(1939-09-10) A Bit of Fun
Details for A Bit of Fun
Summary: Terrance and Angelus chat, Madeline passes through, and Angelus decides on a bit of fun.
Date: September 10, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room

Terrance was currently relaxing by the fire in the common room, his eyes shut and his feet kicked up lazily on one of the arms a couch. He had been studying or practicing all week, and he was near his breaking point.

It’s after dinner and Angelus is seated at one of the tables in the common room. A book is opened, his eyes flicking to the pages for reference as he writes on a piece of parchment with his nice looking quill. The youth has been silent while he works, focused. But eventually he lets out a soft sigh, closes the book over the parchment, and sits back as he stretches his hands over his head. Rising, as Gel heads over to the sofa, he catches sight of Terrance. A smug smile slips across his features as he tips his head towards him. “Green,” he greets.

Opening his eye, Terrance glanced up to Angelus, "Hello Eibon." he said in greeting, offering a slight nod before letting his eyes drift shut. "So I heard you had detention with Dumbledore. Sounds like you did in fact pull your wand on little Evans." he said with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

Angelus moves around the sofa, but instead of sitting he turns to Terrance. A single brow arches as he regards the sixth year, tilting his head. “Green,” says the youth, sighing impatiently. “Did we not already speak about such things?”

"We did, and you told me it had not happened and that young Evans was exaggerating. But, from what I heard is Dumbledore did not think so. Heard you had to clean paintings of previous members of our house." Terrance said with a grin, opening his eyes again to look towards Angelus. "I hope it helped show we are a family." he said, trying to drive his previous attempt home.

Madeline comes through the portrait hole looking pleased with herself - but she's looked that way the entire day through. "Green. Eibon," she says cheerfully, causing more or two heads around the common room to look up, and at the young Gryffindor as if one of the constants of the world had just come unhinged. Evans is acknowledging Eibon now? Still smiling, she disappears up to her room for a moment. She's hungry!

The fourth year has just moved away from the table, where he’s left the book he had been working on. Standing now by the sofa, Angelus is facing Terrance with a rather impatient expression on his face. “Green,” he repeats, his head slanting a little to the side again. “I said no such thing.” At the mention of the task Angelus rolls his eyes, sighing out softly. “A task for servants,” he murmurs as he flicks his hand above his shoulder, but then he smirks and a wide grin stretches across his face. “But Dumbledore’s brilliant, just so you know.” His royal blue eyes flick towards the arrival, arching a brow at Madeline. He clears his throat, tipping up his head as he offers out, “Evans.” A hum escapes the boy, and he suddenly hops onto the sofa, arms hanging over the back, watching the second year. “So why are you talking to me now? You finally decided that you want to friends?”

Terrance shook his head lightly at Angelus. "Well I am glad you are wise enough to at least recognize brilliance when you see it.” Then as Maddie arrived and addressed the two, he rose his brow. "Well, good evening Evans." he said with a proud grin on his face as she was at least being civil to Angelus…even if he had not deserved it.

"Oh, of course not, Eibon. Don't be silly," Madeline answers in a cheerfully matter of fact voice, having turned around to take a few steps backwards up the stairs to deliver this answer. She beams at Terrance cheerfully, then turns to prance up the stairs.

Angelus’ grin fades briefly, dropping into a frown as he regards Madeline. Another hum escapes him, and he smirks, lifting his head with pride as his grin returns. A chuckle escapes him as he flips around in the sofa, tilting back his head against the back of the couch as he laughs. His hands lift up to flick through his hair before he releases a sigh. A glitter flickers in his eyes as he shoots a glance towards Terrance. “I think she finally decided that she better cooperate.” Whatever Black said to her must have sunk in. Another sigh escapes him as he sobers up, regarding the sixth year again. “I told you the truth, Green. I pulled out my wand with no intention of using it and every intention of grabbing her attention, and with success, I might add.”

Terrance shook his head towards Angelus, laughing heartily at Angelus as he said she had decided to cooperate, but his laugh ceased when he heard Angelus' explanation. "There are always better ways to attract attention then to pull your wand on someone, Eibon. Surely you come from a good enough family to know how to properly treat another person." he said coolly.

