(1939-09-05) Library Orientation
Details for Library Orientation
Summary: Assistant Librarian Taylor holds a short orientation/refresher for students on library policies and procedures. The students mind their manners. Mostly.
Date: 05 September, 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Friday afternoon sees a long, trying week nearly over. After classes, yet still before dinner, new Assistant Librarian Annie Taylor straightens her perfectly pressed robes, watching students drift in. The afternoon sun streams in through the high windows, chasing away some of the shadows from the rows upon rows of bookshelves. Annie's voice is habitually barely above a whisper, yet it still carries well enough to be clearly heard. "If you're here for the library orientation, please come to these tables," she says, indicating with a wave of her hand.

This is really her first big 'official act' of the starting year, and she glances over to where Madam Patil keep enough of an eye on things to speak up if there is anything Annie can't handle. But the young witch is prepared, she knows this library better than most, from her days here at Hogwarts. Those days weren't very long ago, so some Ravenclaws and older students may already be somewhat familiar with her. Which only makes it a little bit more nerve wracking. But, with a deep breath, she pushes away nerves and reminds herself that she is now faculty. Something she had always hoped to be, in a library she loves.

Zayn has slowly moved from the Slytherin commons room, all the way up stairs and into the Library. He was aware of the event that was preparing to unfold and had simply come to observe really, he was all to familiar with the Library, but wanted to ensure nothing stupid happened while the new Assistant Librarian attempted to do her duties. He also wanted a clear showing of the Prefects represented here, to make sure the school knew that the Prefects were still actively here to help and to provide a neutral force of authority within the school.

Hephaesta always feels apologetic in the library. No matter how quiet she tries to be, the clockwork clicking and whirring of her gait is nearly unavoidable. Madam Patil has always been understanding, but it never stops Phae from giving repentant grimaces to anyone she passes. So it is as she moves to the table Annie has indicated. Click, whirr…click, whirr. She hasn't grown considerably taller since Annie saw her last, when Phae was a Third Year. Though she is finally blossoming into a young woman. She gives Annie a meek smile as she finds a seat at the front and settles in to listen.

Levi has been in the library for a little while it seems his classes will be a rather big strain upon him though he's determined to do well. The tall young man will finish up though having heard about the orientation he'll be glad to attend and perhaps meet the new assistant while he's at it. The hufflepuff will start with a good impression returning the books to the proper place before he moves to meet up with the group forming.

Like Levi Gabriel has been in the library for a while as well. The little Ravenclaw has actually been sitting in the most hidden corner of the library he could find, a collection of books making him a bulwark in front of him and the notepad he's been copiously writing in. When he hears Annie's voice announcing the beginning of the orientation he peeks over his wall of books for a moment then disappears again. After a few seconds of rustling sounds he comes out from behind his semi-hidden table and moves over to the tables set aside for the orientation, backpack firmly in hand.

Akilina was in the library already, working on researching the bibliography of the SCUM textbook, MUD. Upon hearing that the orientation is about to start she tidies up her location and transfers to one of the indicated tables. Settling down she pushes up her glasses and gives a big smile to the librarians. Ready to learn and discover if there's been any changes to the library system over the summer.

Annie clears her throat lightly as everyone settles, her smile warm and welcoming. "Good afternoon, witches and wizards. While a few of you already know me, most of you likely don't. I'm Madam Taylor, or Miss Taylor if you prefer, and I'm starting this year as the Assistant Librarian to Madam Patil. I just left Hogwarts myself three years ago, and it's nice to see some of my former housemates," she looks toward Hephaesta and Akilina, nodding to each, "As well as some faces that are fairly new." Her eyes shift to Zayn, "And while we may not have been well acquainted, Mister Shafiq, it would be well lax of me to not know the Head Boy. Mister Ward, thank you for joining us as well." She takes a moment, talking to a small band of firsties, getting their names, before one more she's not quite familiar with. "And you've been in the library for quite a while this afternoon, Mister Esmond."

