(1939-09-11) Cinderella
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Summary: Gabriel and Elspeth draw a cartoon poster to be posted at the expense of Flint and his pets. Evelyn finally manages a chance to go behind Elspeth's back and get her wish. On an OOC note: Because Elspeth made her Stealth roll with staff supervision, there were no witnesses to the poster being put up.
Date: 11 September, 1939
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room, 5th Floor
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

It's evening time in the Ravenclaw tower. People are milling about, coming and going, some heading up to their rooms, other the library, while some stay in the common room, for a variety of reasons. Evelyn is one of the people who have decided to stay in the common room. She has some books out, along with parchment, though it doesn't look like she's doing much studying. Her wand gently rests in her hand, while she rolls it back and forth mindlessly as she occasionally glances down at the lines in the Herbology book she has open.

Coming down the stairs from Ravenclaw Tower, Elspeth is carrying a rather large piece of paper… and her box of colored pencils. Very muggle of the muggleborn prefect. She plops it all on the table next to Evelyn, and glances over at her book. "Herbology is not being interesting enough for you?" she asks with a grin. For some reason, the segregation and other restrictions on the muggle born have made the girl more cheerful over the past few weeks, rather than the other way around. She takes out a black pencil and starts sketching some basic lines.

Gabriel comes out of the boys dormitory with his own pencil case filled with colored pencils. "Hello Elspeth! Yes, you have the paper. This is going to be capital!" Trotting over to the table he settles himself across from the Ravenclaw Prefect and starts setting his drawing materials up.

"Hmmm?" Evelyn looks up at Elspeth and furrows her brow in confusion. Looking down at her book and then back up at Elspeth, she clears her throat. "Oh. Right. I've finished my work. I was going to jump ahead a bit in Herbology. But then I got distracted." She offers with a little smile. She glances about the table as both Elspeth and Gabriel set up shop. She starts clearing away her own stuff to make sure they've got room for their art work. "So uh…what's…um…what's on the art agenda today?"

The black sketched outline starts to take shape, a girl in a Hogwarts uniform kneels on the floor with a bucket of overflowing suds and a brush in her hands as she scrubs the floor. Standing over her are three woman in voluminous dresses, in the old fashioned muggle fairy tale style. For now, the dresses themselves are only a suggestion as Elspeth settles into the more arduous task of drawing the faces of the 'women'. "Are you remembering that story I was telling you?" she asks Evelyn, looking up and grinning. "I have been coming up with a different idea."

Gabriel grins at Evelyn as he adds the title of the story, "Cinderella! With a twist." And then he settles down to color and shade the sides of the drawing opposite the one Elspeth is working on. As he works his eyerbows almost meet in the middle of his forehead thanks to his frown of concentration.

Evelyn says, "Oh…oh yeah…the um…" Evelyn scratches her head. "The one about the girl in the unfortunate home situation, forced upon to be a handmaiden, of sorts?" She offers a tiny smile. "I uh…I look forward to seeing the end results." She says softly, her blue eyes gazing toward the other Ravenclaws."

Elspeth smiles to Evelyn. "Yes, a very unfortunate home situation." She pauses as she finishes a very good likeness on one of the 'stepsisters', who bears a great resemblence to Abraxas. She looks over to see how the wicked stepmother's dress is filling out, and grins. "Cinderella indeed. I am having an idea. I wonder if perhaps we could do a series of pictures. I just am at a loss as to who we would be using for the King and Prince Charming."

The wicked stepmother's dress has been shadowed well enough and has been colored in a sickly greenish color, with details along its fringe in a /garish/, clashing turquoise. As he continues to work Gabriel sniggers and says, "We can make Pringle the King and Professor Viridian can be Prince Charming! Evelyn, would you like to help out?"

"Oh…um…me? I don't know…I uh…I'm not terribly good at…at…well, art." Evelyn murmurs softly. "I'm more of um…well…an admirer of it. I'm afraid I'd just ruin it all." She offers a look that says, 'I'm sorry! Really I am!' She shrugs a tiny bit. "I can offer um…I can offer moral support while the drawings are made?"

