nodding, "However I certainly will accept my Punishment, whatever is fit, for my actions as I am a man who believes that what we do has consequences. However, neither Saito or Higgins had any hand in my brash, anger filled, lapse of judgement." he says softly.

Flint's stony eyes graze over the three accused Gryffindors, and a light hmph escapes his lips. "It is hardly surprising that these two would cover for Denholm. Miss Saito is known to be romantically involved with him, is she not? And Higgins is a known malcontent."

Professor Black speaks up again, "If I may, Gervase." At Flint's gesture of permission, Black turns his sharp eyes to Finley and Kimiko. "The truth, now. Did either of you have any prior awareness of these events?"

Kimiko swallows, and meekly nods. "I…heard about them. Just girls gossiping. I thought it was just a book or something that he threw."

"Yes, Uncle. Erm. Professor Black," Alphard had murmured when Sirius addresses him earlier. He also looked a bit less sure of himself when put beneath his Grand-Uncle's scrutiny, a man he has always been more than a little bit in awe of. His eyes quickly avert themselves to pin onto Niko with dislike instead. He doesn't say anything at all while he listens to everybody, though it's close a couple of times as he opens his mouth to protest. Broodingly he's folded his arms over his chest.

"What's a malcontent?" Finley asks sounding actually quite sincere in his confusion. "I was comin' back ta the House Commons when they were talkin' about using their wands on Denholm. I didn' do nothin' about trying to stoppin' them from doin' anything. Just pointed out they were bein' bullies. They tried to claim wizarding law gave 'em the power to do it and I said it ain't so. That comes from you. It's a rule ye made, not a Wizarding Law." There's not really an implied insult for once as he speaks.

Professor Black chuckles in amusement at Finley. "He's a precocious lad, Gervase," he comments to Flint. "Troublesome at times, perhaps. But I'm inclined to believe him."

Flint nods slowly. Clearly, the counsel of Sirius Black holds sway to the craggy old Headmaster. His eyes flit up to Abraxas. "Have you anything to add, Malfoy? You were present. What are you observations?"

Abraxas clears his throat, "I agree with Black, Headmaster, with regards to how things came to pass. I can add only that Eibon, after seeing his things come flying from the Tower, was with me when that happened, and hence I accompanied him. Also, Higgins accused the Magijugend of being honorless, and that the same day as he was punished for his disrespect at the feast yesterday."

Alphard gives a vicious shake of his head at Finley's statement. He growls out a: "If I may?" It's taking him some serious mental effort to remain as tidily at his place as he is. A year ago and he probably wouldn't have been able to at all.

Flint nods his assent to Alphard, gesturing for him to voice his thoughts.

His eyes remain on Finley as he says: "The boy lies, or he willfully twists his memory at best. Either speaks to his general reliability. He was already interfering when we merely stated that we were within our lawful right to detain them if they failed to comply. Instead he thumps his nose to our authority. We were pursuing a matter of discipline and order, and he thinks himself above it. Higgins' attitude and words were, as Malfoy says, inarguably and utterly disrespectful."

Raising a hand and looking like he's going to vibrate himself through the floor, Finley's eyes are filled with anger at being called a liar when he's actually telling the truth. He waits for the Headmaster to actually grant him permission. Amazing show of restraint! Maybe Dumbledore's punishment today taught him a lesson.

Flint gives Finley a tired, impatient look, but magnanimously waves his hand in permission.

"I ain't lied one bit. Not my thing sir. When I lie, it's ta make people feel good bout themselves." Finley says looking at the Headmaster seriously. "I told the truth. Ye never asked me if I was respect towards Malfoy and Black. They demanded I show them respect and I said no. I ain't gonna respect bullies. Can't. They're bullies and those who bully cannot be considered respectable. Plus Malfoy did threaten me with a spell and I ain't done nothin' but say I cannot respect him or him. I called 'em honorless cause they were being that. I said that they ain't lawful, cause that implies a law to make them what they are. They're rule abidin' cause you made a rule sayin' they got powers they have. Big difference between a rule and a law." He says in a very serious manner,"I know about laws and rules, and my family is knowledgeable about rules and laws and knowin' which is which." He says with the utmost sincerity,"And Saito was tryin' ta get everyone to follow what they were sayin'. Ye can ask Professor Black and Professor Dumbledore. They both know me and my brand of trouble. I don't lie and I don't bully!"

