(1939-09-04) S.C.U.M.S. and M.U.D.
Details for S.C.U.M.S. and M.U.D.
Summary: The second day of S.C.U.M.S. (and the first day anything is "taught") proves to be both unconventional, and a bit enlightening.
Date: 4 September, 1939
Location: Classroom 1, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

The second day of S.C.U.M.S. begins much as the first did — a gaggle of students of all ages, years, and houses (except Slytherin, of course), talking, shouting, goofing off, and creating a general storm of noise and activity. Professor Burke did manage to get the S.C.U.M.S. textbook handed out: Magic for the Underprivileged and Disadvantaged. But most of the class time was spent going through the many boxes in the old, barely-used classroom to try to gather together teaching materials.

Once the stream of students seems to have stopped, Professor Burke — or "Tash" as he prefers — waves his hands frantically for attention, hopping up and down. "Hey, everyone! Hey! Can you hear me? Great! Let's have a seat so I can take attendance!" One by one, he goes down the list of names on a scroll in his hand, often calling a name multiple times to be sure it was heard. More than a few students seems to be missing from the room. "Huh. Must be something goin' around."

Madeline is already settled into a seat, working studiously on a drawing with a look of concentration on her features. "Here!" she calls out in a distracted voice when the professor calls her name, working on getting the eyebrows juuuuuuust right.

Gabriel is sitting near Madeline. While she's distracted with her drawings Gabriel is distracted with his Transfiguration book. That and the notebook full of notes he's has open right next to it. When Tash call out his name he answers with "Here!" in a voice so similar in tone to Madeline's it alkost sound like a delayed echo.

Akilina has brought her whole stack of textbooks that were meant for this year, but she has created book covers for them to well, cover up the fact that they are said books. Magic for the Underprivileged and Disadvantaged is on the top and she has it opened where she is seated waiting for class to begin. As she gets older her thick as the bottom of a glass bottle lensed glasses just start to fit her face better. But the weight of them drags them down her tiny little nose so habitually she very often presses them back up. When the M surnames come up and Tash mmmms she calmly and clearly states, "It's Moscovitz. Akilina Moscovitz. Present."

Elspeth added her 'present' when her name was called, glancing up from her chair. With her 'MUD' book dutifully open and propped in her lap, the top of it just seen over the edge of her desk, she reads with a slight frown creasing a vertical line between her brows. A quill that was floating over the parchment on her desk seems to sigh and settle itself down, as it appears it won't be used.

Every single Hufflepuff that's on the list is there unless they had a valid reason not to be. Seamus made absolutely sure of that. Just a touch away from losing his temper at the concept of having to be here since he'd passed his OWLs with flying colours and having done well in his first year of NEWTs. He frowns a bit, but remains seated.

"Moscovitz? Are you sure?" Tash looks at the name on the scroll again, then shrugs. "Alright! So, we're all here. Except for those of us that aren't. I figure today we can get started with a bit of get-to-know-you. Don't worry, if you're not comfortable, I won't make you. But I think you might benefit from it." He flashes a toothy smile. "I'll start. So, as you know, I'm Professor Burke. But I'd really rather you call me Tash. It's short for Tasciovanus…because my parents like to play cruel pranks on their infant children." He pauses for laughter, and does manage to get some chuckles. "But I'm not really into fancy titles. So you don't have to call me Professor if you don't to.

"So, a bit about me. I've got an older brother that co-owns a business that our grandfather started. I've also got a younger sister who works with magical animals. You older boys, don't get your hopes up." He smirks. "As for me, I've done a lot of different things. I was a clerk in the Department of Magical Transportation. I've done some construction work. I went to Africa as an assistant to a safari guide. I was a cobbler for a little while. I worked in a little wand shop just outside of Cardiff. Then in a broom shop in Reykjavik. That was tough, since I don't speak Icelandic. I was a painter's assistant in Paris for a little while. Um…I know I've forgotten some things. But I hope that gives you an idea about me. I've got tons of stories to tell. So, who wants to go next?" He lifts his brow, pointing a finger in a slow arc over the students, looking for a hand to go up and call upon.

Colton, passing by the classroom on his way to some mischief or another leans into the opened class door. Pumps his fist in the air, declares, "Hogwarts!" and then continues on his way with a grin and a wave to everyone inside.

Tasciovanus laughs and punches the air in response, "HOGWARTS!"

