(1939-09-11) A Book Request
Details for A Book Request
Summary: Elspeth stops in at the library with a special request for Annie.
Date: 11 September 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

The library is a little quieter than usual as Elspeth searches the back shelves where the divination books are rarely visited. It might be that the Slytherins are having quidditch practice, and it's drawn more Slytherins away from the castle with the good excuse to be outside while they can. So, it seems that most magijugend are not to be found in the library at the moment, which gives the redhead some measure of peace as she wanders. Her eyes seem to be scanning the rows more than the books as she wanders, a quill and parchment floating next to her.

It's been a bit of work, keeping the library a neutral place. It seems that most of the students in the Magijugend don't know the meaning of that simple word, and wish to bring their bullying into the sanctuary of quiet and study. But, for the most part, order has been kept and those who are taunting, from either side of the issue, as escorted out until better manners and good sense prevail. It's made for a tiring few days for the library staff, and Annie is happy to finally be rid of the majority of troublemakers and get to the work of reshelving some books. She falls into muggle habits perhaps a bit too often, wandering the space carrying books instead of floating them, but she loves the way they feel in her arms, solid and reassuring. She's got about five books remaining as she rounds a corner and spies Elspeth a bit further up the row. "Miss Rosen," she greets, in her 'library voice'.

From the glance that Elspeth turns to the assistant librarian, and the slight acceleration of steps towards the woman to close the distance left, one might come to the conclusion that it is the former housemate the sixth year has been trying to find. There's a bit of a grin as she uses the "Miss Taylor" formal address. "I am having a problem finding what I need, and I am hoping you can help me." She grabs at the trailing quill and parchment and scribbles something quickly on it. "Have you seen this book?" The note on the page reads, -Establishing Secret Societies in Hogwarts by Rowena Tash-

"Of course," Annie says gently, "Lets just see what you need then." Her eyes drop to the page and there's a pause as the title Elspeth seeks is read. Finally. The young Assistant Librarian has been waiting for someone to be clever enough to seek out something of this ilk, and there's a small flash of pride and no surprise that it's a Ravenclaw. Granted, it's not the kind of book that everyone would know about, nor would it be encouraged that anyone know about it, and it's not even a book that is regularly stocked in this library, for obvious reasons. Her voice drops even lower, and there's a quick glance around before an answer comes. "It's not on hand here in the library, but I believe, given a day or two, I can find you a copy."

A little tension eases in Elspeth's shoulders as she nods once. "It isn't on the special course list, so I wasn't sure if it was even in the library," she replies in her quiet library voice, writing on her parchment again. The title of the book has disappeared already as she writes, -Resistance is too big, too many people know each other. We need to have our own group of 'professors' that are secret, not even the muggleborns know them.- She pauses, scratching the quill against her forehead as she 'thinks' so Annie can read before the ink dries and disappears. -I was thinking a place to meet in Hogsmeade on Hogsmeade weekends for practical classes. The Fifth years need to be able to practice to pass OWLS- Then she bites at her lip as if thinking, then nods. "If you can find it, I would be most appreciative. I am knowing that you are having your hands tied, is that being an expression here?"

There's a thoughtful frown on Annie's face as she reads the words on Elspeth's parchment. It's a valid point. There were a score of children alone at the meeting the weekend past, and most of them seeming to think it's a game rather than something with actual consequences. The number that appeared to think they knew better than Professor Viridian was nearly alarming. Enthusiasm, heart, they are necessary to a cause, but so is knowing when to listen to your elders and the lessons they have already learned. The second part of what is written only deepens the frown. "Yes," Annie says thoughtfully, "It is a bit of a pickle that we're in, as far as being able to get information out there. Uh… may I?" she asks, motioning toward the younger girl's quill and parchment.

Lightly spinning the quill between her fingers, Elspeth waits while Annie thinks, glancing around the rows to keep an eye on other students as a Prefect can't shirk her duties completely, even when studying. "Hm? Oh, yes, please," she offers the quill over before tipping her head to level a glance to a young muggle born a few rows over who's reaching for one of the non-approved books, then she winks to him and turns to look in a different direction. The boy gives a sigh of relief and takes the book and scampers back to his compatriots where they cluster around a table.

