(1939-09-11) Friendly Drive About Town
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Summary: Gavin and Katie get together for a date that isn't exactly that any more.
Date: 11 September, 1939
Location: Around London

Managing to find a place to park relatively in front of the Chippy, Gavin parks his car on loan from Simon and steps out. He jogs to the door and steps into the shop. He gives a smile and a nod to whatever family member is at the counter and if her brother is near-by he'll get the sign for 'hello' and roughly 'Hope good'. At least he's trying! Then he'll spell out 'K-A-T-I-E' as he asks out loud, "Is Katie ready?"

It's Katie's mum behind the counter, and she nods to acknowledge Gavin as she just finishes taking an order. Jack steps into the dining room from the kitchen, signing hello back to the soldier and giving him a thumbs up. Then he holds up an index finger, the universal sign for 'just a sec', before he goes to get her. Mary calls the order back to Daniel as the customer steps aside to sit and wait, and her attention settles on Gavin as she turns back from the window. "Private Ferguson, is it? Our Katie's spoken of you, it's a pleasure to get to meet you more formally." Sure, she recognizes him as the usually fresh off a bender regular, but he's never been troublesome. Her smile is warm, like her daughter's, and she motions toward a table. "Would you like to sit and wait? She shouldn't be a minute."

Gavin is scottish a bender is a normal thing and he does mind his manners more than most Glaswegians. Cambridge took it's toll on his manners. "Mum, it is a pleasure. I won't take up a spot without paying, might I trouble for a small basket of chips? Really, finest chips in London." He pulls out the money for the chips and passes it over with a smile. "I hope you and Mr. Hinds don't mind me stealing Katie for a little while? She is a fine girl and a good friend."

Mary waves away the money, "Now lad, your money's no good here. It's our duty t'keep the King's men fit and fed." There's a quick wink before she turns and calls back, "Daniel, some chips for th'lad then." There's a clatter from the kitchen, and a moment later Daniel's face appears in the pass-through window, a narrow look on Gavin for a moment. But he says nothing and turns to get back on task. They've had the discussion about loosening the reigns on Katie, and Mary is winning. "Just see that she's home safe," she says in return to Gavin, "An' we'll have no complaint. She speaks highly of you and the work you did together at the park."

Gavin clicks his heels together and stands at attention even though he's out of uniform. "Sir. Of course. She'll be home safe and sound before curfew." The bit of money that he passed over is left, "Then my compliments to the next in line Mum."

There's an approving look for Gavin's gesture, and Mary nods her head briefly, "Fair enough." Katie's voice can be heard in the kitchen, only enough to identify her, not to catch any of the words, and then she's coming through the connecting door. "Alright, Gavin," she greets him with a bright smile, motioning with a wrapped bundle of chips. "Da said these're yours." She looks amused, glancing back as her father rings the bell, letting Mary know the previous order is ready to go. Mary turns to fuss a moment with the other customer, giving Katie a chance to step nearer to the soldier.

Gavin takes the fries with a thankful grin, he holds them up in salute of thanks, "Mum, Sir, a great day to ya both." He then offers his arm to Katie and smiles to her, "Ya look grand Katie." Jack is also given a good-bye wave with the chips in his hand and then he'll lead the Princess of Fish N' Chips out of her shop out to the awaiting car and open the door for her making sure she's covered and safe from traffic.

"I won't be late, Mum," Katie calls in promise as she takes the offered arm. Jack waves, Mary calls out her goodbye as well, and Daniel still isn't sure he wants his little girl out with a drunken Scot. Even if he's not drunk at the moment. As they near the car Katie's eyes widen. "Blimey, this is some auto, Gavin." Thankfully she's prepared, and she unties a scarf from around her wrist, quickly tucking it around her hair against the wind. She settles, waiting for him to come around and get in, and before he can start the car, she says, "Gavin? Can we talk a bit before we go?"

Gavin has had a feeling of what's to come when he got the letter about the plans needing to change. So he smiles and turns and opens up the newspaper package filled with chips and rests it on his knee and gestures for her to help herself. "Things with Antsy Pants going real well, aye?" He keeps it light, "Happy for ye bonnie Katie. Don't worry, just friends." He knew she deserved better than him from day one, so he's seems to be taking what he believes to be coming quite well.

Well, it's not the best nickname, but it's fairly accurate, and Katie can't help a soft huff of a laugh as she reaches over to take a chip. "Aye, they are," she returns. "Ta, Gavin. I'd like t'still write yeh if yeh ever have t'go anywhere. I'd prefer if yeh stay here, though. P'rhaps I should request it of th'King. We're frightfully close, he waved t'me once." She grins and takes a bite of the chip.

