(1939-09-07) The Resistance Gathers
Details for The Resistance Gathers
Summary: The rumours had been circulating for days that a resistance was forming against Flint and the Magijugend. At last they meet for the first time to discuss the days to come.
Date: 7 September, 1939
Location: Charmitorium, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

The rumours had been whispered from one ear to the next for days. It was being said that there were members of the faculty that actively opposed Headmaster Flint and his new policies of segregation against the Muggle-born. The Hogsmeade Weekend served especially well as a safe place to pass along the word of a time and location. The location was the Charmitorium. The time, however, varied from one rumour to the next, leading to students filtering into the Charmitorium over the course of a few hours after dinner, instead of all once.

The chamber itself has been configured to allow for some privacy, with many of the blockes used as targets and obstacles stacked up to form a wall, blocking the view from the two entrances. Behind that wall, more blocks have been arranged into tiered benches for seating. Though some students have pulled out other blocks to create their own individual seats.

The quiet chatter and speculation creates a dull hum in the room, which starts to die down as the memorable green robes of the renowned Professor Vindictus Viridian sweep into view. Behind him trails the school librarian, Madam Patil. The Charms professor removes his pointed hat, setting it upon yet another large block, and stands before the gathered students. "For all intents and purposes," Viridian says, getting right to the point, "This is a meeting of the Mud Club. We are here to discuss a bake sale to raise funds, seeing as the school is so clearly lacking the resources to feed every student the same quality of meals."

Elise nods at Viridian's words, her expression quite serious. She's up there in the front row, with her face pale and her eyes fixed on the professor.

Niko comes in his hand running through his hair as he hears Professor Vindictus talk, a smile forming on his lips, "Well Professor, you know me I love baking cookies." he says with a chuckle as he moves to post up against a wall. His eyes watching as various people enter. His hand moves to Kimiko as he places it softly on her shoulder as she takes a seat with him, "You like baking cookies don't you love?" he asks with a smile.

Buford had been a part of that dull hum of chatter, pausing only when the illustrious Professor Viridian enters. The young Ravenclaw will quickly put an end to his conversation and move to have a seat on one of the stacks of blocks on the front row with Elise, one leg crossing over the other as he listens intently to the Professor.

Kimiko manages a giggle, though she's been nervous as a long-tailed kneazle in a rocking chair factory. "I love baking cookies." She puts her arms around Niko to give him a tight hug.

Brandon is sitting a somewhere in the first rows. He's been waiting for this since the feast but he can't help but be disappointed his househead isn't here. Shaking his head to get his focus back, he waits to see what's Viridian's plan. "Aren't you worried that Flint has something planned for the mud club?" Brandon would be surprised if he has not.

Cillian is settled near Elise, and if possible he's settled on the floor between the seat he's supposed to be sitting in and Elise's legs, idly flashing a grin. "I'm 'ere as a taste tester and offer me services as a junior chocolate maker." He's chuckles softly, rummaging around in his ever overstuffed satchel, pulling out a peppermint stick before offering a piece of chocolate to Elise wordlessly.

Colton pumps his fist in the air, "HOGWARTS!" He then with a grin points out, "Mum has a great recipe for cookies. She calls them her Silencio Secret Recipe, cause they manage to shut me sister an' brothers up for a full fifteen minutes. Say we make'm triple potency and feed'm to the Jug Ends."

Gabriel must have heard one of the rumors that cited an earlier time because he has been here for a while. Sitting in the back of the room, he has a book on his lap, this time the third year Charms book and is intently reading it, wand in hand tracing the movements for the charms he is reading about, carefully pointing off to the side even thought he is not vocalizing anything. When Viridian and Madam Patil come in he looks up for a moment then goes back to what he was doing waiting for the really important stuff to start happening.

Having been at the school on her day off to assist with 'inventory', Annie arrived shortly before her immediate supervisor and Professor Viridian. She's stayed along the outskirts, speaking to those who's paths she crosses, feeling not exactly one of staff yet with her recent start, and not feeling like a student any longer, either. When the senior staff do arrive she falls silent immediately, her attention caught at once, a light frown on her face.

Noah grins, quite broadly, at Viridian's words. He was here long before most, and he's been, for the past few hours, happily chatting with his fellow muggle-borns and allies. He doesn't interrupt Viridian when he speaks, he happily defers to his authority. It's likely he'll have questions afterwards though. Noah has been rather outspoken about the unfairness of muggle-born treatment, and he's also been, for all intents and purposes, acting as a bodyguard to the younger members of the oppressed muggle-borns at Hogwarts. In addition, he's been tutoring them, as well as volunteering to aid Professor Burke in SCUMS and otherwise just spending every free moment he HAS fighting this thing. Now that there's an actual meeting, it seems like a great weight has been lifted from him, and he's all smiles and energy, arm around Rook in a friendly side-hug, as the meeting starts.

Arevan has gotten, perhaps, a little too into this whole idea. The girl is wearing her oversized black hooded winter cloak. She sits there with the hood pulled all the way forward like a spy in a melodrama. She pays the price for her commitment to character, the heat is really starting to get to her.

Eibhlin has been here the whole time. Honest. The Ravenclaw Prefect sits in the back, legs crossed demurely at the ankles and tucked under her robes. She stands when Viridian and Patil enter, as a reflexive sign of respect, and then she settles back in. It is entirely possible that she shan't speak unless there's a need. And there's Colton, the girl gives the other seventh year a bit of a grin and a wave.

Levi has been here a while with many of the others though he's been silent for the most part. He watches as most and more of the students show up. The seventh year turns as the professor speaks he nods his head in understanding of the MUD club pretense. He is still waiting though more important is the plan.

Elise takes the choclate from Cillian rather automatically, and stows it in her pocket. "I'll give it to someone who needs it," she promises him with a smile. "Like one of the Muggle-born first-years."

Miranda has been in the Charmatorium for a little while, though not so long as some. At first sight of the professor, she breaks into a beaming smile and bounces on the balls of her feet slightly, nodding her agreement to the words. Being a little on the short side, the Hufflepuff seventh year isn't at the very edges of the gathering, but she's close to it.

When he hears Cillian offering his services as a junior chocolatier, without taking his eyes off the book, Gabriel mutters, "I can make animated chocolate animals too."

"The good as 'e says!" Finley calls out,"They even make me shutup fer a minute or two!" He calls out cheerfully,"But we should ty and 'ave the Domestics club help as much as we can, no?" He calls out. He's not someone that gets let in to do any sort of baking or cooking. Cooking+Finley=BIG FIRE and burnt food.

Akilina is up at the top back row of the tiered seating and she was reading her paper sack covered books that are the assigned Third Year Books. She very well could be giving the exact answer to the troubles of Hogwarts and the Universe for that matter. It's a shame no could hear a word she is saying. But like a fish or a mouse her lips are twitching, but that could just be her reading.

Madam Patil comes around the wall of blocks and smiles to Finley, "Which is exactly why I am here Mr. Higgins. Very good idea."

Viridian gives a low, throaty chuckle, nodding to Brandon. "An excellent question, Mister Nott. I have little doubt that the Headmaster and the Magijugend have nothing good planned for the Mud Club. Nor for any Muggle-born in this school. You are all here because you have witnessed the injustice being perpetrated upon Hogwarts. Hear me now, and take these words to heart. Hogwarts will never fall to oppressors and tyrants. You have more allies here than you know. But we must move carefully if we are to restore this institution to its proper glory."

