(1939-09-07) Of Standards and Heroics
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Summary: Elise and Buford discuss plans to secretly resist Flint's draconian policies.
Date: 1939-09-07
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

Elise walks into the common room with a book in her hand, which of course is no surprise, considering that this is the Ravenclaw common room. She flips a page and frowns down at it. Slowly, she begins to make her way toward a chair to sit in, using her peripheral vision to avoid any obstacles. Behind her trails a tiny orange kitten with large round-ish blotches instead of stripes on her fur. Elise, still not looking, makes her way to one of the chairs not far from the fireplace.

"What's wrong, Harper?" questions Buford from his place on one of the sofas. He, too, has a book that is resting in his lap and that is being casually flipped through with only half of his attention.

Elise looks up and blinks in a dazed, distracted sort of way. "Oh, hello, Kidd," she says. "I'm trying to find a charm that I know exists. I need to learn it." She sets the book down on the arm of the sofa he's on, and sits down. "The doubling charm," she clarifies. Then she glances around to make sure that no one else is within hearing distance. "I think it's perfectly awful the way they're giving the Muggle-borns substandard meals. So. I'm going to smuggle food in. But it's easier to smuggle in one sandwich and double it a few times, than it is to smuggle in a barrel of sandwiches, isn't it?"

Buford perks up at her problem and quirks his lips, pondering over it for a moment, "I see." He turns a few pages in his book before he just gives up and closes it altogether, tossing it to land softly on the coffee table in front of him. He stands up and slips his hands into his pockets, moving to sit in a chair next to Elise, "I suppose that makes sense. But don't you know how much trouble you'd be in if Flint found out about it?"

Elise tilts her head at Buford. "Think about this logically," she says. "First of all, I will take great pains that Flint will not find out. If Flint does find out, there are several disciplinary actions he can take - up to expulsion. With the way this school is, now, I'm not sure that I'd find that to be much of a deterrent." She holds up a second finger. "Secondly, I am a pureblood, and I've told my parents about what is happening now." Then she holds up a third finger. "Even if I am caught, the good I'll be doing for others far outweighs any risk to myself. And besides," she says, holding up a final finger. "I'm going to die, anyway, so what does it matter if Flint is cross with me, as long as I've done some good before the curse gets me?"

Buford shrugs at her and says, "Fair enough, I suppose. I fail to see anyway I could deter you from your current course of action, so I shan't try." He grins and crosses one leg over the other, his hands sliding out of his pockets and resting on his lap, "It's definitely a cause worth supporting."

Elise smiles at him, her dark eyes bright and the gap between her two front teeth kind of adorable, with the dimples and everything. "Excellent," she says. "Glad to have you aboard, Kidd. Since we can't take food from the tables, I've been asking my family to owl me food, instead. Little care packages of buscuits and bread and cheese and preserves and things like that. It would be so helpful if you could do the same. Until I learn the doubling charm, we need as much food as possible to keep the Muggle-borns well fed, as they should be."

"Well, my family doesn't really have the means to support such a venture, but I'll help where I can," responds Buford, fiddling with a wrinkle in his trouser legs, perhaps a bit ashamed to admit his lack of resources.
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"Anything you can do," Elise says gently. "If you can't get food in here, perhaps you could find a Muggle-born to tutor?" she suggests. "Or even a small group, at night, you know, before bed-time."

Buford grins and nods to her, "Perhaps I shall march into Flint's office and talk some sense into him. That'd earn me your adoration, no doubt." He stands up and slips his hands down his sides, straightening out his robe.

Elise's eyebrows climb up an inch. "My adoration?" she asks, blinking a few times. "Do you really think that there's any way Flint will listen to reason?" she asks, sounding doubtful.

"Everyone's adoration, really," Buford says with a grin, his arms crossing over his chest as he thinks something over, "Oh, there's no way he'd actually listen to me. His head is jammed too far up his own behind." He quirks his lips, again, continuing to mull something over.

"I think Flint's already made up his mind and won't be reasoned with," Elise says. "But if it's adoration you're seeking, then helping out the Muggle-borns is certainly one way to go about it." She leans back against the couch and crosses her arms, frowning in thought. That's what Ravenclaws do - they think about things. "I need help finding the doubling charm," she says. "If you find it, we can learn it together - the more people who know, the better, so that we can keep our Housemates fed. After all, they can't learn on an empty stomach." She glances around, making sure that they are alone in the common room.

Buford nods to her, "I just worry that this may turn into a full-blown riot. But Flint doesn't seem to care. It's almost as if he wants the Muggle-borns to rise up. I'm sure he'd just equate them to animals or some such nonsense."

