(1939-09-06) Reacquaintances
Details for Reacquaintances
Summary: An evening in the Three Broomsticks sees old friends reunited, new friends introduced, a visit by a concerned parent and students on their weekend out.
Date: 06 September 1939
Location: The Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade

Special guest appearance by: Raful Shafiq

Dusk is approaching in the quiet village of Hogsmeade, near to the campus grounds of Hogwarts. It's a good time to stop working and take a walk, and that's exactly what Annie has decided to do. Dressed in fairly mugglish attire, the little witch walks from the little cottage at the end of Cottage Way to the familiar local tavern, The Three Broomsticks. It's been a very long time since Annie has walked through these doors, and she pauses just inside, a smile for a few of the locals as her eyes drift over them.

At one of the tables in the corner of the pub sits a young Wizard in blue robes. Zack's head is bent over a neat stack of parchments sitting on the table in front of him, and he appears to be counting the pages. After a moment, he seems to lose count, and he looks up and sees Annie standing just inside the doors. He peers at her, puzzled. She looks familiar.

Annie's eyes drift to where Zack sits, and pause there on the young man. Her memory for faces is rather good, and her smile comes at once. She steps over, asking when she's near, "Zack Fudge, isn't it? I'm Annie Taylor, I was living up the road a ways." There's a vague motion in a direction. They weren't close friends, so she wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't remember her. She seems to recall him being a bit perpetually preoccupied.

Zack watches her approach his table, puzzled further that she seems to want to talk to him. He glances down at the papers in front of him, frowns at them, and then looks back up at her. "Oh, Annie," he says. "I remember you. We used to live together. I mean on the same road. We spoke when it was raining, once."

It shows on her face that she's pleased to be remembered, and Annie nods, "At the stable, aye." Her eyes drop to the papers, a sheepish look on her face as they come back up to Zack's face. "I'm sorry, am I interruptin' yer work? I'd not want t'stop yeh in the middle of somethin'." If she recalls correctly, he did something like making new spells, and she can't even keep track when she gets interrupted in the middle of a spell she knows off by heart, let alone one she'd be trying to develop.

"Yes, the stables," Zack says with a nod. "What work? Oh, no. I'm not working. I'm done with that. I mean I think I am. I'm counting them to make sure. If I have all of them then I'm done, but if I don't then I need to find the missing ones before I'll be done." He purses his lips and starts counting again, then stops himself and looks up at Annie. "Oh, did you want to sit down? At my table? You can sit down if you want."

Annie looks with interest to the papers as Zack explains about them, and she nods as if it makes perfect sense to her. "Ta, I'd love t'sit an' catch up. I'll just pop over an' get a drink, yeh can take yer count, an' I'll be back before yeh know it." It ought to be much more helpful of her to clear out for a moment for him to finish. "Can I bring yeh back anythin'?"

"Okay," Zack says, and he begins counting his papers again, from the beginning. He doesn't get very far before he realizes that Annie has asked him a question, and he looks up again, blinking. "You want to bring me something? Okay, well, yes. I need a box. One that I can put these in. It has to close." He frowns. "Oh, did you mean to drink? I want one of those butter things they have here. As long as it isn't blue."

The door is pushed open by a rather tired looking Brandy who calls over to the bartender, "The usual! Just the one today, though." At some point, the kids would be about and she'd have to find and check on hers. She'd sent them invitations to her place, after all. Once at the bar, she scoops up the freshly poured drink and- "Annie Taylor!" she exclaims. "Just the person! Did Cohen see you home alright? How are… things?" There's a cautious note there. She's unsure just how horrible they may have gotten - perhaps even for Annie herself.

Annie smiles at Zach, "One butterbeer an' I'll ask if they might have a box." It never hurts to ask. She's turning to head for the bar when Brandy makes her arrival. Despite the condition she got herself into on their first meeting, Annie recognizes 'the whiskey bird' at once. She's not sure for a moment whether to laugh or sink into the floor in embarrassment, but she's got no time for either, for there are questions to answer. "Brandy Sweetwater," she returns the greeting, pleased she remembers the name right. "He did, bless his heart, and dropped by some potions for the morning after. He's such a thoughtful bloke." Of course, Brandy would be well up on the shenanigans at Hogwarts, and Annie's face sobers a touch. "Things are as good as they can be, I think," she says. "It's not quite unbearable at school and the students are trying their best to be strong without snapping at each other too terribly." Well, some of them. "How're you then? D'yeh know Zack there?" comes with a motion back to the young man.

