(1939-09-03) Pirates and Junior Aurors
Details for Pirates and Junior Aurors
Summary: The Pirates have a meeting to discuss how they'll handle things that are happening this year, and Madeline deputizes a few to help in her (un-Pirate-sanctioned) plan.
Date: September 3rd, 1939
Location: Forest View Louvre
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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The coin was kissed and has been black for the last couple of hours, but its hard to find a place lately to slip away to get into a place that people will not expect to find the Pirates. The notes aren't hard to find on how to get here, and its a bit warm and it was rainy so its a bit humid but Cillian can be found settled near a broken beam, on a spread out blanket beside a small dark chest. He is in robes and he's got his picnic basket out with a few items as he sips from a cup of hot chocolate, he's got some coverage from the beam above, but barely as he takes a deep breath. His satchel is stuffed at his side as well and he looks sober.

Madeline sticks close to Elise on their trip up to the roof, glancing askance at purebloods they pass and hoping they're not stopped by anyone with a Magijugend badge. Luckily, they get away with it. She settles into a place on the blanket, clearing her throat and saying, "Umm. So do I, maybe. It's, ummm - a bit of a story."

Though pretty much right on time, Josie seemed to think she's late, and looks out of breath from running. "Sorry, Professor Kettleburn had me helping set up tomorrow's lesson. I'm his new aide," she adds, smiling. She sits down them, catching her breath and listening to the others.

Pretty much the last one to arrive like usual, Cathal's as emotionless looking as ever. His blue eyes look at those here. "Is it a story or is it fact?" He asks in his flat voice. He has his hands hidden right now. The resident logic driven Ravenclaw steps up towards his friends looking bland again.

Cillian looks to Madeline with some concern. "I 'ave some…chicken sandwiches and carrots for ye. Ye need to keep yer strength up." He gestures towards the picnic basket before lifting a hand to wave to Josie and Elise with a small smile. "I am willin' to be listenin'. Come and get some cocoa." He greets gently as people arrive. He lifts a hand to Cathal as well.

Elise empties out her pockets of food that she'd stolen from the last meal in the Great Hall. For Madeline, and anyone else who needs it. "We need to learn that one charm," she mutters to herself, all distracted. She sits next to Cillian on the blanket and folds her hands together in her lap. "My news is… personal," she says. "I'll tell you after the others have gone, Cil." Despite her pale face, she looks very calm. She nods to Madeline. "You go first," she invites."

"Oh, Cap'n, you're the best!" Madeline replies excitedly, eagerly digging into the basket to find them. "The Hufflepuff pastries are nice - but I'm getting so sick of them already!" As doubtlessly most of the pirates had noticed already - Madeline has turned her plate over at every meal the school has offered her, and has largely been surviving on things the Hufflepuffs smuggle to her.
She takes a large bite of her sandwich, then says to Cathal, "I'f boff!" She swallows. "Err. Both." She looks between her gathered friends. "Non-fiction story, right? So, over the summer I saw a guy slam Black's head into a table. And Black knows I saw. And I guess he knows I told some folks because he sent Eibon - Angelus Eibon - to go get me from the common room. And when I wouldn't go, Eibon pointed a wand at me and told me I had to go or he'd jinx me or something. Only I told if to tell Alphard if he wants someone to kiss his swelled head he better find someone else," she explains, a little color creeping into her cheeks. Because that's not even the end of the story… She takes another bite of her sandwich.

Josie reaches for some cocoa, but otherwise leaves the snacks entirely for Madeline, until the other girl is full at least. She sips the cocoa, listening, and then rolls her eyes. "That sounds like him. He thinks he's so special just because of that badge."

"Eibon is highly illogical." Cathal says as he moves to take a seat with the rest of the pirates."Sounds like Black got a taste of how he treats others. I doubt very much he enjoyed it." He says with certainty. "Eibon and Black are highly illogical beings. Most of those who insist on blood purity lack a logical methodology." He says before closing his eyes and taking a break inwards but he makes no move towards the food or drink.

Cillian just gives Elise a slow nod as he offers Elise a cup of hot chocolate and his attention flicks back over to Madeline as she starts speaking and his brow furrows a bit before he just tilts his head to the side. He's quiet though as he takes a long sip from his cup of chocolate as he looks from person to person. "Were you manhandled, touched, or harmed in any way?"

