(1939-09-20) I Don't Need a Healer!
Details for I Don't Need a Healer!
Summary: After the debacle at the factory, Morgana comes home to find a worried Lucian. He convinces her to visit Mungos, where they are greeted by a Mysterious Guest. ((Note: Endira was run as an NPC for this scene.))
Date: 1939-09-20
Location: Morgana's Flat and St. Mungos
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Morgana has had a day. It was supposed to be simple, leave work early, pick up slime, drop it off at the store, go home, spend time with Lucian, sleep and start the next day. The plan wasn't all that complicated, it didn't need a flow chart, just simple action. Instead she had to deal with Percy the Wonder Idiot, and Dark Wizards. So by the time she is home, her only thought is an entire bottle of wine to accompany her into the bath tub. When the door opens, she closes it behind her and lets out the most frustrated sigh. "My day. You do not want to know about my day." Agitation, frustration and a tinge of guilt are rolling off of her like a cloud of smoke as she drops her things inside. She looks rumpled, and she's missing her outer robes, but looks to be in good health. Unless you count Percy-itius to be a legit disease.

Lucian has been wearing down a path in the carpet with his pacing through Morgana's apartment. He had already been worried when she didn't arrive home on time. A quick stroll to the Black Apothecary showed that it was closed, with no note or any kind of indication where she'd gone. So he returned to the flat to wait and worry.

When Morgana finally walks in the door, Lucian's panic is rolling off of him in palpable waves. He rushes to greet her, and before he says a word, he's wrapped her up in his arms, holding her protectively. "I was so worried. Are you alright? I thought something awful happened!"

Morgana starts when Lucian rushes forward. That waves of panic confuses her, since she herself is not feeling panic, well at least not anymore. She actually pushes him away and shakes her head. "I'm just late getting home. Things didn't go well at the factory and… no nothing awful happened, just weird." Leave it to Morgana to consider a Dark Wizard attack weird. "Are you okay? You don't normally pounce on me the second I walk in the door."

Lucian spreads his hands in bewildered frustration at being pushed away. "You've been missing for hours, Anya. There was no note at the shop, nothing. I've been worried sick!" As upset as he is, one would think he'd been the one in the midst of a wand fight with Dark wizards.

"I did tell you that I had an errand to run right? It just took a lot longer than expected. You need to calm down you're… okay some things happened but you're way to wound up." Morgana will guide him over to the couch and try to sit him down. "I'm going to tell you what happened, but you have to promise not to lock me in a tower. Because that's the feeling I'm getting from you right now."

Lucian follows Morgana to the couch, but is far too full of nervous energy to sit. "Of course I'm not going to lock you in a tower. But you're starting to make me think I should. What in Hades happened?" As much as he is steaming, it is worry that is showing on his face, not anger.

Morgana seeing that he isn't sitting, Morgana remains standing. "Well I was going to attempt to straddle you to soften the blow, but here goes." Reaching up she'll lightly place her hands on his face, trying to calm him as best as he can. "I was sent to a Factory to purchase some surplus of slime. Apparently who ever normally provides it failed to do so. I was kept waiting by this sniveling twit of a man, who kept making himself busy, instead of fetching what I had asked for. Had I not strict instructions to not leave with our slime, I would have left, so I stayed. I may have pestered the poor bastard a bit, but he was on my last nerve." Pausing she sighs. "An hour passes and some Aurors show up, asking questions. I know they wanted to talk to me so I stayed, and I may have eavesdropped a bit. I already felt the place was sketchy and the Ministry showing up didn't help. I think one of their lot was sneaking around, because they blew up the wall, revealing a secret door. Inside were a bunch of dark wizards, and fighting broke out. I stayed out of the fray, but I managed to sneak into their little room, they were holding some artifact in there, and I managed to secure it before the Dark Wizards disapparated. I left the my cloak and came home." She steps back and spins. "See, no wounds, no injuries, they didn't even notice I was there. So, everything is fine alright? Wrong place, wrong time, that's all."

Normally Morgana is very good at calming the lion, and for a moment she is successful. But the mention of Dark wizards has Lucian's eyes wide with fire, and even without thinking, his arms go to pull her close again. "Merlin! Dark wizards? You're sure you're alright? Dark magic is unpredictable! What if you were hit with some undetectable curse?" He's grasping now, but his panic is sending his thoughts every which way. "We should get you to St. Mungo's. You need to be examined." He urges her toward the door, ready to leave this instant.

