(1939-09-19) Wolfgang's Birthday
Details for Wolfgang's Birthday
Summary: Morgana and Conall run into each other at the Natrix on a night that happens to be Wolfgang's birthday celebration. Audrey makes her grand return and meets Signe for the first time.
Date: 19 September, 1939
Location: The Natrix Dance Hall

The Natrix has a good group of people out for a Thrusday evening. The band seems lively and the dance floor has not been empty since the place opened. Morgana is here wearing a black dress that gives her plenty of room to move around. Knowing how much she plans on dancing, she's left her hair loose over her shoulders and her shoes are pratcial, but stylish. At the moment she is people watching at the bar, sipping on a cocktail while everyone dances around.

Having arrived himself not too long ago Conall can be found in decent clothing at least. Black trousers and dark blue shirt. Talking to some people before wandering around a bit. Moving slowly towards the bar. To find a spot to relax for a moment, seemingly in hopes of finding someone. Not noticing Morgana as of yet.

Wolfgang makes his first appearance of the night and he's looking even more snazzy than usual. A forest green zoot suit with silver pinstriping. His hair is more tentatively styled. The reason for this step up in his already great taste in style becomes rather evident as the Band breaks off the swing song to start to play 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'. This makes him grin and shake his head pointing at the band leader. But they continue to play it anyway.

Signe appears alongside Wolfgang, wearing a dress in a dress in a rich burgundy, with a large and glittering diamond adornment at the base of its V-shaped neckline. Straps a few fingerwidths thick are gathered into a diamond clasp, and the shimmering satin skirt swishes around her ankles as she walks with him. "Oh, let them play," she laughs as he tries to cut off the song.

Morgana turns as the band changes their tune, wondering just who this Jolly Good Fellow is. It's not that she doesn't know of Wolfgang, she's never seen him before, but everyone seems to be cheering this man on so she'll at least raise her glass to him, since it's only proper, if he's celebrating something. However she does find her glass already empty, so she leans forward on the bar to order herself another one. "One more sir, for the road of course."

"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!" The outburst from the doorman, Tony, carries a bit with his surprise. The Italian-blooded man hurriedly moves to unhook the velvet rope for the shining beauty walking in the front doors of the club.

Accompanied by a small entourage of ridiculously well-dressed people, a golden goddess graces the Natrix. London's own Audrey Taylor, star of stage and screen, smiles brightly, turning just-so to be sure that the photographers pouring in behind her catch her good side. "Tooony," she coos at the doorman, leaning in to peck air-kisses to each of his cheeks. "How I've missed you! Would you…?" She gestures to the photographers, and Tony gives Audrey a wink as he moves in to intercept the paparazzi and usher them out of the club.

Wolfgang sighs and mutters with a chuckle in his voice. "I said no fuss." But he lets them play and grins to those in the audience and staff that have joined in. He shakes hands and gives cheek to cheek presses to greet and thank those wishing him a Happy Birthday. He even makes a fans night and gives her a kiss on the cheek and then twirls her away back to the dance floor. If Italy had gorilla's people would mistake Tony for one. Particularly because the song's just ended does his bellow get his bosses attention. But the cause of his out burst saves Tony from getting a scolding from his boss. In fact Wolfgang's not doing much at all but looking at the entrance. He's still shaking hands and giving thanks. But he could be signing his soul over to the devil for all he's not paying attention to what's immediately around him.

Conall starts to sing along easily enough as the band sings for the birthday boy. Grinning wide as he does. A drink soon enough served and place next to where he is standing, giving a grateful nod to the bartender as he pays. Singing along to the end of the song. Noticing Morgana over near by, at the bar, as well. "Oh, hello there."

"Oh, you've earned a little fuss," Signe answers, taking a step back to leave him to the well wishers. Instead, she quietly requests two flutes of Prosecco from a passing waitress. She accepts them both when they arrive, and carries them towards Wolfgang, holding one out to him as she notices his distraction. "Darling?" she asks, following his gaze to- oh. "Miss Taylor, isn't it? Well." She tries to cover for a hint of unease in the pit of her stomach. "We seem to be one flute shy." She smiles at Wolfgang, then starts to make her way over to Audrey.

Audrey meets Wolfgang's gaze from across the club, and her face lights up like a summer morning. Discarding the fur stole around her shoulders (which is deftly caught by a woman in her entourage), Audrey moves toward Wolfgang, arms extending as she draws near. "Wolfieeeeee!" She squeals excitedly, reaching for his embrace. She glides right past Signe, apparently oblivious to her, and to any of her gathering admirers for that matter.

