(1939-09-20) Pure-blood Flirts and Muggle Chivalry
Details for Pure-blood Flirts and Muggle Chivalry
Summary: Angelus and Samira have a nice little chat after Gel catches her interesting dance. A lesson in skipping stones leads to a harmless little prank. But prefects can't ignore breaking the rules to use magic outside on the grounds, right?
Date: September 20, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Lake Shore

Although this is a common spot for students to spend an afternoon skipping stones across the water, for the moment, Samira has this little nook of the Hogwarts Lake Shore to herself. Her robes lay across the large boulder hiding her from the rest of the shore. Humming a soft, exotic little tune, Samira's hands drift in the air like evanescent serpents. Her hips sway with smooth, hypnotic grace, undulating from side to side.

On his way towards the lake Angelus is planning on doing just that; skipping stones. He’s dressed neatly in uniform, the silver pendant glinting at his chest. As he approaches the water his eyes scan the ground, looking for stones, occasionally bending over to pick up a stone and causing the triangular symbol to swing forward. Nearing the little nook, the humming grabs the boy’s attention as he lifts his head, looking around until he’s tilting his head at the robes. Letting out a thoughtful hum, Gel approaches, a single brow rising as he tries to peek around the stone curiously.

At first, Samira had been rather conscious of her surroundings. But, by the time Angelus peers around the stone, the girl has long since lost herself in the dance. Slowly, she arches back, farther and father, until she is doubled over backwards. Her arms undulate as if drifting in unseen water current.

Angelus approaches quietly, his fingers lifting to press against his mouth as he leans to peek around the stone. Both of his eyebrows wing upwards in surprise, his hand dropping from his lips as he freezes with his gaze locked on the dancing figure. Brilliant! He stands in his awkward leaning position for several seconds before he suddenly realises he’s staring as his ears are starting to redden. Giving a heavy shake of his head, he reaches out for the stone, his hand falling through the air as he misses the stone the first few times as he inches closer without moving his gaze from Samira. So when his hand hits solid granite, he shifts to support himself better. Eventually, however, he clears his throat as his other hand lifts to scratch at the side of his head.

Eyes closed, Samira lifts back up until she is standing strait once more. Lifting her hands up over her head, they weave in and out. Her arms seem to entwine, but never tangle. Her hips shift from side to side with pronounced jerks. With that relaxed, impish little smile, her movements seem both playful and coquettish. But, the moment she hears the clearing of someone's throat, she pauses. Poised in an elegant dancer's stance, she stares at Angelus for a moment. Then with a sigh and a smile, she relaxes and lifts a hand in greeting. "Good afternoon, Eibon."

Oh boy. Angelus’ eyes remain fixed on Samira. When she notices him the youth lets out a little, “Heh,” as he tilts his head, a grin stretching widely over his face. “Aww, why’d you stop?” he returns, winking. “That was brilliant.” His grin twitches, widening. After a quick second he adds in, “Very impressive.”

Samira slips her hands into her pockets and approaches with a subtle sway of her hips. "You liked it? I'm glad. It seemed to make the last one that stumbled upon me a bit uncomfortable. You are more keen to embrace the unfamiliar?"

Angelus’ grin widens, his eyes glittering with interest as he keeps them focused on the Slytherin. He shifts so that he’s leaning his hip against the stone coolly, bringing his arms up to cross in front. He nods in answer to liking it, smirking. “Is that a particular talent you picked up at your other school?” The youth lifts a hand briefly to flick his fingers delicately through his blonde locks, careful as not to mess up the style, before folding his arm back with the other. Looking relaxed as he leans against the stone, his head lifts a little in a proud, self-important way. A hum escapes him as he tilts his head, arching a brow inquisitively. “That’s how we learn about things, isn’t it?”

Samira slows with the slightest hint of caution at that glint of interest, but she hides it rather well. But, coming to stand a few paces away, she folds her arms and tilts her head in a stance that seems almost defiant. "Yes. Since I was thirteen, I've been learning. It's a bit of a shame that here, all I can do is practice."