"Merlin's hairy arse, will you calm down? You're panic is enough to choke a whole room full of Dark Wizards." Morgana pulls away from him to slip off into the kitchen, pulling the vodka from the icebox and presenting him with the bottle. "I'm not going to get checked out, I wasn't hit by any curse. Just that weird artifact that made me feel all of these… love feelings." There's a hint of disgust there, but it seems more about being forced to feel something, and not of the feelings themselves. "Love isn't a Dark Curse, so I'm fine." She pulls the cork out of the bottle and presents it to him. "So sit down and breathe."

"Love feelings? What the hell kind of artifact was this?" Lucian takes the bottle, but sets it down on her coffee table. As agitated as he seems on the surface, he is mostly containing the frenzy within. "How do you know it wasn't Dark? Love potions aren't even real love. Those things are nasty business. They ruin relationships. What did that thing do to you?"

"That's what I wanted to know. Someone called it a heart, and it was gold in color and held by this.. iron contraption. It did get damaged however, with all of the spells flying about. The feelings were genuine, and you came to mind of course, but I quickly covered it up and the feelings stopped. I left shortly after that, since I had doubts that I'd be getting my slime."

Lucian hugs Morgana tight, kissing her forehead. He is shaking; physically trembling with the unreasoning fear that has only been made worse now that he knows the kind of danger she was in. "Please let me take you to the hospital. We have no idea what the heart thing did. Maybe it's nothing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. That's logical." Yes, logic! Surely that will win her over.

Morgana doesn't like all of this irrational fear she's detecting, but she doesn't have time to properly mull over where it is coming from or what is going on. She lets him hug her, slowly shaking her head before she takes a deep breath. That calming feeling of logic in her brain coming over her, so she can attempt to calm him down. "Will it stop your shaking if I agree to it? We can go, and you can see that I am perfectly okay, and then I am going to have a long bath." Again she puts her hands on his face, trying to get her eyes to lock with his. "But I still feel as if you're overreacting."

"I'm not overreacting!" Lucian meets her eyes, trying to make her see that this is serious! She should be panicking, too! Or maybe not. It's better of one of them stays cool and rational, and that's her. Still, she seems to be agreeing, so he takes a deep breath to try to settle himself a degree. "Yes. Let's go. We have to be sure."

Cool and Rational, that's Morgana's middle name. Reaching up she brushes some hair out of his face and lets her lips lightly touch his. "And if nothing is wrong with me, you're buying me dinner." Granted she feels like nothing is wrong! Everything is fine! "Lead the way, I'm not sure where Mugo's is, I've never gone."

Lucian lets out a relieved sigh, and gives himself a shake to try to throw off the trembles. "I'll buy you dinner either way. C'mon." He gives her hand a quick squeeze, then coaxes her toward the door to fetch their cloaks. "How have you never been to St. Mungo's? Are you invulnerable, or something?"

So, with a lot of reluctance, Morgana found her way to Mungos, with Lucian's help. She's still emitting that air of calmness, even after her event this afternoon. Knowing that Lucian wasn't going to wait patiently outside, and didn't want to scare the rest of the patients with a caged Lion prowling around, she allowed him access to come with her. "Well, it's not that I was impervious to sickness, I was just never seriously ill. Most of it I just consumed potions or I was at school so I went to the infirmary. So that's why I've never been here."

"I guess I assumed everyone had been here at one point or another." Lucian's anxiety has only increased since stepping into the hospital, though he's not quite as overtly upset. Still, the stiffness of his stand, the way he tucks his hands tightly under his arms, it all speaks to his general discomfort. "Where in Hades is the Healer?" he grumps impatiently.

"Lucian." Morgana says with a raise of her brows. "She will be here, when it is time for her to be here." She's very Zen today, or maybe she hasn't processed everything that's happened, but either way she leans back on the exam table and shakes her head. "I'm half tempted to send you home and tell you to go play with Godric."

Lucian begins his pacing, back and forth in what space he can find in the room. "I'm not going anywhere." He sighs heavily, running his hands through his mane. "I knew it. I knew something had gone wrong. I even had this moment where it just dawned on me. Seriously, it was like a light hit me and I could just tell you were in trouble."

Felicity comes into the examination room. "Here I am. Right from my appointment with removing shrapnel from a 10 year old that was too close to mommies potion workspace. I fear I took that case in priority over…" She reads off the clipboard. "Overly calm and peaceful." A clinical smile is given to Morgana. "Now. You came into contact with some artifact and it's created strange moods in you?"

