(1939-09-07) Cast off Your Chains
Details for Cast off Your Chains
Summary: After the Resistance meeting, Buford has a private chat with Professor Viridian, who gets a little intense.
Date: 7 September, 1939
Location: Charms Classroom, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Viridian takes a seat behind his desk, giving a tired sigh. With a wandless gesture, a spare chair scoots over to face him across the desk. "Have a seat, Mister Kidd. What is it you wished to talk about?"

Buford offers a polite dip of his head and a 'thank you' to Viridian as he moves to have a seat, saying, "Now, you know how high I regard you and respect you, and that I would never take moves to undermine you're authority," the young Ravenclaw pauses, collecting his thoughts before proceeding, "but…do you think it's wise to be readying ourselves for any sort of violent resistence against Flint and his Army?"

"I would consider it unwise to do otherwise." Viridian's wand appears in his hand, and he casts upon each of the doors, "Recedito! Recedito! Kidd, you're mature enough to hear this. I didn't want to put the younger students into a panic. But there have been rumours of the Magijugend learning Dark magic. I have not confirmed these stories, but I dread the possibility that they are true. The Resistance must be able to defend itself if it comes to that."

Buford nods to Viridian and says, "That's what I've been thinking, myself." He stands up and moves to begin pacing. It's his coping mechanism. After a moment he stops and looks at Viridian in an almost pleading way, "Restricted to S.C.U.M.S. or not…there's no way that any of us can be prepared for what his Magijugend know. Wouldn't it be best to just teach us how to get away from them?" There's an intense worry in the boy's eyes, "I don't know how to begin how to frame what I mean by that."

Viridian's eyes squint pensievely. "What do you think defensive magic entails? I don't want you to fight them unless cornered. I want you to avoid harm long enough to escape and seek help. I want to keep everyone safe until we can put an end to this disease that has infected Hogwarts."

"I know…I just. I'm worried about them, sir. I can hold my own in a duel, for the most part, but…the kids," Buford says, looking a bit deflated and hanging his head, "I…I just wish there was a way to talk ourselves out of this." He runs a hand back through his hair and says, "Is there at least a way to get in contact with the M.L.E. or someone and arrange for defense classes to be taught on the weekends or something? I don't feel like children teaching children is going to win this war."

"Neither will defence classes two weekends each month, which our First and Second Years cannot attend. But we do what we can." Viridian stands up, moving quickly around the desk and walking right up to Buford with a stern gaze. "Despair is a useless emotion. Throw it away. Now." He gestures with his wand toward the blackboard, and a chalk drawing beging to appear, revealing itself to be in the shape of a bullseye.

Buford takes a deep breath, looking like he's ready to explain away his feeling before he finally takes a breath and gets ahold of himself, like the Eagle he is. He gestures towards the bullseye, asking, "What's this, sir?"

"Throw it away," Viridian repeats. "This self-pity and despair, be rid of them. They are a chain around your neck. Cast it off!" He steps back, flicking his wand. A literal chain flies from the tip, wrapping itself heavily over Buford's shoulders.

Buford nearly buckles under the weight of the chain, but manages to stay upright. His knees look though as if they could collapse out from under him at any moment, "Wha-!? I-I don't know how!"

"Do what comes naturally!" Viridian barks. "Were you born with chains weighing you down? Would you let any man but me bind you so? Is it your nature to be enslaved? Even by your own emotions? Throw them off!" He bellows dramatically. "Free yourself, or be forever your own prisoner!"

Buford shuffles awkwardly for a moment before he can finally get his hands positioned just so that he can lift the chains from around his neck. They clatter onto the floor with a resounding clang. "I'll not be bound by any man. Including you, sir." He proudly goes about fixing his robe, pulling it forward tightly before letting it fall back to his sides.

Viridian tucks his wand away and gives Buford a slow, loud clap, chuckling. "Good. Very good. See that it also includes you. You have great potential, Buford. But a man with your talents is most susceptible to two weakenesses: His own hubris, and his own despair. Let neither rule you, or they will ruin you."

Buford offers a quiet nod to Viridian and says, "Aye. Y-yes sir." He takes another deep breath and says, "Sir?" Buford begins fiddling with his tie, unsure of how to proceed.

Viridian seems invigorated, now that he's been able to indulge in his flair for the dramatic. "Nnnhmmm?"

"The Patronus Charm," Buford begins, quirking his lips, "I know it's not exactly in your wheelhouse, but…I feel it may come to be more relevant in these coming months." He pauses and turns to face him, asking, "Do you think you could teach it to me?"

Viridian arches a skeptical eyebrow at Buford. "That is a lot of time to spend that could be better spent elsewhere. What possible use would you have for the Patronus Charm?"

"Well, as I've understood it, what little I've read on it, it can protect against the Dark forces. Now, I won't go so far as to accuse any of my fellow students of such, but…" Buford trails off, "I don't know. Do you think it could work?"

"The Patronus Charm is a useful defence agaist certain Dark creatures. Dementors, vampires, lethifolds. But it will do you little good against a Dark wizard. Beyond that, it is primarily a tool for self-reflection."

"Oh…" Buford remarks, slightly embarassed at himself. But only for a moment. "I suppose learning is just filling the absence of knowledge, ey?" He grins and asks, "Well, is there anything you would suggest?"

"The Shield Charm is an incredibly useful spell to protect oneself against nearly any attack," Viridian says without hesitation. "I also find some of the most effective defences are simple spells that can interfere with an opponent's ability to cast against you. A Scouring Charm, for instance, can fill your enemey's mouth with soap." He moves to a desk drawer, producing a pamphlet entitled Suds Versus Evil: 12 Common Charms That Could Save Your Life and offering it to Buford. "The Dark Force Defence League published that. It won't teach you anything, but it will give you a notion about how some rather easy magic can be used efficaciously in dangerous situations."

Buford moves to take the book from him and flip throughit idly, nodding to him, "Thank you, professor." He flips the book closed and look up at him, asking, "What are your thoughts on the strike? I don't believe you ever commented."

"You are correct. I did not comment." Viridian moves once again to his seat behind his desk. "Some things I must let you students do and decide for yourselves. If the days become darker, I may not always be here to make decisions for you. It is best if you learn now to lead yourselves."

Buford nods to him and grins, offering a breathy chuckle, "Well, even if it fails, I suppose it will give me a chance to catch up on my reading." He gestures with the book and dips his head to Viridian, "Thank you, sir. You've been a great counsel."

Viridian nods solemnly, waving his wave to lift the Imperturbable Charms from the classroom doors. "Thank you. The best counsel I can give is simply: Don't fail."

Buford grins and says, "You have my word, Professor Viridian." He runs his fingers along the front of the pamphlet as he moves to take his exit. "Down with Flint, ey?" he remarks over his shoulder, a bit of strength brought back to his stride.

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