Zack resumes his count and makes it about halfway through the stack before he hears his name. He looks up and peers around the room until he sees Annie with someone new, and he lifts his hand to give the pair an uncertain wave. Then he realizes he's once again lost his count, frowns, and starts over again, really concentrating this time.

"He can be, for certain," Brandy agrees - whatever her current frustrations with the Auror's office. She smiles sympathetically, reaching out a hand to place on Annie's upper arm for a moment. "Anything I can do to help with things… You know I will." Her hand drops as she adds, "I've been busy, but alright." Her gaze shifts to Zack, and she studies the man with an uncertain expression. "Not sure that I did," she muses. "Seems a bit familiar. Went to Hogwarts at the same time we did?"

Annie's grateful for the sympathetic human touch, it's been a rough week. "If anyone would help, I know it'd be you. I might know a bit more about the situation soon, so I'll keep in touch about it." She doesn't know definitely what a meeting being whispered about will entail, but she'll bet it's about the Headmaster situation. She puts in her order at the bar quickly, two butterbeers, and nods to Brandy's question. "A year, here or there either way. Come by, I'll introduce you." There's a smile to the bartender, and Annie turns to lead Brandy back to Zack's table.

Tim enters with a journalist from the Daily Prophet, he's got his camera with him and his press badge stuck to the side of his tweed irish cap. "I told ye tha 'e wouldn't take ye if we just popped by. But we got'm warned now, soon 'as 'e 'as everything just the way 'e wants it. We'll get invited in. Til then, we sit, have some drinks an' wait." The journalist is patted on the shoulder and then a table is selected and his camera is laid down at it's center and he sits down while the writer gets them said drinks. With a sigh he gets out his pack of cigarettes and pops the bottom and a single cigarrette pops up and he nabs it with his lips and then up comes his wand to light it up.

Zack finishes his count, then does it again just to be sure. Afterwards he makes his stack nice and neat again, then rests his elbows on the table, folds his hands under his chin and frowns off into the distance while he waits for Annie to return. He isn't really seeing whatever he's looking at, but his gaze practically locks in on Tim's lit cigarette.

"Good. And Hogsmeade weekend - the kids can come to my place. It's right on Lovage - hard to miss. I'll be any help I can, whether it's a cuppa, or a little tutoring - though you know I weren't much good." At magic. In school. There were too many parties to arrange for!

She allows Annie to lead her, holding her glass of whiskey in her hand, and drops casually into a seat. "Wotcher," she announces, holding out a hand. "Brandy Sweetwater."

"I thought I'd have some by as well," Annie says with a light laugh, "I've copies of Words of Wonder, an' my old books." She slides one glass in front of Zack as they reach the table, looking at him curiously as he seems to be sitting rather still. Sitting, she makes a quick introduction, "Brandy, this is Zach Fudge."

Tim felt the eyes on him and he's looking up and over for the source just when two ladies are passing between him and Zack, who he was going to offer a cigarette, but then, that backside, he knows that backside. He's a bit stunned, of course he's always figured that Hogsmeade would be the place where he'd see her again, since she moved to Scottland and had that cottage here, but still. It knockes the ability to breath out of him until the smoke in his lungs finally gets him to choke and cough.

Zack finds himself with people at his table and a drink in front of him all of a sudden. "Oh, hello," he says, looking around at them. "You came back. Well, Annie did. You just came." He then realizes that Brandy has offered him her hand, and he takes it for a quick, awkward handshake before letting go. He eyes his drink. "You brought me brandy? I wanted Butterbeer."

"My name's Brandy, love," the dark skinned woman explains dismissively. "Brandy Sweetwater. My da's a distiller - makes whiskey. It's his idea of a family joke. We have Sherry, Merlot, Brandy, Shiraz… Shameless fellow, and my mum for letting him get away with it." She drinks from her glass again, glancing behind herself with a hint of concern as someone makes some strangled, coughing sounds. "You alright, love? Get him a water, huh?"

