(1939-09-08) Freedom to Practice
Details for Freedom to Practice
Summary: In Duelling Club some students are practicing and learning spells.
Date: September 8, 1939
Location: Club Room

Despite having been petrified by the thought of dueling the year before, Madeline had reluctantly agreed to join at the urging of her uncle and Rena. It was only the recent conversation in the Charmitorium that had the girl finally excited - and she all but bounces into the room, her Defense Against the Dark Arts books (first year and second year) clutched in her arms. "What're we gonna learn?" she asks eagerly, as she skids to a halt. "…oh. Am I a bit early?" Not too many seem to have arrived just yet.

Amyah can’t keep from giggling as she hurries towards the club room. There’s a bounce in her steps as she all but skips down the corridor. Her hair is done up in two braids, except for the bangs that are brushed off to the side. First, she knocks on the side of the open door before she peeks in, her green eyes sparkling as she looks around. “Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Is this where we learn how to duel the big bad ogre blocking the entrance to the Slytherin common rooms in the dungeons?” A giggle escapes the redhead as she pulls her bag closer to her front, where her lamb plushy is poking out of as usual.

"Oh, I think so!" Madeline says brightly, setting down her books, and flipping one open to a specific page. "Hey, Amyah… Is it digitus wibbly, or digitus wibbly?" she asks, pointing to the page. "This spell looks like it's gonna be great!"

“Because, oh boy, that ogre /really/ could use a bath!” exclaims Amyah, keeping up the idea of Slytherin’s guard. It makes her giggle again as she looks around the room, and beams brightly as she spies Madeline. “Oh, hi!” she says cheerfully. The question had the girl blinking, moving over closer to peer down at Madeline’s book. “Um.. Di..gi..tus Wi..bbly,” she murmurs quietly to herself. “Digitus Wibbly.” And then she pipes up brightly, “Oh! /Di/gitius. Definitely! I remember because I had particular trouble with that one. I might still have trouble with that one,” she adds, but smiles nonetheless.

"Digitus wibbly," Madeline murmurs quietly. "Digitus wibbly?" she asks for confirmation. She murmurs the incantation to herself several more times while using an empty hand to give her best guess at the wand motion. It's not a very good guess.

Amyah drops her smile as she concentrates, repeating the spell herself again, thinking back to the class. She smiles when she brings Madeline into focus again. “I think that sounds right. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure.” She lets out a little murmur of thought before she beams brightly at Madeline. “Would you use that in a duel?” she asks as she tilts her head. “That’s really smart of you.”

"Well - if they can't hold a wand, they can't cast!" Madeline says brightly. "We have to learn all the dueling we can this year - that's what my uncle says, and Auror Odori. She said I need to learn to look after myself - even if means casting spells on another witch or wizard." Still wandless, she girl spins abruptly, to face an imaginary target. "Digitus wibbly!" the girl exclaims, gesturing dramatically with her empty hand.

Gabriel comes in through the door, nose buried in the third year Potions book. He can, however, clearly multitask since without looking up from the book he says, "The accent goes on the first syllable of each word; DIgitus WIbbly. And its is a pretty good spell for a duel but there's better. Like Mimble wimble, the tongue tying curse." Finally he puts his book back into his knapsack and looks around. "Where's everyone else?"

Zayn is sitting off to the side with his notebook open as he goes through a few things, looking up at the club meeting for a moment, before looking back down. He is just there to chaperone after all.

Anthony slips quietly into the Club room.

Amyah bobs her head in a nod. “It really makes sense,” she agrees with Madeline, “and it’s definitely a good idea to learn duelling. We get to practice with the spells we learn more quickly.” She looks up when Gabriel speaks, “Oh, it’s the boy who was spying up in the tree! Hi!” She nods her head and smiles. “And thanks for the confirmation!” She glances around to see a couple others showing up.

Anthony says solemnly, "And there may be situations where the speed of your spell saves you from…. pain." There's a slight pause there. As if at some recollection of darkness.

"Tha's what I said!" Madeline complains as Gabriel tries to correct her. "But how's the wand bit go? And show me how to tie tongues, too! That sounds neat!" in her excitement, the girl seems determined to master all of the spells together - all in one go!

Gabriel nods at Anthony as he sets his things down and then starts to stretch, almost as if he was going to play a sport instead of duel, "I agree. Especially Expelliarmus. If you get really good with the disarming charm and can cast it nice and fast it avoids a lot of trouble. Deflecto is another good one to be really good with."