Angelus slowly nods his head as he watches her, a pleased little smile lingering around. He looks at her curiously as his head gives a brief tilt. “Did you… used to perform?” he asks. He lets out a ‘heh’ as his smile widens into a grin again.

"Of course. You saw for yourself. I've got talent for this. I was often put to perform at festivals and events." Samira shifts her weight, lifting her left hip.

Humming out quietly, Angelus considers briefly as he nods his head in acknowledgement to Samira. His eyes wander to the ground as his thoughts pass, and he grins when he looks back up to the fifth year, a twinkle in his eyes. “Well why just practice? Maybe we could set up a talent show. That would be brilliant,” he decides eagerly. Only a sigh escapes him, humming as a dissatisfied frown slips over his face. “Well, if Flint would allow a talent show.” His head turns as his gaze flicks around the lake shore, and then he leans away from the stone to shuffle closer to Samira, lowering his voice. “Fun is going downhill this year unfortunately.”

Samira tilts her head. "Is it? This year seems as if it must be far more entertaining than the last. Such turmoil. You don't care for it?" She arches a brow, watching Angelus with amused interest.

“What?” Angelus tilts his head a bit, arching a brow. He lets out a little breath and a short chuckle, rolling his shoulders back coolly. “You find it all entertaining?” He hums, lifting one arm to run his fingers over his mouth thoughtfully. “Entertaining would be watching you do your thing,” he says with a grin, raising his head a tad.

"I don't doubt that," says Samira with a bit of a smirk. Tilting her head she adds, "You don't find this tumultuous time interesting? Especially since you are a Magijugend. Or do you find the responsibility to be a burden?"

“I…” Angelus starts, but then releases a sigh as he sweeps a hand out in gesture. His shoulders lift in a casual shrug, shaking his head slowly. “I think things could have been handled a bit better,” he decides. He eyes shift away to glance out to the water, a smirk twitching against his lips. Slanting his head a little, Gel brings his gaze back as he lets out a short chuckle. He waves a hand over his shoulder. “True, I’d rather focus on my potions and other work, but I was given a duty, I suppose.” The boy rolls his shoulders slightly. “I think people are misunderstanding what the Magijugend is about. We want to preserve our culture, keep it magical not…” He pauses to hum thoughtfully. “Not turn it into another Muggle world. That’s like being just Muggles with magic.”

"How would you have preferred the Headmaster to have handled things?" Samira slinks over to lean against the same rock as Angelus is. She crosses her arms and peers up at Angelus with interest. Although he is a bit younger than she is, she only comes up to about his ear.

Angelus locks his blue eyes on the girl as he considers her question, tilting his head a little. Sighing, the youth gives a little shake of his head as his gaze slides away, resting on the water. “Let me think,” he murmurs, humming softly. He turns his head to look at Samira when she approaches, his eyes flicking over her as she leans on the rock. A grin crosses his features as his eyes glitter with excitement. “I’m not sure,” he decides with a shake of his head. “But I’m glad you seem entertained by it.” A soft ‘heh’ escapes the boy. “Is there anything in particular you’d like to see happen?” His arms unfold to rest his hands beside him on the stone, inching a little closer to Samira as he smiles.

Samira shakes her head. "No. As long as it's interesting, I don't mind." Her dark gaze flits to the smooth, flat stones he had collected when first coming upon her. "Why are you holding pebbles?"

A short chuckle escapes Angelus as he rolls his shoulders plainly. “Then you started Hogwarts on a good year,” he replies with a smirk. His fingers tighten around the stones in his fist when she mentions them and Gel grins as he slides further along the stone until his side comes up beside her. He holds his hand right below her, flattening out his fingers to offer her one. “Skipping them,” he answers as his grin widens proudly. “I’ve got a knack for it.”

