(1939-09-06) One Less Magijunde
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Summary: Celes is upset about some news, Angelus tries to comfort, Angus comes back from quidditch practice, and Chastity decides to hang out for some tea.
Date: September 6, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room

The common room is empty at this time of day. Mostly empty. A fourth year girl sits on the steps up to the girls’ dorm, slowly spinning her wand in her hands, end over end.

Angelus comes speeding down the steps from the boys’ dormitory, out of uniform. He’s dressed in silk blue robes with splotches of white swirling in decorative designs. His silver pendant smacks his chest as he hurries down the stairs, hopping to the floor at the last couple of steps, and suddenly stopping. He blinks, having noticed that Celes was there, and turns back to the steps. A grin spreads across his face as he lifts his head. “What’re you thinking about?” says Angelus, announcing his presence. “Are you not heading to Hogsmeade?” he asks, offering a hand down to Celes.

Celes doesn't look up, just flips her wand end over end. To his question she shakes her head, "I don't think so. I don't really feel like doing anything." One hand moves away from her wand to clutch her pendant under her robe.

Angelus blinks, hand freezing in the air above her as he tilts his head. He hums out as he studies her thoughtfully, and then shifts as he lifts his hand to his hair, pushing back a couple locks of hair. “Why not?” he asks as a brow arches. He frowns, glancing around the commons, and then shakes his head as he lowers to sit beside her on the step. "Did someone say something to you?” Now sitting beside her, he leans close, intending to kiss her cheek. “If any of our housemates said anything to you, just let me know.”

Celes nods, then shakes her head, "Not them." She lifts her head for a moment, "Oh, I'm so sorry they've been picking on you. It really wasn't right for them to do that to your things." She sighs then holds up her wand to show him, "Flint said I wasn't 'pure enough' to be in the club." Her head falls again, hair covering her face.

Angelus frowns when she doesn’t react to the kiss to the cheek like she always does. He reaches out to her, but pauses with his hand in the air as she looks up. Smirking, he shakes his head and rolls his shoulders back. “Well I think Denholm learned not to bother-“ He cuts off and just stares at her. His mouth begins to drop open, but he quickly shuts it and clears his throat. “/What/?” The youth is taken aback, his heart thumping in his chest an rising. He tilts his head forward, leaning forward so that he can peer up at her. “Then…” he swallows hard, trying to hide the dread that’s rising in his stomach, “…you found out about your father? Mu…ggle-born?”

Angus heads in through the door. Despite it being lunchtime he's carrying a broom and wearing flying clothes- rather simple ones in this case. "Och, hello."

Celes’s shoulder shakes a little and her voice sounds thick, "Would that really matter?" She shakes her head "No, apparently he's some pure blood somewhere. He didn't care to share what he found with me. I thought, I thought it was just a cultural thing, but all pedigree to him, and half isn't good enough." The sound of someone else entering has her glancing up and then shrinking away to the press her shoulder against the wall.

Angelus is struck silent, at a loss for words as he simply just shakes his head. But the tension tightening in his stomach does relax a little when she mentions that her father was pure-blood. Silent, because he can’t think of the right words to say, Angelus lifts his head and glances around the common room again. When he catches sight of Angus it takes a moment before Angelus greets him, first regarding him quietly before he lets out a sigh and lifts his head. “Angus,” he says in greeting, lifting a hand to flick it above his shoulder in a wave. His blue eyes linger a moment over the broom, frowning briefly before he sighs again and looks back Celes. “I’m sorry, Celes,” says the youth, dropping his head sorrowfully.

Angus looks from one to the other, "Ah'm in t'way? If yeh'd rather I grabbed fud an' went oot tae th' hills tae eat, just say, ken?"

Celes leans her head against the wall, "I just don't know what went wrong." A hand comes up to push some hair over her shoulder. "I guess I don't have to worry about being a policeman any more, but I really don't understand what he thinks he's going to accomplish with this. Are you worried he's alienating so many people that he's actually doing harm to his side?" Her eyes, slightly watery, look up now at Angus, "Oh, no, it's ok." She forces a smile, "It's a free commons."

Chastity comes flouncing down the stairs, her hand following down the railing as she pauses to have a word with a painting of a young girl, she gives a little laugh to something the girl says and shakes her head before gracefully descending the rest of the stairs. She pauses to see the commons filled with people, even with this being a Hogsmeade weekend. She gives a smile to several people as she passes them, inclining her head and asking after them before making her way to the fireplace. "Oh I'd love a cup of tea," The youngest Proudmore says, mostly to herself.

Angus gives a nod to the others, and heads over to put the kettle on. Chastity gets a little nod, and then he's talking to a house elf. "Some bread and cheese, aye? Thank yehs."

Angelus glances down at the floor between his legs, letting out another sigh. He waits for Celes to answer Angus, because it’s her who might feel uncomfortable, and then lifts his head to glance over to him. “Right, free commons,” agrees the youth, dipping his head in a nod. “You’ve been getting ready for tryouts, mate?” asks Gel. A heavier sigh escapes the blonde haired boy as he flicks his gaze back to Celes. “Well…” he starts off slowly. “I don’t think that he cares if he alienates Muggle-born or their supporters.” He leans closer to Celes, lifting an arm to drape over her shoulders. “I’m still with you. I’m all you need, right?” he teases, giving her a little grin.

Angelus hums out as he lifts his head to glance at Chastity, offering her a nod. “Proudmore.”