Gabriel raises his hand, "I will. I'm Gabriel Ward. I'm a Chaser for Ravenclaw, a maker of radios and animated chocolate animals. I know how to make real, leather pirate hats too. I'm Madam Spleen's new student aide and I'm half-American on my mother's side. I've spent a lot of summers in North America and I can teach anyone that wants to learn how to play baseball." But before all that he turns to look at the door, raises a fist and responds to Colton with his own, "HOGWARTS!"

Tasciovanus claps his hands, applauding Gabriel. "Thanks for sharing, Gabe! Five points to…" he peers at Gabriel's uniform, "…to Ravenclaw for your gumption. I know I want to learn basesball now. So, anyone else want to go?"

Madeline shrugs, and raises her hand. "I'm Madeline Evans," she supplies. "I was awarded a Junior Auror's badge this summer for showing honor, duty, and courage. I like to read, and I'm gonna learn Mermish."

"I am Seamus Cavanaugh, from County Galway. " Seamus says as he stands up,"I've been a chaser for Hufflepuff for the last few years. I am a trained chef as well as a wizard. I'm trained to do it both in the muggle fashion and to a degree in the Wizarding manner. I finished in third place in the first Paladin's Challenge and had finished in the upper rankings during the first tournament sponsored by the Ministry of Magic." He says calmly.

"A Junior Auror? That's amazing, Maddie!" Tash exclaims. "That's got to be worth…what…ten points? Ten points to Gryffindor!" He listens as Seamus speaks, offering another round of applause for his accomplishments. "Holy cricket, that's impressive! Ten points to Hufflepuff for Shameless Seamus!"

Akilina says, "As I've already mentioned I am Akilina Moscovitz, House Ravenclaw, that is my my brother back there, Alexei, he is House Hufflepuff, he is the eldest, there is one brother between us, and then five younger siblings, we two are the only ones that have shown a propensity for magic. My parents are immigrants from Russia, I speak Russian fluently. I enjoy taking care of my siblings and I will become a Muggle Liaison with hope that I can someday make sure that no one else has to go through what we have suffered." Even with Akilina's tone being very dedicated, she's still as soft spoken as ever and if she wasn't seated in the front row Tash might just only be seeing her lips move. "That is all."

Indeed, Tash has a hard time hearing Akilina, and inches closer and closer until he finally catches the tail end of her speech. "A Muggle Liaison! That's great! Those folks work hard. I've seen 'em. I used to work in the M.A.C. offices. I was a custodian in there for about a week. So, big aspirations here! Five points to Ravenclaw for Alkalinilia's ambition!"

"Didn't tell 'im he could call me Maddie," the girl mumbles to Gabriel beside her, as she turns back to her sketch. Nevermind that Madeline's pretty much never protested being called 'Maddie' in her life.

A rather young looking first year who seems heavilly emaciated, having been mostly starved for the brunt of his life holds up his hand. Before someone can call on him he starts rattling off in a rather thick accent, his black eye mostly healed by now anyway, "Sampson Smith, Gryffindor, spen' me 'ole life livin' in a gu'er, ge'in' pushed around, beaten down, starved 'alf to deaf an' told thas me lot," It's obvious from his voice that the boys already gotten quite homesick, and to be honest ever since he's gotten here he's had to struggle just to keep a smile. This seems as good a chance as any to let a bit of pent up feelings out, "Only reason I'm 'ere's cause everyone lied ter me, an' said dis'd be fer the bes' like"

Akilina speaks up, to an actual 'normal' inside voice volume, "My name means Eagle in Russian, it has nothing to do with levels of Ph. My father worked for a water processing plant." Then away the volume tapers, "Til it was closed because it was bombed. Will we be quizzed on what we are learning about each other?"

Surfacing from her book, Elspeth glances around, then carefully turns her book upside down on the desk. She follows Seamus's example by standing next to her desk after giving Sampson a look of sympathy "I am being Elspeth Rosen, and my mother is being British, my father German. They are both being bakers, and I have learned to bake from them. I am a Quidditch Chaser and was last year Ravenclaw House Team Captain. I will be sitting for NEWTs in Herbology, Charms, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Gabriel frowns a bit as he hears Sampson's introduction. Then he digs in his backpack and pulls out some chocolate, which all of the Pirates seem to carry around these days. First he leans over and whispers to Maddie, "He seems like a nice person. Let's give him a chance." Then he turns to Sampson and hisses, "oy, Smith!" trying to attract the other boy's attention without interrupting the introductions too badly. If he does catch his attention he then slide the chocolate to him across the floor.

