(1939-09-09) Learning to Fall and Rise Again
Details for Learning to Fall and Rise Again
Summary: Lucian and Morgana talk about what they can do about the situation at Hogwarts, and Morgana's problems at work.
Date: 9 September, 1939
Location: Morgana's Flat

Lucian is at it again. He's taken over Morgana's kitchen to prepare her a modest lunch. He's keeping it simple, not really expecting to follow up his impressive debut as a cook. Today it's bangers and mash. At last he emerges with two small plates of the sausages and potatoes, bringing one to Morgana. "Here's hoping it's edible."

"I'm just glad one of us is able to use that room for some purpose." Morgana says as she takes the offered plate and makes a show if inspecting it. "Are you sure it isn't poisoned?" She says with a sly smile before she digs in. If it's terrible, she doesn't say, but the quickness that she is eating it suggests that it is not. "So what's the occasion?"

"The occasion? Clearly, it's to poison you." Lucian smirks, nudging her with his elbow. He takes his first experimental bite, and his smirk widens. "I'm preehyy hoo-…" He stops, swallows, then continues. "I'm pretty good at this. So, I got a letter from Josie. So did Cami and her dad. Have you been keeping up on the news about what's going on at Hogwarts?"

"I knew it." Morgana teases as she eats her food, taking a second to inspect a bite. "If it's poison you hid it well." Either way she doesn't seem to mind the poison or lack there of. At his next question she frowns and looks a bit sheepish. "I'm afraid I've been so busy with my own projects that I haven't even picked up a paper to read. Though knowing Flint, I'm almost afraid to ask."

Lucian sighs heavily, shaking his head. "It's bad. Really bad. He's taken all of the Muggle-born out of their normal classes and put them in this special class. They took everyone's Muggle books away. Even Josie's dictionary. And he's apparently 'deputized' the Magijugend. Apparently they're allowed to use spells to punish people."

For a moment there isn't a sound or a reaction from Morgana. Finally the sound of the fork slamming against the table fills the air, as does the sound of her chair falling over when she gets to her feet. "Fuck!" Is really all she can say to start. She begins to pace about the room, which isn't very large so she's mostly walking quickly in a circle. "I knew something like this was going to happen! How can this even be allowed! He needs to get out of there. If only I…" She snarls and shakes her head. "It doesn't matter now."

Lucian jumps in surprise at her reaction. He isn't accustomed to seeing Morgana lose her cool. "People are up in arms about it. There's letters going to the Governors. Even that Malfoy bloke put something in the paper tearing Flint down." He rises to follow her, not to keep her from pacing, but to be a presence if she needs him. "I was thinking…this might be a perfect time for me to seriously consider starting that studio I talked about. Maybe…if I opened in Hogsmeade, I could give at least some of the students some proper education. At the very least, I could prepare them to defend themselves against the Magijugend."

Morgana bites her lip as she thinks, obviously going though several things in her mind at once. When he proposes that stuido she turns and points to him. "Yes. I think that's a good idea. Offer classes on weekends so that they still have a chance to learn. However isn't there some concern that they will ban Muggle-borns from going to Hogsmeade? And what about the first and second years? It's so important to learn all they can especially if they're Muggle-born." She runs her fingers through her hair angrily before she turns to him. What do you need from me?

"I know, it's not a perfect plan. But it's all I can think to do right now." Lucian takes a deep breath. "The problem is…I haven't got the money to make this happen. Cami can't afford to loan it to me; not with the way my father's been hammering the farm. And I'm sure as Hades not asking my father for money. So, I need to find someone willing to invest. I'm going to need space for the studio, training equipment, probably some kind of insurance. I don't even know what permissions I'll need from the Ministry."

Morgana taps her lips again as she thinks it over. Slowly she sits down and nods her head. "I could ask my father, but it would just have to be for a loan. However before I approach him with it, I do want to have all of the information available to him. All the who whats where and whys. He does have a decent amount of money, and he seems to like you."

"You really think he'd do it?" Lucian consider it. "I don't know. I don't have any business experience. I don't even know if I'll make money at this. I was thinking it might be good to get someone who is upset about the situation. Someone who would be willing to take a loss if it came to that. The other option is to ask Cami to let me use the barn for space. But I'm not keen on the idea of a bunch of martial spells exploding and spooking the animals. Though it would mean it's temporary, and if this thing at Hogwarts blows over, I can look to moving the studio to Diagon Alley. Under normal circumstances, I don't see Hogsmeade being a great place for a business like that."