Madeline shakes her head. "Not one bit, I'm afraid. Wouldda gone great in one of my reports.
"So this morning I took Rook - you know, Rook Lovegood? - with me to go find Black. And he was in the library. And Black said he'd talk to me tomorrow. So I, umm, I turned to Rook and asked him if I'd told him yet about the time I visited the MLE over the summer… Which, you know, was when I saw Black's head smashed into a table.
"Black got pretty mad at me…" She stares down at her sandwich. "But that's kinda what I wanted. So now I just gotta make sure I don't leave the Gryffindor tower without any witness so when they try something… I've got some corroborating evidence in the witness statements." And maybe even an infirmary report.

Elise's eyes open wide at Madeline's story. "Could you go to your Head of House?" she asks. "Being ordered out at wand-point, like that — surely that can't be right?" She scowls. "Demand some professor go with you. Like Viridian," she suggests. "Or Madam Patil." She nods stoutle with Cathal, agreeing with what he says. "Blood purity and all that is just rot," she agrees. "If purebloods stuck strictly to marrying only other purebloods, pretty soon everyone would be inbred. I hardly see how two-headed magical babies are preferable to Muggleborns or Halfbloods." She sniffs disdainfully. Then she accepts the hot chocolate from Cillian and holds it up to smell the aroma, not quite ready to sip yet. She gives Madeline her attention again, frowning. "Definitely stay with as many other people as you can," she says. "Pureblood friends, whenever possible."

"Do not permit their illogical fallacies to become your own in reverse." Cathal says calmly as he opens his eyes again,"The members of the Magijugend have the right to utilize force to detain students. The current Headmaster granted them this right so proving wrong doing would be difficult at best. Unfortunately the only way that we're going to be able to handle this situation is for one of them to utilize a spell without being able to offer a reasonable explanation as to the reason they did so. If they have even the smallest shred of excuse it is only logical that given the illogical nature of the Headmaster and his obsession with blood purity that he will manipulate things to make it seem as if it were entirely justified."

Josie can't help but giggle at the idea of two-headed babies, but she nods more seriously to Madeline, "You need to be careful. First, you don't want to get hurt. But second, you don't want Flint to find out you are provoking him. We gotta stay on the right side of the rules. Bend them, but don't break them. We can't do nothing if you are in detention."

A small smile to Elise and then there's a long pause as Cillian really seems to have stopped breathing for a moment, his eye widens and then…Cathal begins to speak and pretty much sums up what he was thinking, and then there's Josie piping up as well and he just looks from Elise then to Cathal and then to Josie and then back to Madeline. "Yer doin' exactly what they be wantin' ye to do my mad little maggie." He shrugs a shoulder and smiles kindly. "But my Second and Strings both 'ave very good points. And we'll make sure yer not…harmed. They expect us to rebel, to cause a fuss, to resist, to provoke, to turn into examples that will allow the 'eadmaster the freedom to suggest that those who dun 'ave 'pure' blood not even be /allowed/ to attend school." He looks down to his hands for a moment. "You become too difficult, ye start to become a liability…its easier to say 'for their own good they shouldn't attend school with the /others/'. Just like the bloo-the bloomin' SCUMS program." He shrugs. "So, I ask ye…how are we goin' to be provin' them wrong?" He tugs a needle from a pocket and holds up his finger as he gently pricks a fingertip and holds it up a bit as the blood wells up. "After all, /we/ know that all blood is just blood…"

"Detain - if a rule is broken. I didn't break any rules," Madeline insists. "So they don't have a reason to detain me." She takes a deep breath in, and lets it out again before ahd adds, "Besides. It's not detaining me I want to get them on. Assault's a crime." There, she said it. She's purposefully trying to provoke the Magijugend into attacking her. "I'm not leaving the tower without friends - I promise. And preferably a pureblood. And I'm not gonna provoke him anymore than I already have. I planted the seeds, we'll see what Black does." She shifts uneasily in her seat. She's proper scared - but it's for an important reason. Right?
"I told Dumbledore - last night. When he came to the common room and gave me back my badge. He said he'd talk to Eibon."
She looks at the others, then shrugs her shoulders. "I disagree. I think this is dangerous, but it does nothing to prove we don't belong here. After all - I didn't attack Black. I just talked. We're not gonna get Flint to change what's happening here. We gotta prove that Flint and the Magijugend have crossed the line to the rest of the wizarding world. Then Flint'll be gone."