Rook Lovegood is hardly the only pureblood present for this meeting, but there are certainly not many of them in the room. The disheveled looking Hufflepuff sixth year is quiet and subdued in his manner, listening to the on-going chatter about him while deliberately drawing little attention to himself beyond the arm encircling his shoulders from the slightly older Gryffindor student. Clearing his throat, Rook raises his voice once Viridian makes his suggestion, and Rook tentatively raises a hand as if he's in class. There's a small, softly muffled ribbit from his breast pocket. "Professor? Who's going to be doing this and where? We don't have access to the kitchens, do we? I have a few suggestions, but."

Sampson isn't sure why he's even found himself here, as he sits in perfect silence looking down to the floor. In his mind this can only be one of two things, a trap, or the start of something big. Either way he's found himself a nice spot right by the exit, he's always near the exit of a room, only way to stay alive. Ever since getting here he's barely had a thing to eat, the gruel just not doing it for him and it's shown on his face, the kind of anorexia that he had been working his way past while living in the book store.

Buford grins at Viridian. The man is his favorite teacher at the school, after all. He moves to rest his hands on his crossed knees, his head tilting as he listens to the man, refraining from commenting for the time being.

Eibhlin slowly, from the back, raises her hand. "Professor Viridian, I had a meeting today in Hogsmede that I'd like to bring up when you think the time is right." Her Irish accent is decidedly hard to miss, as soft as her voice may actually be… "Well, Rowles and I both had the meeting. He couldn't make it to this one because he was helping someone with their homework, but…"

Brandon nods in approval at Viridian's words but he's itching for actions. He just can't stand to see his muggle-born friends being treated so unjustly. "What are you expecting from us?" Then he looks over his shoulder at those who really think this is about cookies. Come on!

Terrance pushed through the door of the Charmitorium, glancing around to see just how many people would have decided to show up for the resistance movement that was rising against Flint. As he did he noticed that the meeting had already begun. He quietly moved down and into a chair, trying to maintain silence as he directed his attention to Viridian.

Colton shoots a wave and a wink back to Evie and then he pipes up, "So when's the bake sale!?"

Very confused Erica raises her hand above her blond hair braided in a crown atop her head, "Ummm… are we actually going to be doing a bake sale? I'm confused, I thought we were going to plot and do spy and espionage things…"

Course it's not about cookies but you have to start somewhere. Finely looks curiously at Madam Patil,"So the Domestics Club gonna use their skills in the kitchen during the club time to make stuff for the bake sale?" He asks sounding a bit confused by the whole thing,"What the rest of us gonna do? Not all of us can buy stuff…"

Viridian sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose with two fingers. "There is no bake sale. It's…oh, Merlin. Fine, we'll have a bake sale. It will make a good cover. Now, pay attention. Before we get into any specifics about what we will do, we must cover what should not be done. You're smart youths. Let us hear some ideas about the kinds of behaviours that could make things much worse for everyone."

Gabriel rolls his eyes a little bit and snaps his book shut. In answer to Erica he says, "Part of the whole spy thing is being able to say that your meetings are something different than what they really are. So, we're doing a bit of both, obviously." Leaning down he puts his book away and then tucks his wand into its pocket inside his robes. Clearly there is going to be no way to concentrate on learning wand movements from this point on.

Gabriel adds, "And we shouldn't be picking fights. Or intentionally looking for trouble."

"Well…" Buford pipes up, "I was conversing with Elise earlier about the violence that might erupt should this kind of treatment continue, but I spoke out against it…noting that if provided with enough examples that Flint might just try and ban Muggle-born students from attending, altogether."

Eibhlin sighs. "We need to abide by the rules of the school. Breaking rules willy nilly gives Headmaster Flint room to excuse his behaviour." She shrugs. "Not to mention it makes it hard on the Prefects who are actually on this side the fight."

"Defying professors would make things much worse," Elise volunteers. She looks over at Buford, and nods a bit. "Especially defying professors that are for these… draconian rules."

Brandon scratches his chin, "I guess we should not pull pranks or hex those gits from the Magijugend even though they deserve it".

Annie looks about at all the students gathered. While it's good not to fall into a pit of despair, she wonders if some of these children are actually grasping the severity of this situation. Her eyes happen to fall upon one slight boy, and the words of a friend come into her head. She's not positive, but given a guess she would say that she's finally found Sampson Smith. As the young witches and wizards begin to speak up in answer to the Professor's question, her hope is bolstered again. Maybe more of them grasp this than she had first thought.

"We should be doin' somethin' ta stop them from pickin' on Muggleborn. I ain't startin' random fights, but I ain't gonna pretend to be all fine when they start makin' fun of me friends or anyone fer being born from Muggles." Finley says frowning as he thinks,"Bake sale's good way ta make the Headmaster look bad." Especially if they put it to the people outside of Hogwarts as Headmaster starving kids.

Hearing the question posed by Viridian, Terrance rose his hand before speaking. "I think we should refrain from any attacks or taunts to the pure-bloods and the Magijugend. All this will do is aggravate them, and create further unrests among the students. Our real goal should be to sway their view to understand this prejudice is wrong." After he finished speaking he kept his gaze facing towards Viridian, knowing his views have already earned him a reputation within his own house.

Cillian looks very thoughtful and raises his voice. "No runnin' down the 'alls in your knickers in an effort to protect the uniforms of a school that would separate its students like they are? I mean…that's a wee bit too radical…and it won't 'elp us be taken seriously even if the breeze would be a relief."

Viridian nods deeply. "Well put, all of you. Do not give them the ammunition to bring down even harsher restrictions. That said, I do not expect anyone to suffer injustice quietly. You have the right to be treated as human beings. But be smart about it. Lashing out is a losing battle. The Magijugend have been empowered to wield their wands to enforce Flint's policies. There may come a time when all we have left is to fight. But until then…we must trust in the counsel of those wiser than we are, and resist passively."

Eibhlin looks mildly at Brandon. "Have you considered that many of the Magijugend are the products of their raising?" she asks softly. "They've been taught from infancy to despise something they don't understand, or have based it off a single experience that they don't fully grasp. The Magijugend aren't our enemy… Not really. They are children and young adults, like us, that are being despicably manipulated and used. You cannot enlighten the unconscious, and we cannot lose sight of our own humanity."

Colton feels enough eyes go to him when talk of following the rules is broached that he just grins innocenyly and pumps his fist a little and mouths, "Hogwarts!" Perfect picture of innocence he is! "The Jug Ends don't need any provoking, they are drumming up bull sss-charges and threatening kids. We just supposed to grin and bow our heads and take it if they start carrying out those threats?"

"Some of us already know. Please don't lump us all together as if we share similar views, or that we're all to blame for this foolishness," comes Rook's voice as he gently disentangles himself from Noah's hug. "There's no point in fighting right now. It won't do anything but make them feel like what they've done was the right decision. Right now, I just want to focus on trying to make sure people are eating what they ought to, and being educated properly." Wetting his lips, Rook more deliberately turns his attention towards Viridian, sinking his teeth into his lower lip as if from nerves. "Professor, is there anywhere that we can meet with muggle-born students to help teach them in private? Without prying eyes?"

Eibhlin says, "I actually had a meeting with someone from the MLE today about that, Rook."

Levi moves to a place where he can watch and listen without being more so in the way. He is listening to the professors words though the bake sale is confusing he will continue on with the important bits there. "Stick as closely to the new laws as we can until its simply not an option, for now, but yes nor allow others to suffer attacks, we must stick together and watch each-other back vigilance for the things going on in the school. Take smart precutious to limit the abuses."

Brandon says, "What should we do then? We can't just sit quietly while they act as if muggle-born are second-class students!"