Anthony says, "But even the simple small things… the smokescreen charm, for example, can get you out of bother."

Amyah turns her head as Anthony speaks, her mouth dropping open at the thought of /pain/. She closes her mouth as she swallows. “Yup!” she exclaims in agreement with him. But as things start to get started, Amyah falls silent with a gasp, clasping a hand to her mouth as she turns.

"Smokescreen? You can make a smokescreen? How do you make a smokescreen?" Madeline ask eagerly. "Oh, Gunny, you'll teach them all to me, won't you?" The freedom of being able to do magic - real magic - out in the open, with other students, is clearly starting to go to Maddie's head.

Gabriel walks up to one of the practice dummies, puts his wands through the movements and firmly says, "Fumos." causing a thick, steady stream of smoke to come out of the tip of his wand and engulf the space between himself and the target, "Like that. And I can work on them with you, sure. But maybe we should leave the ones based on Transfiguration for last…

Amyah’s green eyes sparkle as she looks from one student to the next, watching them practice. She simply goggles at the spells the older students are practicing, a slight expression of shock and concern on her face. “Are- Are we going to get to learn those?” She can’t help but frown as she remembers the limitations for this year, but it only lasts a second or so before she shakes her head vigorously. It’s not going to be like this forever, she knows it! Looking to Gabriel and Madeline, she pulls her wand as she watches them. “Can I try?”

"I am pretty lousy at transfiguration…" Madeline admits with embarrassment - assuming that's why he wants to save it for last. But she comes up to stand beside her friend, mimicking his motions and his words - wandlessly first, before drawing her wand to give it a real try. "Fumos!" To Madeline's surprise and delight, smoke begins to billow from the wand, causing the girl to squeal and jump up and down. "I did it! Sure you can, Amyah!"

Gabriel steps aside to give Amyah a little space, looking slightly confused that she would want to practice basic spells, considering she's been in the duelling club at least since he started, "Sure… If you really want to practice basic spells…" To Madeline he adds, "Good job, Maddy!" with a big grin.

Amyah nods, offering both Gabriel and Madeline a smile. “Um,” she says, her cheeks tinging with colour. “I don’t think I’ve ever really tried casting a smokescreen before,” she explains. “I’ve seen it used before though.” She lets out a breath as she turns to face the dummy, bringing her wand up. “So I move it like this…” she murmurs as she moves her wand through the air. The movement is a little off, but when she says the spell, the pronunciation is correct. “Fumos.” A small, tiny tendril coughs out of the tip of her wand and fades, causing her to giggle out. “Well that didn’t work out so well.”

Madeline's own results had been weak - it'd been her first attempt after all - but any result at all clearly thrilled the girl. She beams at Gabriel, to have learned her first new spell of the year. "We should have dueling club every night," she murmurs quietly to her friend. "So we can get ready. All of us!"

Gabriel stands next to the red head and goes through the wand motions for the smokescreen spells in slow motions to let her take it in, "Almost there. You just cut the spiral too short. It needed one more twist to it." To Madeline he grins and nods, "Duelling club every night would be grand but I think Professor Dumbledore has a little too much work for that."

Amyah sets her expression as she follows Gabriel’s movements, green eyes locked on his wand, trying to follow suit with her own. “Okay,” she lets out. “Let’s try this.” She smiles as she turns back to the dummy, spiraling her wand around, “Fumos.” It’s not very big, but when the cloud of smoke puffs out and stays for at least a little longer than last time, she squeaks out happily. “Oh, yay! Thanks …” She pauses as she tilts her head. “Did Madeline call you Gunny?”

"Yup! That's his name!" Madeline exclaims brightly. "And I'm Copper. Or Mad Maggie. Or Mad Maggie the Copper. Or Madeline the Magnificent! Fumos!" With another gesture of her wand, more smoke billows out, and Madeline practically crows with her delight. "I'm good at this one! Wow! Look at that!"

Gabriel nods to Amyah in time with Madeline's answer. Pulling his baseball out of his robes pocket he throws it at the practice dummy, hitting it in the chest with a solid *THUNK*. One would think he'd be happy with the throw but he's frowning slightly when he says, "Its short for Gunnery Officer, my title with the Pirates. And sometimes people call me Doc too." He walks over to the baseball, put it back in his pocket then walks back, waving some of Madeline's drifting smoke away from his face, "And you are Maddy. But take it easy before you smoke us all out of the room."