"You would think royalty walked through the door." Morgana says when Conall speaks to her. She's been watching what is going on between the man of honor and the others in the room. "At this point I am going to have to say you're stalking me Conall. I don't recall you liking this place, or at least visiting here before." The squeal however causes her to wince and she turns her attention back to the trio. "How much do you want to bet that she's an old flame, that the new flame is just now meeting for the first time?"

Conall looks towards the entrance, and Audrey. Along with the others. Raising a bit of a brow as he sips his drink. Chuckling in response to Morgana's words. "I suppose so. Although they might more or less be considered on similar terms in here." He suggests a bit playfully. "Having a good time?" He asks her though at her words he shakes his head. "Unfortunately not. I came in hopes of finding somewhere to further my own skills." He explains, shrugging. "I think it is quite likely. So I won't take you up on that bet." He offers with a glance to Morgana before looking back to the trio for a moment as well.

Wolfgang is royalty! At least in the this club, and the girl that walked in is one of its princesses. Audrey saying his name snaps him out of his daze and oh, he's got a flute in his hand, how did that get here. "Audrey, Star, Babydoll!" He opens his arms to embrace the prodigal star returning and give her a light kiss to the lips. "You didn't come back all this way just for my birthday did you?" He teases and finally sees to be shaking off the daze the gilded Audrey placed him under and he turns to gesture to Signe, "Dollface, come here and meet Audrey. Audrey, just wait til you hear the pipes on this one, this is Sydney Cole. She's playing Musetta in La Boheme at the Royal Albert Hall."

Audrey sweeps by, and Signe does her best to pay it no heed. Instead she takes a moment to request another flute of the prosecco, as if that is what she had been intending all along. Surely.

As she's summoned back, she comes with a smile, sliding in next go Wolfgang, with her flute in her left hand. "Audrey, what a lovely surprise," she greets the woman warmly. "I can't imagine she'll have too long to wait," she adds. Indeed, she was planning to slip away to the stage at some point in the evening - to sing a number for Wolfgang's birthday. Not that he knows that quite yet.

Audrey embraces Wolfgang tightly, quivering excitedly. "As if I'd miss your birthday for all the world! But no. I came back to support our boys going to war, of course. They need someone to boost their morale." She turns to greet Signe, leaning in for air kisses before taking a moment to look her over. "Sydney, daaarling. It is simply wonderful to meet you. Musetta, hmm? I was Mimi! I tried to understudy for Musetta, but it was early in my career, and you know theatre politics. Goodness, the way Angeline Cumberland carried on, you'd like I was trying to steal her firstborn child." She bursts into laughter, utterly amused at herself. "Don't go away, Sydney. I'd like to steal your ear before too long. But first!" She turns and waves to where she's left her hangers-on. The woman who caught the stole hurries toward, weaving through the crowd. In her hands is a flat, rectangular box papered in a gold that matches Audrey's dress. Audrey takes the box and thrusts it toward Wolfgang. "Happy Birthday, Wolfie!"

"Well they seem to name drop as quick as they can, perhaps you know a name or two that could get your foot in the door?" Morgana questions with a slight smirk. "However I think you might be of the wrong gender to get a job here, they seem to favor their female singers." At least that's her observation. "Well you know better than to bet against a Ravenclaw am I right?" She'll sip her drink and continue to watch the trio as they converse.

Conall chuckles and shrugs, "Perhaps to avoid competition among male singers?" He teases as he grins at her. "I am sure it will be fine. And well, I did speak to someone, but it was a long time ago. I don't even think I'd have their support any longer anyhow." He says and shrugs. As for betting against a Ravenclaw he rolls his eyes. "Whatever." A rather playful response though. Not moving to interupt the trio for now, hardly the proper time. "I didn't think you came here often either. Although I suppose it's been awhile since we spent time together." He suggests, shrugging a bit again. Finishing the drink "Can I offer a dance?" He asks as he bows to offer a hand.

