(1939-09-06) Of Sandwiches and Portraits
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Summary: Elise finds a kitten. Amyah and Felix look for ghosts.
Date: 1939-09-06
Location: Art Gallery

Amyah's eyes are shining with delight, but she has to stop at the exit to lean up against the frame of the door, catching her breath. Her eyes wander the gallery, beaming at the portraits in fascination, and even waving. Oh, how she /loves/ how they can move! And talk to you! "Oh, um," she says as she looks around the room. "We have to be super, super quiet or we won't hear it." She puts a finger to her mouth. She hunches, and slowly walking on her tiptoes, moves around the room. The bag with the lamb plushy sticking out of it at her side.

"Righ', quiet," Felix whispers loudly. He goes to his tip-toes as well, making quite the show of how quiet and sneaky he is being. He pauses near every painting, tilting his head to listed for some spooky sound or haunting voice.

It's not a spooky sound or a haunting voice either of them hears. It's a girl's voice, crooning softly from behind one of the statues. Bum-first, Elise emerges, hunched over with her hands cupped around something small and fuzzy. "Aw," she says, looking down at whatever it is. "You're so tiny. Where's your mother, little one?"

Amyah keeps her finger pressed to her lips for several moments as she walks, being quiet, head turned so her right ear tips towards the paintings. But she blinks when she suddenly turns to the voice, a gasp escaping her. "Oh my-!" she begins, but cuts off when she realises that it's nothing actually supernatural and another girl. "Oh, hi," she offers out, a little blush tinging her cheeks as she offers a wave. "What do you have there? Hey, Felix, look over here," she says, beckoning with big arm movements.

"Hm? Awwww, you made me lose." The portrait that Felix was having a staring contest with chuckles, waving the young Gryffindor away. Fee skips over to Amyah and Elise. "Is this the ghost? Wotcher, Harper. Why're you actin' like a ghost?"

"I'm not a ghost!" Elise says, almost indignantly. "Maybe I'll become one when I die, though," she says thoughtfully. Her eyes go a bit distant as she considers that. Then she shakes her head and looks down at the bit of fluff she has in her hands. "Look!" she says softly. "A kitten! It's all alone - no littermates or mother, either. Poor wee thing, I don't know how it got here." The kitten is very cute, a little orange female with big orange swirls instead of stripes. "Mew!" she says, orange eyes open wide.

Amyah blinks, tilting her head as she glances towards Felix. "What?" She looks between the painting and the boy, but turns her head back towards Elise as she lets out an, "Oooooh." The redhead comes up right beside Elise, face coming in close to see, looking super excited. "It is sooooo cute!" she squeaks out. "You don't know who it belongs to?" Her green eyes widen as her mouth drops open. "It must have gotten away. Well," she says with a curt nod, "as super detective, I say we need to go and find out who it belongs to. What would Detective Sherlock Holmes do?" she asks herself as she taps a finger to her chin.

"Awww, he's 'andsome!" Felix grins excitedly, bending down, hands on his knees, to look closer at the kitten. "Fink someone's cat was preggers? Or maybe he's really a transfigured griffin what escaped from Kettleburn, yeah? Oh…lookit them swirls! He's the squid, i'nt he! All transfigured into a pussycat!"

"I'm gonna go check the lake!" Felix announces, and before giving anyone a chance to protest or advise him otherwise, he bounds out of the art gallery. He's on a mission!

Elise lifts up the kitten, just enough to look under the tail. "It's a girl," she pronounces, and gives Felix a slight smile at his exhuberance. Then she cuddles the kitten up to her chest. "She looks old enough to be weaned…" she says thoughtfully. "Perhaps I could keep her." Then Felix bops out. She looks at Amyah. "What do you think!

"Oh!" Amyah looks both amazed and nervous at Felix's idea. "Could it really be a gryphon? A baby gryphon!" she exclaims, and lets out a giggle. "Wait, Felix!" she starts to call out, arm stretching out for him as she turns, but lets out a laugh as she shakes her head. "You think it's really a kitten?" she asks as she looks back, eyes focusing on Elise before dropping to the little critter. "She's so adorable!" she squeaks out again, giggling. "I'd say go for it, if- if you're allowed, of course. And if she doesn't belong to anyone," she adds.

"I'll ask around," Elise says, petting the little kitten behind the ears. An incongruously loud purr issues forth from the kitten's throat, and Elise smiles again - that pale, vague smile. "What should I name her?" she wonders aloud.

Amyah bobs her head in a nod. "I can help. Or maybe we can put it up on the boards," she suggests with a smile. Her eyes sparkle as she focuses on the cute little furry critter, giggling. "Ummmm," she murmurs out as she tilts her head, tugging at one of her braids as she thinks. "Pumpkin? Pumpkin Spice?" suggests the redhead.

