(1939-09-17) Eavesdropping
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Summary: Angelus tries to get some dirt on Elspeth when she's talking to Evelyn. OOC Note… the dice really did love Angelus that much.
Date: 17 September, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Gardens

It's midday, between classes. Evelyn, not being terribly hungry, only ate a little bit for lunch before heading off to the garden where she and Elspeth had agreed upon meeting. Sitting on a bench, she stares at the various plants around her as she gets lost in her own thoughts. The colours seem to help her mind unfocus, at least for the time being.

Appetite has actually been just fine for Elspeth lately. Her diet has always been somewhat restricted anyway, so the fact that the other end of the table has more than she does hasn't dented her ability to consume a full meal, which means she's a little later than Evelyn. When she sees her friend, she heads over, halfway through the apple she hid in her sleeve as she left the Great Hall. "Hullo, Evelyn," she greets, quietly, so as not to disturb too much. She sets her satchel on the bench but sits without taking the strap off. Making sure the bag is at the opposite side of Evelyn so she can lean companionably against her friend.

"Hmm?" Evelyn looks up at Elspeth, her gaze taking just a brief moment to focus on her friend. She smiles softly. She offers a quick little hello in sign language. She takes a moment before she talks again. "Did…did I tell you? I ran into Angelus again…had a 'talk' with him."

-He apologized about what he said about my parents.- Evelyn offers in sign language. "I don't think I believe his sincerity, though." She says quietly, this time aloud. "He's apologized too many times, and still follows the same behaviour. And he wouldn't even apologize about his behaviour toward you."

Elspeth shrugs. "There is no reason for him to do so," she says quietly. "He is doing what he is now being taught is right. If your uncle is not telling him he should be apologizing for calling Aba and Ima slimy creatures… and we are knowing how he is idolizing your uncle…" she shrugs again, taking another bite to eat, she looks down at the apple core, then glances around. Seeing no one in the courtyard, she tosses it up, and then points her wand at it to launch it the extra ten feet over the wall and towards the forest beyond. "I believe he is not meaning to hurt you, and is sorry about the thing he was saying about your parents. He is being confused…" she returns her wand as she speaks, then looks around again and speaks with her hands. -I gave some letters to Miss Taylor to send for me- She signs. -For people to help teach muggleborns secretly. Fifth years /must/ pass their owls-.

-I just…I don't know how much I can trust him. Or what he says. Not these days.- Evelyn shrugs a little, sighing. -You know, when he first talked to me, I pretended not to know him. Asked if he was a muggle-born out to ask a Ravenclaw to help teach him actual magic.- She clears her throat. It's a little out of character, but she was angry, of course. -He wasn't happy about that.-

There's a little snort and Elspeth's shoulders hunch with her giggle at the thought of asking Angelus being asked if he was a muggle born. -You are being wicked, Evelyn,- she chides lightly. -I do not think he even really trusts himself, or knows what he really wants. He is still trying to figure out what other people want.- She gives a little snort of laughter at herself. -It has been freeing, in a way, this year. Knowing that it does not matter what I do, people have already made up their minds about, so I can just be myself.- Her smile widens. -I was even able to frustrate Lan a little.-

-I thought it was kinda funny…- Evelyn permits herself to grin at it. -Until my cousin figures out what he wants to do, and until he figures out his opinion on it all, I don't know if I can trust his words. He has caused issues more than once.- She shakes her head, but smiles. -How did you frustrate Lan? He hasn't mentioned it to me. But then, that's not a total surprise.- There's a pause for a moment while she looks back at all the flowers. -Do you know who will be helping train the muggle-borns?-

Elspeth laughs a little. -Do you want to?- but she reverts to speaking to answer the other question. "He was trying to get me be upset about some of the pamphlets that have been circulating about 'mud' and how be avoiding it. He would not even be touching our book when I was showing it to him, although I am being sure that it would amuse him." She shrugs. "He was saying that I was being a martyr when I was telling him it is only being a matter of time before I am gone, so I am not worrying anymore about what I am doing. He did not want to be hearing talking about that, which, now that I'm thinking on it is being funny, because he is always being the pessimistic one." She winks and reverts to sign language again. -Maybe he was worrying I would take his 'King of Pessmism Crown' from him-