Annie grins, adding, "This is yer butterbeer, Zack." She gives the glass in front of him a gentle nudge. "I think it's clever," she ventures, before she too is looking toward the sound of coughing. It takes a second of looking at the red haired man choking on his cigarette smoke for her to allow her brain to make that connection. When it happens her smile melts from her lips, and she just looks at Tim. Thankfully, there's a server on the ball to deliver a glass of water to the photographer. For the moment, Annie's too stunned to do more than concentrate on sitting upright.

Gilbert walks into the pub at about the same time as Tim starts coughing. He stops for a moment on the opposite side of the server delivering the glass of water to lightly slap the coughing man's back, "Are you quite well, sir? Can you speak?" He waits for a moment to make sure Tim can actually breath and is not truly chocking.

Tim much like Zack he's feeling a bit suddenly put upon. Because his journalist partner also arrives back with the drinks. The water is reached over for the short glass of fire whiskey and he shoots it back and clears his throat and sucks down some air in that post-whiskey whistle. "F-f-f-fine." At the stammer his partner begins to chuckle and state, "The man can't say a full sentence with a lovely lady present." He starts to look around for the source of Tim's stammering and gives a 'how you doin' look to Brandy and Annie, but then he lingers on Annie, "Isn't that the bird on your desk Iri-OW!" He looks down at his shin where he just got kicked under the table. Watery-eyed Tim can't really see but he gives a grateful nod to the waiter and to Gilbert. "Chu-cheers."

Zack picks his drink up and sniffs it. "It is Butterbeer," he says, as though this is some revelation. "That must be confusing," he adds to Brandy. "What happens when you want to order the drink?" He then realizes that everyone is looking at Tim, and he peers over in that direction as well. But he must not notice anything out of the ordinary, because a second or two later he turns to Annie and says, "Did you bring a box?"

"Well, I supposed I'd just say 'I'd like a double of brandy, please,'" Brandy answers in a slightly distracted tone, as she looks between Annie and Tim. "…there a problem here, Annie? Should we go?" The poor girl looks about ready to faint! "Sip your butterbeer, love."

If it wouldn't be incredibly impolite, not to mention obvious, Annie would have reached over and liberated Brandy's whiskey. She remembers to breathe, but doesn't really register anything for a moment until the journalist's yelp snaps her back into herself. In time to catch Zack's question. "A box?" For a second she's truly puzzled, until she realizes that Brandy had originally usurped that thought in Annie's head with her arrival. "Cor, Zack, I forgot t'ask. I c'n go do, an' see if they have somethin' for yeh t'use." Before she moves to get up, she looks to Brandy. One hand comes up, wrapping around the pendants hanging from a beaded string around her neck. Perhaps to hide them, or maybe just because seeing Tim made the movement unconscious. But Brandy's concern eases her, and there's a weak but honest twitch of a smile to her lips. "It's alright, Brandy. I'll see about the box, won't be a second." She's calmer as she gets up and turns to go to the bar to quickly make an inquiry.

Tim has fully recovered from his touch of not breathing. He's doing that focusing on his stuff at the table thing, but glancing up occasionally and following Annie over to the bar. "Well go talk to her?" He's prompted by his partner, "M-mind yer own, right?" The journalist raises his hands in surrender and then continues on plotting and planning for how they are going to be able to get the 'real scoop' when 'he's been tipped off'. Tim who a few minutes ago had a better idea of the situation is rendered pretty useless and he shrugs his shoulders when asked what they are going to do.

Zack sips his Butterbeer, though the instruction was directed at Annie rather than him. He looks from Brandy to Annie and then over to Tim, his brow furrowed as he tries to figure out what all the fuss is about. "Okay," he says when Annie gets up to look for a box. While she does that, he neatens his stack of papers again and continues to stop his drink.

"Right…" Brandy answers Annie. She follows the woman with her gaze for moment, then looks to Zack to see if he has any clue what's going on. It only takes her a moment to realize that's ridiculous, and pick up her whiskey for a sip.