Signe copies Audrey's gesture - air kissing each cheek, then smiling as the woman blithely chatters away. She only wishes she could have a fraction of that energy and confidence. "Well, if anything, Ms. Cumberland has only grown worse. I find it's best to steer clear of her entirely. But you'll have to come see the opera - Wolfgang has a box," she suggests, just as one of the waitresses returns with the extra flute of prosecco. "Oh, there it is! I ordered a glass for you, so we could have a proper toast. To happy homecomings, and many more years filled with joy, and with friends," she proposes, directings the first half to Audrey, and the second to Wolfgang as she raises her glass.

Wolfgang wraps one arm with his flute back around Signe and then the other hand with his present in it back around Audrey as he leads them over to His Table that can look over everyone and everything like some emperor's box at the arena. "Thank you everyone! Please, enjoy yourselves and a round is on me. Salute!" He helps the ladies get seated and turns to his band leader up on stage. "Stardust, for our Audrey coming home my man!" Wolfgang sits down between the girls and gives everyone a toast of his presecco. Audrey receives a wolfish grin and he looks to his present. "Can I open this now?"

Audrey lifts her newly acquired flute to Signe's toast, adding, "To new friends, as well." She sips, but is soon finding herself being escorted away by Wolfgang. She gives her entourage a little wave; the signal to mingle. Once settled, she gives Wolfgang an eager smile. "Of course you can open it. Open it!" She gives his arm an insistent shove.

"Perhaps, I hear that it is hard to compare to 'Wolfie's voice over there, but the two of you sing very differently." Morgana says thoughtfully. "Well what's stopping you from speaking to them now? They seem to be in good spirits, so you might as well at least say something. You're never going to get your career started by not taking opprotunities." When he asks for the dance she raises her brow just a bit. "I'll dance with you, if you go over and intoduce yourself to the host." She says, gesturing to the table of important people.

"To new friends," Signe agrees easily, sipping her own glass and walking with the pair. She sits next to Wolfgang, resting one elbow on the table and her head on her chin on her fingers as she watches curiously as she watches. She takes another sip from her flute before adding, "I'm with Audrey on this. Do open it."

Wolfgang doesn't have to have his arm twisted. He grins to Audrey and then to Signe before he quickly makes work of his present and once he's finally got it open he lifts out a framed picture of Audrey with Glenn Miller and in inscription for Wolfgang on it. It's one of those neat little times when a celebrity glees and fanboys out about another celebrity. "Wow, babe! Thank you, that's razz a ma tazz." He passes the frame over to Signe so she can see it. A framed photograph (Muggle style) of Audrey with Glenn Miller, signed: "To Wolfgang, Keep the music playing, Glenn Miller". As he's passing over the fram he leans over to give Audrey a grateful kiss. Then he gets to opening up a boxe within the box to reveal a stunning silver wristwatch, the face ringed by green gemstones forming a serpent swallowing its own tail. "It's like you know me or somthing." He teases Audrey before another kiss and then he works at getting his watch off and the new one on.

Audrey kisses Wolfgang right back, with just a half-second of lingering. Too long to be a friendly peck, too short to be a lover's kiss — somewhere in between. She giggles happily at his reaction to the presents. "I should think that I do. Now, you sit tight. Sydney and I have things to discuss." She slides away from Wolfgang to stand up, scooping up his old watch. As she saunters away from the table, she intercepts a surprised stranger, and slips the watch onto his wrist.

Signe admires the picture, allowing Audrey and Wolfgang the time for the kiss, without her attention on the pair. "What a thoughtful gift," she remarks, setting it down. She's admiring the watch as well, when Audrey scoops her up. "Excuse me, darling." She graces him with a fond kiss of her own, before trailing after the woman, amusement at the audaciousness as she casually gives away the old watch. "He was fond of that, you know," she laughs.

Wolfgang opens his mouth just a moment when Audrey takes his watch. But he just grins and shakes his head, much like when the band played the song for his birthday. Vague mock protest and then it's gone since it really was expected anyways. When he is abandoned he sighs and proclaims, "I've been abandoned!" Playfully, then he looks around settling a moment on Morgana and her companion who's looking his way and gives her a smile and then tilts his head invitingly to the vacant seats at his table.

Morgana notices that she's being waved over and looks to Conall, who is ordering another drink. After all you can't ignore a free round on the house, but sadly she's already gotten a refreshed drink. Pushing herself off the stool, she slides into the table, since it is rude that the birthday boy is left alone. "Are you sure you don't have others who can join your table? I have heard I am not the best of company." She says offering her hand to him. "Morgana Rashley."