"Yeah," Elise agrees about the boards. Another wan smile. "Pumpkin is a good name," she agrees. "I like that! You're good at naming kittens, it seems." She studies the older girl for a moment. "What brings you two here, anyway?" she asks curiously. "I heard the meowing and came in." She keeps petting the kitten, and keeps getting purrs in response.

Amyah can hardly pull her eyes away from the cute little fur ball. She giggles, reaching out one little finger to tickle the kitten's nose. "Thanks!" she chimes brightly, lifting her eyes to Elise, and then back. "I really like her colouring," she states perkily. "Oh!" Amyah looks around the gallery, and she lets out a little giggle. "I was pretending to go on a journey looking for the ghostly noise that I heard coming from a portrait in here. I mean, I /could/ have just been one of the portraits itself…" She glances up and around, and then back. "It's so brilliant that they can speak. I think Felix might have thought it was real though," she adds, looking a little sheepish as she shrugs.

The kitten bats at Amyah's finger, tiny claws extended - but it's slow enough that even if the girl doesn't move her finger fast enough, it wouldn't hurt. Elise nods in agreement. "She does have pretty coloring, doesn't she?" The kitten's orange fur isn't striped, but has big uneven blotches, instead. She looks up at the portraits as Amyah speaks about them. "It probably was," she agrees. "They like to talk to one another, and sometimes have a laugh at the student's expense. I don't often talk to them, myself. Just sometimes." She shrugs abit. "I should get going." Then she pauses. "Um… would you like me to walk you somewhere?" she asks, trying to be nice and coming across as awkward.

"A lot of them are very entertaining," Amyah says as she bobs her head. She looks around the gallery again, looking at all the portraits and smiling brightly as she waves at one of them. "Oh," she says softly, unable to keep her disappointment out of her tone. "Y-Yea." She nods her head. "You probably want to find out if she belongs to anyone. Though I think everyone is in Hogsmeade. Um, do- do you think-" she starts, nervous as she looks down and jabs her forefingers together. "Do you think Mister Pringle would take away food if you tried to bring it into the castle?" Her cheeks colour a little sheepishly.

Elise looks around. Then she reaches into her pocket and takes out an egg-salad sandwich wrapped in a napkin. She presses it into Amyah's hand. "Here," she whispers. "Eat it quickly!" The kitten seems interested in the sandwich, whiskers quivering, but Elise keeps it close to her chest and pets it.

Amyah is taken aback by the sandwich being pushed into her hand. "What? I-" She blinks, lifting her head and glancing around vigorously as her cheeks heat up. "Oh no, no, you should- you should save it." She shifts uncomfortably, offering it back to her. "I- I was just thinking for, um, you know, the first and second years. Since they aren't allowed into Hogsmeade and all. You should definitely save it for them."

"Just… give it to someone who needs it," Elise says. She won't take it back. She glances around nervously again. "And let them know, I'll try to get them as much food as possible. My mother is owling me care packages with food. And I'm going to learn that charm - what's it called? The one that makes food duplicate. That way one sandwich can feed the whole dorm." She looks absolutely miserable about things as they are.

Amyah watches Elise with wide eyes. She shifts again uneasily, glancing around, and then finally lets out a sigh as she hurriedly tucks it away into the bag that her stuffed lamb sticks out of. She nods at Elise's instructions, because she will definitely find a first or second year to give it too. But she smiles, and suddenly leans forward to drape her arms (being careful of the kitten!) around Elise's shoulders, hugging the girl. "I don't want you getting into trouble but that's so nice of you." She keeps her voice hushed, because she wouldn't want to draw anyone's attention.

Elise is surprised by the hug. For a second she stiffens, but then she relaxes into it and puts her free arm around Amyah. "It doesn't matter if I get into trouble," she says. "It's unjust, what the Headmaster's done. What's the worst they can do to me?" She gives a laugh that has no humor in it. "When you've lived your entire life under a death curse, threat of expulsion isn't at all scary." She gives a shrug. "If you need help with anything, find one of the pirates," she says. "Me, or Cillian, or Gabriel or Josie or Madeline or…" she finishes the short list of names. "We're going to help as much as we can."

A faint smile flicks out across Amyah's face. "It's not very nice," she agrees with a bob of her head. "I can't believe an adult is being so mean." For a moment she looks cross, but it doesn't last as she shakes her head. "Oh. Oh! The pirates!" Her eyes open wide as they light up. "You're one of them? Oh, that's so neat. Do you go on adventures and stuff too?" Her smile brightens and she giggles. "Madeline's a pirate too?"

Elise nods. "Yes," she says. "I am." She just shrugs a bit over the adventure question. "We help out those who need it," she says gently. "And we fight injustice." She looks around again. The kitten meows. "I should go find where this kitten belongs," she says. "Or keep her. I'll see you later, alright?"

Amyah offers Elise a bright smile, nodding her head. "Yes!" she says, lifting a hand, palm facing outward, up beside her head. "I will definitely see you later. Bye!" And she giggles as she wiggles her fingers at the kitten. "Bye bye."

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