(1939-09-07) Feeding the Magician
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Summary: After the first meeting of the resistance Madeline and Gabriel try to convince Sampson he needs to make sure his dietary needs are known so he can eat consistently.
Date: 1939-09-07
Location: Hogwarts Castle
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Cillian rubs his forehead as he gets to his feet and then he just looks between Elise and Gabriel, pausing to look over at Pringle with a small smile and then he watches Madeline with a bit of a sad expression before he looks between Gabriel and Elise once more, lips pressed in a thin line as he leans in to murmur softly to them after they have walked out and he speaks softly. "There will be a schedule. I'll write it up iffen ye need it. Weekly, who will be eatin' and who will not be eatin' and at which meals. And we'll 'ave to get a book on what a person needs to eat to stay healthy. If any of ye end up in the infirmary from weakness or starvin' I /swear/ on the bits of me that 'aven't yet dropped….I will write the most long and detailed letter to yer parents about it all, they'd think yer on yer death beds." He holds up a finger and points to each on of them.

Elise suddenly just grins at Cillian, and throws her arms around him. "Aw," she says. "You do care!" She's teasing him just a bit, probably.

Madeline wrinkles her brow, watching Cillian with a puzzled look. "A schedule? The whole point is that the folks who aren't eating school meals, aren't eating school meals, all at once." It's doubtful she and Cillian will ever see eye-to-eye on this. She lowers her voice to whisper, "There's a lady who drew me a map how to get to the school kitchens, though," she confides. "We just get them the food between meals. It's easy." Sure it is.

Gabriel just chuckles quietly to himself, settling his knapsack a little more securely over his shoulder as he walks out with the rest of the Pirates, not taking either Cillian or Madeline's side on this one.

Cillian just looks back to Gabriel and Elise and nods. "See. It doesn't matter." He just nods to Madeline. "Ye 'ave yer plans and yer 'eart set on this." He offers gently. "Yer growin' up luv, so very fast…and we're proud of ye."

"Dead set," Madeline agrees firmly. "I just wish they'd agree to boycott the classes, too," she says with a sigh. "Can't just have some kids not learning." So none of them learn! There's no way that'd last, either. "Oh well. Maybe what we're doing is enough. Especially…" She can't help but bounce as they walk. The Wizenmagot warrant! Finally! If it can shut down the Magijugend…!

Setting his head in his hands, Sampson lets out a low sigh, "Just gotta stick with it,". It's hard for him to keep focused with how hungry he's been lately, but he'll get used to it, he had to deal with this kind of thing for years. He shoots a glance over towards the various leaving parties, unable to really move much while he thinks.

Sampson and his sigh catch Gabriel's attention as his group walks past. Stopping he turns back around and says "Smith, right? Why don't you walk with us? Its not safe to be alone these days." Then he digs into the side pocket of his knapsack and passes Sampson a wrapped bundle that he might recognize from a few days ago.

Pushing himself back up to a stand the blonde first year wobbles a bit, as he grabs hold of the chocolate bar. "Not much any ov 'em could do ter me what 'asn't already been done" He mutters to himself, realizing that he should probably not really be showing as much real emotion, if he ever wants to be decent onstage. "Last one wasn't toilet trained" He remarks more loudly trying to make for a bit more amusing conversation his rather cheep looking robes flapping a bit as he moves.

Gabriel chucks the kid lightly in the shoulder and says, "Well, even more reason to be with friends. So it doesn't happen again." Once Sampson opens the bundle he's been given he will indeed find some more chocolate. But instead of an gamboling puppy, a brown butterfly flutters up into the air and starts to float in orbit around Sampson's head.

"When we get back to the common room," Maddie says to Sampson quietly, "I'll teach you the movement and incantation for the wand-lighting charm. You can practice it in your room. It's a real simple one - and you can make it all sorts of different colors, even. Plus, I brought back some proper food from Hogsmeade."

"I haven't been able to eat much of anything since getting here" Sampson's attention drawn to the rather gracefully wafting butterfly "It's hard to find anything kosher," He admits moving his legs to try and get them to stop being mostly asleep.

Gabriel tilts his head a bit to the side as Sampson mentions not having been able to eat them looks a little confused, "Well, if you have special food needs you need to tell Professor Dumbledore… And what's kosher?"

"You're Jewish?" Madeline asks in surprised confusion. Looking at Gabriel, she explains, "Well. It means you can't eat pork, and meat and cheese can't be on the same plate, and stuff like that. I don't really get it, but that's how Asher and Saul and Miriam like to eat. It confused my mum, but they were real insistent on it - especially Asher - so she just lets 'em do it."

Sampson looks deadpan for a few moments, before just explaining in a perfectly calm voice "No one ever asks,". The butterfly zooming in and out around his head getting almost close enough that he could eat it if he wanted.