She relaxes as she gets the feel for this sort of public speaking again, her humor coming out more as she does. "There's never very much new to learn in the library of a school you've been attending for years, but after summer break it's pretty easy to forget things. I won't keep you long, I know there's a lot of studying to be done, so we'll just refresh a bit, and then I'll answer anything I didn't already hit." Annie takes a few steps, strolling from one side of the group to the other as she talks.

Zayn takes a seat at on the the tables behind where the orientation is going to be taking place. His hands move and runs through his hair slowly as he watches, as he is greeted he offers a smile and s small nod, "Miss Taylor." he says in greeting. Before settling in for the orientation and to keep a watchful eye on everyone.

Abraxas has been here all along, and takes a seat next to the Head Boy and his fellow housemate. He adjusts his robes and sits back, watching the initial introduction with his usual semi-smug smile.

The tall Hufflepuff seventh year stands watching and waiting. Levi spots Annie as she speaks and he'll listen to the introduction and all about the orientation, he is content for the moment to listen though she knows his name and he gives a friendly smile "Hm, yeah NEWT lessons." he gives an explanation to why all the time in the library today.

Gabriel takes a seat as far from the Slytherin students as he can. Once he's seated he brings an old baseball out of his robe pocket and starts rolling it between his hands after he gives Annie a small wave. The rolling of the baseball starts out pretty fast but as Gabriel catches Madam Patil's stare out of the corner of his eye the rolling slow comes to a stop before he carefully puts the ball back into his pocket.

Hephaesta smiles with muted excitement at being recognised. She gives Annie a little wave, but keeps her silence respectfully. At the mention of the Head Boy, she glances back in search of him. But whereas in the past she might have frowned immediately, she maintains a neutral expression today, simply acknowledging his presence.

Akilina is also staring at Gabriel and was about ready to confiscate the baseball. "Gabriel, really." The great thing about Akilina is she is so soft spoken her usual volume is library perfect. But you get her in a library and her volume still is cut down. But even though she's practically inaudible, the thick lenses of her glasses amplify the annoyed look in her eyes that bore into Gabriel like he was an ant and she was the sun.

"And Mister Malfoy," Annie greets the young man. She's done her work to know the Prefects names as well, even if some may visit the library more infrequently than others. A couple more students slip in, and she waves them to the tables occupied to one side if they're here for the orientation. A brow arches as she looks toward Gabriel, but he's already putting the ball away. "One of the most important things, that I'm sure you're all well familiar with, is the restricted section. These books can be… sensitive. They are only available to students with a note signed by a professor."

She paces slowly, pausing now and then, looking at faces and acknowledging everyone in turn. "It would also be wise to exercise a bit of a care in the dragon book section. While they are usually quite helpful and informative, everyone has a bad day every now and then," she says with a grin. Settling her eyes on the small group of firsties, Annie cautions them about the protective spells on the books, and that food and drink are strictly forbidden in the library. "The last thing you want is a dragon book deciding it's hungry and coming your way." Her manner invites any stray questions, even if it's not technically time for them yet.

Zayn offers Abraxas a small nod as he sits next to him. Though he does catch Hephaesta's acknowledgement and returns it with a small nod and smile. As Miss Taylor talks about a few things, he listens, making sure everyone stays quiet and respectful of her as she talks.

Terrance slowly slid into the Library with a few books in hand. Spotting the small group of students gathered around Miss Taylor, he decided to join in. He stepped over, placing his books onto a table before sliding into a seat and giving Annie his attention.

Samira isn't here for the orientation. No doubt, she is here in pursuit of some other far more nefarious purpose. However, at the mention of a 'restricted section', Samira peers out from behind some shelves. Intrigued, she moves to stand and listen, but off to one side. Folding her arms, she leans against the side of a row of bookshelves.

As Annie continues to speak, her dark gaze drifts across the assembled students. They linger on those she recognizes, which hapens to be most of them. A surprise.