"Surely there is some old barn area we can use that'll be far enough away from the animals that it won't disturb them. Also, you're right, using a space in Hogsmeade might not be great in the future, so maybe that isn't the right route." Morgana frowns and shakes her head. "And it's not like we can charge the students either, so it wouldn't be a very lucrative business."

Lucian nods, furrowing his brow pensively. "You're right. It would have be charity. I'm fine with that. Josie asked for help, and I want to give it. Besides…I want to stick it to Flint and the Magijugend. So maybe I can just offer classes. Of course…dammit, why didn't I consider this? Most of the students can't practice magic outside of Hogwarts. So this wouldn't exactly be legal, either."

"Well, not everything is wandwork." Morgana says as her lips form in a tight line. "We can offer spell casting to those of age, and theoretical work for the others. I am sure they're missing out on magical creatures class, that can be handled no problem at the farm. Runes I can do with out an issue. There isn't a lot of wand work in that."

"I don't care if we break the law," Lucian asserts. "We just have to be careful. But I want to make sure Josie is prepared for when the Magijugend get violent…and they will get violent. Alphard Black is a Seventh Year now, and you can be sure he's let it go to his head."

"Okay, you might not care if the law is broken, but if I break the law I can kiss getting a job in the Ministry goodbye. I want to help but… I can't sacrifice everything Lucian." Morgana says with a frown. "There has to be ways around it some how, and I am sure we will find them. It's just going to take some time to do it."

Lucian moves to places his hands on Morgana's shoulders, rubbing affectionately. "I'm not asking you to break the law. Thank you for wanting to help. But I can do this. You're right, I don't want you risking your career, either. As for me, I have to do something, and now. Those kids don't have time."

"Had I been able to, I would have gotten him out of there last year. It just, didn't have the time nor the resources." Morgana leans back against him and nods her head. "I will help where I can, like I said, there is nothing wrong with teaching runes, am I right? And I can teach the practical parts of potions, so they'll at least know what goes in them."

Lucian continues to rub her shoulders, massaging now. "I think that would help a lot. Of course, whatever we do, we'll have to get word out that we're doing it. I'll write back to Josie. I'm sure she can help coordinate this."

"Sadly, I don't know many at the school that I could trust with this. Granted, I wasn't great with making friends to begin with. Either way, we'll make some sort of impact." Morgana just isn't sure what yet. Reaching up, she'll lightly place her hand over his and give it a squeeze.

Lucian presses a kiss that hand. "We will. I'll talk to Camilla about using the farm. Though…we'll have to be especially careful, because I'm sure my father will try to use this somehow." He sighs. "So…what about you? How are things going with you?"

"I'm sure she'll let you, and of course we'll be careful. After all, they'll just be children, visiting a farm. Now I just have to see if I have my old text books." When he asks about her, Morgana sighs and leans her head back, looking up toward him. "I'm in a conundrum at work."

Lucian gestures to the table invitingly, should she wish to finish their meal. "Tell me about your conundrum. I helped once. Maybe I can help again."

Morgana frowns just a bit and sighs. "I'm not sure, I'm a little afraid to talk about it, because it could have something to do with my future. Than again, I could just be hoping a little too much and reading into something that isn't really there, because I want it to be there. It's.. stressful. It all boils down to that impossible potion Madam Black wanted me to make. Apparently, the note she wrote, isn't what she requested. So either someone charmed the paper, or forged her handwriting. And if they did, why would they ask for something so random?" Morgana does return to her meal however.

Lucian sits down with her, silently grateful to be able to finish his food. "That's pretty odd. Maybe they were trying to trick you into making something illegal while Madam Black was away?" He shrugs, stuffing his face with sausage.

Morgana shakes her head. "Not illegal, just impossible." She frowns and sighs. "I didn't tell you this, because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to or not, but an Unspeakable came into the shop a few months ago. He was asking a lot of weird and strangely morally ambiguous questions, but in the end I think I impressed him. It's hard to tell, he's German and a little weird. So it got me thinking, that if someone would have tampered with it, it might be them. But… you would think they would ask me directly? Or not ask for something that doesn't exist? I don't' know. I've been stressing over it for quite some time."

"So you think the Department of Mysteries is behind this? I don't know. Would they ask you directly? Isn't being mysterious sort of their thing?" Lucian shrugs. He's out of his depth when it comes to this.