Audrey beckons to a tall man that among those she entered with. "Yoohoo! Randall!" As Randall approaches with a black briefcase, she flashes Signe a smirk. "Wolfie has a difficult time holding onto the things he is fond of. Now then," she says more softly, leading Signe toward the side of the room, "I can only assume you mean to sing for him tonight. I'd like to propose a duet. We don't want to give off any competitive vibes." As Randall arrives, he opens the briefcase, displaying the contents: sheet music. "I brought this to give to the band. It's a brand new Jerome Kern. You and I will be the first to sing it on British soil. What do you say?" She gives Signe a hopeful smile.

"Oh, I agree completely," Signe agrees, a bit relieved and gratified by Audrey's offer. "And I would be delighted to," she agrees, taking one of the pages, and proceeding to look it over. She hums quietly to herself as she reads the notes, a smile growing on her features. "I certainly can't criticize your taste, Audrey," she adds.

Wolfgang tsks up at Morgana, "Well someone in your life is cuttingly honest, or rude. You were the only one looking this way. Everyone else was rushing to order. You don't stink, you're easy enough on the eyes and I like your candor. Have a seat Miss Rashley." He gestures once more to the seat next to him. "Wolfgang Montague, welcome to The Natrix. You in here often? Can't say I place you as a regular, at least not yet."

"I had my reasons for looking over here, and I had also just orderd this drink so I really didn't see the point in ordering another." Morgana says honestly, as she takes the offered seat next to Wolfgang. "And I had a reason for looking over here, I was trying to get my friend to come over and speak with you, but it looks like he needs a bit more liquid courage before doing so." Smoothing out her skirt, she shakes her head. "I'm not, at least not yet. I figured I would give the place a try, and see if I like it before I decide to become a regular or not."

Audrey gives Signe a beaming smile, especially at the compliment to her taste. She even goes so far as to suddenly wrap her arms around Signe for a friendly hug, as if they'd been chums for years. "I just know we're going to be the best of friends. Now then, I was thinking…" Her voice drops even lower as she points to the sheet music, conspiring over who will sing which verses as they walk to the stairs at the side of the bandstand.

Wolfgang ahs and cranes his neck to look over towards the drink ordering companion. "Speak to me huh? What about? So how are you liking my club thus far?" There are a few bold people that are a slow steady stream of interuptions at his table as they come to greet, give their birthday wishes and or ask for an autograph. A glance of his puppy dog eyes is angled at Signe and Audrey. "Now, if I know my girls…I just might need a dance partner, think you'd like to cut a rug with me Morgana Rashley?"

"I certainly hope so," Signe agrees. Though she had stiffened initially at the unexpected hug, she quickly relaxes, flashing Audrey a warm and hopeful smile. As they conspire, she nods in agreement - even linking arms with the woman beside her as they conspire in lowered voices.

"He's a boy of some talent, but he isn't going to get very far singing on street corners. However that's all I am going to say, he can further promote himself when he gets the courage to." Morgana had gathered that he was important in the club, so hearing that it is his does not surprise her all that much. "It is a nice atmosphere, but I suppose the real entertainment is about to start shortly." When she is asked to dance she set her glass down. "I suppose I can oblige, it is your birthday after all."

As the band brings their song to a close, Audrey and Signe step up to the stage, passing out sheet music to the musicians as they approach the band leader. There is a quiet conversation with the man, who laughs and gives the ladies a bow, obviously deferring to their wishes. The music is distributed to the rest of the band, and the ladies take center stage.

Audrey leans into the microphone, waving to the patrons. "Hello, London! It is so good to be home!" She pauses for applause, and oh what applause it is, complete with cheers and wolf whistles. Audrey Taylor has returned, and she is soaking up the adoration like a sponge. "Sydney and I were just talking…you all know Sydney Cole, don't you?" She gestures to the other woman, again pausing for the adoring crowd to deliver their praise. "So, Sydney and I were just saying to ourselves…it's Wolfgang's birthday! Weren't we, Sydney? And obviously we couldn't both be here and not sing him a birthday song."

"And Audrey has brought us quite a new gem - a brand new song by Jerome Kern. Are you ready to hear some new music, fresh from America?" she asks, pausing for a response. "So for the first time on British soil - right here in the Natrix - All the Things You Are, by Jerome Kern." She takes a step back as the band plays the introduction, swaying with the beat, her hands near her side, before reaching up with one hand to cup the back of the mic, as she sings out the first two lines.