Elise takes a deep breath when Madeline says the word assault. "No, Copper," she says. "Don't — don't risk that!" She reaches for the girl's hand. Then the words that Madeline says start sinking in. "You… you're making a rather horrible bit of sense," she admits, appalled by the thought." She looks around to the rest of the gathered pirates. "So what can we do to help?" she asks. "How can we all back you up?" She inhales thoughtfully, nods at Cillian. "Those of us who are pureblood - myself included - need to keep an eye out, and record and report every incidence we see of any Magijugend students breaking rules or laws. Write it all down immediately. Give it to Viridian, I think. He's obviously the most sympathetic professor."

Josie wrinkles her nose and then says, "Well, we won't leave you alone. Like you said, gotta be escorted. Even in the common room, never know what he might get Angelus to do. But, like the cap'n said, we can't give them an excuse. It was people walking into the dark forest last year that gave him the excuse to do it this year. So, we gotta be very careful."

Gabriel walks in with his knapsack over one shoulder. Conspicuously absent are both the baseball and the cricket ball he is usually bouncing off of everything in sight, "Sorry, Madam Spleen had a lot of things for me to do today. What did I miss?"

"I think logically speaking I am the worst person to attempt to come up with a solution for this particular situation." Cathal says seriously to the rest of the Pirates. "It is impossible for me to understand the illogical nature that they are displaying. They use fallacy and ignorance in place of logic and reason." He says in that same gravity,"It would seem though that Dumbledore and Viridian are the two that are most likely to be of assistance as long as we break no rule."

"We dun be allowin' adults into Pirate business. So if this 'as official tings and Dumbledore and teachers involved in it, anyone who wants to assist ye is welcomed to it, but not as pirates…just as students who be carin'." Cillian just bows his head a bit, lots of ideas and plans and everything in his head that he planned to bring up but he just looks between Madeline and Elise and then takes another sip of his cocoa and is quiet as the grave, tilting his head back against the beam behind him and closing his eye. "Good to see ye Gunny, there's a sandwich for ye and some carrots in the basket, grab a cup of chocolate as well." He gestures towards the picnic basket. Other than that, he's just quiet.

Gabriel follows instructions and gets some food as directed then finds a place to sit and chow down. While he's eating his eyes keep going from person to person, trying to get a sense of what he might have missed being late to the meeting.

"Umm. You missed my scheme to get the Magijugend to attack me so we can file assault charges," Madeline admits in a quiet voice as Gabriel joins them. "I've got Black proper mad at me - thanks for spreading that story around, by the way." Madeline gives Grabriel a tight smile, and nods to Josie and Elise gratefully. "I don't want to be alone, even for a second. At least my dorm room's safe - I trust them." The other second year Gryffindor girls. "Purebloods'll make the best escorts. It'll look good on the reports.
"And I think we all need to be writing reports. Of everything - every little thing - that's wrong and unfair. When it happened, where it happened, and who saw it. Put yourself as one of the witnesses. Then write exactly what it was, put the date you wrote out the report, and then I thought… Might be better if we didn't put our names on it, if we put a code name. Not our pirate names. But a code name that noone knows, not even each other. I got mind picked out already. I got Seamus making me an undetectable extension back to keep 'em in until I can pass 'em on to the Auror's office. We can all be Jr. Aurors this year. I'll deputize the lot of you!"

Elise nods in agreement with Josie. "No excuses," she says. "We've all got to play by their stupid rules." She frowns. "Except… I'm still going to feed people," she says defiantly. She sits up straighter. "And… I'll take the blame for anything that happens. Whatever it is… they can't hurt me, not like they could hurt you, Copper." She nods firmly. She tilts her head a bit at Cillian. "I think this scheme might be beyond pirate business," she agrees. "This is just too big." She frowns a bit at Madeline. "I'm not clear why we shouldn't put our names?" she asks. "If we're sending this to Aurors, won't they listen better to names than to numbers?"

Gabriel shoots Madeline a sheepish look and says, "I only told two or three people…" His words say two or three, his expression says 10 or 12. Then he rallies and around a bite of sandwich adds, "Besides! YOu didn't say it was a secret. I think keeping a record of all the going-ons is a good idea. I /don't/ think baiting them into attacking you is the best." After taking a sip of chocolate soda he smiles to Elise, "But that doesn't mean that our records won't be found or intercepted. Better sagfe than… Oh! Oh! I forgot! I think I have us a spy!"