Viridian suddenly holds up his hands for silence, and strides toward Eibhlin with a concerned frown. "You met with someone from the MLE? I suggest you tell us about this, Miss Shine."

Elise turns to give Eibhlin her full attention.

"This is a problem best suited for legislature and quiet protest," Buford responds to a few of the remarks, "Flint already looks at you as if you're animals and throwing this into a full-on violent rebellion isn't going to do anything to change his mind." At Viridian's gesture, the boy will fall silent.

Terrance opened his mouth to offer a retort as to what the group should do rather than retalite, but then Viridian rose his hand and Terrance quickly shut his mouth, turning his attention to Eibhlin.

Gabriel was about to say something else when Eibhlin drops her little bomb of a comment. Focusing his attention on her, like many people in the room have done, he mumbles under his breath, "oh boy… This could be really good or really bad…"

Akilina does in fact try to pipe up that the food really isn't bad when Noah talks about the differences in food. But if her books had ears they'd be hard press to hear the meek little mouse.

Eibhlin slides gracefully to her feet to meet Viridian when he heads her way. "Actually, she sought us out. Rowle and I… One of the Aurors did. I won't name names, Sir, if that's alright… But Rowle recognised her. You see, we'd also met with a woman from the Muggle Liason department earlier. The Auror came to speak to us in person." She glances around the room. "Rowle and I are going to start setting up small tutoring cells at moving locations in Hogsmede, where we can help teach the Muggle-born students things that they should be learning. There are some people in the Ministry who will be providing us with logistical support… Private homes, potion supplies, that sort of thing… As well as intelligence and a secure means of passing information and supplies."

Eibhlin adds, "We'd like to ask any sixth or seventh years willing to help tutor, to quietly get your names and best studies to us."

"What about the first- and second-years, though?" Elise asks. "They can't get to Hogsmeade!"

Rook says, "And what about those students who can't go to Hogsmeade?"

Slipping in, Madeline glances around - and one of the first person she sees is Gabriel, towards the back of the room. She slides in next to him, mumbling quietly and with some embarrassment, "I'm late? What did I miss? Are we gonna go on a food strike? Are the half-bloods and pure-bloods gonna refuse to go to classes?"

"Pickin' fights doesn't help. Being defensive is good." Finley says seriously as he perks up,"Don' get me wrong. Fightin's fun but it ain't useful to just fight ta fight. Gotta let them make the first move. Then if they do use their wands on us, it wouldn't be a good thing fer him."

Eibhlin nods to the question about first and second years. "We're working on a plan for them as well. Probably private lessons in dorms. Possibly under the guise of language lessons…"

Terrance perked up at Eibhlin's news of starting a tutoring program, having just about to voice his support of such rather than to offer aggressive resistance. "I think the idea of a tutoring program would be a marvelous idea. Though, I do kind of agree that we should consider what can be done for those unable to get into Hogsmeade."

Viridian nods slowly, listening to Eibhlin carefully as he strokes his goatee. "A fine notion. But Mr. Lovegood and Miss Harper are correct. Those most in need of education will not benefit from this. But the essence of your plan has merit. I believe that we can arrange for something similar here in Hogwarts. Roaming classes. But indeed, we will need help from the older students."

"Umm - unless a family member picks them up for the weekend," Madeline raises her voice to supply. "But I guess… That'd be real hard for most Muggle-borns," she adds more quietly.

There's a small shrug of Rook's shoulders. "I would rather teach the younger students what they need to know than pass NEWTs. It's not about being a martyr or anything, it's just not as important to me. There's a lot more of them that need help than I ever will. So if we can set up private study sessions, or whatever we'd like to call it, we should. Hogsmeade weekends just aren't enough time to learn something they ought to be taking a week to learn." The sixth year lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose in mild exasperation.

Eibhlin nods. "Our other plan, for the first and second years, Professor was to start a Language Club. Rowle and I both speak several languages… We'd thought it would make a good excuse. Though.. it might make it more complicated for those who only speak English."

Viridian sweeps his arm dramatically. "Fifth Years and above that will volunteer to tutor our younger students, please step up here so all can see you." He arches an eyebrow Eibhlin's suggestion for a Language Club. "How is that relevant, Miss Shine?"

Terrance rose his hand at the second request for assistance. "I would be willing to volunteer to tutor some younger students in the ways of Defense Against the Dark Arts." he said with a glance between Viridian and Eibhlin, knowing it was his best subject.

Elise nods. "Uh, someone… put up a letter calling on Ravenclaws to tutor Muggle-borns," she says, shifting her eyes from one side to another. Totally wasn't her. Ahem. "Can I help with that? Or is there something else you'd rather we do?"

Terrance steps up to Viridian when called forward.

"Won't it look weird when the 'language club' is mostly first and second Muggleborns?" Madeline asks Eibhlin in an uncertain voice.

There's not a moment that passes before Rook is reflexively stepping forward at Viridian's suggestion, quick and earnest

"I'd be willing to help with Charms," Buford remarks, offering a raise of his hand and standing to move to where Viridian gestured to.

Noah steps up to Veridian. "Of course." He says softly. "I'll gladly tutor anyone who needs it."

Colton chuckles, "Not everyone's got a big sexy brain like you do Evie… what's also to say tha someone opposin all this don't know thhe strange language ye want to banter secrets about in?"

Eibhlin shrugs. "We teach magic in German or French or Latin or whatever other language we can find. The point is, Professor, that we can -find- creative ways to get the education to those effected by this ludicriously ill-educated rule." A pause. "No pun intended. It is just that the logic behind it is bereft of any redeeming qualities …such as a grip on reality… and there is little evidence to support it's pragmatism." She smiles then at Colton. "Come up with a plan that works for them. This is what Rowle and I can offer. You have your own strengths… Offer to teach others by using those."

"I can teach many things satisfactorily." There's a pause, and then Rook smiles with embarrassment, red tinging his cheeks suddenly in a flush. Many of his House, and even those outside of it, are all too familiar with the often dramatic and troublesome incidents involving Rookanthus Lovegood and potions class. "Well, except for Herbology and Potions, really. I ought not teach much of that. But most other things wouldn't be a problem."

Brandon says, "I'm more than willing to help. It would be a good revision for my owls anyway. And since it would go against Flint's wishes… I'm all for it."

Kimiko rises and hurries to join the others willing to tutor the younger students.

"Is there anywhere on campus that…you know…we couldn't be found by faculty? Well, by those members of the faculty." Buford asks, more speculative than anything.

Eibhlin is also totally taking mental note of every person who has stepped forward. Clearly. One can actually see the wheels turning. "Professor Viridian? Do you mind if I get people's best subjects so that we can help arrange the distribution of tutors to pupils? We'll also need to get word back to our contacts on the outside as to how many supplies we'll need…"

Arevan raises her hand and push back her robes hood, the heat getting to her, "Excuse me, but this all sounds like ways to prop up the statuesque. If muggle borns are seen to be learning just fine and passing OWL's and such under this setup, doesn't it validate him?

"I'd help tutor firsties," Madeline calls out. "It'd be good practice, anyways…" Sure, he asked for fifth years and up. But is that really going to stop Madeline?

"Supplies? You mean for herbology and potions?" There's a faint pause, and Rook's expression grows thoughtful while he plucks something from his breast pocket beneath the black cloth of his robe. "They didn't change the requirements for the lists this year. They might next year, but for now, they haven't confiscated anyones' textbooks, cauldrons, quills, parchment, and so on. So we should have that, at least." Clutched in the sixth year's slender fingers is a brightly mottled green toad, absently patting the tiny creature upon the back. Then Arevan is speaking up, and Rook's hand pauses. "No. He doesn't want them passing OWLs. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't even given them. He doesn't want muggle-borns to succeed. We have to make sure that they do."

