(1939-09-08) WWN: Cauldron Talk - War and Segregation
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - War and Segregation
Summary: July 6th, broadcast, in which Brad talks about the recent heist.
Date: 1939-09-08
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning my Soldiers of Truth! Why don’t he certainly have a great deal of events to cover as of late. First in the realm of the Wizarding World, we see that Certain Individuals are taking issue with the Segregation taking place at Hogwarts! First I would like to say that this is simply outrageous! The real travesty comes from the fact, those poor misguided Muggle-Born students, haven’t received the proper and effective guidance all of these years!

How can you simply throw a poor Muggle-Born into our vastly complicated and complex world and expect them to thrive and flourish?! Why I think that Headmaster Flint has finally taken a step that needed to be taken to ensure that Muggle-Born children, can properly adjust to a Wizarding lifestyle. I have read and understand that both the Unity and Perseveration parties have Joined Forces on this issue. Isn’t that cute.

The Preservation Society, which many of might know as the Sit and Wait Around and Hope Someone Else Does Something Society. I mean look at Mr. Sullivan, I would like to quote:

“One thing that Grindelwald and the Unity Party as well as The Preservation Society fully agree on is that Muggles and their technology can be dangerous to Wizards and Witches. This danger how now intensified as the Muggles have begun a war that shows signs of quickly escalating.”

Oh Mr. Sullivan, isn’t that cute? The storm for almost a year I have warned of a Storm to come to us and now you are concerned? I mean, I would hate to see…

“…The Muggle to live up to their potential as a threat to our society. “

Wait a second Mr. Sullivan? Isn’t that what the Army of Truth has been saying? What do you propose we do! Here is another wonderful thought from Mr. Sullivan…

“Maybe even fight to protect said way of life if it spills into our currently hidden world.”

Fight? Why MR. SULIVAN! How dare you steal the words out of my mouth. I mean it is not like the Preservation Society has been doing anything… But I am sure the Preservation Society has something up their sleeve… Oh wait here it is…

“Take advantage of this opportunity to show that you (Unity Party) really mean to Unite both Muggle and Wizards as political equals.”
Ah imagine that the Preservation Society once again waiting around for other people to do something. You call for action but degrade action. You as always are nothing but individuals who banter nonsense and so unaware of the changing world around them.

Mr. Cassius Malfoy, for sure you are not enough of a fool to allow the Preservation Society to string you along on this topic, so that they can ride your coat tails… so they can help take credit after you work so hard… oh wait you are…

“…The Unity Party and the Preservation Society now fight on the same side…”

I mean wow Malfoy… really you are going to let your two years of fought work be aided by the sit arounds? Oh that’s right it will make you look good in the end also! So once again it isn’t about the issues it is about making the Unity Party look good. Just ask Miss Irene Odori, formerly Lee. Congratulations on your recent marriage! I couldn’t be happier for you!

Speaking of Marriages do you have one coming up? Well my friends at Fantastical Weddings, surely have the package for you! With almost twenty different packages they can manage to make any wedding on any budget as Fantastical as a Phoenix being born again! Remember ladies you only get married once, or in the case of my Aunt Heldie’s case, six times, better make it something to remember!
Ah but let’s get back to the interesting topics at hand. We have already talked about how adorable Mr. Sullivan has been. So what about poor Mr. Malfoy? He said and I quote,

“I presented a plan, the only plan, to prevent this state of affairs from ever arising.”

Oh Mr. Malfoy, again trying so hard to make yourself look good. Shaking babies and kissing hands, wait did I get that backwards? The Army of Truth has also been attempting to get this situation taken care of and we too have warned of this situation for a while. In fact the Army of Truth has been telling citizens this day would come for a very long time.

"We can no longer stop a war from happening. But we can still take action. We can step in and prevent Muggles from destroying each other and ourselves with them.”

Well said Mr. Malfoy, very well said. Sounds like something I would say. The difference is that you believe that the muggles can be Reasoned with. Didn’t the Events that unfolded the other day would prove this to you, Mr. Malfoy. We see this Hitler man as one who obviously cannot be reasoned with. Yet you plan to what? Have him over for a spot of tea?

The time has come that we Unite into one Party that the Army of Truth be ready to be called to Arms! To defend our home our Families our Children And our WAY OF LIFE!

Remember we are the Future! Your Children are the Future!




It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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