Morgana narrows her eyes at Lucian and shakes her head. "That's just not possible, people don't get little feelings like that. Well I hear mothers do but again that's all stipulation." Morgana turns to the healer as she comes in and smiles at her. "That's not from the artifact, that's me trying to counter balance my boyfriend's worry." Sitting up properly she smooths some wrinkles out of her skirt. "I was at a factory today, that happened to be holding a few Dark Wizards in a back room. The Aurors and the Dark Wizards got into a wand fight, but I noticed they had something hidden away in that room. It looked like a golden heart, and at on point it was damaged and started emitting this light. I feel these overwhelming feelings of love, and I believe the others did as well. It went away when I covered it with my cloak. I honestly feel fine, but he is worried that I have been put under some horrid curse and I will likely die in the next five minutes." She says in a very matter of fact sort of voice.

Lucian sighs in obvious irritation. "I'm not worried you're going to die in five minutes." He looks to Felicity, pleading with his hands. "But we have no idea what might have happened to her. These were Dark wizards. Merlin knows what that heart thing was. We should contact the Ministry. They've got to have some answers."

Felicity hmms as she approaches Morgana nodding to them both as they explain the situation. "A heart of gold. In the possession of dark wizards. It became damaged and caused these feelings within you." As she talks she gives her wand a flick off to the side and the tip glows similarly to how a Wand-Lighting Charm would. But the color of the light changes as she trails the wand around Morgana's person. The wand pauses and hovers over certain points, minor and major chakras mostly. "An ancient artifact from the 13th century resembles what you are speaking of. It is a one-of-a-kind and it would be a horrific shame if it was damaged and in the possession of Dark persons. It was a tool that amplifies the user's love and transmutes it into energy that can be used for many fantastical effects. It fell into legend after one of the creators died. It would be quite preposterous that this was the item. There's most likely hundreds of enchanted Golden Hearts after all." When the wand light changes color she makes notes on the clipboard with a poker face of ultimate blankness.

"The Ministry has the answers, and I wouldn't be surprised in the artifact lands in a department that would not answer our questions about it. I'm perfectly fine there is no need to bother them with our worries." Listening to Felicity, Morgana nods her head. "That's what it looked like, and I can't say for certain what it was, but the Aurors seemed to know what they were dealing with. I couldn't see what they were working on, but it was some sort of workshop. There were bits everywhere, but in all the chaos I didn't stop to look. I could see them using it for that purpose, but I suppose I'll never know." She watches as the light changes color, and raises a brow, but figures the Healer will tell her if something has happened.

Lucian has stopped his pacing, at least, but between worrying over Morgana and simply being in the hospital, he's still brimming with nervous energy. He positions himself beside the exam table, seeking Morgana's hand to hold onto.

The door opens, and a leggy witch with chin-length, dark red hair and a cherubic face enters the room. Outside the door, the Healer-in-Charge simply gives Felicity a solemn nod as he ushers the woman inside and shuts the door behind her. She gives everyone a pleasant smile and gestures to Felicity. "Please continue. I shall simply observe for the moment."

Felicity's teeth clacking together is quite clear when she went from opening her mouth to sternly inform the intruder that she's not supposed to be in there to shut at the nod from her boss. But it's with pursed displeased lips that she continues her examination of Morgana.

Morgana takes Lucian's hand and shakes her head. "You really need to stop being so nervous, everything is fine Lucian." Shouldn't that be going the other way around? Either way when the woman enters the room, she narrows her eyes just a bit. While Felicity doesn't seem to question it, she does. "Hi, Excuse me. Last I checked this was a private exam room. Who are you?"

Lucian really is the one in need of comforting. Heaven forbid he ever be the patient again. His expression at the entrance of the red-haired woman mirrors Morgana, and he puffs up a bit as he protective nature takes over.

The woman nods her head, acknowledging Morgana. "My name is Endira. I'm just an observer, Miss Rashley. Don't be alarmed. It happens often at St. Mungo's. Apprentice Healers must be taught, after all. Please continue. I won't get in the way."

Felicity's agitation is further concealed though there is a glimmer of pleasure when Morgana does what she cannot. Finally all of Morgana's humors are checked. "There is only the barest of fluctuation in your humors Miss Rashley. Which can come from just the stress of the situation. I can find no ill effects. Unless you consider feeling amorous an ill effect you are in no harms way." It might seem to those observant that Felicity very well might find amorousness to be an ill effect herself so she'd understand if anyone else does as well. "There's no need for an extended stay." To Lucian she tries to assure more. "It's simply a Love Potion like affect, but without the potion. Your girlfriend is just fine."