Cillian considers something as he's quiet, bending a knee to rest an arm against his knee as he listens to all the ideas around him and he bends his head and then just smiles slowly to himself. "We'll need to be organizin' supplies, aye? They dun always need to come from the outside. Parchment, quills, books…" He trails off and carefully gets to his feet. "Ye 'ave the people who can teach and all, now ye need the people…a few people who aren't muggleborn to show up. To avoid suspicion. I can 'elp out and I am pretty da-good at pretendin' I need 'elp."

Gabriel leans over to whisper to Madeline, "We've just started. And no, Professor Viridian made a point that those are specifically the kind of things we /should not/ do. It just makes us targets and proves what the opposition is saying about Muggle-born…" Clearly he has more to say about that but the larger conversation is moving forward so he turns his attention back to it. "I would also be willing to tutor on campus grounds. And I speak Latin so I can help during Language Club lessons if we use them for that."

"I'd gladly help with any classes i'm able, or help with other things run supplies or whichever, brooms might be good for that?" Levi says after pondering a bit further on the topic of course he'll help he's been trying to since he got here.

Noah nods. "We need the Fidelius Charm. And perhaps also the protean charm. We need a place to teach properly. AT hogwarts. Where no one can find it who doesn't know the secret. Because otherwise we just won't be able to properly teach potions, for example. And … A place that we can call our own…We could tutor much more often." He looks to Viridian. "You're a supporter, and you're the best wizard in our school at charms. Surely you can cast the Fidelius Charm and the Protean charm for us?"

Madeline gives Gabriel as slightly incredulous look. "That's just… dumb. So all they're talking about is how to endure it, not how to fix it?" she whispers back, frowning unhappily.

Taking a moment Sampson shifts in his seat, his attention divided in forty different directions. He's watching faces, hands, body language, exits this whole thing feels off. His attention drifts towards the people now standing willing to help with education. There are a lot of things he could ask about, but for the time being he's only interested in his exit strategy.

Arevan doesn't agree with Rooks pronouncement, but doesn't aregue the position more here. As talk turns to where they could learn she once more raises her hand, "Maybe a stupid question, but couldn't we find a way to turn SCUMS into an actual, functional class? All us mugle borns will be, and have to be there already."

"Soon as ye do, Headmaster'll can it and make ye start again." Finley says shaking his head,"Headmaster won't let that become a real class. If it did, it would defeat the purpose of it." He points out seriously,"Headmaster wants to keep Muggleborn from really learnin'."

Colton shakes his head at Noah and gestures around the room. "Anyone in 'ere can be for Flint. So them charms are pretty useless. Just like when Medusa tried to join the Mud Club. We just need to find some quiet spot, when we can where we can and do the right thing and accept the results iffin we do get found. The Mud Club is the perfect cover. They can't stop ye from studying loudly during one of the Mud Club meetings. Besides, hopefully this'll all blow over an will be back to normal in a matter of days? So help'm if 'e tries to shut the Mud Club down, right Professor?"

Noah nods to Arevan. "I'm trying. I volunteered as an aide to Burke, to help teach actual useful lessons in SCUMS. But there's only so much I can do. We're making cleaning solutions and learning…useless remedial magic. I can't very well take over the class." He sighs. "Not without…well. Taking Burke out of the picture I guess." He looks to Colton. "No. No they aren't useless. The fidelius charm would have a secret keeper. As long as that person doesn't betray us, the secret will be kept."

Viridian lifts his hands again for peace so he can address the student's concerns. "This Language Club is…a creative idea. But the time it would take to teach languages, even to a conversational level, would be prohibitive. But the point has also been made that many of the oppressors speak other languages. Professor Lestrange, for instant, is a world traveler and quite a polyglot.

"Those of you that have volunteered, I shall trust that you can organise amongst yourselves about who will assist with what. But Mr. Lovegood is correct, locations are needed. There are secret places within Hogwarts, but others may know of them as well. More important will be arranging places that we can protect, and give ample warning for if the Magijugend come prowling. I fear a Fidelius Charm is out of the question. Such magic cannot be performed in Hogwarts. A Protean Charm…is possible, but has limited usefulness to us without more people skilled in its use."

Gabriel keeps one ear out for the main conversation while turning to whisper some more to Madeline. "We will talk about ways to fix it. But we need to do it in a smart way; in a way that won't make us look like we're behaving exactly the way the oppressors said we would. We need to do things in a way that makes them make mistakes we can capitalize on. For example, keeping a running account of what they are doing and how they are oppressing us and getting it out to the world at large." In an even lower voice he finishes with, "Like you're doing already."

Eibhlin raises her hand. "I can do the Protean charm, Professor," she says softly. "I've been studying it in this year's books, and I just -know- I can do it if you'll correct my wand form. I can then help teach it to some of the other seventh years. That is, if you think it's worth doing. The seventh year charms students need to learn it anyway…"

Noah sighs. "Here then. In Hogsmeade, at least. Here, we can at least have a safe place that we can use. Or…A place nearby, anyway, easy enough to get to." His frustratin shows in his posture, in his expression. "Even the hat is against this. The founders would be too. Except for maybe one." His arms cross. "We have to do something. Food doesn't matter—it's filling enough, even if the disparity is insulting. The lack of education, though, is completely unacceptable. And even with tutoring, it won't be equal. It can't possibly be equal. This won't be addressed properly any time in the near future. So, what do we do? Passive resistance sure, but aside from tutoring, what else? How else can be resist? We've started writing letters, of course." He adds. "But pardon me for not having much faith in the bureaucratic solution. Bureaucracy got us into this to begin with, when a muggle-hater attained the highest position at Hogwarts, with no proper checks and balances to keep him from making sweeping policy changes based on his hatred."

Cillian looks around as conversation keeps churning forward and around and up and down and just settles back down where he was seated on the floor, toying with his peppermint stick and just shaking his head.

As Noah speaks, Madeline stands up to add her piece. "I don't understand why we aren't doing protests like refusing meals, or classes. And I don't just mean the Muggleborns - it's the half-bloods and pure-bloods skipping meals that'd make the biggest difference. If they wrote their parents, and the Daily Prophet, and the Board of Governors and said why they were doing it… it'd have to stop. It'd have to."

Brandon nods at Noah, "He's right. I can't even understand why they named Flint when it should have been Dumbledore. Something else need to be done. You gathered us here professor. What's your plan? How can we help?"

"If we don't push back they'll never stop" Sampson finally speaks up, not too much in the mood for his own accent, "Not till they're slaughtering us in back rooms like cattle," He's read enough books to have a rough idea of what might get peoples attention. "'ow far is too far to let them push?"

Elise leans forward, just an inch or so, and tucks a wayward strand of hair behind Cillian's ear. "Let's plan," she suggests to him. "I can get quills and ink and parchment from my father. I know he'll give us what we need."

"I am no more a fan of bureaucracy than you are, Mr. Yorke," Professor Viridian says with a bit of a smirk. "But it seems we may be rewarded nonetheless. The letters you students have been writing have been having an impact. The Daily Prophet's story may have been buried by the declaration of war, but people did take notice. Both the Preservation Society and the Unity Party have denounced Flint, and the Board of Governors is being flooded with angry letters. And there's more…"

Colton just pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head at Noah's retort to him and then a hand goes up towards Viridian's statement about the charms in 'that's what I'm talking about' manner. "I'm willing to stand guard during any tutoring things. I make for a pretty grand distraction."