It is a curious day, well it is always a curious day when Raful Arshad Shafiq actually ventures out of London, though perhaps the situation calls for it today or perhaps he simply needed to check on a few things at WWN, in regards to some new equipment that has been installed. Whichever the case, for seeing him enter the Three Broomsticks for those who know who he is, is indeed a curious situation. His hands move over his well tailored and custom fit suit as his eyes move across the Pub slowly, as if looking for someone.

Once she's at the bar to ask after a box, with a cover, Annie can also quietly order a neat whiskey, which gets tipped back without fanfare. It's a habit she happened to have picked up during her time spent with the photographer. She barely even gasps for breath. When she returns, empty handed, she's more composed. Her necklace hangs free again, the gold flecks that shimmer in the blue stone catching the low light. "Sorry, Zack, they don't have a box with a cover." She sits, glancing over at Tim, then putting her attention on her own table. The entrance of another new face is noted, but the man is unfamiliar to her.

Still heavily distracted by his first sighting of the 'one that got away' in a long while, Tim doesn't quite realize that he's gone from glancing at Annie to watching her until his partner snaps in his face. "Huh? Sss-sorry. W-what about gettin' sss-some of my ol-ol-old cameras sssmu-smuggled in? Fff-ffund a ssstudent paper. Nah huh-had one ssssince I left. Guh-get the ssskinny ye want dd-d-then."

"So what's with the bloke?" Brandy asks Annie, picking up her whiskey for another sip. Her gaze shifts to the door, and fixes on Raful Shafiq as the man walks in in his very fine suit. "Well, that's an odd thing," she murmurs to herself. "Don't much see him in these parts."

Raful clicks his tongue against his cheek slowly as he continues to look around, he doesn't spot who he is actually looking for but does note Brandy, it is clear a few gears are turning in his mind. He moves over and says softly, "Ladies, would you mind if I was to join you?" he says with a warm smile, specifically looking at Brandy, snapping his finger softly, "I believe I have seen you in the Muggle Liaison office, am I mistaken?" he asks curiously, still smiling.

As Zack finishes up his butterbeer and starts to gather up his papers to leave, Annie taps one finger lightly on the table, her attention mostly on it until her eyes raise to Brandy. Her voice is quiet, and she's trying to sound casual. "We were… we dated." Long story very short. And perfectly timed as they're approached by the gentleman who asks to join them. Since he's addressing Brandy, Annie will let his answer, offering a nod and no objection. Her smile is pleasant but a little distracted, and her eyes drift back over to the other table, to where Tim is now talking to his companion, lingering on him while his attention is occupied.

Tim is completely oblivious to the Annie peeking. But when the other fellow asks to join them he does peer over and gauge his interest that seems to be for Brandy. He'll allow that, if it's ever aimed at Annie though, there will be jade green daggers for the man, any man really. But all seems un-flirty at Annie so he's easily brought back to the conversation. "Wh-wh-What n-n-n-nneeds to 'appen is Dippet n-needs to get brought back ff-ffrom Durmstrang an' t-tt-take Headmaster buh-back." His partner is looking irked an irritated the more Tim stammers. "Come on, snap out of it. It'll be Christmas by the time you get a full plan out."

"Ahh…" Brandy answers Annie. That would explain it. But then Raful is standing in front of her, and Brandy rises to her feet, all smiles. "Mister Shafiq. No, you're quite correct. I'm Brandy Sweetwater. And this here is Annie Taylor - Assistant Librarian at Hogwarts. Please join us," she invites, slipping back into her own chair once Raful seems ready to settle into his. "Something we can help you with today?"

Raful smiles as he takes a seat, unbutton the bottom button of his jacket as he does so. "Ah, you will have to pardon if I do not remember everyone perfectly, Ms. Sweetwater." he says with a smile, before nodding at Annie, "Please to also meet you, Ms. Taylor." he says softly. "Oh really just a quick question for you, Ms. Sweeterwater." he says, pulling out his pocket watch, "Chance meeting that will save me a bit of time in the future." he says snapping his watch closed and tucking it back away.