"If you were an Apprentice Healer, than you would be in the proper attire and she would have stopped what she was doing, informed you of what was happening and included you in the processes. Let's try this again. Who are you and why are you in my exam room?" However Felicity starts talking again and she nods her head. "See? Right as rain, so why don't we go and get that dinner you promised me and I can go take that bath I've been dreaming of." Turning back to Felicity she nods her head. "Thank you, I believe you have put him at ease. I'll be sure an contact you should this feeling do something it is not supposed to." At this point she's ready to hop off this table and GO!

Lucian offers up his hand, shooting a dirty look at Endira. "Right. Anything you want, my lady." He's just as eager to leave, and he's at least partially reassured by the Healer's diagnosis.

Endira lifts a calming hand, "Please, not so fast. I have questions. You're very astute Miss Rashley. It is to be commended. Though I might advise substituting curiosity for suspicion. It will serve you much better." As she fishes into her purse, she turns to Felicity. "Healer Rowle, would you be so kind as to perform an examination of her blood flow? I do understand that her humours are not in balance, but you might find that they are agitated, which would account for the fluctuation. I should like to confirm it before we proceed." When she withdraws her hand from her purse, she brings out a leather wallet, which she flips open, revealing a badge made of some dark metal, bearing the Ministry seal and the words: Department of Mysteries.

Felicity looks over the Unspeakable's shoulder to the closed door where her boss has left her alone to the intruder. Lips still pursed some in that displeased manner he turns to pick up the clipboard and take a deep calming breath. Where is the Heart of Gold when she needs it? Being questioned by a stranger in her own exam room certainly has her out of sorts. She offers the clipboard over to Endira and points her wand to the write-in about blood flow. "The blood flow is a tich erratic, but that is normal as well to anyone that is under the effects of amorous feelings. It is similar effects to that of Amortentia, just delivered in enchantment form and not in potion form. We were just discussing the Heart of Gold, created by Dragostus, and Opiferus Mulciber. Though the possibility of it being that instead of some other golden heart enchanted with powerful love magic is the most probable case." Though it's not escaped Felicity that the presence of an Unspeakable on this case is quite a weight of evidence that it may in fact be the very powerful and legendary artifact! It's a good thing that excitement doesn't register on Felicity's face as much more than her simply having fuller attention on something. "If there is a possibility that this was the artifact in mention. I must be told as that would change the treatment of my patient."

"It was my suspicion that fueled my curiosity." Morgana says very plainly, though as the badge is brought out her brows raise and whatever was next out of her mouth just sort of stops short. Biting her lip she climbs back up on the exam table and folds her hands on her lap. "And how would that change how things were conducted? Honestly I feel fine, aside from the amorous feelings, but I don't find them unwelcome." She'll squeeze Lucian's hand a bit. "I'm assuming you've at least looked at what the Aurors brought back, otherwise you wouldn't be here looking for m.e"

Even Lucian has the good sense to shut the heck up when the Unspeakable's badge is shown. He squeezes Morgana's hand, and does his best to wipe away the glare he was giving Endira.

Endira seems unfazed by Lucian's previous scowl, as her attention is mainly on Morgana and Felicity. "It would seem unlikely that this is Dragostus's Heart of Gold. But it is good of you to consider the possibility, Healer Rowle. Miss Rashley, there are no other symptoms? Have you experienced any significant increase in body temperature? Any oddities in your vision? Erratic behavior since your exposure to the artifact?"

Felicity gives a very clinical nod. "I take all aspects and possibilities into account when it comes to the health of a patient. To the further questions about Endira's symptoms and health, such as temperature Endira receives a tapping of Felicity's wand at the locations said information of Morgana's current statistics can be found. She does so as unobtrusively as she can so that Morgana can answer the questions without interruption.

"I've felt fine honestly." Morgana says, shaking her head a bit. "The whole situation was frustrating, because I wasn't able to complete the task I was assigned. He's been worse than I am. The second I came home he was on me as if I had been gone for days. His worry and fear is just rolling off of him like a wave, I'm surprised you're not bothered by it. It's almost like breathing a soup. He's the whole reason I came here, otherwise I would have gone about my night."

Felicity hmmms and steps over to Lucian and begins to run her wand over him much in the way she was doing with Lucian. A puzzled 'must solve this mystery!' serious expression on her face. "Mr…what is your name? Did you experience this sense of worry before you learned of Miss Rashley's experience?" Then a nod to Morgana, "You say you are experiencing these empathetic waves of his distress? Is it that you know him well, or is it truly you get actual emotionality in a physical manner?"