"You are the promised kiss of springtime,
That makes the lonely winter seem long."

Wolfgang kisses his fingers and sends them flying through the air at the two blonds on stage. He stands up and offers his hand to Morgana, "Need to make sure you will come back." If she'll take his hand he'll lead the way to the dance floor. He faces the girls on stage while he gets into position to dance along to his birthday song with the first time Natrix visitor.

Morgana lets Wolfgana lead her toward the dance floor and shakes her head. "And why me instead of the countless otheres here wanting your attention Mr Montague?" She asks, getting into the proper dancing position, and more than happy to let him lead. "It seems you're in for quite a treat then, with two women wanting to sing you a song tonight."

Audrey leans in, shoulder-to-shoulder with Signe, one hand upon the stem of the microphone. She gives Signe a warm smile, then casts her eyes down toward Wolfgang, her sultry tones pick up where Signe left off:

"You are the breathless hush of evening,
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song."

With Audrey beside her, Signe wraps her arm loosely around the other woman, coming in with the next two lines of the song.

"You are the angel glow that lights the star,
The dearest things that I know are what you are."

Signe adores a duet - all things be told. It's more fun with someone else on the stage, to interract with - though a bit more awkward with someone you've only just met.

Wolfgang chuckles, "It had to be someone, you were the first looking my way, lucky coincidence. You are a lovely dancer. It's a good song, no?" He gives a wink up to the girls up on stage. "Luckiest man alive tonight. They are amazing aren't they?" He then teases, "Course you're lucky yourself if I'm all those things they are claiming up there." He twirls her around and then brings her in for a dip before continuing the ballroom dance.

"Quite good, and I am sure they're happy to be the first to bring it over here, now everyone will think of them when they hear it." Morgana says with a smirk. "I'm light on my feet, but I can't claim all of the credit for the dance. You are doing most of the work—" Her words are cut off as she is dipped, something she didn't fully expect after the spin. Clearing her throat she gestures her head toward the stage. "They are both lovely, however will you choose between the two?"

Any awkwardness seems lost on Audrey. She is never as comfortable as when she is performing. She breathes in the attention of the audience like oxygen.

"Some day my happy arms will hold you,
And some day I'll know that moment divine…"

Then both women's voices raise up together in perfect harmony:

"When all the things you are, are mine."

Continuing in unison, the woman sing the last verse, their voices rising and falling together as they bring the song to its conclusion.

"You are the angel glow that lights the star,
The dearest things that I know are what you are.
Someday my happy arms will hold you,
And someday I'll know that moment divine,
When all the things you are, are mine."

Signe finishes with a large smile, her arm around Audrey giving the woman a squeeze around her middle.

Wolfgang laughs and shakes his head to that last part. "That is like asking who's my favorite, Billie Holiday or Celestina Warbeck. It's quite simple, I don't choose and everyone stays friends." He winks to her and gives her another twirl about while smiling adoringly to the singers. Sometimes he'll give his own little cat call and wolf whistle up to them.

Morgana shakes her head and snorts out a laugh. "I suppose that works out just fine if you're a owner of a dance hall. The rest of us have to make the hard choices. I just hope all parties are fully aware of you not wanting to make any sort of decisions." She smirks as she is spun out and back again. "Sadly, I believe I should take my leave, but the dance has been lovely."

Audrey beams happily, returning the hug to Signe. To all eyes present, Audrey Taylor and Sydney Cole must be very good friends, not the near-strangers that only met some fifteen minutes earlier. She leans into the microphone to speak over the applause, "Thank you! We love you, London! Sydney Cole!" She once again gestures to Signe with showroom model hands.

"And the ever stunning Audrey Taylor!" Signe returns in kind, gesturing to Audrey. "London welcomes you home, Audrey," she adds warmly, before the pair bows together, linking arms, to make their way from the stage. "That was a delight," she adds towards Audrey, once they're away from the stage.

Wolfgang bows to Morgana, "Well I make my intentions as clear as the diamonds I give them. You were a wonderful dance partner. Thank you. Tell your friend that it he needs some help getting his foot in the door. Get himself a recording and get that recording to me, and I'll see it gets around to the right people." He'll kiss Morgana's knuckles in a chivalrous way if allowed and then he turns to applaud with ghusto for his birthday song and heads for the stage to meet his sirens.