Gavin grins as he takes his own chip and devours the whole thing into his mouth. "Good on, Katie, he seemed a good sort." Much more her type of fella in truth. "I hope that ya will write, even if I don't ship off either, something besides bits from me mum would be appreciated. Takin' leave now is also going to get a bit tightened up. So I prolly won't be able to see ye much after this. He ever does wrong by ya, best let me know an' me and my brothers will have a bit of a chat with him." He says so jokingly and with a wink as he devours another chip. "So wot would ya like to do Lass? Nice friendly drive about town?

"I'll write regardless," Katie promises, her smile on fully. "I'll give you all the news from the chippy that yeh never wanted t'hear. An' when yeh get th'chance, come see us an' we'll get a good bit of chips in yeh." She takes the other half of the chip she's eating, and nods as she chews quickly. "Ta, Gav, yeh'll be th'first I call t'come t'my rescue. Don't eat so fast, yeh'll choke," she interjects smoothly, not missing a beat. "A drive sounds nice. Those nazi ducks'll stay far from yeh now, I'll bet."

Gavin laughs and devours another chip, the package that's only a few chips left at this point is offered over to her so he can start the car. "This is fact, Nazi Ducks are terrified of the magnificence that is a Aston-Martin!" He revs the engine and then looks about and pulls out to begin the drive around London. "The Rec-Officer Major Moore, filled up the petrol so we could make the Cliffs and back. So we should be fine for a joy ride. Would ya like to swing by Ants…what was his name again?" He isn't trying to be mean, but he doesn't remember Xander's name, so he tries to rectify it so he'll stop making fun of her boyfriend. "Pick him up…He can fit in the back." He looks behind him to the tiny space someone could fit sitting sideways in a lounging sort of way. "Take'm along."

Katie takes the food, looking impressed at the smooth sounding engine. "It's lovely, give th'Major my compliments." She's quick to supply, "Alexander. He goes by Xander." The offer to pick of Xander to come along brings a realization. "Yeh know, I've no idea where he lives. He always comes 'round the shop when he's time. Is that odd?" Surely Gavin is more savvy to the dating scene than Katie herself.

Gavin hmms and shrugs, "I don't know if it's odd, after all, that's about what we've done so far as well. He might be poorly off, I know that effected me meeting a girl at my place before I joined up. Bit of a shame thing. Course with the suit Xander was wearing, was obviously hand-tailored. So don't think he's in a bad way for money. But he /is/ a shy one. So that's probably what's behind the mystery. Lucky bloke any way."

Gavin does have a point with the shame thing, as Xander had said he used to be ashamed of his father's profession. "Only I live over a chippy, it's not Buckingham Palace itself." Katie shrugs, not especially bothered by it. "I've still got t'properly introduce him t'Mum an' Da. I've never brought a bloke 'round before an' said 'Oi, I'm datin' 'im!'" There's a giggle with this, as Katie reaches up to adjust her scarf.

Gavin chuckles at that, "So I get to meet'm before yer actual boyfriend hmm? Well at least I get tha feather in me cap!" He grins over at her and then hmms and turns to head for the London Bridge and the Tower of London, there's just something about seeing the same sights while drifting by in an astin-martin that give old sights new whimsy.

"Do try not to gloat about it, darling," Katie says, putting on a posh accent for a dramatic effect. Her voice drops back to normal as she looks around. "Cor, town don't 'alf look like this from th'back of a cab, does it?" She's noticed the difference, too. "Top of th'bus is nice for th'view, but there's somethin' about an auto without a top."

Gavin laughs and adopts his fellow Cambridgers posh affections, "Terribly sorry darling. I will endevour to be more humble in the future." He gives her a crisp salute with a cheeky grin and then nods, "It is something else, aye? Are ya hungry any? We could run to Limehouse for some Ducks? Or go to a cinema… or ladies choice."

There's a laugh for Gavin's retort, as Katie tears her eyes away from the sights of the city and looks to him. "I'm not quite peckish yet, but if yeh wanted somethin' I could eat." She has to readjust her scarf again as the wind almost pushes it back, resisting the urge to just get rid of it and let the wind do what it wants with her hair. That would be a disaster. Eventually, the pair end up in Limehouse, after a bit of sightseeing and a laugh, and true to his word, Gavin has Katie home before curfew.

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