(1939-09-06) No Confidence
Details for No Confidence
Summary: Cassius Malfoy calls a press conference in the Ministry of Magic Atrium and delivers an impassioned speech in response to the Muggle declaration of war.
Date: 6 September, 1939
Location: Atrium, Ministry of Magic
Plot: Unity
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"The world has changed, but not for the better. The Muggle Governments of the United Kingdom and France have declared war upon Germany. That which we all feared, which the Unity Party warned of, has come to pass.

"What will we do? Hide and pray that Muggle fire bombs do not fall on our homes? The Baba Yaga University did not escape damage as the Muggle warfare forced it to flee Poland. This should be all the evidence we need that Secrecy will not shield us. Baba Yaga was lucky to escape. Diagon Alley won’t be. The Ministry of Magic is tucked underground, guarded by powerful charms. In such safety, it is ready to weather any storm until it governs only the dead. Forgive my frightening words, but I speak the truth. Caught in Muggle crossfire, further inaction will lead to our annihilation.

“I presented a plan, the only plan, to prevent this state of affairs from ever arising. But the Minister for Magic took no action. The Unity Act remains unreviewed by the Wizengamot because Minister Gambol delayed. Rather than work to prevent the impending crises, she concentrated her efforts on stalling the Unity Party’s efforts to address it. She had warning, as did we all. But, Titania Gambol chose inaction. That, I say, is a dereliction of her duty to us, the people she is supposed to serve.

"We can no longer stop a war from happening. But we can still take action. We can step in and prevent Muggles from destroying each other and ourselves with them. By promoting mutual understanding and cooperation, we can create a lasting peace in which wizards and Muggles can rebuild a stronger, safer world. The alternative is for us to simply continue as we have been: too fearful of taking the wrong course of action to take any action at all. We must become our own saviors. We must remove our Absentee Minister from office.

“Write letters to the Wizengamot. Sign the petitions. Tell them that we will not tolerate a leader that will not lead. Urge them to call for a 'vote of no confidence'. Let us make way for a Minister for Magic that cares about us, and that will ensure a safe and prosperous future for us all."

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