"I am sure you are well aware of the large charitable donations I have given to both Hogwarts for Scholarships and to the M.A.C. Office to ensure that underprivileged Muggle-Born students are properly supplied for the school year?" he says curiously, his tongue tapping against his cheek slowly, "I am curious, if the M.A.C. office was aware of this change to education, prior to the start of year?" he says tilting his head, "Because from my understanding, you were not aware and used funds intended for supplies required, under the assumption the the educational standard would be the same…" he s ays a clear look of annoyance washing over his features, "I am sure how you can see that failure to notify the donators and your office could be easily perceived as misappropriating of charitable funds." he says waiting to look at her for her response.

Annie sort of half stands as Brandy straightens, hovering a moment until the invitation is accepted and she plops back down lightly. She's trying not to try and pick up Tim's words, but her eyes stray back and if Tim happens to notice she'll not look away until she's addressed by Raful. There's a friendly smile as she returns, "A pleasure, sir." And when the gentleman comes quickly his reason for stopping to talk to Brandy, Annie finds herself riveted to his words. She's got a vested interest in the situation, and is intrigued.

"Sir, I can assure you that no one in the office was aware of these changes," Brandy is quick to respond, firmly and solemnly. "I wish we had been. And I did personally use those funds to take a first year shopping, who had been living homelessly, to buy him potions ingredients and textbooks he will not be allowed to use this year. You have every right to be indignant and furious over this… travesty. I certainly am."

Alphard enters the Three Broomsticks full of confidence. "I would like a glass of wine, thank you very much," he says as he comes to the bar. He's let go of his school uniform, and instead wears a smart and very in-the-moment piece of wizardly fashion. Of course he sticks to dark colours, if only because he feels he has to. One must live up to one's family reputation. Robes and fabric and the finest tailoring that wizard-hood knows, all combine to make him a most dashing figure. If you're not a Muggle, at least. In which case he probably looks like a circus act, or a runaway member of a theatre troupe. "Your very best." Because he does not drink swill.

While he waits for his order, he leans against the counter in a nonchalant manner, one he's practices infront of the mirror until he looks just like those cool wizards in the Prophet ads. A pity he doesn't have a pipe, but tobacco makes him cough his lungs out. He looks around the room for familiar faces.

Adorabella wandered really, honest that was all she did. Just wander. From the inside side to the pub with her arms wrapped up her scarf and laughing at something she'd just heard. There were enough people in town she'd missed over the summer and more yet she still wanted to get through in visit. "Isn't…wine a bit strong for you?" She's still also a bit nosey, apparently; for all that she does look rather lovely in the soft pink that she's wearing. It's a color that's bright and warm and generally lends its warmth to her eyes except for the fact that it hasn't. Not today. Not completely.

"Are you enjoying your evening out?" Her eyes didn't quite meet his eyes either and she left a polite two spaces between them at the counter.

Raful nods slowly clicking his tongue against his cheek slowly, reaching into his suit and pulling out a black enveloped letter. "Then I can assume, your office will appeciate the letter I have written to the Board of Govoners, concerning this misappropriation of funds." he says "I will also be sending the same letter to the Board, though leaving this one with you for office will certainly save me from needing to take time out of my day and making a trip to the Ministry." he says before standing up, buttoning his jacket. "Your office is free to read it and contact me with any questions you may pose." he says nodding to both of them, "I take great care of where my money goes and take even greater care for how it is spent." he says with a smile, "Was a pleasure, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Sweetwater." he says nodding.

Annie can guess what might be contained in the letters, and her smile to Raful warms. She's heard whispers of parents up in arms, she knows a great deal of staff isn't happy, and now financial backers are concerned how their money was used. Surely this can't last very much longer. "Thank you, Mister Shafiq." She won't be nosy about the letters, despite a natural curiosity. As the man stands to make his leave, some students come in. Faces Annie knows. If either look over, they'll get a warm smile, but Annie is already moving to make shorter work of her butterbeer. Students come out on the weekends they can to get away from school, and she is faculty. They'll see her soon enough when they're in the library next. Plus, she's been cleaning all day, and isn't the most dustless person in the room. She looks to Brandy, "Well, that sounds promising."

