(1939-09-17) What's That Smell
Details for What's That Smell?
Summary: Is the chicken burning? Annie and Tim get a bit side-tracked when Tim goes to Annie's for dinner and to pick up the film she's shot of Hogwart's unrest. ((Warning: Romantic RP))
Date: September 17th, 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Annie's Cottage

7 Cottage Way - Little Cosy Cottage

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and stormy.

At the southernmost end of Cottage Way, set back enough from the road to provide an ample front garden, is a smallish house constructed of sturdy stone. The grass is neatly manicured, a bed of flowers nestles up to the stone walls nearly all the way around the structure, and it's not unusual for some of the more mundane creatures of the forest to be seen frolicking about the peaceful space.
A sturdy wooden front door opens into a modest and unassuming living space. One large room sports a fireplace large enough to dominate nearly the entire west wall, easily heating the space in colder weather. Before it is a comfortable looking sofa, on either side are not as comfortable looking but clearly antique and matching chairs. A spindly wooden table looks to have it's work cut out for it supporting a rather cumbersome Wizarding Radio under one of the windows that flank the front door. The simple accoutrements of a kitchen occupy space to the back of the room; kitchen sink, counter, ice box, and a gas cooker. Glass doors of the cabinets show a modest assortment of china for dining. The dining table is also small, looking perfectly fitting for the space, the wood gleaming with polish and the chairs all tucked under tidily. The decorations are rather sparse, and consist mainly of pictures of family, several of which show the same faces of an adorable, elderly couple. A door in the south wall, to the side of the sink, lets out to the back and a vegetable garden, a window above the sink giving a view out. Doors in the east wall lead to the water closet and a bedroom. In all it's a bit spartan, but has a comfortable feel for most who enter.

It's a clear Summer evening, a nip found in the air but nothing that requires more than a sweater or light cloak yet. Working on some odd hours lately, coming in on off days, staying late to help students, Annie has gotten off work a bit early, having a brisk afternoon walk home to the cottage. She'd sent an owl to invite Tim over tonight, and has some preparations to make. With a quick trip into town for a few things (what a blessing the floo network can be!) she's been busy making dinner. Roast chicken with veg, a meal she always enjoyed making for Tim. The little cottage smells delicious, the air scented with all the goodness that awaits in the little oven. The cottage is tidy, but that's not unusual. All in all, it doesn't look very different at all from when she last lived here. She's settled back in quite comfortably. Changed out of her work clothes, Annie's put on a simple frock in a blue that brings out her eyes, and she's padding around, as usual, barefoot. The wizarding wireless is on, playing some popular tune, and she sings along softly as she finishes off the dishes with a drying charm.

Tim raps on the door and has a bouquet of flowers obviously behind his back because one frond goes up so high it looks like he's got a feather in his flat tweed cap. "Miss Taylor, it's Tim Moody." He calls on her in a sweet and playful old fashioned way. The old lady across the street that's snooping out her window gets a tip of his hat and a shy smile.

At the sound of the knock Annie turns and looks at the door, pausing just a moment in anticipation. She steps over quickly, pulling the door open and turning her smile on Tim. "Good evenin', Mister Moody. Won't yeh come in?" The question comes with a flourish of her arm, a sweeping gesture of invitation. As he steps by, assuming he does, she pops up quickly to kiss him on the cheek. She smirks at the flowers, but pretends not to see them.

Tim waves to the old lady across the street before he steps in. He was going for her cheek as well so both kisses more land on the corner of their mouths. It makes him chuckle lightly and then turn to present her with the bouquet of scottish wild flowers. "Yee look beautiful Miss Taylor. Thank yee for the invitation. Smells delicious. Missed your roast chicken. I think Bowie makes it wrong on purpose. Hoping that I would give yee an owl or summat."

Annie's eyes widen as the flowers are presented. "Oh, Tim, they're lovely. Thank yeh so much." She turns to cross to the small kitchen, calling back happily, "Yeh look very handsome, as always, Mister Moody. I was very happy yeh could make it on rather short notice." She flicks out her wand, "Accio vase." A vase from a high shelf comes drifting over, and Annie sets the flowers down in time to catch it. "We'll see if he still makes it wrong, now that I'm around again. If he miraculously improves we'll know he was schemin'." She looks over and grins at the photographer.

