(1939-09-07) Magijugend Interview - Emily
Details for Magijugend Interview - Emily
Summary: Overseer Black interviews a prospective Magijugend
Date: 1939-09-07
Location: Slytherin Common Room
Plot: For The Greater Good

It's that freetime period on the weekends when those not old enough to go to Hogsmede are left figuring out how best to amuse themselves. There's a game of Wizard's chess being played by the fire; some others are playing exploding snaps or practicing their spellwork. Not so for Emily. Curled up by one of the windows, with a bit of charcoal and a sketchpad, she's working on an actually rather nice study of the commonroom itself. The details are pretty nice, and she's using the charcoal to nice effect.

"Gibbon. Are you ready for your interview?" Alphard stifles a yawn as he comes in from the boys' dorms. He's had a bit of a nap to catch up for the sleep he missed last night. With all the flopping limbs that a teenage boy can make happen, he thumps himself down onto one of the couches in an utter sprawl. He's holding his notebook in his hands, opening it up and producing a feather quill to write with.

Emily looks up mildly and then nods. She sets aside her sketching, cleaning her charcoaled hands with a soft rag, and walks over to Alphard's couch. There's a little bit left over at the end, perfect for her small size. "I'm ready, Black," she replies pleasantly. No robes today, but she's wearing a pretty green dress with her hair braided into a crown. And there's that gold and emerald bracelet.

"Very well. This will be your formal interview to the Magijugend, Gibbon. I want you to take it very seriously, and think your answers through. My recommendation to Headmaster Flint will determine whether or not you're found acceptable material to our club. Being one of us is a responsibility and a privilege, not a right." Alphard's sense of drama has bled into his introduction, and he's made his voice deep and somber as he beilves the occasion deserves. He straightens up in his seat, then motions for her to sit down next to him.

"First question: Why do you want to join the Magijugend?"

Samira drifts down from the stairs from the girl's dormitory, still looking half asleep. Her dark curls are wild as ever and her white shirt is untucked from her pleated skirt. A fluffy white cat streaks past and dashes to claim a leather armchair by the fireplace. It sits perched on the armrest, waiting for Samira. The girl follows at a languid pace before sinking into the chair it chose. The cat curls up at once in her lap. Running a hand through her hair to try to untangle it a bit, Samira glances over at Alphard and Emily.

Emily inhales. "Like I said before. I think times are dire, and even someone as young as myself needs to be involved. Our school needs us. I want to do my part to help make it safe for all proper witches and wizards. We are, after all, only as strong as our weakest link."

When Samira arrives, Alphard gives her a brief look and a friendly upnod, before he turns his attentions back at Emily. He considers her words, then writes down a few quick notes. "Alright. Second question: What is your blood status?" Now of course she's in Slytherin, so the answer is a given. He makes an apologetic grimace to show he understands fully well how pointless this one is!

Nevertheless, Emily's chin lifts just a little. "Pure-blooded, of course. My father is a Gibbon and my mother was a Goyle." Samira is given a bit of a smile and a friendly little half-wave.

A smile appears on Samira's lips at Alphard's friendly upnod. She raises a hand and gives them both a half-salute. As the interview continues, Samira's head tilts slightly, no doubt intrigued by the proceedings. Her hand absently drifts across the fluffy cat's back.

"Of course, of course." Alphard says good naturedly, and writes down the answer that he already knew from the start. He gives his chin a thoughtful scratch, and then looks at Emily. "What is your opinion on teaching magic to half-bloods and the Muggle-born? Take a bit of time and think it through, if you have to."

Emily's nose wrinkles. "It's a waste of time to teach Mudbloods," she replies quietly yet certainly. A pause. "Muggle-born. Whatever." A sigh. "Halfbloods are a little more tricky. I suppose it depends on which side they take after, their pureblood side or the other less desirable side." She remains silent for a while and then nods. "I suppose that half-bloods should be given a chance to prove themselves."

Samira listens with relaxed amusement before pausing to focus scratching her cat's cheeks. It wants only a few moments of scratches and even a second too long will result in biting the shit out of her hand. She stops just in time and rests a hand on her cat's back.