"Swelwyn," Alphard greets Adorabella with, nodding to the other Pure-Blood student in a pleasent manner. "Thank you for your concern, but I am an adult. I know my limits. Do you really expect me to be drinking butter-beer?" He gives an arrogant toss of his head. This too is a gesture he's practiced. It's a somewhat patronizing smile he gives the girl. "Would you like something? Please, allow me to purchase you a drink of your choice. It would be my utlmost pleasure. Perhaps another of what I'm having?"

His eyes return to the other patrons as he continues to converse with Dora. Annie gets a pleasent nod in recognition, though he frowns at the company she keeps. Brandy? Bah. That horrible woman. "Mhm? Oh, yes. I wish we'd have one of these every weekend. It's a pity we can't leave Hogsmeade. You'd think the NEWT students would be allowed to at least."

"Sir, thank you for your attention to this matter," Brandy is quick to respond as she accepts the letter. She stands along with him. "I apologize for the current state of things, and I assure you I'll be doing all I can to set things to rights." She remains standing as the man moves off - then sinks back into her chair to look at Annie, all smiles. "Well. That oughtta carry a little weight, shouldn't it?" she remarks, the letter still held in both hands.

Adorabella met Alphard's gaze with a tiny little smile, shrinking somewhat beneath that all too patronizing smile. But was he..really just going to stand there and offer to buy her, "Anything you decide shall be fine, and I shall be most grateful, Alphy," Dora replied without really looking in his direction. Honestly she wasn't perfectly aware of what she'd just agreed to because as the sea of bodies shifted and others made to depart, Dora caught sight of, "Miss Taylor," it wasn't a call made across the room so much as a surprised whisper to self and an awful lot of staring.

And then Dora looked back up to Alphard and then back to Annie and then did squared her shoulders. Remembering something she hadn't said before at all, but couldn't seem to stop herself from quietly asiding Alphard's way.

Tim has gone quiet, his partner's disparaging remarks silencing him with a little apologetic shrug. He also has another stab at actually smoking the cigarette that's been slowly burning down, forgotten. When there is that eye meet with Annie and she doesn't look away until she was spoken to gives the scrawny shy irishman a bit of hope, and bravery enough to scribble a note onto a napkin and then his friendly water bringing waiter is flagged over, passed the napkin and some coin into his possession and then the waiter goes off to fetch the best whiskey they have an a glass for Brandy as well but Annie's glass comes with the noted napkin, 'Good to see you. Have missed you. Hope you and your Uncle are well.'

"Black," comes Alphard's automatic correction. He has never been too fond of people using his first name, and especiall not any sort of shortened form of it. His gaz swings back at Adorabella and he very pointedly reminds her again: "It's Black." The edge of those words is somewhat lessened by the arrival of the now two glasses of wine. He smiles at his fellow seventh year and passes one of the drinks towards her. "I would be a poor gentleman if I did not see to my companion's needs." Not that he has asked her to be his companion for the evening. But she is a girl of fellow Pure-Blood background, so he feels obliged. "To.. Let's make it to Hogwarts and the bright future out wonderful school has ahead of itself!" The ruby liquid catches the light as he the glass in a polite salute towards Adorabella.

Very aware of the presence of students now, Annie is reluctant to show more excitement about the visit from Mister Shafiq. "We really should get together and talk more soon," Annie says, her voice low as she leans closer to Brandy. She admits quietly, "It's a bit awkward, I'm finding, with the students. Not quite sure t'leave them be or say hello…" She lets it trail off with a soft laugh. "I think I'll just…" Now her words are cut off by the two arriving whiskeys, and she reads the familiar writing, then looks up at the red hairedd man. She looks from him to the door and back again, before she turns to Brandy. "I think it's a day for toasts." She repeats Alphard, more quietly and with a very different meaning, "To Hogwarts and the bright future ahead of it."

Abraxas steps into the pub, dressed in casual robes instead of the school ones. Even if they're still dark. Because that's what Malfoys do. He walks to the bar and puts down a few knuts, asking for a butterbeer, and silently counting the days until his birthday comes after Christmas break.