Delight sparkles in Amyah’s eyes as she listens to Madeline, giggling at her. She’s about to ask where she picked up the nicknames when she looks to Gabriel. “Ohhhhh,” she lets out as her eyes widen. “I like them! Especially Madeline the Magnificent. Daddy sometimes calls me his little sprite, but that’s all I have. “You’re /really/ good at that!” she compliments the younger girl as she casts the smokescreen again. She laughs cheerfully as Gabriel fans at the smoke. “But that’s a good sign!” she exclaims. “So you’re in the pirates too? That’s brilliant! Elise was talking about it. She said you were a pirate too,” she adds, looking to Madeline.

Gabriel smiles at the girls as they practice the smokescreen spell but doesn't join them again. Instead he places himself so that he's a bit away from them practicing on a separate dummy and starts working on figuring out the Full-Body Bind Curse, consulting a folded sheet of paper he pulls out of his pocket with all the notations he's made on how its pronounced, the wand movements, and everything else he felt he might need to self teach himself the spell.

Madeline nods her head, wand still posed to cast again. "Yup. That's how I picked up Copper and Mad Maggie as names," she says brightly. "Well. They gave me Copper as a name on account of me being a Junior Auror now. It's official and everything. Fumos!"

Amyah faces the dummy with her wand pointed upward, as if she were saluting, but she turns her head to look at Madeline with a bright smile. “Oh! I thought I heard you mention Junior Auror before. You must have done something /really/ impressive and brave.” She says, focusing a wide eyed look on the second year.

"Well. I dunno about brave," Madeline answers - before pausing. "I suppose Rena thought it was brave. She said I'd showed honor, duty and courage." There's pride in her voice as she admits that. "But I think the real courage comes this year! Fumos!"

“Is that the auror?” asks Amyah brightly. “Well, if she says so, then it’s likely to be true,” she points out as she gives Madeline a smile. “I didn’t know that was possible,” she admits. “Oh.” Amyah blinks as she looks to the dummy, and she nods her head slowly. “I suppose we will need courage this year. And faith,” she adds. “Faith is always good.” And he makes herself look crossly at the dummy, boring her eyes into it. “Alright, Dr. Sorcero, you’ve got it coming! “Im/ped/imen/ta/.” She lifts her voice in a sight squeak the end of the spell and misses the accent in the middle, and as a result completely fizzles. “Oh no! Oh nooo!” she cries out in play, lifting her hand above her head as she slowly lowers self until she flops onto the floor. “I’ve got caught!”

A couple of students glances over. One boy frowns, clearing his throat as he rolls his eyes. “Grow up, Tennan.”

“Sorry!” Amyah calls out as she sits up even as a giggle escapes her. She glances to Madeline with a wink.

"I have faith in the Auror's office," Madeline asserts, before Amyah's dramatics. "Who's Doctor Sorcero?" she asks eagerly - she loves a good story, after all. "Growing up is boring!" she adds, before looking at Amyah again.

"What spell was that? What's it supposed to do?"

Amyah beams up at Madeline and lifts her hand to drag it in front of her, voice lowering for the dramatic effect. “An /evil/ genius whose goal is to prevent the heroic party from completing their quest. Some may have other names for him,” she adds, speaking normally and shifting her eyes back to the dummy. Not Flint though, oh no, definitely not Flint. …Ahem. “The impediment jinx,” she answers Madeline. “Slows you down, or even immobilizes for a short time.” When she finishes, she beams proudly at herself because she remembered the definition. “I got the pronunciation a little wrong though. Real easy movement though.” She waves her wand in a straight, horizontal line.

"Umm. What's their quest?" Madeline asks - a sneaking suspicion in her mind. Not that she would ever voice it. Ohhhh no. She smiles at Amyah, before mimicking the wand motion. "Like this?" she asks.

“Um.” Amyah has to think of something. “Well they’re on a journey to regain the throne that was taken over in a war against the Magicians and the Sorcerers.” She smiles brightly, and bobs her head in a nod at the movement of the wand. “Perfect!” She turns back to the dummy. “Impedimenta!” she says fiercely, hitting the dummy with a thud as it wiggles very slowly.