Tim hangs his hat and light trench robes by the door and gives a light laugh and nods. "Aye, we'll put him to the test. Yee should come over next and make a request for roast chicken. Just wha-watch it'll be five star then." He takes a look around the cottage. "The place looks very nice. Nothin's changed much has it?"

Getting the flowers into water, Annie sets the vase in the center of the coffee table, straightening and looking to Tim. "Not much, no. It's nice t'be here again, though. And convenient bein' so close t'the school, right now." She motions toward the sofa, "Come, sit. Make yourself comfortable." She goes back to the kitchen, and there's the clink of glass before she reappears with a tumbler of scotch which she offers out to him.

Tim does sit down, but he squirms about a little, a touch nervous and shy. When she reappears he stills and reaches up to take the scotch with a 'thank yee'. "So how is things at the school Ans? Yee haven't gotten into trouble?" He takes a sip from his glass and pats the sofa next to him, inviting her to join him there.

Annie tucks one foot up under her skirt as she sits, close enough to Tim that her knee touches his leg lightly, and just a tiny lean would have her pressed against him. "No, I haven't," she assures him with a smile. "I've not pushed things very hard, jus' doin' some little things… a book in, a letter out, like that. I do have some film for yeh t'develop, though. Some shots of the food, and a few I managed t'get of the SCUMS class."

Tim nods and moves to slide one arm along behind her on the couch. "Good, g-good. Worryin' bout yee. Bit o me own medicine, aye?" He chuckles and his fingers behind her lightly toy with her hair. Old habits really do die hard. "I'll take the film back with me and get it to the editor as soon as it's developed. Ye done real well Ans. Proud of ye."

"Thank yeh for worryin' about me, Tim. I'm sure th'worst that'd happen is I'd lose m'job." Probably. She grins, leaning into the circle of his arm, letting her head rest back on his shoulder. "Perhaps one day we'll both stop courtin' trouble, in our own ways." It's comfortable, sitting like they used to, warm up against each other.

Tim leans in just a touch to indeed be touching her. For all of his shyness the desire to be close to her overides and he even places a kiss to the side of her head. "Aye. Perhaps. Or maybe we'll just become an unstop-p-pap—-able team o troublemakin'." He smiles but is chewing on his tongue a little. "When dis is all over. I would l-like to take yee out, proper like. Where would ye like to go?"

Annie's eyes close for a moment at the soft brush of Tim's lips, having missed that simple gesture so much. She doesn't comment on the stammer, but snuggles just that little bit closer. "I think I'd like t'go just about anywhere, if we're there t'gether," she says, her voice a little dreamy. "Somewhere there's no war, an' no trouble, an' just us."

Tim hmms, and tilts his head in thought while he takes a sip of his scotch. "Oh I know, how about we go to Avalon?" It's such a lovely wizarding resort! "Course that'll have to wait for when ye'll let me call ye my lady again." He gets a little boyishly charming smile, almost impish.

Annie tilts her head back as much as she can to get a look at Tim's face, her eyes rolling up, "Yeh mean like King Arthur, Avalon?" She's not really up on wizarding resorts and that one missed her notice entirely. For a moment she holds the slightly awkward posture, then with a smirk she relaxes back to normal, commenting, "I love when yeh smile like that. I missed seeing it."

Tim nose nudges her head when she talks about his smile. "Well I've missed it too." Meaning that only she really draws that exact smile out of him. "Aye, like King Arthur, Avalon. An ol' temple on a beautiful misty island. It's been turned into a resort. Perfect place for a honeymoon…" He says it as nonchalant as he can but there's a little smirk on his face and the way he peeks at her all side long indicates he's teasing about something more.

Annie's brows lift, and her tone matches his when she says, "It does sound like that would be lovely. Were yeh plannin' on gettin' married then?" She reaches up, finding his free hand up by her shoulder with hers, hooking her fingers onto his.