"Very well," Alphard says as he writes down a few more notes for his report to Flint. "You know this year the Magijugend have been given a lot more powers and responsibilities than we had last year. We're asked to help keep the peace here at Hogwarts. Are you capable and willing to take up that mantle, Gibbon? You're going to get a lot of ugly looks if you join us. People will automatically assume that you're out to get them, even if you're just trying to keep the peace. They will test you, and they will try to make you look bad. Are you really ready for that sort of hostility?"

Emily's eyes turn towards Alphard. "I am," she answers solemnly. "It's a small price to pay to be of help. They don't understand, and they can't help themselves. They'll thank us in the end, but for now.. I'm willing to do what it takes."

Samira raises a hand with two fingers lifted. "Question. Is that why one would want to become a magijugend? To be of help? Just like why someone would want to become a prefect?"

"Good. Very good, Gibbon. I think that's all I'll need from you. My recommendation will be that you're allowed to join us. I think you've got all the right ingredients for being a proper member of the Magijugend." After a few last scribbles he slaps his notebook close, and makes his quill vanish. He flashes her a smile, benevolent as a King in his castle might give a loyal headsman. "Hrm? Well, Azam, in short I'd say yes. Though it's different from being a Prefect. Prefects are all about the House, and you don't choose to become one, you're picked for whatever reasons. You're not really choosing to dedicate yourself to a greater good as a Prefect."

Emily beams at Alphard, as charming a smile as any pretty little girl could muster. "Thank you, Black," she replies evenly. "I know Gel will be glad to hear of it. And my family, for that matter." She pushes back a bit of hair and then rises. "I do hope I'll be given an opportunity to make you proud."

"I see. There is a difference of choice. But, besides being of service to a greater good, is there no other reason why one would want to become a magijugend?" Samira glances at Emily to add, "To be of help. Is that the only reason why /you/ wanted to join? Congratulations, by the way."

"Well, last year it was mostly a social club for Pure-Bloods of the right families," Alphard admits with a shrug. "To hang out with like minded students without having to listen to the filth sprew their ugly rubbish. It's still a good reason to join. We're going to have some parties and events over the year, to bond and such. And it lets everybody know where you stand."

From Alphard's tone, it's likely the reason he joined. Just to hang out with other pure-bloods.

Emily looks at Samira, head tilting. "It is the reason why, yes. I believe in the cause. I believe that those of pure blood are given great gifts and great responsibility with those gifts. But… Like Alphard says. It's -such- a relief to be around people who aren't talking utter rot at you all the time."

Samira nods at Alphard, finding this explanation far ore reasonable. She glances at Emily with a grin. "Ah, you would love the Heka School of Ancient Magic. We are sorted by blood from the start." She looks back to Alphard. "Given the purity of our blood, are we also allowed to engage in learning more advance magic that would be unsuitable for others to attempt?"

"Advanced magic?" Alphard asks, and it's obvious that it's a question he hasn't even considered asking himself. "We've not really been getting any special magic lessons. Except for spells required to help us perform our duties." He tosses his shoulder in a lazy shrug. "But I wouldn'tbe surprised if we did eventually. I think this year is going to be very different from last year."

Emily looks up with interest at the notion of advanced magic. "I'm one of the best in my year's transfiguration classes," she says with a smile.

Samira nods at Alphard with a relaxed smile. "I see. Well, let me know if that ever becomes the case. There was so much Heka taught that I doubt will be included on the curriculum here." She glances at Emily with a hint of warmth. "Are you? Excellent. Ravenclaw isn't the only house with brilliant minds. We simply have more ambition for how we /use/ our minds."

The look Alphard gives Samira is suddenly very intent. Instead of saying anything more, however, he just shrugs and then lifts to his feet with a lazy-graceful motion. "I'm going to go back to bed. I think I need another couple of hours. See you around."

Emily waves to Alphard. "Have a nice nap, Black." Samira's words, however, give her a bit of pause. "What -sort- of things," she asks with sudden quietude.

Samira raises a hand in farewell as Alphard heads off. Looking to Emily, she smiles a bit too wide. "You are curious to know? Ancient magic. We learn magical theory to understand how to create new spells. There is spirit lore as well that I haven't seen in books here. And then, of course, there are spells that most here would shun as dark magic."

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