"Oh," Madeline responds. She studies the dummy for a moment. "No one should battle against great magicians and sorcerers," she decides. "Impedimenta…" she tries quietly, before leveling her wand on the dummy! "Impedimenta!" she cries … with no affect. "Hrm…"

“Nope,” Amyah agrees with Madeline, “they shouldn’t, because they have very powerful magic and shouldn’t be taken lightly.” She winks, and then watches the younger girl with the impediment jinx. “Don’t worry, you did all right. I couldn’t get it right at first either,” she adds. “Im/ped/i/men/ta,” she pronounces, without doing anything with her wand.

"Impedimenta," Madeline repeats quietly. "Impedimenta." Raising her wand, she tries it once - nothing. She frowns at your wand. "You know. When I say magic and wave you about you're supposed to work," she chastises her wand. "Impedimenta!" she calls again, and though there's no visible affect - the dummy is only a dummy after all - she smiles. "That felt right," she decides. Do you think I got it?"

Amyah watches, murmuring out softly and doing the movement with her own wand after the first attempt, just to be helpful. She beams brightly after the second, bobbing her head. “Oh! That looked and sounded great! Madeline the Magnificent for sure!” She giggles.

Madeline grins at Amyah, trying again. If she can learn two new spells tonight… why-! She'll be all the more ready for when the Aurors come to Hogwarts! She'll be able to wear her Junior Auror's badge on her uniform that night, surely? "Impedimenta!" she repeats with another gesture of her wand. "Oh, I do think I've got this one!" she adds happily.

Amyah’s smile is bright as it sparkles in her eyes. “Great job,” she praises cheerily. She flicks her head once so as to swish both braids behind her and faces the dummy again. "Let’s try another smokescreen,” she murmurs. “Fumos.” Amyah blinks when nothing happens, her tongue slipping out as she makes a face, lifting her head to stare at the tip, and then out to wave it around in practice. “Missed the twirl at the end, I think.” She turns to glare at the dummy, and points out with her other hand. “I will get you, Dr. Sorcero!”

“Shhhh!” comes from one of the other students.

"Don't worry about him," Madeline tells Amyah. "He's clearly one of the servants of Dr. Sorcero, and we will get him when his time comes!" She throws her head back, letting out an impressively evil laugh. Good enough to earn several surprised stares from around the room - and some twittering laughter. "Oh. …wait. We're the good guys, right? … sorry." She looks a little sheepish - but highly amused.

She flourishes her wand again, calling out, "Fumos!" Her wand emits some more smoke. Not much, but enough for a pleased smile from Madeline.

Augusta comes striding into the room. "WELL!" she calls cheerfully. "Did I miss the whole meeting or what?" She has.. a headband. With glittery misshapen blobs on her headband.. she's kinda hard to miss.

Gabriel , who has been the picture of frustrated focus up to now, suddenly looks over to Madeline and simply asks, "What'cha do now, Mad Maddie?"

Amyah beams brightly at Madeline and bobs her head vigorously in agreement. “We will get him,” she says energetically. Her eyes widen as a look of complete delight crosses her face when Madeline laughs, and the redhead just falls into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. “That’s… brilliant…” she manages. “That …. was … brilliant.” “Ow,” she giggles out as she holds her stomach from the laughing-cramp. “Oh, you are just fun to have around, Madeline the Magnificent!”

“And Miss Tennan.”

Amyah blinks as she looks up when her name is called. “What? Oh.” Apparently called up to get a little extra help from one of the older students helping out, she glances to Gryffindor. “I better go up there,” she says, winking.

Madeline nods to Amyah. "Go get 'em!" She agrees, before bounding over to join Gabriel. "Oh. We're just preparing to do battle with the evil forces of Dr. Sorcero, that's all. How about you?" she asks, beaming at her friend - a little flushed with embarrassment over the sheer over-the-top success of her evil laugh and how it had reverberated around the room.

Gabriel grumbles in answer to Madeline's question. He's cast the Full-body Bind Curse at least a 100 times by now, in different variations, with nothing but failures. After each cast he's taken notes on what he did and the results. Turning to the dummy again he draws what could be a key or a face down body in the air wirth his wand and calls out, "Petrificus totalus!" There's no light show but a second later the dummies loose limb snap tight against its body, showing that the spell actually worked this time! "Oh! YES! Yesyesyesyes!"

"Gabriel!" Madeline exclaims. "That's great! You think I could try it?!" she asks. She bounces on her toes at the very thought. She would love to be able to do that!