"Well… that would not be meaning anything to purebloods, though. I mean, can you see Malfoy or Black being jealous of our Cinderella for winning the hand of Professor Viridian?" She goes back to work on Alphard's face. Perhaps because she is trying to think so hard it doesn't come out as well as Abraxas, but it is still recognizable as the Magijugend's leader. She pauses and looks up again. "Perhaps some people on the Board of Governors who are being sympathetic to our cause? I was reading in the Prophet that even Cassius Malfoy is being against the segregation and the class that we are being forced to attend. I wonder how Abraxus was taking that."

Gabriel moves on to work on the wicked sisters' dresses. This time they are colored in silver and green horizontal stripes and at the hem a row of tiny, tiny Magijugend symbols, drawn upside down. "But, do you know what he looks like? Well, enough to sketch him? And who would be Prince Charming?"

"The Malfoys…I uh…I could never fully…understand that family." Evelyn says as she looks at the forming pictures. "Overall they seem…um…well, like such a….such a purist family. But then, well, then there's Mr. Cassius Malfoy. It's um, nice to know they're not all like that, but…you know." Though she's one to talk, coming from the Eibon family.

"Am I knowing what who looks like? Oh…" Elspeth trails off, her face lighting up, then her shoulders fall. "No, I was thinking we could be making Professor Dumbledore Prince Charming and having Headmaster Flint being chased out of Hogwarts, but that would be bringing trouble to Professor Dumbledore." She switches with Gabriel so she can work on the wicked stepmother's face. "But it would be being a fairy tale come true if he was being made Headmaster."

"Cassius Malfoy. Do you know his looks well enough to draw him?" Gabriel lifts his hands off the drawing to let Elet spin it around and starts working on the uncolored section within his reach. "Well, every family has a black sheep… Or rather white sheep in the purists families. So its not a surprise that there are some nice people in any pureblood family." he says to Evelyn.

"I know what some of the Malfoys look like…" Evelyn murmurs, quietly. But she's not about to draw anyone. Not with her skills. "So…are you just going to draw multiple pictures? Or um…or…are we uh…going to try to um….find a way to multiply the pictures?" She asks of them both.

Hattie returns to the common room, carrying her wet shoes with her. "Why make many, when one, well-placed, will do," she puts in. "Do you want it seen by many, or do you have a particular audience in mind?"

"He is being right," Elspeth agrees. "I mean, look at you and Lan.. you are being the white sheep of the Eibons, yes?" She returns to her work on the piece of paper, finally working on the muggleborn scrubbing the floor. "No, I am thinking just the one big one will be just fine. I am thinking over the fireplace of the great hall," she gives a nod as Hattie chimes in with her idea. "What do you think? Is that being visible enough?"

Gabriel looks around the little group that's gathered around the table, "How are we going to get it up there without being seen by Prefects or ghosts?" He gives Hattie a little wave as he continues to color in dresses and people. But in the distration of his planning he hasn't been paying enough attention to his work. While his shading and coloring on the rest of the picture has given it a nice, three dimensional quality, the dress for the sister that bears a resemblance to Alphard looks absolutely flat and one dimensional, eben though it shares the silver and green stripped design of Abraxas' skirts. "Ah bollox! And these pencils just don't erase well…"

Hattie puts her footwear just inside the south tower door, to dry in the drafty stairwell. "He has a point. The only times we are allowed in, so is everyone else. And there's Peeves to contend with, too. He'll spoil everything. What about the loos? Everyone has to get in doing the day, though not all at once…" She gives a little shrug as she plops down beside the wireless. "There's the doors too. Lay it out on the floor like a rug, and you could probably see it even from the top of the moving stair."

"I uh….hmmm." Evelyn frowns. "There must be a way to um…to get in without, you know, being noticed. Maybe…maybe we'd need to set up lookouts. People to keep their eyes open." She suggests. "But…we'd need to be really quiet, too. And those doors creak."

Well, I /am/ a prefect," Elspeth points out reasonably, as she listens to the suggestions. "I think those are being great places to be putting ones, too. We are going to need to put them in different places each time… oh, or the first one is maybe being on the wall across from the Library doors? Almost everyone is using the Library… "

Hattie regards the rendering that Gabriel is working on, and smiles very, very slightly. "For now, until Headmaster Flint catches wise to how its being used. But yes. It's got very good visibility. Lots of class-traffic too."

Elspeth chuckles. "I am being surprised that Headmaster Flint was not finding a way to be taking it away before now," she replies. As Gabriel finishes coloring the muggle born and her clothes, she adds some lines for the stones of the floor and other slight background touches. "And if I am going to be losing it at some point, I am much rather losing it for this than I am for the only reason being that I am muggle born."