Gabriel gives Sampson a narrow-eyed look then turns to Maddie and says, "I think he might be too proud to let Professor Dumbledore know. I think you should is he doesn't…" Never mind that that would put another nail into Maddie's hunger strike's coffin. "So you can't have bacon?? I don't know if I would have the strength to not eat bacon…"

Madeline look at Sampson, then back to Gabriel and nods. "You're probably right. He does look a little thin. But I have cheese and crackers and dried fruit and things. He can eat any of those"

"ain'ad it, so there's no reason ter miss it," Sampson adds with a low shrug of his shoulders, looking once more back over the room as feeling finally comes back to his feet. "And I'm not fn" Sampson says looking down at himself "I'm jus' fa' impaired,"

Gabriel blinks a few times as he works through what the younger boy has just said then chuckles, "See what I mean? Proud. Which can be fine, if you don't let it get the better of you. So when's the last time you ate a good meal, Smith?"As the group walks down the hallways towards the castle's main staircase Gabriel starts digging in his knapsack again and pulls out a little bundle of biscuits, offering it over to Sampson too.

"We'll keep you fed on what my uncle sends," Madeline promises Sampson brightly. "He's been sending me loads of treats and things. Well - he tries to keep it pretty healthy. But it's still good stuff!" She just misses having proper, hot meals.

Sampson offers a small smile towards the two as they walk, his step a bit odd as he hasn't quite managed to fully wake up his legs from all that sitting. "If I can pass i' off as a 'unger strike then why not le' i' be one?" He taps the side of his head, the small chocolate butterfly landing on the end of his finger. "at's no' pride, at's makin' da bes'ov a situashun"

Gabriel chuckles at the other boy's explanation, "Well, its supposed to look like a hunger strike but you're not really supposed to get sick from it." Then he stands a little straighter and adds, with the authority of the school's Nurse's Aide, "And eating almost nothing for almost two weeks is going to make you sick."

"It's only been a week, silly," Madeline answers Gabriel, then looks at Sampson as she adds, "I been shoutin' for a hunger strike louder than anyone else, maybe… 'n I'm eating. Still. …looking forward to the next Hogsmeade weekend." So her uncle Perry can take her out for a hot meal!

"bi' 'ypocri'ical what ain't it?" Sampson jokingly asks with a bit of a smile taking a good deal of care the moment he actually reaches the stairs proper. He's not really looking foreword to falling down the stairs again, but if he does at least this time he might have a better inclination of what way he has to fall. It dawns on him again that Quincy is all alone, and for a moment the first year feels completely sick to his stomach. "I 'ope like 'ell yer doin' fine wivaaaht me pa" He says much more quietly the small chocolate butterfly finally landing on his shoulder and stopping its movement. Maybe the spell was defective on that one but it certainly didn't last as long as the puppy.

As they reach the stairs Gabriel takes his leave from the others, headed after Elise, who had taken a bit of a lead with Cillian, towards the Ravenclaw tower, "Well Smith, if you need anything let any of the Pirates know. We'll be happy to help out anyway we can."

Sampson says, "Yaaar"

Madeline nods to Gabriel, spotting one of the older Gryffindors just a bit ahead of them. "Oi! White, c'n we walk with you?" she calls. The girl nods, waiting for them to catch up. "We'll just get you something to eat," Maddie insists. "And - ya know - maybe we'll do Twitchy-Ears. Once you got wand lighting and twitchy ears down we can try some of the harder stuff."

Sampson offers a wave towards Gabriel as he moves off for his own flight of stairs, at least looking to be in a better mood. He even hooks a single finger, still finding the concept of pirate wizard bit of an oddity, though it does give him a few more ideas, while he give the acknowledging yaar. "I jus' 'ope I can learn ter fly a broom," His admittance is a slight bit distracted as he tries to multitask his way up the stairs without taking another tumble.

"'course you can," Madeline answers. "I mean - I'm not sure if you will at school," she admits. "But you can over the Holiday. See - it ain't you doing the magic. The broom's doing the magic. It's got the magic put in it by whoever made it. You're controlling the magic, sure enough, but kids are allowed to fly brooms. Likely, though, we can find a quiet corner of the grounds to show you. Not me, though. I'm pretty rubbish compared to the older kids."

"Wait, if it's just magic that makes it fly…" Sampson indulges his own musings for a moment as he finally catches up. "I wonder if you could make a flying car," Looking over to Madeline he adds on "Or a flying set of clothing!"

"Well. I imagine you can…" Madeline muses uncertainly. "I don't think you'd be allowed to make a flying car, though. It's so big and everyone would see it and then all the Muggles would know about magic."

Sampson tap taps the side of his head a few times, before saying "Not if I made it fly above the clouds," his confidence now in full swing once again, as he pushes away most of the uncertainty the small chocolate butterfly hanging loosely on his clothes."I could make it change colors or something to blend in!"

"You'd have to get it up to the clouds first," Madeline says dubiously. "And what if there aren't any? Changing colors might help, I guess - but not until it's high enough."

"'en I'll jus' 'ave ter make i' turn invisible like awer something," Sampson holds his hands behind his head while they walk, just to try and stretch out the muscles.

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