(1939-09-04) A Chance Meeting
Details for A Chance Meeting
Summary: Gilbert and Estelle end up meeting at a cafe, which turns into a partnership.
Date: September 4, 1939
Location: Rosie's Cafe

Gilbert is sitting at one of the tables in the back of Rosie's. The spot has been chosen to allow him as much opportunity for people watching as possible. Not that he's doing a whole lot of that. At the moment Gilbert has the Tales of Beedle the Bard in one hand, the other holding a Muggle pen, of all things, over an open noteboook filled with scribbles and notations. Nearby but clearly forgotten to judge by the puddle of condensation around it on the table is a pint of dark ale.

Estelle enters wearing a silver coloured dress, a long ruffle dangling off her shoulder, where the straps of the dress have a piece of fabric that flops over the shoulders. An icy blue cloak tops the outfit, fastened around her neck with a sapphire brooch. As she enters the woman lets out a breath, looking around the room as a soft smile slips over her face. This cafe is perfect, and she quite happily strides in, a single hand raising and dipping femininely as she asks for tea and a pastry. “Thank you very much,” she finishes and turns to look around, brushing her fingers along the back of a chair. “A charming little cafe,” she speaks aloud, but to no one in particular. “I do really like it here. Hmmmmm…” She blinks her eyes slowly, her eye lashes fluttering.

Upon hearing a new voice in the currently quiet cafe Gilbert looks up from his work. After taking a moment to gaze in thought at Estelle he smiles a little bit, giving himself one small, quick nods before calling out, "Good afternoon Ms. Avery. I hope the day finds you well?" His comment is followed by an enigmatic smile as he waits to see how she reacts to being recognized by a stranger.

Estelle delicately walks along past tables, tapping the back of chairs as she walks as she looks for a suitable table. Her head lightly cocks to the side as part of her brown hair, most of it pinned up, tumbles down one side. Was that her name she just heard? The witch turns her head, looking around the cafe for an inquisitive few seconds before she lets out an, “Ah,” as she catches the source. For a moment she hesitates, fingers flicking in the air as she brings them to her painted lips, dipping one fingertip into her mouth. “Hmmm,” she murmurs out before her lips spread into a smile as she approaches the man. “That would be me,” she responds, lifting her chin elegantly as she approaches, offering her hand out with her palm pointed down and a quirk of her brow expectantly. “My, have we met before?”

Gilbert stands and offers a chair at his table. "We have not met personally, no. But I did see you perform at Cafe Tasseo and I must say, you do have a lovely voice. Would you like to join me for a cup of tea? Or something stronger if you prefer?" He stands at the ready behind a chair, politely waiting for her answer.

The smile on Estelle’s face grows a bit bigger as he offers out a chair. “Ah, that little cafe,” she says as she remembers performing there a couple times. “I do like it there,” she decides as she nods her head slowly. She presses and slides her lips together as she considers, inclining her head to the side. “I’ve ordered a tea,” she replies, “and I would love to join you. Thank you,” she says, moving to the chair. Before she sits though her pale blue eyes lift, glancing around as if to make certain there’s nothing about. Perhaps her eyes linger on the light source for a little longer, letting out a nervous breath as she turns back to the table. “Thank you,” she says again. “It’s Estelle,” she shares as she sits.

Gilbert helps seat Estelle before taking his own seat again. Now that he has company he takes his book and puts a bookmark into the beginning of 'The Wizard's Hairy Heart' before closing it them putting it into the notebook and closing that over the book. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Estelle. I am Gilbert Sullivan, at your service. What brings you to Hogsmeade on this fine day?"

Estelle smooths out her dress as she sits, lifting her fingers to her throat to unclasp the brooch as she smiles at the wizard. “The pleasure is mine,” she responds, undraping the cloak from her shoulders. She twists a little in her chair as she sets it over the chair behind her neatly, and turns back to face Gilbert. “Ah,” she says, but falters a little as she also has fallen into thinking upon hearing the name. A light head tilt as she lets out a, “Hmmm. I’ve no particular reason today, but this here,” she gestures with a flick of her wrist, fingers spread delicately apart. “But this little cafe is one of my favourites, and Hogsmeade is such a nice, small town. It’s quiet sometimes.” Well, when the kids aren’t swarming it on those weekends. “But how come I’m recognising your name. Do help me out here,” she adds as she taps a finger against her head.

Gilbert takes a sip from his ale mug. A sip that pulls a moue of distaste from him considering how long it’s been sitting at his table without being touched. Putting it aside he reaches into a satchel sitting next to his chair and pulls out two things from it. One is a book, the other a theater program, "Well, dear lady, that would depend on whether you like Muggle theater or Muggle studies." Pushing the program forward he points at his picture next to the description for one of the bit character in Much Ado About Nothing. "In Muggle society I am known as a thespian." then he pushes the book titled "The Joys and Pains of Integration" a little closer to Estelle, "In Wizarding society I am a humble scholar."