A second or two after the spell takes effect the dummy's limbs loosen up again. With a grin Gabriel turns to Maddie and shrugs a bit, "I don't see why you couldn't try… As long as everyone stays nice and clear." Walking over to he second year girl he starts to talk her through the wand movements and the pronunciation of the spell, "I think the trickiest part is the timing of pronunciation and wand work, so make sure you're timing it right."

Madeline does what she always does. She says the incantation a few times first. "Petrificus totalus. Petrificus totalus." Then she tries the wand motion, a look of concentration on her features. Then she tries them both together. "Petrificus totalus!" The result of which sends her flying backwards, and colliding into a student behind her. "Ow. Oh, ow, gosh, I'm sorry. Are you okay? Ow." Despite what's probably going to be a bruise - she starts to giggle. "I don't think that was quite right, Gunny!"

Gabriel rubs his chin for a few seconds as he analyzes the effects of the girl casting the spell and then he goes to help her stand up, "What do you say we start with something simpler. Have you ever seen a Pestering Jinx in action?"

"Oh, gosh, no. But that does sound good! What's a pestering jinx do?" Madeline asks eagerly as she accepts the help to her feet. She beams at Gabriel - and rubs her bum. Ow.

Gabriel spins around and wiggles his wand at Maddie while calling out, "Remordeo!" Suddenly a mass of the little beanbag that are sometimes used for moving target practice fly up and start swirling around Madeline in an annoyingly random cloud. From time to time a few of them pop out of the cloud to lightly bop Madeline wherever they can hit her.

"Hey- hey!" Madeline calls in protest, letting out a giggle. She swats at the bean bags as she laughs. "How'd you- What was the word? How do I do it? I want to do it to y-YOU!" Her voice suddenly increases in volume to a surprised shriek as one of the bean bags swats her directly on the rump.

Gabriel falls over onto one of the mats laughing harder than he has in months. Between gales of laughter he says, "Remordeo. And its easy enough to cast…"

"Remordeo!" Madeline calls hastily, aiming the spell at Gabriel. If she can cast it maybe the bean bags will leave her al- eep! She lets out a squeak as one baps her on the side of the head. "This is a great spell! Remordeo!" she tries again.

More bean bags fly across the room to attack Madeline. "No, no! Him! Not me! HIM!"

Gabriel starts to roll around on the floor clutching at his stomach and not even making noise anymore since he's too out of breath to laugh out loud. With one hand he waves weakly, almost desperately at the older students pointing out at Madeline and hoping they catch on to the fact that someone needs to cast a dispelling charm on the girl.

Madeline seems determined not to give up. "Remordeo!" she calls. Then she stamps her foot and calls louder, "REMORDEO!" This time, a few of the of bean bags leave off harassing her - namely the ones she'd jinxed onto herself moments ago - and start buffeting the laughing ravenclaw. "I GOT Y-!" Madeline starts before one of the bean bags tries to fly down her throat. "Mmm! Mmm-MMM!"

As Gabriel covers his head to defend from the attack of the few beanbags that are redirected at him, still laughing, some of the 5 year students finally realize that the jinx on Madeline doesn't show any signs of weakening. After a quick conversation among themselves they finally pick someone to come and cast a dispelling charm on both younger students. Once the charm is cast all the beanbags drop to the floor, leaving Gabriel curled up into a gasping ball. And he's not the only one in the room trying to control their laughter either.

Madeline is giggling herself when it's all said and done - but she does take a moment to pick up one of the bean bags off the ground and throw is at Gabriel's stomach. "That's a fun spell!" she declares, before plopping down next to Gabriel. "I guess it's a good thing I decided to join Dueling Club this year, huh?" she remarks. "What other clubs can I lean proper magic in?"

Gabriel shrugs while he takes a couple of deep breaths. Once his breathing is under control he answers the question; and some that haven't been asked, "We don't learn the Pestering Jinx here. I learned it on my own from a book I found it in. And most of the clubs teach proper magic. Just not spells that are all that useful in a difficult situation." He specifically avoid using the phrase 'in a fight'.

Madeline nods her head firmly. "Very useful," she agrees. "And - well - I liked learning chores stuff in Domestics…" But now they have a text book full of that drivel. She frowns a little bit. "Okay. So… I can make smoke. I can slow people down. I can pelt them with… bean bags, if there's any bean bags around…" She gives Gabriel a curious look. "What else do you know?"