Tim clears his throat and goes all sheepish and shy. He playfully shrugs his shoulders and nods, "Well there's this one girl. It's always been her. So, here's hopin' she'll eventually let me have her to wed. Course I don't mind if we just never do… so long as she's never out o me life again. Tha's all I truly care about."

As Tim speaks Annie smiles, her thumb brushing lightly over his fingers, the back of his hand. "She'd have t'be daft t'ever let that happen again. An' if yeh love her so, she must have somethin' goin' for her." There's a ding as a timer goes off, and Annie pulls away to stand. "Let me check that. It shouldn't be quite done yet, but I don't want it dryin' out." Her fingers slip away from his reluctantly so she can go see to the oven.

Tim opens his mouth and really was going to probably say something extremely profound and then *Ding*. He closes his mouth and smiles and nods. "Can I help in any way?" He looks towards the kitchen and then the table searching out some way he can pitch in and keep busy. "Open the wine maybe?"

Annie shakes her head, leaning to put one hand to Tim's shoulder, keeping him sitting. "Ta, love, but yeh just relax, sip on yer drink. I'll be back before yeh have a chance t'miss me." There's a few minutes of rattling around in the kitchen before Annie returns. "Bit more time yet, as I thought. Is there anything I c'n get for yeh? 'Nother drink? Yeh look like it's been a hard day. Want yer shoulders rubbed?"

Tim does as he is told, he sits and sips on his drink. When she returns he does look pleased by the offer for the rub and he nods. "Aye, that would be grand. Thank ye love. It's just the war…" It's enough to give anyone a bad day. "There's talk o sending someone over to get some pictures…" His voice is soft as he broaches the topic with care. It's clear enough that he's at the top of the list of photojournalists to be sent.

"C'mon then, turn here for me," Annie says, gently twisting Tim's shoulders as she kneels on the sofa cushion next to him. When his back is to her, warm hands will start to work a magic of their own, kneading knots out of Tim's shoulders, trying to ease away some of his nerves along with the tension. "I know yeh'll be careful. Do yeh think they'll want yeh t'stay away long if they decide on it?" There's no doubt to her that he would be top choice, he's that good, the best the paper has. The only doubt that might be heard is for him being away and in danger.

Tim takes a sip of his scotch before resting it down on his knee. His free hand slides behind him to caress her calf and side of her thigh where she's knelt. There comes pleased sounds and soft groans as she works her magic. "Not sure love. There's just no telling. If things get rough I can alway apparate out. It's not like I'm there as the Banshee or anythin' just there to get pictures an' get out."

Annie's hand squeeze gently at the base of Tim's neck, her thumbs spreading out to rub circles up to his hair and then back down again. The kneading moves out over his shoulders, slow, methodical, catching a rhythm for a minute or two before her hands flatten on his shoulder blades, heels pressing harder, one stopping when Annie leans forward. Her chest presses lightly to his back and she whispers near his ear, "Just come home t'me."

Tim takes a deep breath, his eyes closing as he savors the feel of her curves pressed up against him. He turns around placing the scotch on the coffee table so he has free hands to wrap her up in his arms and press her back, careful her legs can stretch without getting kinked as he presses against her and kisses her deeply.

Annie pulls back slightly, giving Tim room to turn before she's gathered into his arms. It would be a decided untruth to say that their closeness had no effect on her, and that much can be told for certain as the kiss is returned. Her arms slip around his neck, fingers drifting up to tangle in his hair. A bare twist of her hips and his care have her legs stretching comfortably, sliding against his legs, whispering softly on the fabric of his trousers. Scotch lingers, adding a bite to the sweetness of his lips.

Tim lays a bit over her, but keeps the bulk of his weight from her. When the initial first kiss is broken he lifts his face away and just looks at her. He knows her face so well, he can notice a slight deepening of the lines around her mouth and forehead. All the little details this past year and some has left on her. The expression on his own face and the look in his eyes is so reverent and adoring as he just looks at her after that emotion filled kiss. Finally after just caressing her cheek in a feather soft touch of his fingertips he whispers. "It's very h-hard to act the stranger startin' oh-over…"

Annie sighs softly, watching Tim's eyes as they take in her features. She could spend all night looking at him and it wouldn't nearly make up for the time apart when the only images she had of him were in her head and on squares of photographs of them together. The love that never waned is just as clear on her face as it is on his, and she smiles crookedly. Her own voice is a whisper in return, "It was daft t'think that we could. I love yeh too much, missed yeh too much. We're not strangers, we'd never possibly be."