"Well, what I remember of that student in particular?" Brandy doesn't even need to glance towards him. "It's leave him be or rattle him up. And perhaps we oughtn't do that. Responsible adults and all." There's a glint in her eyes, though. It's tempting. "Well this is a pleasant surprise," she remarks as the drinks are delivered to them, and she picks up her glass to mimic the toast, before taking a sip. She nods her head towards the lettering on the napkin - though she makes no attempt to read it. "From your young gent?" she asks.

"No it's red," Dora points out, because he's just…"It's re…oh." Color at that, because he'd meant his name and not the color of the wine. Except she didn't remember ordering wine and it sort of, sat…at odds against her memory of chocolate and brandy and…there went her smile just a little bit lower. He'd not even so much as blinked! Batted an eye! Anything! And she did kept tossing sideways glances up up up in his direction. It wasn't as if there'd been any sort of letter, either. "I don't think that anyone could ever confuse you for not being a gentlemen," Dora murmured at the top of her cup, before she got swirled into toast time. "To Hogwarts and books and being able to stay in rooms even if your blood is pure," the petite creature added and then blinked when she caught sight of Malfoy and decided it was best to have a little sip of wine. "Should we sit?"

"Malfoy," Alphard says amiably as Abraxas comes to the bar. Himself and Adorabella are alrady at it, having some red wine in their hands. The benefits of being of age. "Having yourself a bit of a break from school routine?" He looks back at Adorabella and gives her a casual shrug. "I suppose we should. Malfoy, would you like to join us at a table? Me and Selwyn were about to find ourselves somewhere to sit. You're of course more than welcome." For being a fellow Magijugend. Though Alphard is out of his school uniform, he still wears the golden Magijugend pendant about his neck. It catches the light whenever he moves. "It does seem odd that they'd throw purebloods out of the library. But again, I suppose the Muggleborns were in very desperate need of education on proper etiquette. It's not as if the poor bastards ever get anything right unless they're spoon fed everything."

"I'll drink to that." Abraxas says, as he walks over to Alphard and Dora, raising his butterbeer. "To being able to stay in a room regardless. It's like they didn't want us to hear." He gives a dry little smile and a shrug. "I mean, normally, I'd leave under my own power anyway, because I don't want to /be/ around them. But I don't like being dismissed. Especially when I was having such fun winding Ward up. If he grit his teeth any harder, the enamel would have cracked."

Tim glances to the door when Annie does and then back at her with a pucker to his brows in curiosity and confusion. Does she want him to leave her alone? Does she want to meet him outside? Is she pining after the man that just left. The typically very quick witted irishman is at a loss, which is usual for his dealings with Annie. When his drink is drained dry he chews on his tongue a bit then points out, "M-Might want to stay here mate, see if you overhear anything from the students… I'm goin to step out." A little nod is given in farewell to the Jouralist, Brandy and Annie before he makes for the exit careful not to burn anyone with his cigarette as he passes.

"There's no call for that," Dora murmurs, oh god, into her drink because pitching her voice too loudly is just never going to make good things happen. Either way, she lets Alphard direct them towards tables, mostly because her eyes keep finding somewhere else to be and with a tinch of a frown on the inn side. "I mean, I know you must to some degree," mock people. He wouldn't be Alphard if he didn't and likely the same could be said for Abraxas. "Couldn't we just…," focus on the injustice of her shattered dreams!? "Try to make a good evening out of things? It's not our fault if something happens and people go to war or off on adventures and just, just never pick up a bloody piece of parchment to write not all, not even once!" Oh. Oh dear. Tiny cough. Ahem. It's been a hard summer.

Annie has the napkin clutched in her fist as she puts her glass down, having made short work of the whiskey. She might need the fortification. "It is," she answers Brandy. She looks over, catching Tim's nod, and takes a breath. "I'll be in touch with yeh. Look forward to it." The young woman stand, almost seems to brace herself, and moves toward the door. Before she's out she'll turn to try and catch Adorabella's eye, to offer a quick smile.

"Hey Annie!" Brandy calls after the woman as she gets up to leave. She smiles broadly, and offers the woman two thumbs up in encouragement. A silent urge to 'go get him!' She then turns her attention to finishing off the whiskey in front of her.

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