Madam Patil steps forward, "I know I am biased." She stats with a knowing little smile as she opens her arms up to all of the students present. "The Library will always be a place of knowledge. It is also a place where a single guard as Mr. Higgins offered could allow those needing privacy know that there is a disturbance coming. The usual rules that I have always upheld will still be in place." Her eyes tilt to Gabriel to make sure he heard that part. "But please, I welcome all of you to the Library for all of your sudying needs. We are forbidden from checking out books to Muggle-Borns that they did not already purchase for school. But there was nothing said about reading them inside of the library."

Buford offers a nod to Madeline, "I think we might find that to be one of the more effective actions. If we dig into the very workings of this school, we may have a chance. Refusing meals, refraining from attending our required courses, quitting the Quidditch teams. If we could slow everything to a crawl here, we might just have a chance at turning things around."

Noah nods. "The fidelius charm, outside of Hogwarts, can at the very least give us a safe place to retreat to…or to rally…if things get bad. We can stockpile supplies, healing potions for example, or food stocks, and stay safe. Provided we can GET there, it would allow us a place of safety. The charm will still be useful. It doesn't matter where it is. A place of safety is a place of safety. A port in the storm."

"Quitting Quidditch?" Elise repeats, a sort of horror creeping into her expression - she's a Keeper for the Ravenclaw team, a goal which she fought hard for and won through many long hours of practice.

"Elise - we aren't even getting to learn magic!" Madeline calls back to her friend. "Keep doing the practices if you want to - but what if the teams refused to fly in the games? The official games." Yes, that's handing the Slytherins the Quidditch Cup. But Maddie has never cared one lick for Quidditch, anyways…

Annie's eyes fix on Madam Patil as she steps forward, and the younger witch's lips curve in a proud smile. From her place standing at the side of the gathering, Annie will move, her walk a slow stroll, and stop when she's a bit nearer to the Head Librarian. She's already been trying to help the students with books they need, knowing she does so under the blessing of the other woman. She may not appear older than some of the students, but Annie's robes do set her apart as a member of the faculty, and her presence here as someone willing to go to lengths to help the students.

Eibhlin looks at Evens… Her eyes are wholely sympathetic. While her father (whomever he was) was a wizard, she was -raised- as a Muggle because her father skipped out before she was born. "Evans," she says softly. "We -are- making progress. People from the -Ministry- are coming to help us set up an underground education system. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater will only do more harm than good. I cannot promise to fix the world. What I can promise to do is to teach those who want to learn where ever we can set up a place to do so. I can promise, as a Prefect, to do my best to see that muggle-borns are not bullied in my presence. I'm ready to get expelled to help. But I'm going to do it in the way I'm best able."

In an almost perfect chorus to Elise Gabriel also says, "Quit Quidditch!?" He shakes his head a little bit and adds, "I agree that kind of resistance could work. IF, and that's a big if, a large enough group did it for long enough…" He doesn't seem very confident that would be the case. To Madam Patil he smiles slightly and nods, taking her hint in stride.

Eibhlin stands again and moves quietly over to Madame Patil, speaking quietly to the woman, only very briefly. She looks to Annie for a second while doing so.

Colton says, "Yeah sure, let's give them exactly what they want, us out of this school. People actually have futures that hinge on getting through this year. Every house…besides maybe Ravenclaw… have students that would leap at the chance to fill slots that we open up if we refuse to play."

"In Hogsmeade, every other weekend, if you're year three 'n up," or are lucky enough to have a wizarding uncle to pick you up. Madeline frowns at Eibhlin. "That's how we endure it. And it's not enough. I wanna fix it. I mean - I'm glad we have students to stand up for us and all, but… but there shouldn't be a need."

Viridian folds his hands patiently, though he isn't known to be a bastion of patience, and it does begin to show. "I'll look into the matter of a Fidelius Charm. But performing such a spell won't go easily unnoticed in Hogsmeade.

"But, as I said, there is more to share. You students, all of you, will be most useful to each other by keeping your eyes and ears open. The more information we have on what Headmaster Flint and the Magijugend are doing, the more powerful we become. It so happens that I know something that will be greatly valuable to us, if we can use it wisely."

Madeline's words strike home, and Elise subsides, miserable and silent, but nodding slowly, seeing the sense in the girl's words. She stands up. "You're right, there shouldn't be a need. But there is, and I, for one, stand with you."

Eibhlin just ..looks.. at Madeline in silence. It's the classic Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw approach.

Noah adds, when conversation permits. "We should ready ourselves for conflict. Expect the worst, hope for the best. Everyone who can should learn basic healing magic—the Patch up charm. Everyone who can should be ready to fight. Everyone who can should join the duelling club. Or practice on their own. I want this to work out peacefully. But I was put into Gryffindor for a reason. We may have to fight." He pauses. "I apologize, Professor. I mean no disrespect in my insistence."

Eibhlin ALSO whispers, to Patil: «Madame Patil, I was hoping that you and Annie could help work with the Ministry as contacts. We need someone sympathetic and safe to get information and supplies in and out. Are you willing?»

"Mahatma Gandhi once fasted to fight segregated voting laws in India," Buford remarks in his best politician voice, before continuing, "Can you imagine how the public would react if they found out that there are legions of children refusing their meals…refusing to go to class…refusing anything offered to them by this corrupt regime?" Buford offers a look around at his students, "It's not a matter of giving them what they want. It's a matter of refusing what they have deemed acceptable to give us."

Annie notices the look from Eibhlin and curiosity touches her face for a moment, but she's distracted by Professor Viridian's words. Being nearer to him now, she chooses her time to speak up. "If I might offer, Professor, I have a friend who works for the Daily Prophet. If I am able, I would be willing to funnel information to him and his co-workers. Papers. Memos. Pictures… if that would be helpful." She's not nearly as worried about her job as she is about doing what can be done to put an end to this situation. Had she still been at school, their fate would be shared by her.

Colton seeing that the professor has something important to say and everyone else is continuing to talk he stands up, pumps his fist in the air and shouts, "HOGWARTS!" Then he bows and gestures to the professor in a 'the floor is yours' manner.

Gabriel raises his hand but says his piece without waiting to be called on, "We've already been told that there is plenty of outrage and outcry going on. We don't need to build up more sympathy, we have it. We need to gather information, get it out to the people that can make the most use of it and not make targets of ourselves so that its the oppressors making the mistakes, not us. By the way, how does Professor Dumbledore feel about all this and will Duelling Club meetings continue to be a place of learning as usual?"

"SHUT YOUR HOLES!" The all-too-familiar angry bark of Caretaker Pringle rings through the room, for once seeming to actually be aligned with the sentiment of Colton Higgins. The gaunt man steps into view, seemingly from nowhere. He certainly didn't seem to come from either of the two entrances. "Be quiet, and listen to Professor Viridian if you ever want to see an end to all this." He steps up to stand with the Charms professor and Madam Patil, eyeing the crowd sternly.

Viridian gives Pringle a sigh, saying calmly to him, "Easy on them Apollyon. They're scared, and this is more than any of them should have to deal with."

Brandon looks up at Viridian, "If it's information you need professor…" his face looks like if he's about to puke, "I could always try to join the Magijugend." He pauses for a moment, "I don't know if it would help but I'm willing to spy on them if it would. If Flint ever heard about my parents… It may help."