-Do I want to…train the muggle-borns? I can help with some OWL courses, but I could not help with the NEWTs. But I'd be happy to help.- Evelyn listens intently to Elspeth speak about Noalan. She smiles softly. -He cares about you a lot.- She tells her friend with a raised eyebrow. -He is constantly pessimistic, yes. But underneath it all, I know he wants only good for those he cares about. Besides, one close friend has already left school. I think he had hoped to graduate with you and Artemis at his side.-

Watching Evelyn's hands, Elspeth blushes a little. "I am caring about him." She sighs, and looks up at the sky. "There are times I do wish my parents were a witch and a wizard. Not for me, but for Lan. No one would be caring if Lan was liking me if I was not being muggle born." She chews at her lip, then she shrugs. "I did not think I would be saying it, but I am being glad the Emi is not here this year. All of this…" she waves a hand towards the castle to indicate everything that has been happening. "It would be breaking her heart." She shakes her head. "No, it would be breaking her soul."

So that her friend doesn't have to constantly look at her hands, Evelyn speaks aloud again. "I can't speak for Lan, obviously, but I think for him, in the end, it would be worth it. Muggle parents or not. I just…" She sighs softly. "I think that that's why my father thought. Knowing what I do now, I'm sure he must have had some troubles with his marriage to my mother. And with people whispering about them behind their backs. But I think…they really cared about each other. And that's what mattered most." She says softly. Looking to the castle, however, she nods a little bit. "Artemis…she's a very kind person. And maybe you're right. It doesn't make it any less difficult to not have her here."

"Oh, I am missing Emi, too," Elspeth agrees. "I think, though, that it would be harder on me seeing how much she was hurting…" she pauses, then leans against Evelyn a little. "I am sure that your parents were loving each other very much, and they were having a son and a beautiful daughter because they were loving each other so much." She leans a little forward as she looks to the side so she can look into Evelyn's eyes, giving her a smile as she reaches an arm around her to give her a half hug.

Angelus is walking along the gardens at a slow pace, one hand hanging onto his book strap that's flung over a shoulder. A hum escapes the youth as he scans the gardens, looking for a place to sit as he stuffs the last of fruit tart into his mouth. He pauses and crouches when he finds an interest in one of the plants, humming in thought. But then the voices reach his ears and the youth frowns, releasing a sigh as he lifts up just so that he peeks over the plant. Clearing his throat, he automatically returns his attention to the plant as if he hadn't seen the pair.

"Maybe…maybe how you'd feel seeing Emi is how Lan feels right now about you and how muggle-borns are being treated?" Once again, Evelyn can't be sure, but she can always take a guess. She does wrap one arm around Elet to return the half hug. "I wish you could have met my parents, Elet. I think they really would have liked you."

Elspeth lifts one shoulder. "Maybe. I am not being as soft hearted as Emi, but maybe it is making him feel a little bit like that." She lets out a breath, and sits up straighter "I am missing having classes with you and Lan and Emi, though. Poking Lan when the professor isn't looking to make sure he is being awake." She grins, "you are keeping him from falling asleep this year?"

Crouched, Angelus rests his elbows on his knees, leaning in for a closer look of the plant. Leaning so that one hand touches the ground, keeping him from falling as he slowly starts to inch his way between the bigger plants, watching his steps as he moves stealthily towards the back of the bench.

"I'm…I'm certainly doing my best to keep him from falling asleep. But you know Lan." Evelyn giggles softly. "I wish you could be in these classes with us. It would be fun. You know…in Charms, we're going to be learning the Entrancing charm. Just imagine how fun that one is to use?" She grins widely.

Noalan says, "Here you go, the latest one." Lan says, entering the garden with another student. The older Slytherin hands the student a familiar looking pamphlet. Noalan sneeze a couple of times as the student head back towards the castle with his literature. He gives his nose a brisk rub before turning and walking further into the garden, "Did I hear my name?""

Elspeth chuckles. "Can you imagine if we were making every muggle born able to use that charm at one time, when going to the dining hall for dinner?" she replies with a broad grin. She gives a sigh, looking up to the sky, the smile lingering as she contemplates the response from Slytherins, then turns to Evelyn again. "You should be eating more. Do not think I am not seeing you sneak out without having anything to eat. And I am needing to go to The Classroom. We are never knowing when our classes are going to be changing, and if we are not making it to the class, then I am having to take points for people not being in their proper class." She stands, adjusting the strap across her shoulder as it takes the weight of her books once more. It is then that she hears Lan's voice, and maybe because they /were/ talking about him, and caring and such, that for that moment when she greets him her smile is unguarded and almost warm with a joy to see him. "That is depending on what kind of hearing charm you are casting," she tells him.