Angelus watches Terrance with sharp eyes, one brow rising. A soft hiss of a sigh escapes him as he shakes his head, bringing his fingers to his forehead. “I come from an excellent family, Green,” informs the youth as he lowers his hand. “But,” he says as he lifts his hand in a commanding style, “there’s no need to talk about how a proper wizard should behave. Clearly,” he carries on, looking around the commons, “there’s quite a bit of opinions on the topic.” A toothy grin crosses his face as he bounces up on the cushion so that he’s standing on the sofa, facing the fire as his hand dips into his robes. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have some fun.” He pulls out a bag, draws out a small orb, and tosses into the fire so that it lets out a loud pop and fizzles into a wide away of sparks. “Watch this one,” he says, flicking another one into the fire that brings out a ROAR as the fire takes shape of a lion’s head. Amusing flashes in Gel’s eyes as he laughs. “Brilliant!”

Terrance rose a brow with a bit of amusement as Angelus tried to testify that he came from some kind of proper blood. "Oh, I see. Well I do not doubt you will be able to command the respect of your peers." he said with a light laugh. But then as Angelus jumped up onto the sofa and started to toss orbs into the fire with loud pops, his attention wayned. "What are those?" he asked with some obvious interest, a wide smile on his face.

Angelus is grinning widely as he tosses another one in, a thundering trumpet echoing off the walls of the fireplace as an elephants head rears its trunk. “Yea,” he states firmly. “I demand respect because I’m an /Eibon/.” He tosses another small ball into the fire, causing it to poof up in smoke, fizzling and sparking and crackling. “Fire Shifters,” he answers Terrance, glancing over at the older boy as he shifts his feet on the cushion beneath him. “I’m Angelus Eibon!” he announces, pointing his thumb at his chest. “Star and Legend, and I come from a line of well-respected witch and wizards.”

Terrance gave a hearty laugh as Angelus stated that he should be seen as a well-respected wizard because of his blood. "You have quite a lot to learn, young Eibon. Respect does not come from blood, it comes from actions." he said hinting at his actions of pulling his wand on Maddie. Then deciding to drop it he turned laughing at the fire beasts, "Neat little show they put on, eh?"

Angelus bounces lightly against the cushion as he shifts his weight again, tosses another ball into the fire. Another lion head roaring, echoing in the fire place, and the youth grins widely. “They are entertaining.” A smirk slips across the boy’s face. “I’m a fast learner, Green,” says Gel, his eyes sparkling even as he doesn’t elaborate. He offers out the bag to the sixth year. “Try a few.”

Perhaps it's the noise that catches Madeline's attention - but the girl comes down the stairs, a book under her arms and a tin of mixed nuts in her hand. She pauses in the common room, looking around curiously.

"Well, I hope you do, Eibon." he said with a matching grin, his hand opening to take a couple of the orbs. "Let’s see how these go." he said with a smile before tossing an orb into the fire. As it popped open the screech of an owl echoed in the common room. He let out a light laugh before glancing over to Angelus, "Not too bad, these." he said. As he looked over he also spotted Maddie, "Good evening, Evans." he said with a wave.

Angelus leans back to rest his hips against the back of the sofa. A surprised, ‘ack,’ escapes him as he raises an arm before he lets out a hoot of laughter. A grin is worn on his face as he shifts his gaze, peeking out of his side vision towards Terrance. “That was purposeful,” he says, smirking at his little start. A brow arches as he lets out, “Huh?” Turning around on the cushion, looks down to Madeline and offers her a grin, beckoning her. “Hey, Mads. Come check these out, they’re brilliant.”

"Hello again, Green," Madeline answers, curiosity on her features at the sound of the owl crying into the common room. "I've never seen those before," she remarks.

Frowning at Eibon she corrects him flatly, "We still aren't friends, Eibon."

Terrance decided to hold his tongue at the moment, his eyes flicking between Madeline and Angelus as they spoke. He had put in his words, now it was time to let the two go their ways. He rolled the orb in his fingers before giving it a toss. When it popped in the fire the commons was filled with the howl of a wolf to a full moon.