Lucian frowns at Felicity, going so far as to bat away her wand. "Hey, hey. I'm not the patient. I wasn't even there when the heart thing happened. I'm just worried about my girlfriend."

Endira peers at the report, but she's no Healer, so she simply nods to Felicity. Morgana's words get an amused smirk. "Well, the men in our lives can be so overprotective, can't they? Still, it's for the best that you came. Exposure to strange magical artifacts can lead to unpredictable results. Healer Rowle, I'm afraid I'm going to require your report. We'll return a copy to you, with all the relevant information that you will require for your records."

"Well I know him quite well, it's not for very long granted but.." There's a moment's pause when she really thinks it over, than looks back at Lucian as confusion washes over her. "Wait. It was more than just knowing you'd be worried, and how much you want to keep me safe. It was stronger than that. I just thought you weren't holding your emotions together, but…" Turning back to the other two she tilts her head to the side. "Could this be a side effect?"

Felicity hmms, "Young man." Since Lucian still hasn't identified himself to her. "Would you please come with me?" A look is given to Endira "Would you please monitor Miss Rashley while we are out of the room?"

Lucian scowls, shaking his head. "No. I'm fine. We're here for Morgana. Come on, Anya. Let's get out of here." He tugs at Morgana's hand, suddenly quite eager to leave.

Endira watches with keen interest. "Anything is possible. This artifact could have had any number of side effects. Healer Rowle, I think we'll take it from here. I'll need that report, please. I'm terribly sorry. I know this is an inconvenience."

Felicity frowns, yes an actual sign of emotion. But her work is being interfered with. "If this young man is suffering any sort of affects from being in her proximity, it must be investigated by a healer. If it is a contagion it must be investigated." Morgana seems to be a kindred spirit here so the Healer looks towards the girlfriend hoping she has some sort of magical affect on her boyfriend that will convince him that she's not trying to dissect him like some newt in potions class!

Morgana bites her lip, having a bit of trouble trying to decide what to do. Turning toward Lucian, she'll take his hand and raise it to her lips, kissing it gently. "If I have some how infected you with this My Knight, than we need to know. It will only take a moment, and she won't do anything invasive." Turning toward Endira she nods her head. "I will be happy to continue questioning while Lucian is examined, if that is alright with you."

"Excuse me," Lucian says irritably. "I have a say in this. I don't want to be examined. I'm fine." His eyes dart this way and that, looking rather like a cornered animal.

Endira sighs apologetically. "It is not a contagion," she says confidently. "I assure you, whatever has happened, we have every reason to believe that it could not possibly pose a threat. Now I really must insist upon that report, Healer Rowle."

Felicity gets pursed lips again. It's all but confirmed for her that this is exactly what she thinks it is. "You will need to fill in some paperwork releasing me from any liability in this case and the report is yours, of course. I am very glad to help." See, helpful, no reason to obliviate her!

Morgana raises her brow to Lucian and tilts her head to the side. "So, you can fret and worry over me, but the reverse isn't true? I'll remember that." However the point is moot and she shakes her head. Mouthing the words 'I tried' to Felicity she folds her hands behind her back. "I know you need there report, but is there anything further you need from us? I believe my boyfriend would feel more comfortable else where."

Lucian sighs in frustration at Morgana. "I'm not the one who was exposed to a mysterious artifact. I can't believe everyone things it's strange that I'm afraid for you. That doesn't mean I'm sick. It means I love you."

Endira nods patiently to Felicity. "Of course. The authorizations have been handled with your Healer-in-Charge. I'm sure you'll want to confirm that with him. Miss Rashley, Mister Proudmore, it was a pleasure. I'll be in touch." She opens the door, quietly waiting to accompany Felicity.

Felicity is happy that she's not going to get her memory wiped! Satisfied that she came to the right diagnosis and that she discovered the re-appearance of the legendary Heart of Gold. "If there is anything else that you feel is pertinent, please don't let it come to being brought. I hope that you will come with bells on if anything else arises, you are safe here." This is said mostly for Lucian's benefit since he seems to have issues when it comes to healers and the hospital. "Good day." With that she's out to make sure the records are given over. She'll even give Endira a briefing on the what's what of the confusing paperwork.

"I look forward to hearing from you." Morgana says to Endira, though she isn't quite sure if she really is looking forward to it. Turning to Felicity she nods her head. "Again, thank you for your help, and I will be sure and return if things don't right themselves." With all of that done she'll take Lucian's arm. "Let's go home, I think we both need to unwind.

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