(1939-09-18) Deal with the Devil
Details for Deal With the Devil
Summary: Angelus apologizes to Elspeth and they make a deal
Date: 18 September, 1939
Location: Fifth floor corridor

It may be early, but the Ravenclaws are trooping down the corridor. The muggle born Ravenclaws, being shepherded by the sixth year prefect. "I know it is being early, but be thinking of the bright side. Professor Burke will be falling asleep from little sleep, and then we will be having our afternoon to be reading in the sun outside." Elspeth seems fairly chipper as she hands an apple to one of the firsties. "You were sleeping through breakfast," she notes with a raised eyebrow. "Breakfast is being as important as lunch and dinner."

Angelus has gotten used to getting an early start to his day, getting a couple things done before breakfast. He didn't stay long at breakfast, and after he grabbed something easy to eat, left to ascend back up the staircases. When a section swings and connects with the fifth floor corridor, Angelus steps off and walks along the corridor. He knows the Ravenclaw common room is on this floor, since his best friend is a Ravenclaw, and the youth stops to hang out there. A smirk flicks against his lips as he spies the group traipsing along. Leaning away from the wall when Elspeth passes, Gel pipes up, "I thought I might have missed my chance to have a word with you."

The response to seeing Angelus in their corridor is fairly predictable, but any words that might be thrown at the purist Gryffindor are cut off by a look and a quick word from Elspeth. "Keep going to class. Aurora, please be telling Professor Burke that I am speaking with a Magijugend and will be along presently." Her fingers latched loosely around the strap of her shoulder bag, she waits for a moment to make sure they're going to continue on and not cause trouble before she turns her attention to Gel. "You are not quite missing, no," she says lightly, her gaze neutral as she surveys him.

The smile that Angelus offers out the gathering is warm even as he holds his head with pride. He watches in silence as Elspeth sends them off, tilting his head a little before he nods slowly. "Privately," the youth murmurs out as he glances around the corridor. When he steps off to the side, he lets out a short chuckle. "So Noah and Evie want you at the Christmas party," he starts off.

Elspeth follows curiously to the edge of the corridor, her eyes watching the Gryffindor. The choice of topic of discussion does raise her eyebrows, but then she gives a little sideways tilt of her head towards the shoulder she raises in a half shrug. "It is kind of them to be wishing so, but I have already been telling them that I am sorry but I cannot be going," she informs Angelus regretfully.

Angelus arches a brow as he stares up at Elspeth. "Do you not want to go?" he asks curiously. He tilts his head, looking confused for a second before he releases a sigh and gives a shake of his head. Holding up a hand, Gel begins, "I made a mess of things for you, Noah, and Evie. I'm sorry." His eyes lower to the floor, frowning. "But I don't know how to fix it for you."

There is a the tiniest sorrowful grin at the corner of her mouth. "It is not always what we are wanting to do, sometimes it is having to obey our parents," Elspeth replies quietly. Studying his lowered gaze for a moment, she expels a deep breath. "How much are you knowing about the muggle world, Angelus? This is not being a … how do you… facetious question. I am asking you honestly. How much are you knowing of the politics, and Germany?"

A smirk flicks at his mouth and Angelus lifts his head. As he straightens proudly, hands clasping behind his back, his head rising, he states in a boastful tone, "My father has all sorts of information. He's good like that." Gel clears his throat, looking away briefly before he returns a perplexed look on Elspeth. "I just want you to be able to visit if my cousin wishes. I already told them that I'll leave and give you space if you're around." Gel lets out a sigh, and in a superior tone, asks, "Would it be too difficult for you to handle a favour?"

Standing coolly regarding Angelus's response, Elspeth dips her head. "Then you are knowing how poorly some muggles are treating each other, and for the most ignorant of reasons by wizard standards. And you be would knowing what sort of treatment my father was hoping I would not be facing in a world that is being separate from muggles, a world he was hoping would be treating me nicer," surprisingly, there is no bitterness in her voice, nor sarcasm for his boast that avoided answering the question directly. It is more stated as taking the boast as truth and agreeing that they both are in possession of certain facts. "It was something that I have been spending the last five years convicing him was true." She does not say it, but anyone with powers of deduction can make the connection that one ill-timed fit of anger brought that carefully constructed house of cards tumbling down. At the request of the favor, Elspeth lifts one shoulder. "It is depending on the favor?"

Angelus' gaze watches Elspeth carefully as he lets her speak. Hiding the annoyance behind a smug look, he smirks. But give her a regretful look, and drops his gaze to the floor again as he shifts on his feet. "I'm sorry for that," he murmurs, frowning. "My behaviour was atrocious." He closes his eyes, shaking his head slowly before lifting his head to look up at the sixth year again. "I've treated you poorly," he says on a sigh, "and I shouldn't hold it against you that you weren't brought up with the same proper behaviour of a pure wizard." He dips his head to her. "If you want to take cheap shots at me and turn my family against me? Well, I can't stop you. But for the sake of my cousin and my brother, I hope you decide to return the civil behaviour I'll show you."

Elspeth watches Angelus carefully, her head tilted slightly as he makes his pretty apology, one eyebrow raising as he continues on, turning his apology into further depths of insult, the likes of which he hasn't reached before. However, where some younger students might rise to the bait and tell him where to go, she simply gives him one nod of deference. Then waves her hand, "think no more of it, we are all having bad days. Is that being your favor? You are wanting me to be civil to you?" She gives a sharp nod of her head as if sealing a deal. "Done. If you will be pardoning me, though, I must be going to class. I will miss too much if I am being late." With one more nod of her head, she moves away from the wall and off towards the newest classroom in Hogwarts.

"That's all I want from /anyone/," murmurs the youth as he rolls his eyes, "to act properly." He draws out a deep sigh. There are more comments just itching to be said, but Angelus suffices with a smirk as he lifts his head self-importantly. Turning to watch as Elspeth begins to head off, he dips his head to her with the sweetest smile. "Good day, Rosen."

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