"Awww, they didn't lie, Samps," Tash says encouragingly. "This is the best school ever! And now you're in my class, and it'll be the best class ever! We're gonna do so many fun things. Just you wait. Five points to Gryffindor because…um…you're got great hair!"

Tash nods to Akilina, but clearly hasn't a clue what she's correcting him about. "No problem, Akie."

He gestures with both hands to Elspeth. "A Quidditch captain! Keen! Well, 10 points to Ravenclaw for that accomplishment alone. By the way, great accent."

Akilina points out proudly, "Alexei was Captain of Hufflepuff's team last year." No, she's not using this professor's loosey goosey passing out of house points at all.

"Yeah?" Tash is incapable of disguising his enthusiasm. "Ten points to Hufflepuff!"

A few more students choose to participate. But when the introductions seem to have died down, Tash scoops up a stack of parchment, going around the room and placing a sheet on the desks of each First, Second, and Third Year. "Alright. We're gonna start with some basics. This might be a review for you older students. But bear with me. We're talking core, elemental stuff here. Raw, primal magic. I want you to think about where you think magic comes from, and what it's like before we turn it into spells and potions and such. Those of you with the parchment, I want you to draw me a picture of what you think it might look like if you could see it. The rest of you, let's talk and get some ideas bouncing around in here." He gestures upward to the high ceiling, as if to suggest the ideas will literally be bouncing around up there.

Madeline looks at her piece of paper, then looks at Gabriel as if to silently ask, 'He's kidding, right?' "I think I'm going to draw a shark fighting a giant squid," Madeline remarks in a quiet voice. "How about you?"

The second the chocolate hits Sampson's foot, it's kicked slightly up into the air, and never manages to hit the ground seemingly vanishing before it even reaches the top of it's arc. An idea surges through his head, with the paper now on his desk. He quietly lets his hand fall onto the other pulling a pen seemingly from the palm of his hand, and with a bit of a silent twirl he's off to work. There's certainly quite a few ways to do what he's thinking of, but if it works out well it'll get across the point none the less.

Gabriel actually grabs his chair and desk and slides them closer to Madeline since it seems Tash runs a fairly loose classroom. With a giggle he whispers to Madeline, "I think I'm going to draw an explosion of ghost puffskeins that turn into fire works."

Elsewhere, as Sampson unwraps his chocolate a little chocolate puppy pops out and starts gamboling along Sampson's desk while the boy goes to work with his quill.

Tasciovanus doesn't to mind (or maybe he just doesn't notice) Gabriel scooting his desk over. He spreads his hands wide. "So, any ideas out there? There's a lot of theories in the world. Who's got one about the origin of magic?"

Akilina removes a ruler, protractor, compass and several different pencils. Leaning over her paper she slings one arm around it so no one can peek at her work. A simple world is drawn with lines traced over it like a network of ley lines. Then in another spot on the paper she outlines a human form with points here and there and circles on the traditional chakra points. Then another section, which are all seperated concisely with drawn lines down the paper with the ruler, comes a human figure that is standing on a vortex of lines on a convex surface as if it was a point from the world map where the ley lines all come together. The human is standing in such a way that some of the dots on the human form line up and a colored pencil is used to draw the flow of energy from the fortex, up through the body through certain points and then finally out of the wand the human is holding. She has to pause numerous times to keep her glasses from falling off her face and the little bit of tongue that pokes out as she draws eventually gets noticibly dry and she must lick her lips and tuck it away to moisten it again. Though sure enough it's poking right back out within a couple of moments.

"It was springing from the forehead of Zeus when he was having a headache," Elspeth murmurs, smiling to herself, once more reading her MUD book.

Madeline starts drawing, carefully counting the tentacles as she works. It's a rather angry looking squid, with two tentacles wrapped around an angry shark, with jaw gaping. It's clearly an epic battle to the death, and hard to tell who has the upper hand! Around it, she starts to draw little asterix - because magic! At least she's enjoying herself, right?

Tasciovanus snaps his fingers, pointing at Elspeth. "Great notion! Maybe it spilled out of a god's skull! Five points to Ravenclaw. Anyone else?"

"Because there's this little virus in our blood that gives us the ability to manipulate magic and if you ain't born with the virus you're never gonna have it," Madeline mutters under her breath, with about as much seriousness as Elspeth.