Again, Annie addresses the small group of firsties primarily, but her eyes roam to include everyone as she goes on. "On tables around the library, you'll find Locating Cards," she says as she holds one up in her hand. It looks like an average square of parchment, pale and unassuming. "While there is always someone available to help, whether it's myself or Madam Patil, or any one of the student aides, you are welcome to do your own legwork for research. If you write what you need on the card, a book title, an author, a subject even, you will be shown what section you need to go to, and will be given a map."

Annie stops walking as she talks, to lean and write 'illumination charm' on the parchment, then holds it up to show the map that has appeared. "It'll guide you so that you don't find yourself at the east end of the library when you needed the north." There are already cards on the tables, for anyone that wants to try it for themselves.

Elise is here, too, because she is a Ravenclaw, after all. New library rules must be learned! She listens very carefully to Annie, making mental notes of the restrictions. Motion from the corner of her eye catches her attention, and she looks over to see Samira glide up. For a second she looks incredibly depressed - but just for a second. Then her mask slide back on, and she's only a vague Ravenclaw girl learning rules about the books.

Hephaesta is utterly rapt, her attention fixed on Annie. Never mind that she's sat through five previous orientations. She's a good Ravenclaw, and a refresher is never a bad thing. Only when Annie's movement takes Phae's line of sight past Samira does she get distracted, her face lighting up in a smile of pure sunshine, offering a furtive wave to the Slytherin girl.

Elise and Hephaesta are not the only ones to notice Samira. When Gabriel catches sight of her he just smiles ever so slightly and gives her a wink quick as blink then returns his attention to Annie. In the pocket of his robe his hand constantly moves around. He's put the ball away but he's still fidgeting with it inside the pocket.

Annie briefly goes through the instructions to check out a book, which basically amounts to 'queue up and be patient, please'. "Some books are more popular than others, so there may be a waiting list. Which is exactly why we so appreciate prompt returns of materials." She pauses, her pleasant smile taking on a cat-like twitch. "Please don't make us track you down for overdue books." It's said so very sweetly, with a pointed look at the firsties. There's some benefit to perpetuating rumors of severe punishments for late books.

Suddenly, in the space of a breath, her smile brightens again. "I guess the last reminder is that the library closes at 8PM. Is there anything I haven't covered?" Her eyes drift from face to face, pausing to let anyone speak up.

Samira seems far more interested in the students attending, rather than the orientation itself. A Ravenclaw, she is not. As Elise notices her, a wide smile appears on her lips. Might be creepy. Gabriel gets an impish wink in return. Wait- what is he doing in his pocket? Huh. Glancing at Hephaesta, Samira's smile brightens and she lifts a hand in greeting as well.

As Samira glides over, Terrance glances in her direction, before letting his eyes move back to Annie, following after her. He had been here before, and understood most of the rules. But, studying during a presentation was never really easy. So, he sat and waited, his thumbs moving lightly along the spine of his Herbology and Defense of the Dark Arts books.

Hephaesta's hand shoots straight up like a rocket. When called upon, she mentions, "You should probably mention that climbing on the shelves is against the rules. And that books should be returned to their proper place on the shelves, or left on the tables for Madam Patil or yourself to put back."

Elise raises her hand.

Levi is listening along to the talk though he knows most of the information he's always interested in being friendly and all that. The Hufflepuff will turn though and also notices Samira whom he met on the train offering a small wave "How is Hogwarts so far?" he asks quietly though he does look back to Annie not wishing to be rude he nods to her words about overdue books.

"Thank you, Miss Mulciber, those are excellent points." Blue eyes settle on Phae for a moment before sweeping the others. "If you have to rush out at closing time, don't worry. Leave your books and they'll be taken care of." Annie's eyes settle again on Elise. "May I have your name please, and how can I help you?"

Abraxas picks up the card and looks at it, then tugs a quill out and writes something on the card. He glances down at it, then nods, erasing the card and putting it back on the table. And, ah, yes, the famous overdue library books. He stifles a yawn, then raises his hand.