Annie takes a moment to write, the parchment resting on the books she balances, her own hand spikey but clear. -Underage magic will be detected at Hogsmeade. For practice it would be better to find somewhere here.- Harder, oh yes, but much safer and not having to rely on just the times they are allowed to go down to the village. Unless she can find some kind of ward to put on her cottage in Hogsmeade, to hide magic being used. But even that might raise a flag if the wrong person, like Flint, were to detect it. She lets Elspeth read this part, blue eyes on the Prefect.

Returning her eyes to the page, Elspeth chews at her lower lip. "Ah, yes I am seeing what you are saying. I was thinking if I could do without the book, I would not be putting you to much trouble, but I am seeing it cannot be helped." She holds out her hand for the quill, -we need a place to keep plants and potion ingredients so that they can be used - She spins the quill again, then lays it on the parchment as she takes out her wand and looks up at the shelves, grinning when she realizes she's walked into the astronomy section. With a swish of her wand, she takes one of them from a higher shelf.

Annie's hand reaches almost immediately to take the quill back, and she scribbles, -I have a cottage in Hogsmeade. Anything you need I can get and keep there.- Close enough that Annie could walk over at lunch, should any of the items be needed here in school. She's staff, she's not checked every time she comes in or out of the grounds, so bringing extra items, even a clandestine book, shouldn't be any harder for her than spiriting out a memo or two. "Nonsense," she says lightly as she lays the quill back down. "What Ravenclaw doesn't like the challenge of hunting down a book? In the meantime, we have some gardening books that might interest you. I'll show you the way." She turns, looking back to make sure Elspeth is following, and leads the girl to the new 'muggle-born approved' gardening section.

Elspeth raises her eyebrows at the last bit of news, and then she chuckles. "I am thinking it is something the Sorting Hat is looking for when we are sitting on the stool," she replies. "Oh, yes… let me just make a note to be reminding myself…" she writes -I am thinking seven older students that can keep their wits. If there any from the meeting you would suggest please let me know when the book arrives-. Looking down at her note, she gives a nod to her head as she gives it a moment to dry, then she tucks the paper away in her satchel.

There's a bare nod to the words on the parchment before they disappear, and Annie is already turning her attention to the new shelving unit, set aside from the rest. "We've put this together specially, Madam Patil and I, so that you'll have something to keep you occupied." She pulls out one of the books, the cover marking it as 'Gardening and You'. Flipping the pages briefly in one direction makes it look like it's just about muggle gardening tips. Then Annie glances around, turns the book, and flips through the pages the other way. The book has radically changed, and inside are the true pages, a text on fifth year potions.

Glancing along the stacks as she goes, Elspeth follows slowly. Looking to the book, her hazel eyes glance down, at first disinterested, then she smiles and reaches forward. "Oh! There are hedges growing near my home of those flowers," she enthuses. "I have always been wanting to know what they are, Ima is loving their fragrance." If Annie relinquishes the book she'll hold it in her hands to study the entry, then looks up. "May I borrow this out? I would like to look and see if there are more I am not knowing in here."

Annie's smile is broad as Elspeth realizes what the book actually is, and the book is let go as soon as it's in the younger Ravenclaw's hands. "Oh yes, absolutely, Miss Rosen. This whole section would likely have items to further interest you. They'll keep you busy back in the dorms." And, with their coding and charms, they're able to be checked out by the muggle-born students.

With a nod, Elspeth tucks the book into the crook of her arm. "Thank you, Miss Taylor," she replies with a little chuckle. "I admit, it is still being odd to be calling you 'Miss' Taylor. I will be checking back tomorrow with you, then?" She's already perusing the shelves in front of her with a new appreciation.

"It's odd to hear so often, as well," Annie admits, a lightness to her tone. "I'd quite gotten used to just being Annie, with being out of school." The question gets a nod. "I already have a place to stop after school today in mind, so yes, please do stop by in tomorrow. And if you have anyone in mind that might find this section useful, please inform them." Annie feels she can trust Elspeth to be prudent in her selection of who gets the news after their 'chat' today.

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