Angelus’ grin grows as he turns to the howling fire place, snickering at the flaming wolf’s head. He tosses another one in of his own, and with a poof the fire takes the form of a slithering serpent letting out a hiss. A laugh escapes the youth, but fades as he shoots his gaze over to Madeline again. “No, no of course not,” he says, letting out a snigger. “I don’t befriend the serving class.” He chuckles, offering out the bag. “But you can at least join in the fun.”

"I don't see a serving class here, Eibon," Madeline responds, her voice suddenly taking on a glacial chill. Her gaze goes from Eibon towards Terrance, silently asking, 'Really? You're going to protect him?'

And that, it seemed was Terrance's final chance he was willing to give. "I have given you chance after chance, you stupid little git." he said with a glance towards Angelus, "Never think that you will be protected in this house any more. And, if I hear that you pull your wand on ANY other students a detention will be the least of your worries." he said coolly before glancing towards Maddie. "Do not mind him, Evans. I believe the lack of fresh blood is starting to rot the tree." he said with a wicked grin.

Madeline gives Angelus a smug look, and happily goes to sit next to Terrance.

Angelus drops to his knees on the sofa with a bounce, a hum escaping him. As soon as Madeline speaks, he interjects quickly, “Yea, that was uncalled for.” He frowns. “I-“ He starts to speak, only he cuts off as he turns his gaze to Terrance. His head tilts, arching a brow as he regards the sixth year before a smirk twitches against his lips. Kicking his legs out from under him, he flops them out in front of him on the couch and leans back against the armrest with his hands behind his head as he lets the bag rest on his stomach, giving Terrance a conceited look. “I’m already safe,” he says arrogantly. “Clearly everyone has realised that it’s not smart to go against me. Isn’t that right, Evans? I’m assuming you spoke to Black and learned how to properly act.”

"Oh, I don't give a fig about Black," Madeline answers dismissively. "I talked to him days ago." She rolls her eyes widely, cuddling back into the corner of her seat, as she turns to look at Angelus with a frown - popping a few nuts into her mouth. "You've never made any sense - you know that?"

Angelus dips a hand into the bag settled on his stomach, pulling out another small orb and tossing it into the fire. The fire shifts into a bear head, letting out a loud growl. The youth gives a simple smirk, but the excited humour he had has vanished. His blue eyes flick towards Madeline, frowning at first until a smug smile slips across his face. “I wouldn’t expect someone stuck in remedial classes to understand me, Evans.”

Madeline snorts quietly. "You do realize that being stuck in SCUMS doesn't prove anything about my abilities? I'm one of the best second years at potions and herbology," she says with confidence. "And unlike someone I know - I didn't get any P's."

Angelus sits up as he starts laughing, wrapping his fingers around the bag before it slides off of him. “/You/? Best at potions? I think not.” He stuffs the bag back into his robes, his lips twitching at a corner. “You wouldn’t know whether to tear a dandelion root in pieces or crush it-“ He cuts off suddenly at her last statement, eyes narrowing accusingly at her as they turn to ice. He tips his head to the side, and forces out a sweet smile. “Careful, you’re starting to show that poor attitude that Muggle-borns tend to possess.”

"Yes, because your attitude has been nothing but stellar," Madeline answers in a dry tone. "No. I'm just going to sit here and enjoy you not being on the team," she adds cheerfully. "And ask Slughorn if you like. I was one of the best firsties last year."

Angelus frowns, shifting his position to swing a single leg over the side of the couch while the other tucks under him. “I’m sorry I invited you to play a little with us,” he says in a bitter tone. He shifts again, and ends up standing up from the sofa. “I think I preferred when you were ignoring me. Next time I walk into a room how about you hold your tongue until you’ve been invited to speak.” He smirks, tilting his head as he turns away from her. “House elves are better behaved than you.” He begins to walk away.

"Aww. Poor Gelly's feeling threatened by a Muggleborn. Best not let your friends know," Madeline answers - in a singsong voice, before she presses her lips together and manages to look rather guilty, no doubt hearing her mother's chastizing tone in the back of her mind. "Look, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be cruel." Even if he'll never learn any better.

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