Although he is working on a drawing and he doesn't take his eyes off the paper Gabriel says, "The collected will of humanity creates a world wide pool of phsychic energy that people with the right sensibilities and abilities are able to tap into and use to create effects that people without access to that energy pool are unable to create." Well, someone's been giving thought to that theory…

"It was 'anded down so we could segregate each uvver, an' treat aaahr fellow geezer as if 'e was worse fer bein' born wrong. If we didn't 'ave magic we'd 'ave ter do i' by race religion, awer s-s-sexuali'y instead. Know what I mean?" Sampson says a bit firmly while making a few careful folds in his paper, the drawing on its surface looking to vanish all together as he works. If there's one time that reading all of those books with the big words should come in handy it's now. He offers the small chocolate dog a bit of a pat on the head, using some of his brainpower to try and think of how he might be able to keep the little creature around, maybe as a pet.

"A…virus?" Tash clearly didn't see that one coming. "Okay, okay, that's creative. Sure, why not? Five points to Gryffindor. And what's that? The will of humanity? Pretty intense, Gabe-raham. Five to the eagles!" He pauses to ponder Sampson's answer, scratching his chin. "Huh. Well…that's…um…I'm gonna have to think about that one, Sammy. But hey, five points to Gryffindor for…that." Tash shrugs and peers at the desks of the youngers students. "Anyone got a picture they wanna share yet?"

Akilina lifts up her drawing when she is done with it to pass it to Tash. "Like Gravity, and Tides and Tutonic activity there is a flow, a network of magical force that circulates through the world. Some are born with an atunement to these ley lines that has absolutely nothing to do with blood-purity. It's simply a recesive trait, like blue eyes and six fingers on a hand." It would be fascinating if she wasn't speaking so practically no one can hear. Really. "Over the centuries those attuned to this flow through trial and error and simply trusting their instincts have learned how to channel this power and use it to create what we today call spells."

Madeline has a look of concentration as she carefully draws in the teeth, adding in a bit of blood. She considers adding a severed tentacle but - no. She already counted and drew the correct amount. Well, next time. She pauses to try to listen to Akilina before muttering to herself, "Gee. The amplifiction spell sure would be helpful right about now. If only we were practicing that."

When Akilina is done, she holds up her own drawing of the deathly battle. "You said primal," she offers innocently.

Tasciovanus collects the pictures from Akilina and Madeline, looking them over. "Oh, these are great! Okay, everyone, look at what Akie drew. Someone's been reading up on magical theory. She's talking about ley lines. Some wizards believe that the world is criss-crossed with lines of energy that can be tapped into for magical power. In fact, they say that some special places mark where ley lines cross each other, like Stonehenge. Pretty great stuff."

Tash flips to Maddie's drawing. "And here we have…oh, it's a shark fighting a squid. I haven't heard that theory, but it's a good one! What if raw magic is a magical shark fighting a magical squid? Hey, Maddie, what do you think will happen if one of them ever wins the fight?"

Gabriel finishes putting the final touches on his drawing. It has nothing to do with his explantation of magic. Instead its covered in dozens of puffs of bright colors, all exploding out of a central point. As the puffs near the edges of the paper they start turning into even more brightly colored fireworks. With an impish smile Gabriel explains, "And added the pool of energy that humanity's collected will creates there's pufskein fireworks. That happens when too many puffskeins are collected in one place and the critical mass of cuteness causes them to explode into a fireworks display." Is he serious? He sure /sounds/ serious…

"Depends on which one's good, and which one's pure evil," Madeine answers in a deadpan. "Which is kind of hard to tell - it being a shark and a squid. Wouldn't be good if the wrong one won, though."

Gabriel says, "Well… Squids are good eating…"

Sampson says, "And 'ow"

Akilina turns stares at Gabriel, her eyes massive and blinking in horrified wonder at her fellow Ravenclaw through those thick lensed glasses of hers. She doesn't need to speak to convey how flabberghasted she is at his 'theory'.

Tasciovanus oooooohs ominously at Madeline's response. "Good and evil, huh? So maybe Dark magic comes from one of them? Good theory, Mads. Okay, Gabe, so…are the puffskien fireworks a source of magic? Or is this just sort of a side-effect?"

Akilina puts her elbow on the back of her chair and her cheek in the palm of her hand which also doubles in keeping her glasses where they should be as she watches Gabriel, awaiting his explaination of his theory. Yes Gabriel inquisitive minds want to know, what is the secret of the puffskien fireworks? Do tell!

The small chocolate dog on Sampson's desk continues to hop around looking all about, and generally getting in the way of the rather delicate work the kids trying to pull off. He's completely lost on the talk of fireworks, and how each person seems to think magic really works, just looking a bit confused more then anything. Though he tries his best just to obsess over the task at hand, hoping beyond hope that it works out well enough to impress someone, make this class a little less, well exactly what he thought it would be.