"A pureblood or a halfblood is a logical choice. A Muggleborn is not a good idea." Cathal says thinking this through for a moment. "Reporting to a Professor is a good end result. We should keep an eye on all of their movements for now. We may find something without them attacking Madeline." He says casually. "I will put anything into writing that warrants attention." He doesn't need to write things down to remember them clearly.

Josie waves to Gabriel, and adds, "You also missed the new Pirate umm… mandate, that the right word? Anyway, we stay on the right side of the school rules. Can bend them, not break them. Or, maybe you did hear me when you came in. Going to be a mud club thing too, once I talk to Professor Veridian and Evelyn, and we call a meeting. We are at war as much as the muggles are, except our enemies are just waiting for us to walk into their trap by breaking rules." She nods quickly to Madeline, then, and says, "Good idea. I can come up with a code name only my dad will recognize. Oh, you should tell the Auror you know that my dad can be trusted. His name is Bannon Bates."

"Make sure ye all eat. Keep yer grades up. I'll be tutorin' and sharin' with anybody in SCUMS about what we're studyin' in the other classes. Dun let yerselves get week and stay out of trouble, please." Cillian gives the soft instructions before getting to his feet and brushing off his pants seeing as it seems his crew has things all sorted out, shaking his head a bit. "This is Law and Copper type business and if ye need me, ye know I'll 'elp where I can. So if ye'll excuse me, I 'ave to be attemptin' to finish a copy of a map of Hogwarts in an attempt to figure 'out where the members of the Magijughead travel to mark their paths down so its easier to evade or find 'em when we be wantin'. I 'ave to figure out an easier way to track all our lessons and set up folks to tutor and share wit' the SCUM classmates in secret. I 'ave to snag copies of purist's homework to study their handwritin'. I 'ave me own homework to do and m' tryin' to figure out and find a spell that'll be big enough and powerful enough to 'ide an entire ship or group of people from sight in case we 'ave to get the mugglebloods away from here and to safety while figurin' out who I wrote to assist this year 'as an aide and makin' more packets of cinnamon and sugar, salt, and chocolate powder in wee little bags to give to folks who may 'ave to eat gruel, so it'll at least be delicious." He takes a deep breath. "And last but not least, I 'ave to find a spell to be keepin' /butter/ from meltin'." He holds up a finger. "By the way, the packets of sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate are in wee little cloth bags in the basket, I've been cuttin' up me shirts that are too small to make 'em." He then takes a bow and starts to head for the exit.

"None of the Ravenclaws are going to fall behind," Elise says fiercely. "It's a matter of House pride, isn't it?" She stands up when Cillian does. "Cil," she says. "I still have to talk to you." She'll follow him out.

Madeline nods to Gabriel as he answers Elise's question. "Gunny's got it," she confirms. "I don't want the Magijugend finding this reports, and seeing our names on 'em. Seamus isn't done making my undetectable extension bag yet - and what if Flint figures out what I'm doing and disspells it somehow? I can tell the Aurors the names of whose involved, but we can't sign them reports with our names. And we don't want to know each others names incase, umm, we get… questioned or anything. I mean, I know we wouldn't tell on purpose or anything, but…" Madeline's apparently putting nothing past the Magijugend!
"I've already got my first report done - about Eibon pulling that wand on me." Her attention goes to Gabriel next as she adds, "Who's our spy? Is it someone in the Magijugend? Can we trust them?"

Josie looks up to Cillian and says, "Brilliant idea about the map. I'll try scouting a bit, see where they patrol and stuff and let you know." Then she pauses and says, "Wait. You said you need a purist's homework. Maybe I should do that. You don't have the experience I do in.. um… getting stuff from people." She's not going to out and say 'stealing'.

Gabriel seems to be deep in thought. Either that or deep in enjoyment of his food. "Those all sound like great plans… I won't be able to help much, because of my duties at the Infirmary." After taking a few more bites of sandwich and carrot he grins a huge grin and adds, "Samira Prince. She's as upset as the rest of us about the segregation and she's willing to, and I quote, "answer any questions I might have". She's not Magijugend but most of the Magijugend /are/ Slytherin so she might be able to tell us a lot about what's going in the House of Snakes."

"It will not happen that a member of Ravenclaw will fail to keep their grades up." Cathal says seriously. The resident emotionless boy is seated on the ground back straight as ever. "I should practice soon I think. It has been three days since I last practiced my violin… This should be rectified since I did promise my father I would try once I was settled in." There's a reason that Cillian calls him strings. It's also the only time he shows any sort of emotion.

