(1939-09-04) Fitting In
Details for Fitting In
Summary: After escorting Emily to her common room, Angelus and Samira get a chance to finally chat.
Date: September 4, 1939
Location: Serpentine Maze

As promised, Angelus escorts the second year back to where her commons are. He gives the end of the hall a look of longing before he just sighs, shaking his head. His broom is propped against his shoulder, but the youth is still in his school uniform and not in any quidditch gear. Nor does he look at all like he’s been flying around. As he starts to turn, casting a glance around the dungeons, he lingers there for a moment or so as he considers. He could go back and work on more of the schoolwork he was working on earlier, or he can peek in on the potions lab. Maybe burrow a book from the classroom.

Samira emerges from the Slytherin Common Room just after a little second year heads inside. She pauses as she notices a boy lingering in the hall, looking off towards the potions classroom. With an impish grin, she approaches in utter silence. It isn't until she is standing at Angelus' side, smiling a bit too wide, that she speaks in a low, quiet tone. "Hello."

Angelus does not hear the girl’s approach, rubbing a thumb against the bristles of his broom as he considers. Before he begins to walk, however, he blinks in surprise as the voice comes from right at his side. “Oh, hello-“ He turns, and his smile flickers over his face in a dazzling little one. “And how could I have missed such a lovely presence approach. Hello, Prince,” he greets with enthusiasm. His blue eyes glitter as he regards the Slytherin. “It’s such a shame that our meetings keep ending up short.” He reaches out his hand for hers. “Did I congratulate you yet on being sorted into Slytherin?”

Samira glances down at his offered hand. Her dark gaze flits back up to meet his, considering for a moment before she places her hand in his. "I'm not sure. But, if you don't remember, then I suppose not." Her British accent has the slightest hint of Egyptian. Tilting her head, she says, "You are Eibon? The Gryffindor?"

Angelus smiles as his fingers close gently around her hand. “Then congratulations,” he says as he intends to lift her hand, dipping his head to place a light kiss over her knuckles. His grin tugs out over his face when he lifts his chin in self-importance, releasing her hand. “That would be me. Angelus Eibon, Gryffindor,” he adds. He catches ‘the’ Gryffindor, and a smirk flicks against his lips as he tilts his head. So he uses this and says, boastfully, “/The/ one and only.” He gives her a wink before he carries on, “Did you know my father was in Slytherin?”

"As was mine, I believe. But it seems that fear will not touch you as it may have touched them," says Samira with a smile, watching Angelus with such close interest.

Angelus lets out a hum as he tilts his head, arching a brow. “What do you mean?” he asks. “Fear of what?” Another hum as he considers. “So I’ve heard a bit about you having started at-“ He pauses a moment as he thinks, looking at her for help. A little, “Heh,” escapes him. “You’re probably getting pretty tiresome to keep repeating yourself though.”

Samira shrugs and slipping her hands into her pockets, she rocks back and forth on her heels. "I don't mind. It was the Heka School of Ancient Magic where I studied before here. And I meant fear in general. Because the Gryffindor students are fearless, yes? Full of courage."

Angelus hums, nodding his head. “Yea, that was it. Well, what do you think of Hogwarts?” he asks, gesturing out around him. He lifts a brow as a grin slowly crosses over his face. “Well, I’m pretty full of courage,” says the youth boastfully, pointing his thumb at his chest. But he lets out a sigh and decides to add, “But I wouldn’t say fearless. I wouldn’t be very smart if I wasn’t afraid of anything.” He nods his head, sure of that.

Samira nods at his wise words. "Courage is to face your fears. I wonder what they are. I know that there is much you must face. Your possessions were hurled from the rooftop, no?" She takes a casual glance down the hall. "As a Prince- bearing a foreign name- I never quite belonged in my own house at Heka." She glances up at him, head slightly titled.

“Ah… yea,” Gel murmurs out, grimacing as that incident is mentioned. His hand lifts to the back of his head, giving it a little scratch. He lets out a little sigh as he lowers his hand. “One of my housemates was a little uncouth.” The youth shrugs his shoulders coolly. “It’s a bit annoying, but I’m trying to forgive him for it. His father did just die in an attack over the summer.” He gives her a curious look. “Oh, well I hope your feeling at home here?” he asks, gesturing towards the end of the wall where, he obviously assumes the common room is.

"It is different. I am still learning my way. And, his father's death does not excuse venting his anger on /you/. But, I suppose there is a reason he was not sorted into- Hufflepuff was it? They are the loyal ones." Samira grins up at him.

“No, it doesn’t,” Angelus agrees with a nod. But he sighs as he adds, “But it is the way he’s decided to deal with it. Unfortunately for me,” he adds in, smirking, which leads into a chuckle. He tries to make light of it, shrugging a little. Letting out a hum, Angelus smiles as he asks, “Well, how much do you like potions? I’ve got a little group, unofficial club, if you ever want to work with us. And we should meet up at the lake some time, I can show you my arm in skipping stones,” he says with a boastful grin.

"Potions? It would depend completely on what kind of potions. If it is the potions we learn in classes, I have enough practice with those already." Samira peers up at Angelus. Although he is a year younger, the Gryffindor boy stands several inches above her.

“We can’t do much,” Angelus informs with a little shrug. “It’s really just a bunch of us getting together to work on our school assignments.” A warm smile flashes across his face, glittering in his eyes. “It’s sometimes makes it easier to work on schoolwork with company. I’ve read a few advanced spells that I’m looking forward to working with next year,” he adds in. A hum escapes the boy as he rolls his shoulders back casually. “It’s kind of my thing, I want to be a potions master when I’m out of school. That, and maybe a quidditch player. And a position in the Ministry.” Yup, and he totally thinks he can take it ALL on. “But,” he says as he shifts the broom against his shoulder. “I should probably get back up to my commons since I have some work to finish up.” A grin widens as he tilts his head. “I’m glad we finally had a chance to talk. And you can call me Gel,” he offers. He also leans in close to her so that he can offer a friendly kiss to her cheek.

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