Alphard sniffs at Finley's words, but he doesn't ask for another retort. His general demeanor spells out just how polar opposite from the 'truth' he believes the Half-Blood Gryffindor to be, and how little he thinks of the younger student.

Sirius opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off by Flint's harumph.

"The law empowers me to operate this school as I deem necessary," Flint growls. "You would do well to remember that. Five points from Gryffindor, for Mr. Higgins's disrespect. Another five for Miss Saito's failure to take appropriate action when hearing of the perpetration of this act. As for you, Mr. Denholm. twenty points from Gryffindor for your flagrant disrespect of your housemate and his belongings. In addition, and you and Miss Saito will report to Mr. Pringle's office after tonight's dinner."

Sirius finally gets his chance to speak. "Naturally, disrespect is deserving of reproach. That said, I suggest that our Magijugend also develop thicker skins. Those in positions of authority will always be targets of derision. But if you respond to every snub with the heavy hand of judgement, you may find that the ripples you cause become waves by the time the tide returns to you."

Flint sniffs, clearly in disagreement with Professor Black, but his old friend's advice seems to have some influence as he adds, "Very well. Higgins will not lose points…this time. But see that you mind your tongue in the future, young man."

Niko raises his hand looking at the Headmaster, "If I may have permission to speak, Sir?" he asks softly.

Holding his tongue for the time being, Finley's pretty good at saying what he thinks needs be said. "THank ye Headmaster and Professor Black." Finley says giving both of them a bit of a bow. Yes. He's being respectful to the Gargoyle for now because even he knows when to cut his losses.

"But Unc-" For a second there, Alphard's instinct to throw a tantrum when things doesn't go entirely his way is bubbling to the surface. It takes some serious force of will to shove it back down and just grit his teeth instead.

Kimiko's jaw drops when it's announce that she must report to Pringle. She has never had to report to Pringle before!

Flint's lip begins to curl at Niko's request. But he grants it, with an irriated, "What."

Niko nods slowly, "Headmaster and Professor." he says slowly, "I like to apologize again, for my brash behavior, obviously, it has caused a great distress and an interruption of your day." he says nodding, "I simply wish to note, that my actions where in fact my actions alone. No one else was aware of them, nor have I attempted to cover anything up." he says nodding, "In fact, I have been nothing but forthcoming about my actions. I informed Eibon, that I did indeed do it. When requested my Malfoy to accompany him here, I did not dispute it." he says slowly, "Saito had no more knowledge then anyone else in my House, again, I accept full well my punishment as it is rightful and the correct course. However, as stated Saito is no more guilty then the rest of my house." he says with a nod.

Flint sneers, ignoring a raised eyebrow from Sirius. "Your testimony is noted. But Miss Saito has admitted her prior knowledge, and I believe that her feelings for you led her to overlook her duty as a student of this school to report what she had learned to a Prefect. She will join you with Mr. Pringle." He waves his hand dismissively at the entire group of students. "That will be all. Go now, and prepare yourselves for your classes tomorrow."

Abraxas offers a polite bow of his head, which serves to hide his somewhat self-satisfied smile as Niko's attempt falls flat. "Thank you, Headmaster. Professor Black. We apologize for bothering you." He prepares to lead all the students back out.

Kimiko's lip trembles as she fights hard not to cry. The injustice of the whole situation has her entirely off balance. How did this even happen? She stares down at the floor as she is ushered out, just to make sure her feet land where they are supposed to.

Alphard nods his head respectfully first to Headmaster Flint, and then perhaps a tiny bit deeper to the elder Black. Unlike Abraxas he's not looking smug, but rather a bit dis-satisfied that he didn't get everything he had wanted out of this. "Headmaster. Professor Black." He backs out and then will head off down towards the Slytherin lair unless someone addresses him.

Niko nods politely, "Understood Headmaster, thank you for your time." he says softly with a smile. Not looking bitter or upset over the situation, looking at Professor Black, "Also thank you Professor Black for your time as well." he says softly as he moves to walk next to Kimiko.

Sirius turns to Flint as the children leave, and can barely be heard saying, "You know that Albus won't stand for this much longer…."

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