"I'm saying is a possibility, but I have no way of proving it. The Unspeakable didn't leave me anyway to contact him, and I haven't seen him back in the shop since that day. So, I'm still trying to at least research it, but the due day it coming up quickly and I am not sure what I am going to do. I can't present nothing, but I don't want to present a failure either."

"If it's impossible to make, how can you present anything but a failure?" Lucian puts down his fork and folds his hands, frowning thoughtfully. "But…what if that's the point? You know…one of the first lessons a duellist must learn is how to fall. You get hit with a nasty hex, or take a tumble off of the duelling stage, and you could easily break an arm, or worse. So we practice falling technique. Sure, it assumes you've failed, but it's not about winning. It's about learning how to roll with a failure, so you can get back up and try again."

"They're not going to want to hire a failure." Morgana says with a shake of her head, as if it was obvious. "That being said, if I can't make it, than I have to be clever by the way I present it, when the time comes. And I'm just not sure if I know just how to do that." With her food finished, at least with as much as she is wanting to eat of it, she pushes her plate away and rests her head in her hands. "Why couldn't I have just been something easy, like an Auror?"

Lucian cannot help but laugh. Of course Morgana would consider becoming an Auror easy. "Listen, there's a logic to this. If it is them, and the potion is impossible, then they must know it's impossible, right? So, you failing at creating an impossible potion doesn't make you a failure, and they'd know that. Right?"

"Logically, why would they set me up to fail? If they knew me at all and honestly wanted me to fail they would have asked me to cook, or grow a plant." Morgana says in that same exasperated tone. "I guess I can understand that logic, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!" She says, pointing at him and frowning just a bit.

Lucian smiles and reaches for her pointing finger to give her hand a gentle massage, trying to relax that tension there. "Failing at cooking and gardening would be a failure to you. You don't think of yourself as good at those things, so there's nothing to shake off when you get back up again. That's what learning to fall is all about. Taking the hit. Knowing you've lost. But still being able to shake it off and get up to fight again. Listen to me go. I can be damn insightful if I can make it about duelling."

"Yes, I thought it was my job to be insightful." Morgana says with a touch of dejection in her voice. "Still, that doesn't tell me what I'm supposed to do? Just wait until they show up and wing it? That's not something I'm comfortable with." Which might be the whole exercise, but that's how it is. "This really just makes me want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head."

"I'm pretty sure that would be considered a failure." Lucian shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe it's not even them. But in any case, if the potion is impossible, it's impossible. You can't change that. I don't know, ask yourself why you might assign someone an impossible task."

"Hrmph, I don't like it when you're right." Morgana says as she gets to her feet, and clears the plates. It seems she wants to be doing something, anything to work off this nervous energy. "I think they're assigning me this task, because they want to drive me mad, and make me reconsider working for their department."

Lucian has to really try not to laugh. Maybe she's trying to be funny, but if she's not, she might just twist his head right off. "Or maybe they're just trying to see what you're capable of when you're forced to think on your feet."

"Either way it's going to drive me mad." Morgana says as she starts stress cleaning the kitchen. Pots beware! For several moments vigorous scrubbing can be heard from within before she responds. "And it's not like I don't think on my feet, I do that all of the time! I don't plan out everything!"

Lucian enters the kitchen, stepping in to dry dishes after she's washed them. "True. We probably wouldn't be together if it weren't. Still, you do like it best when everything is orderly and logical."

"That isn't a crime to be orderly and logical!" Morgana says with a shake of her head. "Who likes chaotic messy things? No one! No one sane that is, and given the state of the Unspeakable I met, maybe that entire department is as mad as a box of frogs." She says with a sigh, leaning against the counter once she has run out of things to stress clean.

Lucian dries his hands and steps up behind Morgana again, gently touching her shoulders to offer another massage. "Some people thrive in chaos. Nobody's saying it's a bad thing to be logical. But it isn't everything. Maybe…try looking at this potion problem illogically. Don't fall back on your usual methods. Reference books don't have all the answers."

Morgana leans into the massage and closes her eyes. "How do you illogically approach an impossible task?" Morgana says with a touch of defeat in her voice. "I think I have had enough talk about this, I am ready to just… talk of anything else. Do you wanna go some where for a while? Or do something?" It sounds like she is trying to keep herself busy.

Lucian relents from trying to advise her about something he really knows nothing about. "Why don't we get out of here? We can go for a walk. Maybe get some tea at that fancy cafe and just relax." He gives her neck a little kiss and steps out of the kitchen to fetch their coats for an evening stroll.

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