Near the exit, Cillian nods to Elise and murmurs something softly to her about being out in a minute before he turns to look at Madeline with a wistful/sad look and he sighs and shakes his head before nodding his head to Josie. "I tink I can manage the homework bits, but if ye see the opportunity, please be takin' it. We only need to borrow it for a short bit. And the scoutin' would be really 'elpful. I'll get you a map as well, so ye can be markin' things off on it, and then we can compare notes." There's a hesitation before he continues. "Aye, I know the Ravenclaw houses ana all of us will work 'ard in that regard." He frowns for a moment at the mention of spies and such and he looks at Gabriel. "Gunny. Only the Copper's business can ye be sharin' with her if ye all agree on that. Dark Lady Prince is /not/ to know of Pirate business." He looks almost pleadingly. "Please remember that copper business and pirate business are two separate tings. I beg of ye." He takes a deep breath. "The Pirates position right now, is to be trackin' the Purists and the Magijund. See who they be with, see which classes they be in, see which paths they be takin' to get there, pay attention to what they like to drink and what they be eatin'. Even be payin' attention to how often they use the loo if ye can. We're goin' to be knowin' their patterns better than they do." A Pause. "Like all good Pirates, we're turnin' the stalkin' the stalkers, so when we blow 'em out of the water they won't even see it comin'. They will tink they are watchin' and stalkin' us but they will not have /any/ idea." There's a determined glint in his eye. "But we will not interfere with Copper's mission. That is Law and Auror business." He glances towards Cathal with a hint of a fond smile.

Felix is running along the rooftop pathways. He whizzes past the gathered Pirates, hair flying wildly in the breeze, and vanishes from view. Three seconds later, he reappears, stumbling in through the entry arch of the louvre, out of breath. After very nearly colliding with Madeline, he manages to right himself, placing his hands akimbo. "W-…wotcher, Pirates! Secret meetin'? Can I come? I won't tell nobody. So wot we rabbitin' about, anyroad?"

Josie nods to Cillian's orders and smiles, "Aye, cap'n." She starts to say more, but then Felix has arrived. She doesn't seem upset in the slightest, though, waving with a smile to the new arrival, "Hi."

"Not sure I'll be much help with the stalking and watching, Cap'n, sorry. Not when I'm stuck in SCUMS or watching my own pack," Madeline admits wryly. "But I'll see what I see." And looking towards Gabriel she adds, "We should be careful what we tell her about the Junior Auror plot, too. We don't know her well enough yet. She seems nice, but-" Wait. Did she just see someone whizz past? She falls silent, looking about anxiously, and just happens to be looking exactly the wrong way with Felix nearly collides with her. "AH!" she shrieks out, before recognizing the boy. "Oh. Felix. Hi!"

Gabriel rolls his eyes looking a little disappointed, "I'm not that silly. Of course we will tell her as little as possible about /anything/ we are doing. She's our information source, not the other way around." Then he takes another large bite out of his sandwich and nods, "And I'll be watching too. MY duties in the Infirmary will hopefully give me a little more leeway than most Muggle with have. That and quidditch if I make the team."

Cillian's lips press together as he eye(s) Madeline for a moment once more and his eyebrow quirks over his patch before he opens his mouth to speak and is startled at the arrival of Felix, watching him whizz by and the back and then in and his eyebrows raise. "Ye can come in Speedy." Look! He has a nickname. "However the meeting is endin' seeing as we need to get back to our dorms and such before people start lookin' for us. Come and see me later Speedy, I 'ave yer pirate indoctrination all nice and planned for ye. And a special mission only for ye." Then he looks back over to Gabriel. "Yer in a good place too, so I tink we 'ave a good start." He presses his hands together and takes a deep breath before turning to head off. He cannot cry in front of his crew, no crying in Pirate Captaining! Just fast walking and wiping of your good eye.

"There is no reason that you would not make the team again." Cathal says looking at his cousin,"Emotions should be put aside or that." He says before he just looks at Felix without blinking or smiling, or doing anything. "It is not really a secret meeting since we were able to be found. We are just sitting here eating a meal and discussing the problem. "Do we have anyone in Hufflepuff?" He's forgotten which House all of the pirates since he really only knows the core members.