Estelle holds her head in a sophisticated little tilt of her head as she stares down at the program and book. She’s thinking about it, tapping her fingers down on the table as if they were playing music on a piano. “Ah,” she lets out finally. She smiles, nodding her head as her eyes lift to the wizard, down again to the pictures, and then back up. “That’s definitely it,” she comments, tapping her fingers against the program just before she’s suddenly looking up when her tea and pastry arrive. For a moment she shies away from the cup, fixing a rather apprehensive look on the waiter, squinting her eyes at his face. But her hand lifts to her chest as she lets out a breath, bringing out a faint smile as she manages, “Oh, thank you,” she offers out in a bit of a whispered tone. She repeats the thank you second later in a more appreciative tone.

While she doctors it up with cream, swirling a little spoon gently around in the cup, her eyes rest on Gilbert again. “Why, Mr. Sullivan, it’s even more of a pleasure to meet you.”

Gilbert asks the waiter for a fresh pint of ale then recovers his book and program, putting them back into his satchel while he speaks, "The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Avery. And please, feel free to call me Gilbert." Once he's put his belongings away he sits back in his seat and taps the notebook he's been writing in, "And this is a fortuitous encounter. Have you ever considered acting?"

A pleased smile slips across her face as her pale eyes twinkle. Tapping the side of the spoon against the cup before setting it on the saucer, Estelle lifts the cup to her lips and sips. Her eyes watch the wizard over the rim until she sets the cup down with a light click. Her fingers gently pull a piece of the pastry off, but she holds it, pinched lightly in her fingers, hovering over the plate as she smiles at him. “And the same applies to you,” she says, “please, it’s Estelle.” Her head inclines softly to the side again as she smiles. “I love to watch a good show,” she answers. “I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about doing one myself, though. But singing? I love it.” When she finishes speaking she brings the piece of pastry up and dipping it into her mouth.

Gilbert taps the notebook with his muggle pen again and his smile broadens, "Well, I am trying my hand at playwriting. Specifically I am adapting the Wizard's Hairy Heart for the stage. I would like to set up a simple set of performances for the students of Hogwarts and I have started considering potential performers." His smile broadens a little bit at the waiter arrives with his ale. After thanking the man he pauses to take a satisfied pull from the pint then returns his attention to Estelle, "Maybe we could even turn it into something akin the American's musicals. But I have little to no musical experience. What do you think?"

As Estelle chews she lifts her fingers to her mouth, her eyes focused on Gilbert as he speaks. When she swallows, she instantly smiles delightedly, but only murmurs out her appreciation as she lifts her tea to take another sip. “Why, that sounds so wonderful,” she says, sounding completely fascinated as the look in her eyes show a deep interest. Not that she’s all that big on performing for kids in particular, but delighted nonetheless. “I should very much like to see that,” she informs. A soft laugh escapes her and she adds, “Or even help out. It sounds so perfect.” Her tone suddenly turns more dreamily at that.

Gilbert nods, looking pleased. "I am pleased. I think this might be an excellent collaboration." After taking another pull from his pint he takes his copy of the Tales of Beedle the Bard out from between the pages of his notebook and passes it to Estelle, "It is a short story so it will make for a short play. My script is basically finished but I would welcome suggestions or ideas on how to include some music or songs. The reason I picked the story is because I think in this political climate the younger generation needs a reminder of the dangers of using dark magic."

After another sip of her tea, Estelle sets the cup down again and smiles as she takes the book into her hands. Her eyelashes flutter as her eyes look down at the book, holding it delicately in her fingers as she thinks. “I think the music could make the play more fun,” she murmurs softly. “There are opportunities to introduce a song into it.” Her eyes lift to Gilbert, looking very much excited about the whole idea. Her head inclines to the side, giving it thought as she glances back down to the book, softly beginning to hum a little tune. No words of course, but she’s thinking.

Gilbert pulls out a Muggle pocket watch from his coat pocket and after taking a quick look at it he puts his copy of the Tales of Beedle the Bard away and leaves his notebook with Estelle. "I have an appointment I must keep but, please, keep the notebook and think on what improvements can be made to my work. Would you like to meet here again, at the same time, in a couple of days time?" As he speaks he pulls out enough money to pay not just for what he ordered but for Estelle's tea and maybe a few more cups or some more pastries afterward.

“Hmm?” Estelle lifts her head, cutting off her tune as she draws herself back. “Oh, yes, I’ve got some ideas,” she says, nodding her head as she smiles at him. “Thank you very much.” She slides back her chair, her head tilting back as she smiles to him. “I’m very delighted that we got a chance to meet. Yes, of course,” she adds, swirling her wrist in a little sophisticated flick. “We’ll meet here,” she agrees, dipping her head in a nod. “That sounds like the perfect plan.”

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