Samira tilts her head. "Skipping them? You didn't skip them. You picked them up." Now that Angelus stands so close against the large stone, her shoulder almost brushes his upper arm.

“Picked up the best ones,” informs Angelus boastfully. Though it’s likely he doesn’t really mean that as his tone is a teasing one. “I’ll show you.” His arm swiftly moves in an attempt to sneak it around behind the girl, which he’ll immediately try and guide her closer to the water.

With the arm around her, little Samira follows Angelus to the water's edge. Close at his side, she studies his features. This time, there is far more curiosity than caution in her eyes.

Closer to the water, Angelus withdraws and stands partially to the side. Holding one stone in his right hand, he readies his arm before flicking his wrist and sends it skipping twice across the water. He turns to Samira with a grin, tilting his head. “It’s not my record, but it’s pretty good. Let’s see what you’ve got,” he challenges playfully.

Samira slips her hands into her pockets, watching Angelus curiously when he steps back. She almost misses the skip, but definitely sees the second one. "Ah! That's what you meant. Such a good trick!" She holds out a hand. "Give me one."

Angelus smiles pleasantly as he offers out his hand, with the pile of stones in his palm, to her. “Here you are.”

Samira selects one of the stones before turning to the side. Although she imitates his stance quite well, her first throw sends the stone straight into the water. "Bah. How did you make it skip?" she asks, peering up at him.

Angelus’ gaze flicks between her and the water, and a grin flashes across his face when the stone sinks. A sense of pride has him lifting his head, his eyes twinkling, feeling special as he steps up behind her. “I can help,” Gel announces as he drapes his arms around Samira. His hand holding onto the stones are displayed in front of her, while his other hand rests open on the other side, ready to take hold of hers once she selects a stone.

Samira seems to grow a touch cautious when Angelus comes to stand so close. Twisted slightly at the waist, she peers over her shoulder up at him. The offered stones soon distract the girl from her unease. She selects one and allows him to take hold of her right hand.

Gabriel is coming down to the lake, once again looking for a fairly quiet place to study. When he notices the couple on the beach he first recognizes Angelus' blonde hair, then he realizes he's with Samira. A mischievous smile blossoms on his lips as he carefully puts his knapsack next to a big rock then starts making his way stealthily closer to the could, pulling his wand out as he goes…

Angelus flashes a dazzling smile at her, craning his head an inch in response to her look. His smile brightens when she selects a stone. His arms close around her for a brief moment, because he takes stone from his other hand before he loosens up a little. “Okay, watch how I hold it,” he informs. Flipping the rock in his fingers, the flat stone is held against his middle finger with his thumb lightly on top and his fore finger pressed against the edge. He slowly demonstrates the flick of his wrist. His tongue slips out, its tip touching his bottom lip as he concentrates, and he tosses his stone to the water. It’s only one flick though, but he sets his hand behind hers to show her the movement he uses. “Easy, right?”

Samira mimics how he holds the stone and studies the movement that he guides her hand to make. She nods, but doesn't answer. When he releases her hand, she draws it back and flicks the stone into the water. So close. This will take practice. With a grin, Samira twists slightly, looking for the rest of the stones. She tries to pluck another one to try again, grinning up at Angelus.

Gabriel finds a place to hide along the rocky section of the shoreline. Once he's picked his ambush spot he aims his wand at Angelus and, keeping the other boy in his peripheral sight he turns his head away from the couple to cast, "Remordeo!" while minimizing the possibility of being heard. As soon as the spell hits all sort of small items; leaves, twigs, shells, pieces of fur left behind by animals drinking at the lake… They all jump up and start swirling around Angelus, from time to time dashing at him from unexpected directions!