Celes shrugs, "And if they turn out to be the majority? He should be looking to unite people under an idea, not divide based on an undefined value of purity." She looks at Angelus fully, a brief but genuine smile crossing her face at his words, "Ya, but, do you really like what's happening?"

Chastity gives Angus a grateful look and inclines her head, "Thank you very much." She even thanks the little House Elf and hears her name.. well her last name and she looks over her shoulder and says, "Oh do please, Proudmore would be Lucian or Vincent, I'm Chastity.. I would rather you call me that please?" She flutters her eyelashes at Angelus, in pleading.. Hey it works for daddy. Settling gracefully into a seat she crosses her legs at the ankles and lightly lays her hands in her lap, "Has anything else happened lately?"

Angus gives Angelus a grin, "Och, Ah figure Ah'm a safe in for th' team this year. Tho' they may no play me as Beater, Ah hear. But it's braw tae feel the wind through yehs hair, ken?" He gets on with the making of the tea, with an air of one who does this sort of thing. Of course, the MacMillans may well not be able to afford a House Elf.

“And you’re always using your head,” compliments Angelus, offering Celes a dazzling smile. His blue eyes flick up and towards Chastity again, his smile growing into a wide grin as he flicks his head up. “Yea, Chastity, of course, sweetheart,” he responds, smiling brightly to her. He flashes a grin as he looks over to Angus, nodding his head. “Oh, not going to be beating?” A brow arches, letting out a hum. “Well, good luck with the new position.” His position? Because that just makes him feel worse even though he smiles, hiding away the annoyance at not being able to play. “Um,” Angelus lets out as he glances back to Celes, his mood sobering up again. “I don’t like that you got booted,” he answers, quirking a brow. And he glances to Chastity again, shrugging. “Been a little quiet here since everyone’s in Hogsmeade.”

Celes hugs herself and stands up and walks a few paces away. That wasn't really what she asked, but she doesn't want to push, especially not in public. Again, she clutches the front of her robes, where her missing pendant use to be. "So, how is the team looking this year?" She asks, feigning interest best she can and rubbing her eyes scrumptiously. "Are you really not going to be on the team this year?"

Chastity inclines her head in thanks to Angelus, though she does wrinkle her nose a tiny bit when he calls her sweetheart. She watches Angus as he fiddles with the tea, and talks with Angelus and Celes. Rolling her shoulders a bit she sits up nice and straight, a perfect, proper, princess, "Well I hope everyone is having fun and staying safe, I cannot wait to be old enough to go as well."

Angus makes a pot. "Och, well, we'll have tae see. It'll be better than last year, ken. Mind it couldnae be much worse. Ah think they'll have me as a chaser." He takes a rockbun from the house elf, and (accurately) throws it at Angelus, "See?"

A soft smile twitches against Angelus’ lips as he reaches out to play with Celes’ hair. Except that she stands and steps away, and he arches a brow, tilting his head. He follows suit, standing up from the step and shrugging his shoulders lightly. “I’ve got to focus on more important tasks this year, so I can’t,” Angelus responds quietly. “Already getting ready for next year, and the year after that.” Gel glances over at Chastity again, chin lifting briefly. “Why don’t you write home asking for an escort? A chaser,” he adds in as he sweeps his gaze over to Angus. He ducks reflexively when the rock bun is thrown, and barely manages to catch it as his hand comes up and Gel chuckles. “So I’m going to be expecting all wins from Gryffindor then,” he responds, flashing a grin. And back to Celes, he steps after her, reaching out to take her hand in his. “You ever consider trying out for the team?”

Celes shrugs, "I don't know. I went to one of those quidditch summer camps once and they said I did pretty good at beating but I haven't had much time to practice so I don't think I'd be very good. From the stands, it's really hard to follow. Trying to keep track of everything, while flying AND in front of everyone? I don't know how you guys do it." She avoids Angelus's hand, still not really wanting to be social but forcing herself anyways. "Thanks though."

Angus gives a grin, "Och, well, Quine, Ah can tak you up fer a few sessions, if yeh's like?" He's grinning, "We need some muhr new blood on the team." He glances at his gloves, "It's _fun_!"

Chastity rises and says, "Please excuse me.." She inclines her head to each of them, and turns to head back up the steps to the girls' dorm.

Instead, Angelus lifts his hand to flick it through his blonde locks. A smile slips across his face as he shrugs. “Well,” Angelus says, glancing at Angus with a grin and back to Celes, “take Angus up on the offer and maybe you’ll feel differently. He wasn’t a bad beater last year,” he adds. “You can use my Cleansweep Three,” he offers, a wide grin crossing his face. He glances toward Chastity, offering a raise of his head as he says, “See you,” and turns his gaze back. “Actually, I think I better slip out too. Heading out to Hogsmeade if you want to come,” he offers out to Angus with a casual shrug. He turns back to Celes, once again reaching out for her, but only to nudge her shoulder lightly. “Come on, stopping by Harkiss’ will do you good.”

Celes lifts her hands in surrender, "All right, it'll at least be fun to practice." She says giving in. Angelus’s offer isn't really that appealing but it's better than moping all day. "Sure, I guess that'll be good."

Angus gives Angelus a nod, "Butterbeer later on, aye?" And Celes gets a flash of a bright, infectious grin, "Aye! Jocunda Sykes taught me some fancy plays. They're fun!"

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