"That would be just the excuse he needs to ban them entirely," Elise says, her expression dark. Then, realizing that they are alone, she quickly goes to the bulletin board and posts a letter there on fine paper. Then she steps back and resumes her seat. "You didn't see me do that," she says solemnly.

Buford smiles at her and offers a half-salute, saying, "You got it, ma'am." His hands move to slide back into the pockets of his robes and says, "I shall have to make it abundantly clear to the Muggle-borns here that they should just grin and bear it for the time being, I suppose."

Elise smiles back - something strained and sad, actually. "Yes. For the time being. History has shown us time and again that a small minority cannot hope to suppress a majority for too long. It's not right, and the numbers aren't in their favor, either." She sighs. "I fear that things may get worse before they get better - all we can do is stick to our convictions."

Buford nods to her, "It's a shame, really." He huffs a bit and says, "I only hope that they don't think we're trying to demean them by helping."

An anxious looks appears on Elise's face. "Demean them?" she repeats. "I hadn't thought of that. Do you really suppose they might?" She wrings her hands. The kitten, meanwhile, starts stalking Buford's shoe laces. "Oh, dear."

"It's definitely a possibility, I think," Buford says as he kneels down to give the kitten a little scratch on the back of the neck, "I mean…put yourself in their position. They're fighting as hard as they can to win this thing…and then a few Half-bloods and some Pure-bloods come along trying to solve everything for them."

"I'm not — I'm not trying to solve everything for them!" Elise protests. "But it's just not fair that they're not eating properly, or being allowed to go to classes with the rest of us. They're being treated like they're mentally deficient - and you and I know that's not the case. Especially for the Ravenclaws!" She crosses her arms and watches him pet the kitten, who leans into the boy's fingers and purrs. "There's nothing wrong with accepting help from those who are willing, especially when you really do need it."

"I guess that just depends on your point of view, Elise. I'm not trying to say there's anything wrong with it, but I'm just trying to take everything into account." He pauses for a moment, continuing to scratch at the kitten's head. "For instance; there's an old Irish saying that goes something like 'Charity degrades those who receive it, and hardens those who dispense it.' therefor, there's at least someone out there who thinks like that."

Anthony strolls on in, grinning about something or other. He's dressed in muggle clothes, so presumably returning, _just_ in time from Hogsmeade. The other distinguishing thing about him right now is the fact that he's walking with Eibhlin's hand on his arm. All, as she notes, very proper. As soon as he passes the threshold, he frees the hand, and gives a slight little bow of his head, and even clicks his heels. "Miss Shine. Safely home, and in time."

Elise lifts up her chin. "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God," she quotes. "Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you." Another quote. She uncrosses her arms and relaxes a bit, seeming less insecure about her chosen path. "And you know what? It's not even material reward they're talking about, there. It's the reward you feel in your heart for doing what's right and helping whenever you can." She might have said more but at that moment Anthony and Eibhlin stroll in. "Hello," she says to both of them. Her eyes dart to the letter on the bulletin board and away again to the kitten that Buford is petting - a pretty orange splotchy tabby.

"I'm quite aware, Harper, and as I said, I'm not fighting you on it. I just want to make sure that we understand the whole of the situation that we're including ourselves in," remarks Buford, standing up straight and tugging a few wrinkles from his trousers, smiling warmly at her and offering a nod to the entering Anthony and Eibhlin.

Eibhlin smiles at Anthony. "Thank you," she says quietly to the young man. She too is wearing muggle clothes, a pretty dress and dainty heels with her hair pinned back just so. "And now I don't have to deduct points from the two of us." Her eyes twinkle and she turns to wave at those gathered. "Good evening everyone… Glad to see we're all back safe and sound."

Anthony clears his throat, "Well… I'd best go and change. Into robes. Far more suitable." Again, there's a slightly diffident look around the room, and back to Eibhlin, "I'll see you all in a few minutes."

Elise nods a couple of times, and returns Buford's smile, though it's like all her smiles have been of late - a social affectation. The other two leave, and Elise stands up, too. "Well. I suppose the spell I'm after might be on the shelves, here," she muses, and wanders to the closest one to begin browsing.

It should be noted that some of the shelves are lacking many books and novels that once resided there - confiscated because of their Muggle origins.

"It's definitely a tricky situation," Buford muses before moving back over to the couch. "A tricky situation, indeed." He scoops up his textbook and leans back into the sofa, flipping the cover open and returning to his reading.

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