Hattie cautions, "It won't be for nothing. And if we're careful, it will be minor enough that we'll lose house points, not head count. Is this what I am going to… you know?"

Elspeth shakes her head. "No, not yet. After we have a few going up, and they are going really mental trying to figure it out, then we can be doing that." She glances over to Evelyn, then gives the tiniest shake of her head to Hattie.

"We'll um…we'll let you know when it's…you know…" Evelyn offers a tiny smile, finally getting her voice again. Quiet lass, her. "It um…it, well, needs to have the proper attention. But we'll tell you when that is." She says softly.

Hattie nods her head, likewise shy, though less so these days, while on crusade. "Ooooo, what I wouldn't give to paste one right to his wrinkly old forehead…"

Finishing the poster and giving a wink to Gabriel, Elspeth rolls it up. At Hattie's wish, she laughs out loud. "That would be amusing. Anyway, it is being time for me to patrol the halls, make sure that no one is doing anything that they shouldn't be." Pulling on her robe, she conceals the poster up her sleeve. "Do not be getting yourselves into trouble." With those words of wisdom, she ducks out into the castle and is gone.

Hattie grimaces. "Apparently I can do that very well, without breaking a single rule…" She nods to Elspeth's departure, and says to Evelyn, "I hope she doesn't get to like rebellion too much."

"Trouble?" Evelyn clears her throat and raises an eyebrow at her friend. She smiles softly, but then sighs. "I don't think anyone likes rebellion. We just make it as easy on ourselves as we can, I think." She responds to Hattie, shrugging.

Hattie says, "There's some that do. But… bad times can't last for forever. Goodnight?" she says, winding her hair into her hand.

"True uh…true enough." Evelyn says with a little nod. "Yeah…I think I'm um, well, going to go to bed soon myself." As she starts rearranging the books in her bag, she looks back up quickly. "OH! Um…I was going to offer, since you'll be taking the OWLs this year. If you um…if you wanted to have a look at any of my notes from last year, I uh…well, I think I still have some laying around."

Hattie beams, her face blooming like a flower. "Really? I could read them? I have… I have so much work to do catching up in charms and transfiguration; that would really, really help. How can I pay you back?"

"Oh. Um…well, I uh…I wasn't really expecting…" Evelyn blinks a little. "I mean, I remember how hard it was last year and…" But she has an idea. Well, an old idea, re-emerging as somewhat new. "Well umm, I suppose there is one thing…" She looks around for a moment, making sure that Elspeth is definitely not in earshot. "Well…when you tell them who did it," she waves a hand around the table and toward the exit, referring to the drawings, "could you tell them that it was me?"

Hattie opens her mouth, and then closes it, to avoid any resemblance to a cod. "What, seriously? But… what for?"

It takes a moment for Evelyn to answer. After light sigh, she says, "I just…the muggle-borns have had a hard enough time. And she's my friend." She scratches her nose softly. "And…well…I um…well, while I haven't seen the worst of the purist society, I've um…I've seen more than a…a lot of…well, muggle-borns have. And I just…I don't want to see anyone hurt because of this. But, well, if it has to be someone…I'd rather it be me? I mean…it scares me. But, I think…I dunno." She sighs again. "Do you think you'd be willing to tell them it was me?"

"That's very brave of you," Hattie acknowledges. "And if I can stand to let people think that I've sold out my friends to save my skin, then I'd prefer it… if it were someone who were willing, and less likely to be expelled on the first go. I could be willing. But, I would also like to see how hot the water gets, before I commit to boil someone alive."

Evelyn shakes her head a little. "Not um…not…brave, I wouldn't say. I'd um…I'd say it makes the most sense, personally. I mean, um…well, I am less likely to be expelled for it. Yes, I'll…well, I'll probably get in some sort of trouble, but uh…I'm definitely less likely to get in trouble." Plus, she hopes that if expulsion is threatened, she can just ask her uncle to get her out of trouble. Pulling strings! "Please, just…it's the only favour I can ask." Or that she wants to ask. "Just…think about it, okay?" And with that, she starts making her way to her room and bed.

Hattie says, "I will," promising on those terms. She waits a little while, though, turning on the wireless, and waiting for the fire to burn lower.

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