(1939-09-09) Battle Simulation
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Summary: Madeline finds Anthony and Eibhlin alone on a balcony - and the trio engage in mock combat.
Date: September 9th, 1939
Location: Fourth Floor Balcony, Hogwarts

Eibhlin shakes her head swiftly, leaning as she is with Anthony resting his hands just over her hips. "No. Of course not. We'd have to travel out there muggle style. It's a small community, you know, and you never know when Mam will have visitors over." She chuckles. "It's a bit of a break for me, out there… You might find it very confusing t'ough."

Anthony says, "Almost certainly will!" He chuckles and leans in to lightly kiss the top of her head. "I wish I'd paid more attention in Muggle studies now.."

Madeline likes the balcony. She remembers sitting out here sometimes with Adorabella, sometimes with Variel - so she bounds onto the scene, beaming at Anthony and Eibhlin. She immediately dismisses them as 'fine' and starts peering over the edge of the balcony, looking to see if there might be anyone down below to worry her. Slung over her shoulders is a large, slightly bulging book bag. Out in the hallway, the girl's escrort settles in, opening a textbook and trying to study. Maddie watching it exhausting work - if only the girl would hold still more!

"This oughtta do," she finally decides.

Eibhlin accepts the kiss to her forehead but steps back when Madeline bounces onto the scene. Appearances, yo. She looks at Madeline and then Anthony, with a bit of a smile. "And what will this do for, Evans?" she asks the second year.

Anthony flushes a bit as they're burst in on, and steps back also, with a muttered, "Knew I'd make an idiot of myself." He does, however, turn to consider the 2nd year's answer.

"Practicing for, umm, dueling club and well…" Madeline pulls a badge out of her pocket and holds it out proudly. "Official Junior Auror training, of course." She goes to put her rather official looking badge away - was the second year running around with a real Auror's badge?

Eibhlin's eyes cut to Anthony at his muttering. She murmurs something in return and then turns her attention to Madeline. "You don't say?" she replies quietly. There's a pause as she seems.. distracted.. by something. Not Evie. No. Never. She smiles as if to herself. "Well, very good, Evans. You might keep that stowed, however." She glances around and then pulls out her wand. "Come on then," she replies. "Cast your best spell at me."

Anthony clears his throat, a bit, and turns to consider the young Aurette. "Yes… I'd be interested in seeing what you can do. And if you're still interested in the Smokescreen, I could perhaps teach you the movements?"

"Yeah?" Madeline asks, an eager smile quick to appear on her lips. She pulls her bag up and over her head, then opens it, quickly pulling out crumpled bits of scratch parchment that she's balled up. "Oh, I got pretty good at that one, I think! Though this might be a pretty good place for practicing that spell…" she muses. She pauses for a moment in thought, before her wand finally comes out.

"Reeeeeeady?" she asks, waiting for an acknowledgement before the girl calls, "Remordeo!"

Eibhlin spins her wand in her hand, watching as the younger girl gets to casting… Nothing happens. "Here," she says, walking to the other girl's side. "Like this…" She lifts her wand so that Madeline can watch. "You're saying it right, but your wand needs a little work." She doesn't -actually- cast anything, not really, but she does demonstrate the proper technique of casting that particular spell. "A longer swish to draw it out, and a light, staccato flick to send it flying." She motions for Madeline to do the motion with her.

Anthony moves quietly around, to watch the girls movements carefully, and if it's not quite right, he moves all the way behind her, and guides her hand and wrist through the movements physically. "Like that."

"Ohhhh…" Madeline answers in a thoughtful tone, trying the motion several more times, and looking to Eibhlin first, and then Anthony to see if she's got it right. "Like that?" she asks, smiling at them both - it's nice being around folks who think you an do proper magic and want to see you succeed.

Eibhlin nods. "Try again," she says, moving once more across the balcony to let Maddie cast at her. "Anthony?"

Anthony gives Eibhlin a smile, "Uh huh?"

Madeline nods, and waits until Eibhlin looks ready, before leveling her wand at Eibhlin. "Remordeo!" she calls with a swish, and sharp flick. The balls of parchment instantly rise at Madeline's command - starting to batter harmlessly at Eibhlin from all sides. "That it!" Madeline squeals, bouncing on her toes. "What a great spell!"

Eibhlin grins as parchment balls start flailing at her face. "Och, Evans," she says with a bright laugh. "I think ye've got the hang of that…" She lifts her wand and says… not a word. Instantly, the balls drop to the ground. Another silent swish and the balls levitate and gently float over to rest at Madeline's feet. "Again." She grins at Anthony. "And Tony… If ye wouldn't mind tickling Evans a bit? In a real fight, she'll be a good deal more distracted."

Anthony's brow lifts, "Tickling, you say?" And he begins to pad a little closer. And darts in to oblige.

"He- hey!" Madeline protests. She's pretty ticklish! She squirms, and giggles, and tries to straighten up enough to cast the spell. This is cheating! But she's a Jr Auror, and Jr Auror's can stand up to any challenge! "Remordeo!" she calls, throwing out a much to hasty and squirmy motion with her wand.

Eibhlin smirks. "Again!" she calls.

And again the tickling. Because, you know, what the girlfriend says, when she's using her prefect voice, goes.

Madeline tries again, with the same result. Nothing. But this is embarrassing! She's a Jr Auror! And she needs to be ready to defend Hogwarts from Flint and the Magijugend! She forces her back straight, biting her lip to hold back giggling. "Remordeo!" she calls for a third, tickled time, while thinking to herself 'long swish, staccato flick,' and… "Gosh! I did it!" Now she squirms away from from Anthony, giving into her giggling at last.