Niko moved forward as the individuals moved who would tutor the younger students. As he talks about secret passages and things like that, Niko feels a little bit uneasy. He continues to not mention what he has, the more people who know about it the more dangerous it is. He stands next to Kimiko quietly and silently for the time being, perhaps afterwards he will bring it up. As Pringle's voice rings out, he jumps a little bit. Doe the other Professors already know? Even so he doesn't who should know, so far only him and Kimiko knew about it.

Gabriel's eyes go wide as the mention of a spy comes up. He raises his hand again, waiving it desperately around in the air. But at least Pringle's shout has made him decide to wait to be called on before saying anything else.

Elise jumps at the yelling and sinks back down to her seat, her face white.

Madeline just beams at Buford, bouncing on her toes with barely contained motion. And then Brandon gets a wide-eyed, eager look. Could he do that? Would it really work? …Pringle's shout suddenly has the girl sitting again. "Gosh a spy would be great, wouldn't it?" she whispers to Gabriel.

Buford turns to look at Pringle with an arched brow before his attention turns back to Viridian, his hands moving to rest in his pockets.

Eibhlin shakes her head. "It won't work, Brandon," she says softly. "Your wand will break." She doesn't say anything further on the subject, however. She just waits for Patil and Viridian and Pringle all to finish.

Cillian just arches an eyebrow when Pringle speaks, smiling a bit before looking over at his crew, glancing to each of them carefully to make sure they are following the 'quiet down' rules as well.

Noah crosses his arms. "For all we know they're spying on us too, or else one of us will turn traitor." He frowns. It was spoken a little quieter, more to himself than anyone else.

Colton looks a bit like he feels dirty that he and Pringle are on the same side about something. He sits back down and squirms like he needs a shower. This must be a sign of an apocolypse. But he remains silent and looks at those still talking like they are crazy. "What's this ace in the sleeve Professor?"

Sampson says, "There is no awer else, there's gon'a be at least two awer free traitors 'ere, we just 'ave ter be ready ter deal wiv em when they talk so no one else does"

"Listen' to them!" Finley calls out and pumps his fist in the air. He's not not sure if they'll ever agree on something ever again. It feels weird.

As the room quiets in the aftermath of Pringle's harsh entrance, Professor Viridian address the students coolly. "There are no traitors here. Each and every one of you was carefully observed. Besides which, I'm quite certain you all know better than to cross me." The man is renowned for writing a book on vengeance spells. "We'll discuss that possibility later, Mister Nott. In the meantime, as I said, you must all keep your eyes open. As some of you may be aware, the Magijugend are bound by a magical contract of Headmaster Flint's design. An ally of ours received information that the Wizengamot has approved a warrant to search Hogwarts and seize those contracts so they can be examined, to determine if they are a violation of students' rights. But…we also have reason to believe that the Headmaster will recieve forewarning when that warrant is issued, and will attempt to have the contracts moved to a safe location. That is when we must act."

Elise had no idea about the magical contract. Her eyes open wide and she looks in surprise at Cillian.

As Viridian speaks about a warrant from the Wizengamot, Madeline reaches for Gabriel's hand and holds it tightly, litterally bouncing in her seat and beaming with excitement. She does not look the least bit surprised by this news - but certainly extremely excited and seemingly ready to burst about something.
I did that! she wants to shout. She doesn't.

Cillian is listening very closely, he just meets Elise's look with a small smile and shrug of 'told you there was something more to it'.

Buford furrows his brow at the mention of a contract and crosses his arms in front of his chest, 'hrmm'ing quietly to himself before he moves to retake his seat, obviously tired of all of that standing around.

Brandon glances at Eibhlin, "Break my wand?" and the he simply nods at Viridian, "As you wish professor." Then listening to the part about the contract, he tells himself, "Now that's more my kind of thing. Actions."

Madeline's excitement makes Gabriel chuckle but doesn't stop him from waving his free hand back and forth in the air, waiting to be called on.

Viridian continues. "This might be a good use for the Protean Charms that were mentioned. They could be used to send a signal to each of the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor common rooms. Then you students would need to spread the word. I would expect that the Magijugend will be used to move the contracts. It will be our job to intercept them and delay them. We must not allow them to spirit those contracts away before the Department of Magical Law Enforcement can confiscate them. Any questions?"

Eibhlin nods at Viridian. "My wand is yours, Professor, and anything else I can do to help."

Cillian nods slowly and just chuckles softly to himself as he gives a small nod. Yep. He may know two or three people…who are really really good at interceptions.

Noah considers. "Why don't we simply confiscate them…steal them…beforehand?" He pauses. "Smuggle them out of the school and into the MLE's hands before Flint can do that himself? I'm sure he's protected them, but between you and dumbledore, his protections will mean nothing. And we can strike pre-emptively, and perhaps meet with no resistance, and minimal casualties."

Gabriel nods, "I'll definitely help." And then he can't take it anymore and stops waiting to be called upon, "/AND/ I think I have us a spy! At least in Slytherin. Samira Prince has hinted that she would be willing to answer any questions we have and she has not had a chance to develop loyalty for her house. I think she find the idea of playing the spy amusing."

"Because chain of custody," Madeline answers Noah. … what? What went to watch some crime flicks at the cinema after her whole Junior Auror thing.

"Cause Headmaster Flint prolly has a bunch of spells and defenses setup so we cannot." Finley says loudly. "We need them ta be lookin' elsewhere." He says as he stands up,"Ain't gonna help for us to go breaking in cause he'd know and throw us out for it."

"Because if yer caught, yer in the wrong. When you knick something, you're the criminal. When you delay the smugglers so they are caught by the law…well yer a couple pints short of gettin' a medal or a beat down but yer hands stay clean." Cillian drawls softly from where he is sitting.

Viridian nods. "Miss Evans, Higgins the Younger, Mister Peele are all quite correct. It must be clear that these were in the possession of Headmaster Flint, and so much the better if he is caught trying to hide them."

Noah sighs. "Alright. Fair point. Well, then once again I suggest everyone prepare for a fight. Duelling club will be valuable, no doubt. If you can manage a proper shield charm, great. If not, at least basic defenses." He pauses, then looks up at Viridian. "Shield charms…Can we enchant mud club badges with the shield charm, professor? Or perhaps items of clothing or…something. Defensive magic…to help us on the day we have to fight?"

Elise clears her throat. "How do you want us to delay them?" she asks. "Full Body Binds, or…?"

In the dull roar of all the students talking over one another, Annie's words are lost. She'll wait, make her offer after all the commotion, perhaps talk it over with Madam Patel. Stepping back she'll listen without speaking up again, letting her eyes wander through the different voices and faces.

"Guess it's a good thing I'm joining the dueling club after all," Madeline says to Gabriel softly. She suddenly realizes she's holding the boy's hand and releases it, looking a little embarrassed.

Cillian just gives Elise a small smile as he shakes his head before his eyes fall on Annie.

Mr. Pringle arches an eyebrow. "You really want to get into a spell battle with the Magijugend? Better be sure you can win. Because that lot dinnae play nice."

Viridian smirks at the students with…oh yes, that's pride. "Yes, Apollyon, but they may not have a choice. Better to be prepared. Enchanting shield charms is difficult, but not impossible. I can prepare some charmed shirts. But they'll only be good for a single spell, and you won't get to decide which one."

Gabriel smirks as an idea starts to build in his brain. "Why don't we do what they would least expect and what plays to some of our strengths. We can start working on purely physical ways of restraining and delaying them when they time comes. The last thing they would expect is for us not to use magic."

Madeline furrows her brow slightly. "Because that might just be what they do expect of 'filthy mudbloods'?" she answers Gabriel. "I'm not sure that'd really work."