“Not bad,” Angelus comments, taking her hand again once she tosses the stone. His other hand dips back in front of her to offer another stone. “Here you are.” The youth helps to guide Samira’s hand again in demonstration of the movement, smiling warmly. “You keep practicing and you’ll get it.” He leans his head close to her as if he were going to whisper to her, but before he can kiss her cheek he suddenly withdraws with an ‘ack!’ when the foliage gets a mind of its own! “Sparks, oh come /on/!” exclaims the youth in an energetic and playful tone as he turns to look around. His arms spread out in a ‘really?’ gesture briefly, because he’s swatting at the debris. “Hysterical!” he calls out sarcastically in the direction his eyes catch sight of the form.

Samira tilts her head as Angelus seems about to whisper in her ear. When a miniature storm of harmless debris starts batting at Angelus, Samira slips out of his almost-embrace and scampers a couple of paces back. Samira stares as a twig keeps trying to slip up into Angelus' nose until she bursts into impish laughter, doubling over and hugging her stomach.

It’s not really all that hard to find Gabriel now. He's clutching at the big rock he was using to hide behind, trying to keep from just falling to the ground because of how hard he's laughing. And, surprise, surprise, it’s not even mocking laughter. Just the clear happy laughter of a kid that's successfully pulled a prank and hasn't had a good laugh in a while.

A bunch of emotions stir through the youth. Frustration, annoyance, amusement… A grunt of irritation escapes the Gryffindor, his arms up and shielding himself as he looks helplessly over at the girl now in a fit of laughter. Amusement flickers at his lips as his gaze swings over to the other laughing figure. “Okay! Funs over! Stop it!” he calls out as his arms lift up and his head bows, acting as a shield. His hand reaches into his robes as he moves with a bit of a falter off in the direction of Gabriel, drawing out his wand even though he doesn’t try to use it.

Perhaps Samira knows the Lesser General Counter-Spell. Perhaps not. Regardless, Samira doesn't seem too inclined to stop the spell that is making a handful of lakeshore debris (leaves, twigs, bits of moss) batting at Angelus from all directions. Doubled over, Samira hugs herself as her impish laughter carries up the shore, reaching anyone nearby.

Gabriel tucks his wand back away and then holds his hands up weakly since most of his energy is still taken up by laughter. Gasping through the laughs he barely manages to get out an, "I'm /sorry/. I can't. It'll be over when it’s over." Still laughing he tries to keep the rock between himself and Angelus, just in case Gel's tolerant mood disappears when he finds out the little Ravenclaw can't stop the jinx.

"What in th' name of…?" It's the prefect, Eibhlin. Her blue eyes silently scan the area, landing on each face… and the hurricane of detrius. "Finite!" The crack of authority and mild irritation rings out in her spell as the debris instantly drops to the ground. Her eyes swivel back at Gabriel and narrow ever so faintly at the third year. "Ward… Please come see me." She doesn't bother to check if Angelus is alright.

A long, drawn out sigh escapes the youth, pausing a few feet away. Angelus has his head bowed and arms covering it, a single hand swatting out at the debris until… It just drops away. Gel blinks, arms lowering slowly as his he glances around, and his gaze lands with an appreciative look on the redheaded prefect. “Ah, thanks, Shine,” says the boy cheerfully. His brow arches as he lets out a breath and turns to look back to Gabriel. “It’s all right, Shine,” Angelus announces with a simple shrug. “It’s just a fun little joke.”

Samira straightens up to peer over at Eibhlin with interest. Hands clasped behind her back, the little transfer student meanders back over to stand at Angelus' side. Glancing up at him, she asks, "Are you alright?"

An low "Eeep!" comes out from behind Gabriel's rock and the laughter stops as soon as he hears Eibhlin's voice casting the counter spell. He's just about to peek out to look at the prefect when surprise freezes him for a moment and then he's peeking out the other side of the rock, tossing a grateful smile and a wink at Angelus before he steps out, head hanging low in 'shame' as he starts making his way to Eibhlin. A posture that might work much better if he could stop the need to keep fighting a rogue grin from taking over his lips.