Samira notices Terrance's glance and inclines her head. She doesn't answer Levi, not wanting to give Annie more cause for annoyance than she likely already has. Such a distracting girl! But, Samira does respond with a nod and a grin. Running a hand through her long, wild curls, Samira glances across the rest of the students. Her dark gaze lingers on Hephaesta a moment before it flits to Elise.

"My name is Elise Harper, miss," Elise says politely. If this was a movie, there would have been a dramatic DUN-DUN-DUUUUUNNNN! after her name. But it's not, so there wasn't. "What about the new censorship rules?" she asks. "Are they actually legal? After all, this is a place of learning, and censoring publications like newspapers and magazines, and even novels simply because of their Muggle origins removes the chance for us to understand that world. There is a war going on. We are at war. Even the best wizard can't stop a bullet to the brain, or survive a surprise fire-bomb dropped on their bedroom. This seems like it should be a time where all information would be made available, and when censorship could actually be dangerous." She pauses for just a moment. "I feel as if my education is being subjected to someone else's political agenda."

Gabriel pulls his hand out of his pocket to raise it and then starts a little bit as he realizes the baseball is still in it. He pops the baseball back into his pocket and then raises his now empty hand back up.

There is no indication of Annie's personal feelings on the matter, although inwardly she's proud of the girl, a fellow Ravenclaw, for questioning this. Her answer is just as pleasant as everything else she's said. "Thank you, Miss Harper. The rules governing this school come directly from the Headmaster. He sets the letter of the law within this facility. What each student learns about outside matters is up to their families." Her eyes hold on Elise for a moment, conveying nothing more than toeing the line as dictated by Flint. Annie looks to Abraxas next, just as interested and helpful to the boy with the Magijugend pendant as anyone else in the room. "Yes, Mister Malfoy?"

Spotting Samira's gesture of greeting, Terrance offered a nod in return. He then turned, a bit of amusement playing at his lip as he saw the many hands darting up amongst his peers, before looking down to his texts. Personally he had just come to get a bit of an escape, as his house was in what seemed like a mild civil-war…which, it seemed, he had placed himself in the middle of.

Abraxas clears his throat, and then asks, with malicious politeness, "Will the books suitable for the muggle-born studies program be segregated in a different room, or will they be sharing the library with the rest of the students? I, for one, while appreciating the learning value of their stimulating game of wand-light tag in the dungeons yesterday, do hope that more decorum will be maintained here."

Samira arches a brow, listening to the conversational twists with keen interest. Her dark gaze flits from Elise, to Annie, and then settles on Abraxas. So fascinating. She seems rather pleased to have dropped in.

Levi looks at the raised hands and to Annie back and forth though the question about the banned books pulls a frown to his face all the changes this year coming to weigh on him once again. His gaze remains on Annie now knowing or well guessing how she must answer. He does follow back forth on the conversation.

Gabriel's head slowly turns towards Abraxas, teeth gritted to the point of making white spots pop out on his cheeks. He lowers his hand and puts it back into his pocket but when he speaks he is nice and polite when he says, "We know the library can be a confusing place and you would like it to be simplified for your sake Malfoy. But don't worry, any of us Ravenclaws would be happy to help you make your way around and find the books you need."

It doesn't appear to phase Annie at all, in fact she nods to Abraxas. "We understand your concerns, Mister Malfoy. Please rest assured that the library will maintain the same standards it always has, and tom foolery will not be no more tolerated than ever." She looks to Gabriel, still unruffled, and says kindly, "Thank you, Mister Ward, for your gracious offer of help, but I must ask you to allow me to field the questions. And yours is….?"

Elise frowns just a little bit at Annie's answer, but she remains quiet, thinking it over. She nods a bit in agreement with Gabriel. "Yes," she says, giving Abraxas a solemn, polite nod. "If you do need help, please ask a Ravenclaw. Most of the second-year-and-up students know our way around very well, and we're usually happy to oblige." She totally doesn't even sound sarcastic at all.

Hephaesta stiffens at the back and forth of loaded questions and retorts. She lowers her face to hide her agitated expression. One of her sanctuaries is being invaded by conflict!