Once again, the balls drop to the ground almost as soon as they surge at Eibhlin, soon being directed back to the girl's feet. She looks at Madeline and inclines her head. "You'll do well, Evans," she says with a small smile. "You'll do very well. Now…. Let's make this a little more interesting." She lifts her hazel wand and tilts her head. "I want you to try to deflect an incoming spell. I assume you know the deflection spell? Anthony, can you make sure she doesn't hurt herself?" This -is- after all, a balcony.

Anthony flips his wand out, and then, for security, grabs hold of the 2nd year's collar. "Consider it done."

Eibhlin rewards Anthony with a smile. "Maybe her belt instead of her collar," she suggests with a small laugh. There's a twinkle in eye…

Madeline nods her head eagerly. "I'm working on that spell, too," she says. "And it's real important I get good at it." She blinks, tilting her head at Anthony as he grips her collar, her expression a little uncertain. She nods in agreement with Eibhlin. "Yeah. Maybe my belt."

Anthony takes hold of the belt, with a muttered apology.

"Rictusempra." A silver light darts out of Eibhlin's wand and streaks towards Madeline. Oh dear. It's the tickling spell. And this one has enough punch to last for a while.

Anthony watches Maddy's movement, and slightly too late, he performs a very rapid, "Deflecto!" But it's too late. At least some of the blast gets through

Madeline stands ready, with her wand in hand - expecting a 'remordeo' fired right back at her. It catches her a little off guard when it's not the spell fired at her, and her deflection is delayed as a result - delayed, rushed, and ultimately botched. "This… is what Gunny… did ta me!" She gets out between giggles.

Eibhlin grins. "Cast back at me!" she calls to Madeline. Obviously, this will be a class of endurance training. "Fight through the spell and cast back at me. I will deflect. Come on, Evans."

Cast back? This surprises Madeline, but she's game - in fact, she's eager to try! When the time comes, when the MLE arrive, they can't give up the fight if they can still cast! Trying to fight back the giggles, Maddie levels her wand at Eibhlin again. "Remordeo!" she calls, determined to prove her worth - swish and flick.

Every time this spell works, Madeline's face still lights up with delight.

"Good!" Eibhlin once more drops the parchment and sends it back to Maddie. "Again!" she calls. She looks at Anthony, her expression grave. "Perhaps a little water? If it's a real fight, many different spells will be flying." She knows that he's MUCH better with conjuration than she is.

Anthony flourishes and yells, "Aguamenti!" Is it pure chance his first jet of water is at Eibhlin, before it corrects towards Maddy

Eibhlin deftly deflects the first jet of water and smirks at Anthony.

Madeline squeals and giggles as she's covered in water - the girl's features all giggles. It's a small wonder they haven't attracted an audience yet. "Remordeo!" Madeline calls again, to no affect. "I hope one of you knows the drying spell!" she adds. She's soaked!

Well, if anyone DID show up, it would look like two 7 years would ganging up on a 2nd year. Or some such thing. All at once the tickling stops, the spell having run it's course. "You did good there, Evans," Evie walks over to Madeline. "You need to keep up your practice, and I'm proud of you for doing so." She waves her wand, saying 'Arificus', and there is a fluffy-haired, rumpled up Maddie left standing there.

Anthony tucks his wand away, and gives the girl a grin, "Right. That was great work. Want to see the moves and words for a smokescreen yet?"

Madeline looks excited from their little practice session, pleased by the praise, and confident. She nods eagerly to Eibhlin's words, answering with a cheery, "Well, of course I will. I've got to be ready!" She's the only auror the school has!

At Anthony's question, she says, "Well, it's like this, right? Fumos!" She gestures with her wand - looking genuinely surprised and disappointed when nothing happens. "I thought I was good at that one," she complains.

Anthony nods, encouragingly, and stresses it _slightly_ differently, "_Fu_mos." He smiles, "but really, very good."

"Oh. I thought-" Well. No matter. Madeline nods, and tries again. "Fumos," the girl commands with a gesture, and smoke begins to billow out of her wand, surrounding them for a moment.

Anthony applauds, "Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!"

Madeline is beaming. "We're going to be ready," the girl declares firmly, "when Rena comes." She leans up against the railing - looking down at the grounds below them, shadowed in darkness.

Anthony says slowly, "Maybe. But only maybe. We need to work out some details. Like how the h… on earth… we're going to stop them destroying or hiding the documents."

"Well," Madeline admits quietly. "I have an undetectable extension. We can hide the contracts there if we can get them," the girl confides. Though wandering into battle with her precious box, with all of her reports in it… "Might be better if we had another one for that, though. If someone can cast it," she says in an uncertain tone.

Anthony ponders, "We've not actually studied that yet, Evans. It's _really_ difficult to cast."

"I know," Madeline admits. "But it's real useful." She nods her head firmly, then confides in Anthony, "I'm gathering reports, you see, of Magijugend misconduct, and keeping them hidden in my extension, so I bring them to my MLE contact. Delivered some already." She delivers all of this with a solemn and determined tone.

Anthony says, "Well… that's all well and good. Although you probably shouldn't have told me that. The less I know, the less I can be forced to tell."

"…oh," Madeline says quietly and uncertainly. "Well, yeah, but… I'm collecting reports from some of the littler kids. But if you collect them from the older ones, I can keep them safe and make sure they're delivered," she asserts firmly. "As long as they write down when, where, who saw it, and what happened." Madeline's leaning up against the railing next to Anthony now, speaking to him in a hushed but solemn voice.

Eibhlin looks at the time. "We should all go to our commons now. It's almost past curfew." Prefect voice.

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