(1939-09-16) Hufflepuff Duet
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Summary: While Levi is playing his guitar in the common room, Melody joins him on her flute.
Date: 16 September, 1939
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room, Hogwarts

Its afternoon after the classes have ended for the day, and the common room normally busy is surprising fairly empty just a few here and there. Its prime-time to be able to try and get some work done or well something like that anyways. Levi sits in a corner of the room away from the others his guitar in hand. He is looking over some notes he's made but goes back to strumming idly a gentle tune folksy and sort of old sounding. Its just something he knows well enough not to have to look at the instrument while playing it.

Melody was out wandering the grounds after class, enjoying a bit of sunshine. Parts of the grounds are still fairly boggy after recent rain, so, while she has on her Hogwarts uniform, her feet and calves are covered by her beloved wellies. Today she has them charmed in a purple with yellow polka dot pattern. She comes into the common room from the tunnel entrance, pausing as she sees Levi with his guitar. Standing in silence for a moment, wide eyes lingering on him but not quite focused as she listens to the tune, her carved flute is drawn from it's pocket in her skirt. She brings it up to her lips and pauses, then joins in the song, her notes dancing in harmony with Levi's guitar.

Levi glances away from his notes though its not the sound of the door which does this but the sound of the flute starting up, he spots the familiar sixth year and gives her a proper warm smile though he wont stop playing until the song is at its end. He turns to set the guitar back down "It's been a while I forgot you played Melody, your quite musical." he'll wave her over to the place where he's sitting if she'll join him.

Melody manages a bit of a smile around the flute, her eyes round and focused now, on Levi, and she plays along with him, sometimes meandering away, always finding her way back, until they end. Then she smiles widely, teeth showing. "Wow… that was brilliant. I didn't know you were that good." Her words come slowly, with pauses now and then, an oddly musical cadence to her speech patterns. She steps over, sitting with her feet flat on the floor and her flute held in her lap. "Have you been playing long?"

The seventh year watches as she approaches and sits down even which is cool with him. "Thank you, hm i've been playing since before I came to school. It does seem a while now." Levi says though he shakes off his thinking back and focuses on the present. "How long have you been playing the flute? I think you've told me before, sorry if my memories going bad on me." he chuckles slightly at his own words.

Melody has a direct way of looking at people, while still seeming to be a million miles away. "Oh, forever," she says dreamily in answer to the question. "I think I've always known how to play." Now that she's sat down, Levi might notice that there are some blades of long grass woven in among her golden locks by her left ear. She sits for a moment in silence, before saying, "You play lovely."

Levi looks over the other, and remembers they have known one another to one extent or another but now in his seventh year himself uhg yep lots of looking back he's doing today. "It sounds like you have, i've heard flute isnt an easy one to learn." he cannot help but smile at her words "Thanks, hows the school year been for you so far?" he asks though knowing a lot of stuff is going on its sort of a hard to answer question.

Melody would say of course Levi is reminiscing, it's his last year and he's one of the oldest in the school now. Again, there's a pause as if she's pondering the question, before she says, rather suddenly, "Oh yeah, school… it's brilliant. I think my classes are really great this year." Not that they're much different than any other year. She seems somehow oblivious to all the turmoil happening around them.

"I'm glad to hear that, really. I am enjoying my classes too really though they are double-tough. Which NEWTS are you taking?" Levi asks casual conversation though in between her answering he'll make a few more notes before turning back to look at her in full.

"I'm taking…." There's a pause, as if Melody has to think about her own classes, before she goes on, "Astronomy, charms and transfiguration. You take charms. And Care of Magical Creatures. I decided to drop that, even though I love the animals." She does pay attention to what her housemates do, even thought she seems to not register much. "Wow… this is your last year. That's so brilliant."

Levi smiles nodding as she does know what classes he's taking "That's excellent, those are cool classes, what job are you hoping to get when you leave school." He thinks on the others words nodding "It is, its very odd to think I wont be back next year." he pauses "I'm still torn between trying to play quidditch professionally or going into the Ministry in the Magical Creatures Department myself. You have one more year right? I think I remember when you got here even." he grins.

Slender shoulders shrug, "I don't know. Maybe I'll be a candy maker. I like candy," Melody says dreamily. "Or I'll make all my money studying the stars." Her plans still sound rather vague, even though she's only one year behind Levi. "Magical Creatures Department…. that's brilliant. Wow. That would so suit you. I do have one more year. You're a year ahead of me." Because that wasn't obvious just in conversation.