Gabriel turns his head over to look at Madeline, his smile slowly facing away, "Well, I know a few others… But you know that you need to practice all of these a lot before they work consistently, right? Just because they worked a few times today you can't stop practicing. Oh, and the Pestering Jinx makes anything small enough pester the person it was cast on, not just beanbags." Sitting back up he says, "If you don't know a deflecting charm, maybe that's the next one that we should teach you."

"I don't know one," Madeline confirms solemnly. "That's so if they attack me… I can stop the spell?" she asks. "Do you, umm, gotta cast spells on me for me to practice it?" Of course - he could just cast twitchy-ears on her. Right?

Gabriel nods and gets to his feet, "Yes. And you really have to practice this one, because you have to be fast but get the timing right so that it deflects the spell properly." Going to one of the duelling strips he stops at Madeline's end of the strip and shows her the wand movements for the deflection charm, movements that are very similar to a parry with fencing foils. "So the pronunciation is de-FLEK-to. and you move your hand across your body like this, almost like you're trying to push the other spell to the side." He makes her go through the motions a few times before going to the other end of the strip.

Madeline follows Gabriel, dutifully practicing the motion and the pronunciation several times. Her expression is serious - almost grim and a little bit nervous. This is like proper dueling now - and duelling unnerves her! But if she doesn't know this… How can she be the Junior Auror the school needs, and stop the Magijugend? "Okay. I think I'm ready to try," she announces.

Gabriel's been in dueling club since he started at Hogwarts so after two years he has a definite duelling form. Smiling at Madeline after he's in place he says, "Ready?" then lunges forward, "Rictumsempra!" and sends a purple bolt of light flying at Mad.

Madeline nods, her expression still grim, and licks her lips to wet them. "Deflecto!" she calls in response to Gabriel. She thinks - she's not sure - she thinks the spell worked. But her timing's all off, and the spell hits her anyways, sending the girl into a fit of giggles. "I almost- I think- I almost had you!" she gasps out.

Gabriel grins, "Maybe. Hard to tell." Then he squats down and smiles at Madeline as the waits a few minutes to let the tickling charm fade away. Once Madeline has the laughter under control he stands and gets ready again, "Ready for another try?"

Madeline straightens and nods, after taking a few last breaths. She gets her wand into position, and as soon as Gabriel starts talking, she shouts, "DEFLECTO!" It's way too early. Waaaay too early. And as soon as the spell hits her, she falls to the mat, rolling around and laughing uncontrollably.

That cast felt really good so this time Gabriel just sits down and leans his weight back on this hands as he waits for the spell to wear off. Which takes almost five minutes, "You need to learn the different spells. Cast your deflecto when you see the wand movement is almost over. At least you'll leave in a good mood after all this laughing. Want to go again?"

Madeline nods, between fits of giggling. "I wanna… wanna do it… right," she concludes. "Just gimmee…" Another minute. Finally, though, she's on her feet again - her wand ready and almost bouncing on the tips of her toes. She's going to deflect it! She will!

Gabriel gets back to his feet and into his on-guard stance. With another swish of his wand and another "Rictumsempra." he tries once again to tickle Madeline from afar.

They try again, and again - and other than once where they both fail the spell, and causing Madeline to jump up and down in glee over her apparent 'success'… she never quite manages to block the spell. "I'm gonna have to practice that a lot, to get it really good," the girl says solemnly, breathing really hard from all the laughter. "Who knew giggling was such good exercise? I'm exhausted!" the girl exclaims.

Gabriel's not in much better shape. He has been lunging and moving around as if he was in a real duel so he's gotten a bit of a workout as well. "I'm glad you're willing to keep practicing. Because it really is a lot harder when you're casting against another person than when you're just casting alone. But practice really does make it better." Going off to the sidelines he digs in his knapsack and pulls out two handkerchiefs, handing one to Madeline and using the other to wipe a bit of sweat off his forehead, "I'm glad you're trying Duelling Club. Its a lot of fun and almost everything we learn here has practical uses.'

Madeline uses the handkerchief to dab her face before confiding in Gabriel quietly, "I was really scared to join, you know." She doesn't seem that way anymore. She reaches for the bag she has with her - ignoring the large bulky gas mask inside it, to find a stale Hufflepuff pastry to nibble on.

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