Cillian's lips press together as he eye(s) Madeline for a moment once more and his eyebrow quirks over his patch before he opens his mouth to speak and is startled at the arrival of Felix, watching him whizz by and the back and then in and his eyebrows raise. "Ye can come in Speedy." Look! He has a nickname. "However the meeting is endin' seeing as we need to get back to our dorms and such before people start lookin' for us. Come and see me later Speedy, I 'ave yer pirate indoctrination all nice and planned for ye. And a special mission only for ye." Then he looks back over to Gabriel. "Yer in a good place too, so I tink we 'ave a good start." He presses his hands together and looks to Strings. "Thank you all for coming" And he takes a deep breath before turning to head off. He cannot cry in front of his crew, no crying in Pirate Captaining!

Felix's face lights up like Christmas at Cillian's words. "Really, Cap'n? Tha's fantastic!" His excitement gets the better of him, and he leaps in place, punching the air. At least, that was his intention. Instead, he manages to punch a low-hanging broken rafter beam, causing a rainfall of dust and debris from the dilapitated roof. He ducks and winces apologetically.

Gabriel winces in sympathy at Felix's accident then motions the small boy to the food, "Go ahead and have some food, Speey. Do you want me to check your hand? It might be really hurt."

Madeline lets out a giggling shrief and ducks her head as the debris comes raining down. "Watch out for the food!" she scolds the other boy, with no real heat behind her words. She takes another bite of her sandwhich. "And I got a job for you, too, Felix. …you're going to have to escort me back to the common room when we're ready to go, since the Cap'n's gone and left without me."

Josie watches Cillian retreat with a frown, but then looks back to Madeline, nods and says, "I'll go with you too, Maddie. When you're ready. The more of us, the better." She looks back up to Felix and giggles a bit at his enthusiastic punch of the ceiling.

"Sorry, sorry!" Apologies from Felix are commonplace. The lad is about as disaster prone as they come, whether or not he's the cause of it. He plops down in the circle, blessing not landing on any food. He holds up his hand to Gabriel, "Naw fanks, mate. S'fine, see?" The knuckle is split, though not bleeding heavily. He leans over to nudge Madeline with his shoulder. "Sure I'll walk you back, Maddie. You finkin' there's gonna be trouble?"

"You should at least wrap that." Cathal says in a calm voice,"It isn't exactly good to bleed. Plus infection can set in and then you have to spend time with Madame Spleen for not coming to see her sooner." He points out. "I'm sure my cousin can patch you up a bit if necessary. If he could not he would not be permitted to be the student aide to Madame Spleen."

Gabriel pops the last of his sandwich into his mouth. As he chews he starts digging around in a side pocket of his knapsack. After a few moments of searching he comes up with a roll of bandages and shows it to Felix, "Cathal is right. Even a little laceration like that can become infected. Are you sure you don't want to at least bandage it?"

"Thanks, Josie. I know I can count on you!" Madeline grins at the other student, and takes another big bite of her sandwich, looking curiously at Felix's injured hand. "Yeah, let Gunny patch you up," she agrees with the others. "And there could be. I made Black awful mad." She shrugs her shoulders like this isn't a big deal. …it's a big deal.

Felix looks down at his hand. "I've 'ad worse," he says with an uncertain shrug. "You really fink it needs it?" His worried grimace deepens with Madeline's words. "Wossat? What's Blackhead mad about? Wait…when ain't he mad? I fink he'd fill up wif steam an' explode if he didn't have 'oles in his face."

"Black is highly illogical." Cathal says seriously,"I think the mere fact of her lineage is enough to make him have fits. I do wonder if his brain is quite right." He says casually to the boy. "Most of them are illogical in the magijugend."

Gabriel nods, "We'll walk you too, Maddie." Unrolling a little bit of bandage he offers it to Felix, "Better safe than sorry, right? And no bigot is ever right in the mind, Cathal. That's why we have to watch them, they can be unpredictable."

Josie nods in agreement with Gabriel, but comments, "I don't think everybody in the Magijugend believes the blood purity stuff, some people just joined because their families wanted them to. But they might be the worst, they'll have to act like they do believe now, just to survive."

"He's mad about his face," Maddie tells Felix succinctly, and with a mischievous smile, before finishing off her sandwich - and picking up a second one. At Josie's comment about the Magijugend, she watches the other girl curiously, chewing in silence as she considers the girl's idea. "I hadn't really thought of that," she admits. "It's a really good point."

Felix takes the bandage and wraps it, somehow managing to pin his pinky in a curled position under it. "Huh? What about his face? Other than it bein' switched wif his bum, I mean."

After chatting for a little while longer, and finishing the snacks Cillian made, Madeline is escorted back to the Gryffindor common room.

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