"I think both of those would do you well too." Levi says about her choices of jobs and it isnt teasing he thinks she'd be good at either one of those two. "I hope it would, I really love the class well enough to take it to NEWTS thats saying something." he pauses "No worries though you'll find something that you will enjoy doing, that's the important part."

"And so will you," Melody chirps back cheerfully. "I'll come visit you sometime, and see the animals you work with. I'll bring you candy." And life is just as simple as that for this young witch. Her eyes drop to her flute, fingers stroking gently along the carved flowers. "Would you like to play another song?"

Levi grins and its hard not to be able to forget about all the bad stuff when someone is so cheerful about it's true about it being contagious. The seventh year will respond though "I'd really like that, perhaps we can always meet up in Hogsmead or something too next year to catch up? That's far in advance though of course hard to decide still have this whole year." He reaches over to his guitar and nods "Sure thing, what'd you have in mind to play?"

Melody's head bobbles in a nod to Levi's suggestion, and she says agreeably, "Yeah…. that would be brilliant." She lifts her flute, holding it poised. "You play something you know,and I'll see if I can play along." Resting the flute on her lips, she watches Levi expectantly with her wide, dark eyes.

"You might have heard this one, Irish Ballad." Levi says as he comes to a conclusion on what to play. He begins to play the opening and its definitely slower a sweet sort of sadness to it, but its still suited for the flute. He continues into the chorus but where it looks like he starts to sing along he only smiles and continues on his guitar instead.

Melody's eyes take that direct but unfocused glaze again as Levi starts to play, her head tilting as she listens to the tune's beginning. She brightens suddenly. "Oh… wow…. I know this." She begins to play along, weaving in and out of the melody her housemate plays. Her notes come fluidly, she never seems to take a breath, and a few classmates stop to listen on their way from the dorms out.

Levi he smiles across to the other as she picks up the tune rather easily which really helps the song the guitar and flute matched perfectly to the song itself. "Very nice Melody." he says simply as she does indeed seem to have it down. The seventh year doesn't seem in any hurry for this song though and plays it slow and pretty though the tone it self seems bitter-sweet in its own way.

There's a small smile around the mouthpiece of her flute, and Melody keeps playing. She puts real emotion behind her playing, closing her eyes and swaying slightly. Levi's lead is followed easily, without falter, tempo matched without even having to think about it. When they finally hit the last note she holds it, and when she lowers her flute the bright, slightly vacant smile is there for him. "Wow… that was great." The students that had stopped to listen give a small smattering of applause. She looks over to them, including them in her smile, and murmurs, "Wow."

The song ends in a few slow chords which fade off into silence. Levi looks across to the other student "That was quite beautiful Melody." He compliments though turning to the few students who had stopped and smiles offering a small bow of his head before motioning for the other to take bow as well. He looks back to her proper though "How is it we haven't played music before, it would have been much better this time than just me trying to." he laughs softly.

"I usually play out in the garden," Melody says dreamily. "If you've ever heard it… that was me. A lot of people don't even notice it." One hand comes up, absently twining a strand of her light hair in her fingers. Her eyes drop, and she asks, out of left field, "Do you like my wellies this colour? I was thinking about changing them again."

Levi ponders a moment "I might have heard that at some point, sorry I hadn't realized it was you, but perhaps we can play more often now?" He watches her a moment though the question he isn't looking for caused him to look a quick moment "I think they look excellent that color, but do you change the colors often?" he wonders about this.

Melody nods readily, always willing to play music at any opportunity. "That would be lovely," she drawls. She kicks her feet out to afford a better look at the boots in question. "Whenever it seems time to change them, I do it. I use the colour change charm we were taught in first year." Swinging her feet, she regards them a moment, before adding, "They're wonderful when the ground is wet. Do you have a pair? You should have a pair."

"Sounds like a plan than." Levi confirms he gets a better look at the items there "Nice, I never thought to try and use that to change my clothes but that's not a half bad idea really." He ponders this though he's fairly sure he'll leave his not even knowing what color to pick. "I don't have a pair, but have a nice pair of boots for the winter."

"I'm sure they're lovely," Melody says lightly. She drops her feet, letting them slap to the floor, and stands in the same movement. "I'm going to go to the dorm and get ready for dinner. Thank you for playing with me, Levi." There's that bright smile for him, then she turns for the door, her steps light. Before she's out of sight she looks around and waves.

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