Eibhlin's gaze flicks briefly back to Angelus. "Thank you, Eibon," she responds evenly, "but I will be speaking with you all one at a time." The seventh year seems to include Samira in the 'each of you'; she turns her attention to Gabriel. "I saw you putting your wand away. I'm assuming you're the one who cast the jinx, Ward? Please, tell me if I'm incorrect."

“Yea,” Angelus answers Samira on a sigh. A short chuckle escapes him as he glances at her, a light-hearted smile slipping over his features. “That’s my role, right? To provide a bit of entertainment?” His accent as shifts into a very heavy Scottish one. A merry laugh escapes him as he shakes his head. “That’s what…” Gel pauses for a second, long enough to think and remember the name. “Jesters do, right? I’m just living up to the /advertisement/.” His chest swells with pride as he inhales, a big, goofy grin on his face.

Clearing his throat as he flicks his blue eyes onto Eibhlin, he offers her a kind smile as he dips his head respectfully. Who is he to interfere with a prefect?

Samira glances over at Eibhlin with a bit of a grin. The transfer student doesn't seem inclined to leave just yet, so waiting for Eibhlin to speak with her won't be a problem. Peering up at Angelus, Samira tilts her head. "Are you keen to be a Jester?"

Gabriel keeps his eyes on the toes of his shoes. One of which is trying to do second duty as a drill. With his toe digging into the ground and his hands held behind his back that way Gabriel's the picture of a repentant little kid as he murmurs, “Yes'm."

The leggy seventh year just nods slowly. "Why?" It's a simple question.

Another little chuckle escapes Angelus, rolling his shoulders lightly. He keeps his voice a little quieter so he doesn’t interrupt Eibhlin, reaching out to place a hand gently on Samira’s back as he leans close to her. In his Scottish accent still, he murmurs, “I like to provide a thrill.” A smirk touches his lips.

Samira studies Angelus with that curious tilt of her head, listening to his quiet words. "A thrill?" she repeats with a grin. Keeping her voice low so as not to interrupt Eibhlin, she says, "I don't think you are a jester. Not a clown. Just now was a happy coincidence."

Gabriel tilts his head for a fraction of a second then motions Eibhlin closer so he can whisper in her ear. The redhead Prefect is almost a foot taller than Gabriel so she has to lean down quite a bit but once she's at the correct level the third year starts whispering in her ear at a breakneck speed. "Well, I was coming to find a quiet place to study and then I saw Angelus and Samira and he had his arms all wrapped around her and was showing her how to do something with some rocks, skipping them I think, but I /KNOW/ he was going to try to do something else so the timing was perfect to be chivalrous /and/ have a good laugh at the same time but then it was one of my /best casts EVER/ and I couldn't make it stop and then you showed up…" as he winds down and take a breath he just looks at Eibhlin with wide, innocent eyes. It was all perfectly reasonable, see?

Eibhlin blinks. Once. Twice. "Prince. Was Eibon showing you how to skip stones?" she asks, straightening back up. "Possibly with his arms around you?"

Angelus shrugs coolly, chuckling. “No?” He shakes his head. “That’s too bad. A clown would be /fun/.” He punctuates this by giving a firm nod. His blue eyes flick towards Gabriel and the prefect, watching them and arching his brow curiously at the third year. Though when Eibhlin turns to address Samira, he looks curiously between them as he hums.

Samira glances over at Eibhlin and rotates to face her. "Hm? Ah, yes. He was teaching me the correct stance." With a relaxed smile, she demonstrates, turning to the side and lifting her hand as if holding an imaginary stone. "Like this."

As soon as Eibhlin's eyes are off of him Gabriel's eyes are rolling skyward in reaction to her question. What was all the whispering for if she's immediately going to turn around and blab everything he just told her?

Eibhlin nods… slowly. "I see." She turns to Angelus, eyebrows lifted. "Eibon, I'm going to give you a chance to talk to me honestly about this. I'd be annoyed as all hell if someone were to cast a jinx at me." The invitation is there…

Angelus smiles good-naturedly as he shrugs his shoulders coolly. His accent switches back into his formal British as he lifts his head. “Ward and I have never had a problem, so I figure he was just up for a little fun and games.”

