(1939-09-09) Favourite Girls
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Summary: Angelus, Emily, and Megan meet up, talk a little, and decide to get some flying in.
Date: September 9, 1939
Location: Arcade

The rest of the day has led Angelus to be a little quiet, very thoughtful. Classes pass by and finish, and as dinner time is approaching Angelus is taking is break up on the second floor corridor. He’s not /actually/ planning on going to the Headmaster; he wouldn’t want to waste his time. So why is he searching for the Griffin Statue? He’s not all sure why he decided to head here, but he pushes in from the second floor corridor into the arcade. He’s never actually been down this way, glancing around curiously. As he turns around, he stops when he’s facing the statue of the griffin, eyes narrowing as he eyes it with his full attention. He shifts uneasily.

Emily had noticed a rather subdued Angelus walking past after the last class. Being the dutiful and caring girlfriend, she follows him with concern on her features. He comes to the griffin and stops, but she just walks up to him and silently reaches for his hand.

Megan is a little further down the corridor, standing but leaning to face out one of the windows, her elbows resting on its sill and her chin supported by her palms. Her bookbag lies at her feet. It would appear she's either waiting for something, or has just come up here to be alone.

Attention focused on the statue, Angelus could have been having a staring contest with it. Why is he here? He’s just wondering why again when the fingers brush his hand. Without thinking about it his own fingers curl around until he’s holding the hand in a snug grip, turning his head to look at the girl beside him. “Don’t you just have a pretty shine about you,” he greets, a faint smile flicking out. “Did you use your quill?” he asks, a grin briefly flashing across his face. Not to forget or anything, too, he leans close to her after glancing around. But instead of kissing her cheek, he tilts his head, lifts his fingers to her chin, and intends to meet her lips. This will bring out a wide, proud grin as he winks at her.

But Gel also notices Megan, arching a brow as he regards his sister. “May,” he calls out, lifting his head. “What are you doing?” He wouldn’t let go of Emily’s hand as he starts walking, but gesture towards Megan before he walks, giving her a little tug with his arm. “How are my two favourite girls doing?”

Hand taken and held, the little brunette at Angelus' side gives him a soft smile at his words, blushing prettily after his kiss. "I did," she says quietly, as she leans her head against his for the moment just after the kiss. "It writes beautifully, and I got ever so many compliments and a couple envious stares." She smirks. "You'd have been quite proud. Even Professor Lestrange commented on how fine it was." However, when he calls to someone else, she looks over curiously. Recognising Megan, she gives the other second year a cheerful little wave as they walk over. "Hullo, Eibon," she greets, using the more formal lastname.

Megan's attention snaps to Gel, apparently having been lost in thought. "Hi," she replies, now pushing herself away from the window sill and turning to face the pair approaching her. Upon seeing Emily with Gel, she offers a little smile. "I just came up here to find a quiet place to think," she answers. "How about you?"

As Angelus grins again it flashes into his eyes, raising his head importantly. “Are you sure they were admiring the quill?” he asks, tilting his head as he winks at Emily. “And not just you?” He offers out a dazzling smile, nudging his side playfully against her shoulder before he returns his gaze to Megan. Both his arms lift, one draping over Emily’s shoulders, and as he inches closer to Megan, the other over hers. He turns his head to kiss Megan’s cheek with the sound effects. “Ah, what’s to think about? I don’t know why we’re here. Why don’t we head back to the stairs, grab our brooms, and go fly a little? I can spare a little time to fly at least,” he adds in quickly.

Emily just gives Angelus a faint eyeroll and an equally as faint smile. She nudges him back, taking hold of his hand again once he's draped it around her delicately formed shoulders. "Sure. I don't mind flying. It'll give me a chance to really practice, I think."

"Sure, I'm game," Megan readily assents. She crouches just long enough to pick up her bookbag, then drapes her free arm over Angelus' shoulder. "Last year, I'd planned to eventually join the quidditch team, but now I think I'll pass on the try-outs," she mentions. "I'd rather focus on staying ahead in classwork."

A ‘heh’ escapes Gel as he grins. “But with you and Celes on the team would make us challenging,” he says in response to Megan. “But,” he says, shifting his gaze to Emily as he smirks, “I think Slytherin have a of older students this year,” the youth adds in in a loud whisper. Clearly it wasn’t really meant to be hidden from either of them, as he’s just teasing Emily. He shrugs his shoulders casually. “Focusing on schoolwork is a good thing. We can always play with just us. I did bring my quaffle with me for when I found the time.” Arms up and around his girls, he starts back along the arcade.

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