Upon reaching the bench, Angelus lowers his book strap slowly down beside him. Then he reaches out for the back of the bench, his fingers curving over the stone as he cranes his head in such a way to peek through the opening. An impish little smile is worn on his face as he listens, focusing his eyes on the girls. He winces when Lan's voice speaks up, swinging his gaze briefly to his brother. Gel bites down on his lip to keep the urge down to speak up or shift his position.

"Maybe if all the muggle-borns did that, Flint would reconsider his position?" Evelyn can hope, at least. At the mention of food, she shrugs and looks down. "I uh…well, I'm not terribly hungry, you see." She murmurs. "I eat just enough to keep me going." Which isn't exactly a lie. But she should be eating more. She doesn't pay particular attention to the other voices until Lan gets closer to them and speaks up. She smiles. "Your ears must have been burning. We were just talking about you." She says softly.

"It's called Narcissism-ium. Goes off anytime someone says Noalan or Lan… or Lantern unfortunately." He says, crossing over towards them, "You weren't talking about light fixtures were you?" He pulls another of the anti-Muggle born propaganda pamphlets out of his pocket and offers it to Evelyn. "Want one?"

With a laugh, Elspeth shakes her head to Lan, "no lanterns are being talked about here," she assures him. The curled fingers are noted, and she gives them a puzzled look, the smile fading a bit. Turning to Evelyn she rolls her eyes slightly, then shrugs. "May I have one?" a hand reaches out for a pamplet. "Maybe I can be earning extra credit with Professor Burke if I am taking one to class."

Angelus tilts his head from one position to the other, leaning a little bit, as if trying to see what is in Lan's hands. But he stays where he is, smile flickering proudly on his face.

Finally standing, placing the strap of her book bag over her shoulder, Evelyn also begins to close the distance between her, Elspeth, and Noalan. "What…" She reaches out and takes the pamphlet. "But…" She furrows her brow in confusion. "I mean, Slytherin. I guess." She's talking more to herself than anything, as she starts looking through the pamphlet. "But yes, ever since we were little children, if his name was said…he'd always seem to appear. Not that I heard his name, most of the time back then but…" She blushes as she clears her throat. "But you get it. It's like…well, magic."

You paged Evelyn with 'oh! Her book back strap slides down her arm and her bag drops on Gel's head! :)'

Noalan shrugs, "Just think it's something everyone should read." He say, one hand making a subtle, 'invert' motion. "That's because, when my name was said, it was usualy as part of some plot.

Have to be vigilant you know." Lan pulls out another pamphlet, "You won't throw this one or burn it will you?"

"I would not be receiving extra credit if I am burning or throwing it, now, no?" Elspeth asks with a grin, nodding as Lan speaks to Evelyn. "If I was knowing it was that easy to be summoning you, I would have been saying your name more often." Remembering the reason she stood up, she gives the Slytherin a light tap on his shoulder with the pamplet as she passes him. "Be seeing you at dinner."

After watching for a moment longer, Angelus gives a shake of his head and turns his head to look at his books. Picking up the strap, he shifts around the side of the bench to place it on the seat before releasing a heavy sigh. "Sparks, I guess it's lost then," he murmurs out softly as if he hadn't been listening. "Huh?" Angelus blinks as he tilts his head back, eyes flicking after Elspeth and then to Evelyn and Noalan. "Oh, did am I interrupting?"

"I'll read it through…see what it has to say." Evelyn offers with a little nod to her cousin. She grins a little. "I suppose you did have to be one step ahead with all your little plots." Smiling at her friend, she offers a tiny wave. "See you later, Elet. We'll talk more, then." She's about to say something to Noalan, when Angelus' voice is heard. She turns her gaze toward him and raises an eyebrow. -How long have you been here?- She asks him in sign language.

Noalan shrugs, "I just think the information is important to spread around. To many people dismiss it as propaganda and don't bother to take it to heart." He says to Evelyn. "Just don't be saying it at the top of any tall towers." Lan says to her with a slight grin. "Sure, see you at your daily alotment of nutrition." He says, being as kind about her perspective dinner as he can manage. Angeluses sudden arrival at Elspeths departure causes only a slight raising of an eyebrow from the older brother. "Your sanity? I didn't know you were looking for it. Want help?"