Tim is laying on her enough that she can feel his heart thudding about in his chest and leaping into his throat with a hitch of his breathing when she says that she loves him too much. He gets flustered i such a wonderful sort of way his first instinct is to speedily lower his lips back to hers when she's done saying what she wants to say.

While the words are barely out, they are out in all their honesty. He doesn't have to speak the same in return, Annie can feel it in the heat of his kiss, the beating of his heart. Surly he can feel hers as well, but if he can't the proof is there in the way that she holds him tightly. She tapers the kiss off into a dozen little pecks, trying to catch her breath without much success.

Tim takes a deep breath and his cheeks are hot under her pecks as he as well tries to catch his breath. He might not have to say it, but he wants to say it. "Love yee so much Annie…Taylor." He still has to catch himself from calling her Moody. Then his head lifts up a bit higher and he sniffs the air. "While I don't want to move in the least…should I? Wouldn't want yee to burn down the cottage. Though if yee did you'd have to move back in with Bowie and me…" He says with a bit of cheek and playfully aborts the plan to check on the chicken and he comes down for another heart-felt kiss.

"My Tim," Annie says tenderly. At his sniff of the air she cranes her neck to sniff as well, and she's starting to push him off when another kiss comes. She giggles softly on his mouth but stops pushing, as willing to risk their safety as he is, at least for a moment. Finally, she wiggles out from under him, grinning, flushed. She quickly straightens her dress, saying as she hurries to the oven, "I'll move back in with yeh when it's time. Not by burnin' the cottage down." A quick charm and the hot pan is out on the countertop. "It's fine, thank goodness. I'd hate t'promise yeh dinner an' disappoint."

Tim lays face down on the couch when she squirms out, he of course lets her go once the kiss has run it's course. Slowly he recovers from the strong affect she's always had on him and with a deep sighing breath he can stand. "Help with anything?" He's fallen back on his very independent habits since she left again and so just sitting around being pampered by his lady makes him feel a bit stir crazy, like he should be doing something.

Annie turns to look at Tim, wanting to pamper him, but seeing that look on his face, like he doesn't know what to do with himself. It brings her smile up and she asks, "Would yeh rather set the table, or carve th'chicken?" Whichever one he chooses, she'll do the other.

Tim looks extremely grateful when she recognizes his need to do something and gives him something to do. "I can carve the chicken." He nods and steps up to kiss the side of her head before he gets into position to take the bird apart. "Do yee like the light or dark meat?"

She figured he might like to do that, men always seem to like taking the food apart. Annie figures it's some ancient hunter instinct. "Dark meat, please," she says as she steps to get out plates, silverware, napkins and anything else she can think of. Last she brings a plate for the chicken and a bowl for the veg. "It's good t'be workin' alongside yeh again," she observes quietly.

Tim likes the dark too so he really focuses on getting every little bit of dark meat onto the platter that was brought. She gets another kiss of gratitude for the platter and the compliment and he gets her favorite sort of grin and nods. On a different topic though he muses out loud. "They really need to breed a chicken that's all dark meat…"

Annie grins, teasing Tim gently, "Why wait for someone else t'do it?" She will make him sit, while she gets the rest of their dinner, some bread with sweet butter, and tea. It's not until they're finished and she's clearing up the plates, stacking them in the sink, that she remembers why she invited him over in the first place. Well, ok, not really the reason but the excuse. "Let me get that film from the camera, so yeh don't forget it."

Tim chuckles and takes up the platter once it's filled with every speck of dark meat and some of the light meat too and the other heavy object of the veg bowl is also lifted up to carry them both to the table. "Table looks nice." He watches her go for the film and smiles. "Sure. Can't forget that." His tone holds in it a realization that he plans for more kissing after dinner, and that almost lead them to forget about chicken. Film has even less of a chance to be remembered once he's kissing her again.

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