Gabriel quickly starts working on another drawing. This one looke more like a cartoon then his first one and is shows a mini-puffskein explosion with a big cartoon arrow pointed at a human with a delighted expression and a fountain of energy coming out of its ears then another big arrow pointed at a pool of energy that's attracting lots of puffskeins with another big arrow closing the circle by pointing at the original explosion. "Its both Professor Tash. See, here's how it works. Puffskein fireworks create wonder and amazement in the human brain with increases the psychic energy produced in the brain until it spills out the ears and joins the collective psychic energy pool which in turn attracts hundreds of thousands of puffskeins which creates the critical mass puffskein piles, which explode into fireworks starting the cycle again. Of course, other sources of amazement and delight cause the overflow of psychic energy in humans but no source is as good as puffskein fireworks!" The whole explanation is given as he draws and with the original impish smile plastered on his lips.

Madeline can't help but stare at Gabriel, then burst into a fit of giggling. "100 points to Ravenclaw! Cor, Gunny, that's a good one," she encourages, reaching out to give him a friendly hug to express her amusement.

"Whoa." Tash is suitably impressed. "Well, maybe! I've never heard of a bunch of puffskeins getting together and exploding, but who knows? Maybe we can do some experiments later in the year to test your theory. I'll talk to Professor Kettleburn about getting a few hundred puffskeins." He sounds quite serious about the notion of blowing up entire puffskein colonies to test Gabriel's idea. "Well, those are some great ideas. So, now that I've got your minds warmed up, let's crack open those M.U.D. books and-…oh, wow. M.U.D.? I didn't even…huh, that's odd. Anyhow, let's open your books to page eleven. Chapter One: The Dilution of Magical Blood. Who would like to reach the first section?"

"Umm. Professor Burke?" Madeline asks while raising her hand - apparently having decided to ignore the request to call him 'Tash.' Nor does she necessarily wait to be called on. "You do know you're allowed to tell us 'that's ridiculous and stop being silly'? Because how are supposed to learn anything at all if you just say all the ideas are good ones? I mean, that was a great story Gabriel told, but… I'm pretty sure no one in the room believes it."

Tasciovanus blinks in surprise at Maddie. "Well…they are good ideas. I mean, nobody really knows where magic comes from. So it's all theory, kiddo. Who's to say magic doesn't come from some cosmic shark-and-squid fight? There are weirder theories out there. Did you know some people believe the world exists in a tree growing on the back of a giant turtle that roams around the universe?"

"Yeah, well-" Whatever Madeline was about to say, she apparantly thinks better of it and clamps her mouth shut. "I just wanted to draw a shark fighting a squid, sir," she says instead. "I want to learn magic, sir. Spells. That's what I learned last year. That's why I got on the train."

Opening his book to the specified page while chuckling at Madeline's outburst Gabriel starts to read, "Over the ages the introduction of Muggle blood into the pure, untainted lines of the Magi of old have diluted the strength of the magical ability of all wizards and witches in those lines that have allowed the intermixing of Muggle and Wizard blood. Imagine, if you will, a pot of cold, delicious pumpkin juice. If you were to pour regular, room temperature water into the pumpkin juice the taste of the juice will become weaker and the temperature will raise, ruining the experiencefor anyone drinking the juice. Similarly, if one introduces Muggle blood into a Pureblood lineage the Muggle blood will dilute the power in the Wizarding blood making the offspring of such a mating overallweaker than the offspring of a properly matched Pureblood couple." Gabriel reads all this in a sing-song voice that makes the whole thing sound like an actor is reciting during a very badly acted play.

Once he's done reading he leans over to Madeline and whispers something in her ear… "Don't worry, Copper. Professor Mopsus was right, we need to deal with this by being polite and finding other ways to learn. Meanwhile, lets just have fun in this class."

Akilina comments as softly as ever, "I believe that the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures would have something to say about conducting explosive experiments on Puffskiens, Professor." Alas is her warning even heard? Probably not because then comes the clarion call for reading aloud and she focuses. This might be a farse of a class, but it is still a class and she will squeeze as much learning from it as she possibly can.