Eibhlin nods over to Annie. "I was hoping that you'd offer that, Miss Annie. I'll need someone to carry messages to our contacts in the Ministry," she says softly.

Sampson mutters quietly to himself "Bet they can't outcast a gun,"

Viridian raises his hands for attention again. "There is one more thing, and this is vital. Please listen to me."

Gabriel whsipers to Madeline, "I thought having a spy would have more of an impact…" but then Professor Viridian is calling for attention again so he focuses on him once more.

Elise quiets down and pays attention to Viridian.

"Do not, under any circumstances, speak of these plans or the existence of this Resistance to Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore." Viridian gazes about the room, particularly toward the older students. "Surely, we all would imagine he would be sympathetic to our cause. So, who can venture a guess as to why he should be kept unaware?"

Brandon sits down and pays attention.

As the majority of his ideas have been shut down, Buford just turns and looks to Viridian, crossing his legs and resting his hands on his knee.

Brandon blinks with his mouth wide open, "Dumbledore doesn't know about this? I thought he was supporting us!"

Gabriel pops his hand back up, "So he can deny knowledge of it in the future."

Gabriel says, "That way if he's tapped to replace Flint he can say honestly he wasn't involved."

Noah pauses. "Because…he takes the longer view?" He sighs. "In order to save the maximum amount of lives, we need to wage a slow war of attrition. This isn't that plan. This is waiting for an opportune moment to strike. But we're striking. … And perhaps because Flint is watching him."

"Plausible deniability," Elise says, nodding at Gabriel and looking impressed at his reasoning.

"Well. I guess because he's the Deputy?" Madeline muses, then gasps. "He can't become HeadMaster if-" But Gabriel's right there on the same lines as her. She hadn't thought of that!

Brandon glances at the others, "Yeah. It make sense."

"Legilimens, perhaps," Eibhlin muses. "Perhaps someone is trying to brush through his mind."

Viridian grins broadly. There is something a little wicked about Viridian's smile, but he nods solemnly to Gabriel. "Precisely. You are all correct. He is the most likely candidate to become our next Headmaster. But if it seems that he staged a coup, Flint's allies will use it against him. Also, as Mister Yorke points out, he is watched closely, which can even include Legilimency…though he is quite a skilled Occlumens."

INTERLUDE: Elsewhere in the Castle

Flint pounds on the door to the Prefects Bathroom. "Open this door immediately! We know you're in there! I'll have you all expelled!"

At last, Professor Black manages to disable the locking spells on the door, and the Magijugend present throw it open…

…to find Professor Dumbledore taking a bubble bath. "Oh…good heavens. Were you knocking? My head was underwater. Terribly sorry, I simply cannot resist making use of the Prefects bath now and then. It's quite comfortable, don't you agree?"

"Umm, Professor Viridian, Sir?" Madeline says, climbing to her feet, and waiting to see if he'll acknowledge her, while she rocks from heel to toe repeatedly.

Viridian nods to Madeline, speaking softly…thought that voice of his carries so well through the room. "What is it, Miss Evans?"

Madeline makes her way to the Professor, gesturing him down to her height and then whispering in his ear. Even if he does say he trusts everyone in the room — she's not sure if she should just blurt this all out!

Madeline whispers, "I've been telling some kids to write up reports - you know, of when they see things that… aren't right. Magijugend stepping over the lines, especially. You know, with where, and when, and who saw it, and what happened. And then collecting them all and keeping them safe - so I can get them to my contact in the MLE… took some already this weekend. That's good, right? And I'm trying to collect more…"

Noah pauses. And then, slowly, with a grim expression, he raises his hand, signalling a question and also a desire to not interrupt the proceedings.

Viridian's lips pull back into a grin as Madeline whispers to him. A slow, lazy chuckle emerges from deep in his belly. "Marvelous. Simply wonderful. Keep up the good work, Evans." He stands upright again, points to Noah. "Yes, Mister Yorke."

Noah takes a deep breath. "May I ask…What's to stop him from doing to same to us as to Dumbledore, if legilimency is something he's willing to employ? We aren't any of us skilled with occlumency, and Flint will stop at nothing to root us out. Why wouldn't he simply grab the nearest and youngest muggle-born and discover everything he needs to know? If he or an ally of his is capapble, he can even alter memories to simply erase the experience and cover his tracks." He pauses. "And what are we to do if it ever comes to that? We can travel in pairs, but even two of us won't stand against a wizard of his skill."

Madeline nods, beaming brightly, and bounces back to her seat next to Gabriel - taking a moment to give Cillian and Elise a thumbs up. Copper's on the job!

"He ain't gonna think ye would include people like me and younger." Finley says looking at Noah,"But even if he did, he would still not just grab them. The Board of Governors may not like it. Plus he'd have to suspect us of doin' somethin' and right now he ain't thinkin' we are."

Gabriel says, "and that's /why/ we have to keep from doing the more visible stuff. So we seem to be cowed and under their control. That way there is less of a chance that they will suspect we are actually trying something." Then he stops to think for a moment and adds, "And maybe having a few people doing the visible stuff, like hunger strikes might be a good distraction from what we are really doing…""

"He may be willing to use legilimency," Viridian explains, "But that does not make him capable. To my knowledge, Professor Dumbledore is the only Legilimens at Hogwarts. It is a rare art — and I am impressed that so many of you know about it. But it is rare because it is highly difficult to master. Also, Mister Higgins is correct," he grumbles a bit. Apparently he wanted to say it first. "If it were discovered that he were employing a Legilimens to peruse students' thoughts, he would have even more to answer for."

Mr. Pringle gives Gabriel a nod, looking marginally impressed. "Laddie's got a point. Keep 'em lookin' at what the left hand is doin' so they're nae watchin' the right."

Noah shakes his head to Finley. "Easy to circumvent with a little creativity. He could simply call a student to his office for whatever reason, and then…" He shrugs. "It's just not as hard to hide these things as you might think. And I'm not even including the possibility of the Imperius curse, which I assume he would never use, surely." He looks skeptical about that. Intentionally. It's a little dry and sarcastic, but he's getting his point across without stating it outright. At Viridian's words he simply says, "Maybe we should know…Just what IS he capable of?" He sighs. "If he had the capability, he would surely not advertise it."

Eibhlin looks grimly at Viridian for some reason, the Prefect's fingers gently touch her wand. "Professor?" she asks softly. "Anthony had voiced a concern about certain spells that might be used… In your honest evaluation, do you think that we are in danger of anything other than expulsion?"

Madeline nods her head firmly. "If there weren't any resistance - I think that'd be even weirder. They'd really know we were up to something." It's no surprise to Gabriel, no doubt, that Maddie at least intends to continue her hunger strike. "I still think we should tell everyone to stop eating the meals," she insists - though a bit quietly.

"I'll go on a hunger strike," Elise volunteers. "I'm not afraid of it. I know it won't kill me."

"Headmaster Flint, while prejudiced…according to me Father, he is not an idiot. I tink we all need to remember that…he's turned this school into a giant chessboard. There are rules he must follow in this game. The only way to be winnin' a game of chess is to be smarter and always a step ahead of yer opponent." Cillian just sighs at more information about the hunger strike. He does not look impressed or very happy, you can tell because his smile is a little bit tense.

"I could jump on the hunger strike idea. No doubt I could use the oppurtunity as a soapbox, at least. Keep them listening to me and the like," Buford remarks, comfortable in his ability to hold a captive audience, if necessarry.