In response to Evelyn, Angelus points at his self, and then moves his hand to the side of his head to flick his fingers away from his skull, signing, 'I don't know.' The youth rolls back his shoulders coolly as he places a hand on the seat of the bench, pushing himself up and straightening. Resting his hand on the back of the bench now that he's standing, he smiles sweetly at his cousin. "Lost the perfect skipping stone that I found," he explains. "I real bummer. What were you talking about anyway?" His eyes flick to Noalan. "What are you handing out?" he asks curiously. At his brother's snipe Angelus only grins goofily at him. "I've got it, thanks. But I do want your help."

Tucking away the pamphlet into her bag, to make sure it's not in the way, Evelyn rolls her eyes at Angelus. -Right. The perfect skipping stone. Because those are always found in a garden.- She rolls her eyes. Looking to Noalan, she shakes her head and signs, -I don't think any amount of help from any of us will help him find his sanity. It's gone on vacation and won't write to tell us where it's gone.-

Noalan rolls his eyes, "Check your ears, you've got so many rocks in your head, I'm sure one will be a decent skipping stone." Lan's snipping is casual and comes smoothly. Anyone familiar with the family would recognise this as Lan's 'being nice' attitude. When prompted, he pulls out a pamphlet, the tittle reading 'So you're a Mule: A Wizarding Guide to Half-Bloods'. "Want one? The way things are going, I thought I should do my part." He smirks, -Be nice. It left when he was two. He didn't know how to write back then.- He puts one hand casually in his pocket, "Have an escape plan yet Aelus? You know you're sitting in the…" He pauses to thin, "Ironsights? Cross Hairs? Meh, you're a target."

Angelus focuses his gaze on Evelyn's hand movements before he lets out a short chuckle. "Well I didn't /find/ it here, obviously." He arches a brow when Evelyn turns to Noalan, his tongue slipping out to wet his lips as he concentrates on the movements. The amount of words he manages to get out of it leaves him wondering, frowning. Adding to Lan's sign back, which he misses a few words, just leaves him uncertain about what's actually being spoken of. The youth lifts his hand to flick his fingers delicately through his hair, releasing a sigh. He tilts his head to the side as he stares at the pamphlet, and then flicks his gaze to stare at Lan questionably. Lifting up a hand in front of him as he just shakes his head, he says on a sigh, "Forget it. I just want to point out that Rosen should be allowed at the manor." He rolls his shoulders back plainly. "I'll let either of you have your space when she visits." The boy reaches into his robes and pulls out coin. It's just a knut, but he tosses it out to Lan before he lifts his head at him and steps back. "Talk to you later."

-You have one for half-bloods too?- Evelyn probably shouldn't be as surprised as she is. Afterall, they've got muggle-blood in them too. -He always could have dictated to a house elf, they would've written it for him. I mean, an inability to write is not really an excuse. But maybe I'll let him off the hook because he was two.- She grins, but then glances back to Angelus. -Are you saying…?- Her mouth hangs open slightly in disbelief. A multitude of thoughts pass through her mind, and for the moment, she just watches her younger cousin.

Noalan dodges the coin like the younger boy just threw a curse at him. It's quite possible that the Slythrin boy believed that was exactly what he was doing. "That's awful nice of you. I'd wonder what had gotten into you if I wasn't sure you knew that Elspeth's parents don't want her visiting the Manor at all, with or without you there. Nice one though, makes you appear reasonable, but nothing actually changes." He gives him a golf clap. "Seriously though, plan an escape route." he says to Angeluses as he steps away. -Yes, and 'no-magics'- his closes approximation to squib, -and more. I think they're making a comic strip too.- He pauses, -I like Mules. They are cute.-

Finally closing her mouth and shaking her head, Evelyn looks back to Noalan. She shrugs and sighs. -I honestly do not know what to do with Gel anymore. He says one thing and does another. He says something about someone and then takes it back. Do you think maybe we should have him promise to be a better person and use the Unbreakable Vow to make that promise? That would be fun…- She grins widely. She pauses, though, to pay attention to what Noalan has to say. -A comic strip? Interesting. And I suppose that the other pamphlet makes sense. But what, no pamphlet about purebloods?- She asks with a raised eyebrow and a smirk crossing her lips. -Yes, I like to think we mules are cute. We've got a…charm to us, shall we say?- She looks toward the castle and adjusts her bookbag. -I should get going, I've got a thing or two I need to get done before class starts up again. I'll see you in class later.- She offers Noalan a little smile and starts off toward the Castle.

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