Tasciovanus reads along in his Professor's Edition of the M.U.D. book as Gabriel recites the first section. "So, basically what the author is saying is that when wizards and Muggles have kids together, those kids will have weaker magic. But there's more." He calls upon another student, a Fourth Year Hufflepuff, to read the next page. The text details a theory (presented as fact) that all wizards are connection, and the weakening of even a single bloodline actually weakens the magic of all wizardkind. The author uses this argument to justify why there is no apparent difference in the magic of a powerful Muggle-born wizard versus a powerful pure-blood. "So," Tash chimes in after the reading. "Let's hear some thoughts on what we've just read."

Gabriel mumbles, "Its balderdash?"

Akilina raises her hand high but it quickly lowers so she can fix her glasses but up it shoots again right afterwards.

Madeline grits her teeth, but nods in agreement with Gabriel She returns most of her attention to the drawing she was working on originally - an ugly and wicked looking wizard with - strangely - fish bones sticking out of his had, and long, claw-like finger nails and sharp, evil looking teeth.

It's possible Tash didn't hear Gabriel. But he certainly sees Akilina's hand shoot up. "Mouskowitz! Show us what you've got."

Akilina says, "Professor, I couldn't help but notice that there is no bibliography in this book, no sourse, no evidence. I am curious as to the proof behind this. Surely this book was meant for the Half-Blood classes. Because it's addressing wizards and muggles interbreeding. But we are Muggle-Born in this class we have no wizarding blood in our heritages, or at least not enough to be recognized. Yet we have all shown equal or greater skill to perform magic than those at this school. I am terribly concerned at being instructed in a book that does not have a bibliography. Do you know if this book has been approved by the Ministry? I wouldn't want you to get into trouble or fired for using a textbook that doesn't fit Ministry Regulations."

"Huh?" Tash is momentarily stumped by a Third Year. "Oh! No, don't worry. This is all Ministry-approved. My Uncle Sirius helped make it all happen. Did you know he used to be the Chief of the Department of Mysteries? The man's got connections like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, he's assured me this is all the latest research. Very modern, up-to-date stuff."

Gabriel tilts his head towards Akilina, straining to hear what the quietest of Ravenclaw is saying. Then his eyes open wide for a moment, he flips to the back of the book and starts to quickly scan the bibliography. Then he raises his hand, but like most people in the room he doesn't wait to be called upon. "Professor Tash! Professor Tash! Akilina is correct. I know I'm only a third year but I do like to read a lot and I don't recognize any of these authors from our classes or from anything that I've read in the library. Are these publications peer reviewed by independent experts?"

"Um…I'll have to look into that, Gabe." Tash rubs his neck, chuckling. "But let's go with what we've got for now, okay? Let's hear some thoughts on the reading. Did you understand what the author is saying?"

Gabriel gets a really innocent look on his face as he says, "Well, I think the author needs to research more about genetics and the effects of inbreeding… Does that count?"

"That if you love someone for who they are instead of their blood you're ruining everything?" Sampson continues to try and figure out the right way to try and pull this off blocking out most of what's being said. He's not really that sure when he's going to get a chance to use this, but if he takes his time he should have it ready before the next weeks lessons, maybe.

Akilina gives an inaudible and lengthy disertation on her feelings of the first five chapters of the book which she has already read. It's not til the very end when the end of class begins to approach that she manages an audible volume again. "Professor, if I were to put together an investigation and can prove this book uncredible, could we please read from the other assigned books from the other classes? We don't have to do labs and such that would get you into trouble." She likes Tash, really. "Just /read/ through them. Please?" Those big pleading eyes are magnified a dozen times over by those thick lenses of hers.

"Ahh…I don't know, Akilily. This is the Ministry-approved material. But…I guess you can put something together. It's got to be worth some extra credit, at least! But see here…it's like pumpkin juice, right?" Tash tries to clarify what the book has already said. "But imagine if every wizard is a cup, connected by a series of straws. So, of you pour the water into one cup, the pumpkin juice in every cup gets thinned out. See? But after hundred of years of mixing water with pumpkin juice, we don't know what real pumpkin juice should taste like. So we don't realize how thin it's gotten." He looks to his pupils' faces, desperately trying to help them understand. But so many eyes looking back at him are full of disbelief. He sighs heavily, putting his book down on his desk. "I think this is a bit heavy for so early in the year. We need to blow off some steam. Who wants to head down to the dungeons and play some light tag with Wand-Lighting Charms? I know this great charm that'll make the light leave glowing spots on our clothes! Firsties, team up with a NEWT student! Let's go!" Throwing his fist in the air, Tasciovanus strides between the desks toward the door, leading a befuddled class out and toward the dungeons for the most unusual lesson yet.

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