"Well, I see you have it all sorted out then, you should have smooth sailing from here." Morgana says, smirking at the bow and does allow him to kiss the back of her hand. It is polite after all. "I'll let him know, he needs to put a bit of work in first, but that's just me being a Ravenclaw. You have a great birthday, I am sure I will see you around Mr Montague." With that she'll head back to her seat to gather her things. Someone has to open the shop in the morning!

As she steps down from the stage, Signe greets Wolfgang with a warm embrace and fond kiss, linger before she murmurs, "Happy Birthday, darling." She moves aside then, allowing Audrey her own fond greeting with the club owner.

Wolfgang gives Signe a tight hug and a warm kiss and then gives Audrey the same. "Amazing you two. What a performance!" Then comes the smarmy tones of Sharkey, Audrey's manager, "Yeees, amazing. Now come along Audrey we do have other things to attend to, give Wolfie a kiss kiss and say good-bye." Wolfgang looks about like he's tempted to see that Sharkey doesn't make it out of his club through the front door that is. But Audrey lays a kiss kiss on him, whispers in his ear and it seems enough the Sharkey and her and the rest of her entourage make their exit. Wolfgang smiles to Signe and leans in to kiss the tip of her nose. If it already wasn't more fact than rumor, it's now pretty much solidified to the public (in the club right now) that he and Signe are much more than just business friends and the on-stage chemistry doesn't stop on-stage. "Thank you Dollface. My Sinny."

"You're more than welcome, darling," Signe answers. "I hope we'll see more of you, soon," Signe says to Audrey as the woman is ushered offer. She wraps one arm around Wolfgang - perhaps a bit possessively - and rests her head against him. "I think I owe you at least one dance. She is lovely, though," she remarks. "I think we'll be friends. I hope so."

Wolfgang slides an arm around Signe and his hand is quite low on her back, but it's his birthday so he hopes he can get away with it. Leading her to the dance floor. Once there he draws her in and just by the posture he takes with her indicates to his band what song to play and they play a nice slow Cheek to Cheek. "She is. I think so too. I hope we all can be friends. That would be nice. Who knows how long she'll be in town for."

Signe doesn't protest the hand as she leans into his arms, wrapping her arms around him warmly and comfortably. "I hope so too. I imagine she'll be about for a while…" with the war on and all. "You'll take her to see the opera, won't you? Assuming she wishes to go."

Wolfgang gives her a wolfish grin and nods his head, "Of course I will. Soon as I can. My only fear is that London long ago lost it's containment of Audrey Taylor. Sharkey will want to parade her around every front line. Anything that will put more money in his bottomless pockets."

"Well. I'm sure she won't stay away from here for long. Who could?" Signe asks, as she twirls about the dance floor with the man. "But perhaps we could all make a trip, though - after the baby's arrived, of course. In a few month's time."

Wolfgang gives Signe a twirl and then brings her back close. "That sounds like a good idea. Though let's hope all of this settles down before the baby is born." A soft kiss is placed to the side of Signe's throat before he smiles at her. "Do you know how perfect you are for me? Not many Dames would handle Audrey with such grace and class."

Signe smiles as she rests her head against him, murmuring quietly, "Would you be any less impressed if I admitted to finding her a bit overwhelming?" She gives him another kiss, just where his chin meets his throat before adding, "That was very kind of her, though. Suggesting the duet. I suppose I shall reserve my solo for a more… intimate setting?"

Wolfgang chuckles, not at her, but the situation. "Why do you think I'm very impressed. I know Audrey." He knows exactly how overwhelming she can be. "Never a dull moment when she is around. She's a good girl. You two should get along famously." He kisses the tip of her nose and then gets his famous wolfish grin. "I would very much like to hear your solo, yes."

"I do hope so," Signe responds. She gets so unnerved by tensions and conflicts, after all. "Then you shall, darling." Two of them, in fact. The one she had planned to sing for the club - and something else she had been working on.

Wolfgang gives her a soft kiss to the lips when the slow song ends. "Would you like to go up? Rest up before your next performance. I have a duet in mind of my own afterwards." It's very clear he's not talking music!

Signe returns the kiss, then leans in against Wolfgang, to rest her head against his chest, as she has a wont to do. "I think a duet sounds like a wonderful idea," she agrees. "I do enjoy them - with the right partner." Her arms, still wrapped around him, give a little squeeze.

Despite the fact that thing had gone well with Audrey - as well as was to be expected - she wouldn't protest to a little extra reassurance that she was still his, and he was still hers.

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