Hands in her pockets, Samira rocks back and forth on her heels. Her eyes shine with relaxed amusement as she takes in the unfolding proceedings.

Gabriel is mirroring Samira as he also rocks back and forth on his feet. But instead of keeping his hands in his pockets he has them clasped behind his back. He nods firmly once to Angelus' statement but remains quiet throughout.

Eibhlin studies Angelus for a moment and then nods. "Alright." She turns to Ward. "I understand that you were having a bit of fun, Ward," she says softly. "But the rules are still the rules. I'll have to dock you." There is a sympathetic light in her eyes, a somewhat apologetic twist to her lips. She sighs and then turns to Samira and Angelus. "Prince, be careful of where boys put their hands. They aren't always meaning it in a nice way. And Eibon…" A pause. "I'm proud of you. You didn't rat on the person who cast at you nor did you sell them out." Is that a ghost of a smile. "That's the kind of Gryffindor behaviour that I like to see. I'm going to speak to Professor Dumbledore and ask him to award you points accordingly."

Angelus flicks his gaze toward Gabriel, a grin tugging briefly at his lips before it fades back into a smile. He glances at Samira silently before he looks back to Eibhlin. He bows respectfully to the seventh year in acknowledgement to her words. He’s said his piece though, so now he’s quiet, allowing the prefect to do her duties.

Samira blinks at Eibhlin's advice to her and her relaxed rocking on her heels stops. She looks from the prefect to the youth at her side. The praise to the Gryffindor confuses her about the warning. Pointing at Angelus, she says, "He just touched my wrist to show me how the movement is. And his other hand offered some of the stones he'd collected."

Gabriel groans a little bit but then nods in response to a whisper in his ear by Eibhlin. afterward he stands quietly next to her, although he does toss a quick, approving smile in Angelus' direction and murmurs low enough that only Eibhlin has a chance to hear him, "See… He can still be brought to the side of good."

Eibhlin looks at Gabriel with a faint smile. "Perhaps you should tell others about how Eibon stuck up for you, Ward," she says softly. "Credit should be given where credit is due, aye?" Her Irish accent is soft but distinct, and then her attention turns back to Samira. "Aye. I trust it was chaste. But the boys here are not as respectful as one might like…" Says the girl who's burned through multiple boyfriends over the year. "Just be on your guard."

Head lifted, Angelus simply allows his eyes to flick between the speakers. Clasping his hands behind his back, he stands with a stance of a well-bred, proper young lad. His smile is still set as he watches, head slightly tilted, easily amused.

Samira studies Angelus for a moment before peering back at Eibhlin. It's clear that the foreign-born girl is still a bit lost. "Ah. Alright."

Gabriel nods at Eibhlin's quiet words to him. And this time he actually speaks up enough for her to hear him for sure, just not enough to be heard by the other two, "He can be brought back over to the light side. I know it. And this is part of it…" Maybe there was more of a plan there than the little Ravenclaw was letting on about. Turning to the two people down at the beach he adds, "Well, it looks like the beach is a bit crowded for studying. I'm going back to the castle. Thanks for taking a joke as a joke, Angelus."

Eibhlin nods. "Come on, Ward. I can use your help in the common room," she says. She inclines her head lightly to Eibon and Prince before heading back towards the castle.

Angelus dips his head in response to Gabriel. His hand flicks above his shoulder in a little wave. “Goodbye, Ward,” he offers. A little sigh escapes him and he adds in as he looks to Samira. “I should probably head back to the castle. I enjoyed our chat, Prince.” He offers Eibhlin a smile and a light bow of his head again. “Good day, Shine.”

Samira grins up at Angelus and nods. "Thank you for trying to teach me to skip stones. I'll practice." As the others head back up the beach, Samira lingers and starts looking for the stones Angelus had dropped.

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