"Yer thinkin' too hard. He ain't gonna do somethin' like Imperius on someone. That'd get him in a WHOLE lot of other trouble." Finley says frowning a bit,"Although even if he cannot use legi-whatever, 'e could use something like Veritaserum on us, but that could get 'im in trouble too." He pauses for a moment,"No offense but starvin' yerselves ain't gonna help ye. Maybe they'll improve the food. If it gets ta be more than gruel, we should all eat."

Noah answers, with a shrug. "You aren't going to convince me that the way to win is to play by the one-sided rules he's set up for his little game."

Viridian nods to Noah's request. "Headmaster Flint is a scholar above all else. He is an historian and a true master of rune magic. Wards and bindings are child's play to him. But make no mistake, he's a formidable wizard in other respects, as well." He turns his attention to Eibhling and Anthony. "I honestly think the worst you have to fear from our enemies' wands will be an overzealous Magijunde. Practice your defensive spells, but most of all, don't provoke a confrontation. For the record, Veritaserum is a controlled substance, and I feel confident that Professor Slughorn would not take part in its illegal usage."

Gabriel rolls his eyes, "The hunger strike would be a distraction from everything else we're doing guys. If it bears fruit even better but its not meant to be the main focus of the resistance. Its like a Muggle magic trick, you distract the audience with patter and a lot of movement exactly where you want them to look so that they don't see what you're doing with your other hand."

"And if we get enough purebloods and halfbloods in on it, it'll do some real good." Madeline insists firmly. "No one'll stand for it - kids refusing meals at school. Things'll have to change!"

"If ye be needin' misdirection, me brother and I are good at that sort of thing." Finley says grinning broadly. He's good at the whole slight of hand thing,"Given what some muggles have ta eat, if'n it gets better than gruel, we'd actually be hurtin' our cause. We'll look spoiled."

Cillian snaps back at Noah. "Oh my goodness, did I say 'play by his rules'? The rules in a game of chess aren't his. I dun tink he was the one who invented the game of chess. Some of the meanest bas-bad men in the world play chess, its /not/ their game." He pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath and looks between Elise and Gabriel and Madeline before just looking down again and shaking his head. He's being quiiiet.

"The more purebloods who work on distraction, the better, I'd think," Elise pipes up. "So the more of us who go on a hunger strike, the better a distraction we'll be."

Mr. Pringle claps his hands loudly for attention. "Alright, lads and lassies. Play time is over. Much longer and we'll draw suspicion. Start leavin', one or two at a time, nae all at once." He moves about the room, tapping a student here and there to usher them out in a slow trickle, much as they arrived.

Eibhlin inclines her head once. "Thank you," she says. "I'll make sure that Rowle knows that you said that. It will make his head rest easier." And surely everyone would understand why ANTHONY would be nervous. She's still standing by Madame Patil and Annie… Waiting for a response to what she had asked of them.

Magic trick, now that's a word that strikes home with Sampson, of course it's also got the word muggle attached to it, but he can't win everything. Now he can't help but think to his little project, oh how good it would be if only he could get access to a few supplies. "I'm good a-" Then he's interrupted, it was worth a shot, but hey at least he's got a few more ideas for his magic trick, and who knows he might actually learn something at this school of the damned.

Gabriel moves down to where Cillian is sitting and sits down next to him, letting his shoulder bump into the other boy's in a companionable way, "I know you don't like the idea, Cap'n. Of a hunger strike. But it is a good distraction and its volunteers after all."

"If ye do a hunger strike, it 'as to be organized and there 'as to be a clear strategy or else ye get alot of passed out people, sick people, and people who cannae focus on their studies." Cillian replies softly to Gabriel. "But does it really be matterin' what I be tinking?" He shrugs and shakes his head and then nods when Pringle starts wrapping things up.

Niko reaches over and squeezes Kimiko's shoulder and offers her a smile as he goes to take her arm moving to head out. Leaning in and whispering to her, "That went well, no?" he says softly with a smile.

Noah looks to Viridian. "Whatever happens…Consider me a general in your army. Use me, direct me. I will follow your lead, I will fight. I will sacrifice everything if it means this injustice will end." He draws back from the wall he was leaning on, and gives Maddie a little nod, as he holds Rook's hand to guide him out, and hopefully to a happier place.

Kimiko smiles, nodding with a bit of surprise in her voice. "It actually did. I think we stand a chance of turning things around." She leans on Niko's arm, jumping a little when Pringle barks at her to put some space between them, and does so. But as soon at they're out the door, she's clinging to him once again.

With people trickling, Madeline bounces back to her feet. She whirls once in place - just to get out a little pent-up energy - and bounces her way over to Buford to wrap the older boy in a tight hug. Quite possibly from behind. "I really liked what you said!" She tells him. "About, ummm… Ghandi, I think you said. That was great!"

"Of course it matters what you think," Elise says softly to Cillian. She'll reach for his shoulder and tries to meet his eyes.

Buford offers Madeline a polite pat on the head and says, "Well, thank you. I don't feel like it landed quite like I thought it would, but…you know, that's politics, I guess." He looks over to Viridian with a concerned glance.

Annie steps forward, drawing closer to Eibhlin and lowering her voice a measure. "I'll be any help that I'm able." Although, at this point, Annie has far less to suffer from repercussions than Madam Patil does, the elder witch having a family and all. "If yeh have a minute, we could talk. I'll have t'catch up with Professor Viridian eventually, but there'll be time enough for that when things settle down again for a bit."

Gabriel laughs a little in response to Cillian's last comment, "Yes, it does matter what you think. You're the Cap'n. And the heart of the Pirates and probably of Gryffindor House too." Then he sobers up a bit and moves on to address Cillian's other concerns, "And you're right. That's why those of us that are not part of the strike need to make sure we're sneaking food to those that are. And who's better'n at that kind of thing than you?"

Then he looks over to Pringle and calls out,"And thank you for your support Mr. Pringle. We're grateful to all the faculty that's helping but I'm willing to bet I speak for many of us when I say your support is a surprise and more the valued for it."

Mr. Pringle gives Gabriel a mildly annoyed snort, but mutters, "Aye well…s'pose you dinnae know me as well as you think, laddie. Hogwarts is more than a castle. It's an ideal, and I'll nae allow some big-in-his-britches old man to sully it."

Sampson lets out a small snort through his nose, not having left yet as people continue to move out from the room. If he leaves he doesn't want to be the first or the last one out, he's got to pick a good spot for his escape. He lowers himself further into his seat, looking over to everyone still left inside of the room.

"Well. I thought it was great!" Madeline tells Buford brightly, before turning to bounce her way over to her fellow Pirates, dropping down next to them abruptly. She's all smiles - until she notices the grimmer expressions that surround her. "Umm. …I thought it went pretty well?" Even if she didn't get everything she wanted - like organized hunger strikes and sit-ins.

Cillian rubs his forehead as he gets to his feet and then he just looks between Elise and Gabriel, pausing to look over at Pringle with a small smile and then he watches Madeline with a bit of a sad expression before he looks between Gabriel and Elise once more, lips pressed in a thin line as he leans in to murmur softly to them after they have walked out and he speaks softly. "There will be a schedule. I'll write it up iffen ye need it. Weekly, who will be eatin' and who will not be eatin' and at which meals. And we'll 'ave to get a book on what a person needs to eat to stay healthy. If any of ye end up in the infirmary from weakness or starvin' I /swear/ on the bits of me that 'aven't yet dropped….I will write the most long and detailed letter to yer parents about it all, they'd think yer on yer death beds." He holds up a finger and points to each on of them.

Viridian watches the students file out, giving nods and assurances to all that approach him. He stands firm and proud, a guardian shepherd watching over his flock. But soon, his little lambs may have to contend with wolves, and that haunts him.

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