Gabriel snaps his mouth shut at the mild remonstration from Annie and turns to look at her, "No question really. I was just going to mention that horseplay and sports are not allowed in the Library." His eyes flick towards Madam Patil as if to say, 'See, I learned my lesson'.

Zayn smiles at Gabriel and says softly, "Lets allow Miss Taylor to perform her orientation, without belittling other students please?" is all he says slowly, his hand moving through his hair. Last thing he wants is this to actually turn into a issue again.

Madam Patil does not look up at Gabriel. But…is that a smirk on her lips? Hmmm.

Abraxas just looks at Gabriel and gives him a little smirk.

Hephaesta looks up at Zayn's words, half in surprise, half in gratitude. She even goes so far as to offer him a little smile for his efforts to bring peace back to the beloved library.

Annie looks at Gabriel pointedly, her hand coming up, pinky scratching lightly at her cheek as she addresses him, "Indeed it's not, Mister Ward." She can't quite hide her amusement, having heard tales of the shenanigans that have gone on. She's witnessed more than her fair share as a student, as well. "Thank you, Mister Shafiq, for your support. It's very nice to know there is a Head Boy that others can look up to and emulate." Her eyes sweep the students, and she offers, "Anything else?"

As Miss Taylor speaks to Zyan, mainly in regards that others should try to emulate him, Terrance gives a light snort of laughter, though his eyes were glued down to his Defense Against the Dark Arts book. He pulled open the cover and let his eyes roll along the pages, trying to find something funny to provide a cover for the real reason he gave a laugh.

Samira continues to wear a smile of amused fascination. Such interesting times. Even the library orientation has become a battleground.

Zayn offers Annie a polite nod, "Of course, Miss Taylor, my goal as well as all the other prefects are simply to provide a neutral and positive learning environment for all students of Hogwarts." he says with a smile, giving Hephaesta a nod in return to her smile. Terrance laughter causes Zayn to smile softly, "Apparently I missed a joke." he says nodding, "But I do not wish to disturb Miss Taylor's orientation and moment to clarify rules for students. I think that such clarification will be well founded and aide everyone in ensuring they know the rules and what is expected of them as students." he says nodding.

Gabriel's head does that slow twist again this time to give Zayn a wide-eyed look of disbelief. But instead of firing back with some other barded comment he just turns back to paying attention to Annie, plastering a wide, incredibly fake smile over his expression.

Annie gives one more opportunity, looking around. "Anyone?" Anyone? Bueller? "If there aren't any more questions, I'll just thank you all for your attention. If you need anything at all, please always feel that you can approach us." She's been taking in all the nuances that she can catch, trying to pin which students stand on which side of the issue. She's getting more information day by day. "Oh, and if the students with special restrictions might please stay just a moment longer, we have some extra instructions for you." With that, they're all dismissed.

Samira remains standing off to one side, leaning against a bookshelf. Perhaps she is curious to hear what Annie has to say about the muggleborn students. Her eyes linger on Hephaesta. Perhaps she is just waiting for her.

Abraxas stands and stretches, putting his arms over his head and bending this way and that with a wide yawn until his back pops. Then he adjusts his robes and gathers his things.

Hephaesta murmurs a quiet thanks to Annie, probably too soft to hear, then carefully rises to her feet. She takes a moment to adjust her brace, furtively glancing toward Samira…and is caught looking! She giggles softly and waves, then limps her way over to the Slytherin girl. "Hullo, Samira," she says quietly. "Isn't this library incredible?"

Gabriel keeps that plastic grin plastered on his lips and just sits there, waiting for the people without 'restrictions' to leave the library. And he very intentionally turns to the Head Boy and the Prefect,"We thank you for your service and will do our best to repay you with the appropriate behaviors." Then turns back to waiting.

Elise slinks back into the stacks, close enough to listen, but out of sight.

Samira grins up at Hephaesta. "Mm, incredible? It is interesting. The restricted section looks smaller than I had hoped, but I am pleased it exists. Have you ever accessed it?" She shifts to step a bit closer, watching the older girl with her head slightly tilted.

