(1939-09-07) The Daily Prophet - Unity Stands Against Flint
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Summary: An open letter from Unity Party Leader, Cassius Malfoy, published in the Daily Prophet.
Date: 7 September, 1939
Location: N/A
Plot: Unity
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The new Hogwarts programs targeting Muggle-born students that Headmaster Flint introduced this year are in direct opposition to the principles that the Unity Party stands for. We have long emphasised the importance of education. The proposed Unity Act details programs under the Department of Magical Education to educate wizards and Muggles alike, in the interest of improved integration. Should the Unity Act be made law by the Wizengamot, these programs would serve wizards of all blood status, be they Muggle-born or otherwise.

The Unity Party condemns Headmaster Flint's draconian new policies. Our own investigation of these policies has determined that the school's new "Special Class for Underprivileged Magical Students" is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to marginalize the Muggle-born students and stunt their education. Hindering a young wizard's training in using magic safely, especially in this dangerous new era we have entered, is both reckless and immoral.

All parents of Hogwarts students should write letters to the Hogwarts Board of Governors to demand the removal of Gervase Flint and an end to his reprehensible programs and policies. The Unity Party is already in the process of gathering signatures for petitions to be sent to the Governors, to the Dept. of Magical Education, and to Headmaster Flint himself. We will not stand idly by while our youth suffer the oppression of the ignorant and prejudiced.

Gilbert Sullivan has invited the Unity Party to stand with the Preservation Society in opposition of Headmaster Flint. Mr. Sullivan advises us to adopt policies that we have spent the last two years fighting for. He questions whether our words are merely empty rhetoric, when so far, it is only the Unity Party that has taken action to prevent this kind of tragic division from occurring and to remedy the divisions previously in place.

In this struggle against segregation, the Unity Party and the Preservation Society now fight on the same side. It is our hope that members of the Preservation Society will join the cause of a unified world not just for our children, but for all children. What we see happening at Hogwarts now is a reflection of the segregation of our entire world; a symptom of the disease called Secrecy.

— Cassius Malfoy

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