Glancing around at the many students, Terrance shrugs. He had come to escape others, which it seemed he would not be able to do here. With a slight sigh he scooped up his NEWT books and rose, making his way for the door.

Annie will give ample time for everyone to gather their things, before she draws the few muggle-born students aside. She doesn't talk to them there, instead, moving to lead them into the scores of shelves as she says, "We'll go over the restrictions a bit and I'll answer any of your questions."

Zayn offers Abraxas a nod as he goes to leave. However Zayn stays seated watching people leave, he offers Gabriel a smile, "Of course Ward." he says softly nodding, "All of us Prefects are here to help everyone." he says with a smile, staying seated.

"Oh, fear not, Ward." Abraxas says to Gabriel, every word dripping with polite acid, "We know exactly how grateful you are, and are pleased that you continue to show just what sort of class you have every time you open your mouth. It's amazing, really. I am truly impressed. You go above and beyond what I would expect of even a muggle-born. Good luck in your class with Professor Burke. I'm sure it will prove a… challenge." He quiets, though, when Annie begins talking again, picking up his books.

Hephaesta nods cautiously. "Yes, when I was researching a combustion potion. But…you don't think it's incredible?" She lifts her gaze, still in awe after all of these years at the enormity of the multi-levelled library, brimming with thousands and thousands of tomes of lore.

Adorabella was, on occasion, at least when there were things taller than she was around, good at staying out of sight and given the last time she'd come and the last time she'd left and just…everything, oh god, invisible was the name of the game. Or at least wallflower. Dorflower? Tentative eyes bounded from face to face and while she might have been looking for a few in particular, the fact that the assistant librarian was stealing away with the muggle-borns did put a little edge of curiosity to her gaze.

Annie pauses what she's saying, turning to look back at Abraxas pleasantly. "Thank you, Mister Malfoy. The orientation is over." It's not confrontational, any more than it was to Gabriel. It's a mere statement of fact with an indication that nothing more is necessary.

The Library of Alexandria was in Egypt and the one at the Heka School of Ancient Magic was its rival in the wizarding world. Where one did not survive, the other has. However, Samira glances around and still nods. "Yes, it is beautiful. The architecture here - the castle - it is different, but beautiful." Glancing once more to Hephaesta, she says, "Do you suppose the workshop is open?"

Gabriel walks behind Annie after giving Abraxas a little bow, not saying another word to the older boy. His smile stays in place until he's out of sight then he goes back to clenching his teeth so hard Annie, Akilina and the other Muggle students might even be able to hear them creak if they have good hearing.

"Of course, Madame Taylor." Abraxas says, politely, and the then takes his books and turns to depart.

Hephaesta's brow furrows, a bit dismayed at Samira's lack of awe at the extraordinary library. But she nods with a light sigh. "Yes, I was down there earlier. Would you like to see it?"

Adorabella can't help but sigh. It's a quiet thing but it's there, a glimmer of disappointment in her eyes before she turns and slips away with the rest of the pure bloods. Poor thing was like as not to worry a hole through her bottom lip before the night was done.

Samira grins up at Hephaesta. "I would. But, I don't mind staying here either. We can go wherever you like." She steps closer, slipping an arm around one of hers.

Hephaesta's brow lifts in surprise when Samira claims her arm, and her cheeks flush a bit. But she manages a smile, and gestures for the door. "Come on. I'll show you some of my old projects."

Akilina speaks in her typical whisper, "Someone should get that boy a Locating Card for a book on Tact and some history story about what happens when a smaller population of people attempt to enslave and lessen a greater population of people. They do seem to know how to burn bridges when given the chance." Gabriel is given a pat to the arm. "Don't allow yourself to get riled by him. Never get into a fight with an idiot, they just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." She sagenods at her housemate and gathers up her things to approach Annie and extend her hand. "Thank you very much Madam Taylor." Then she's off to return to her table and continue her research on the thing that she loosely calls a textbook.

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