(1939-09-20) St. Mungo's Charity Gala
Details for St. Mungo's Charity Gala 1939
Summary: The glitterati of Wizarding society show up to support Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries at it's annual charity gala. Politics, dancing, and magical entertainment abound.
Date: 20 September 1939
Location: Community Hall, South Verdic Alley

The Community Hall has been transformed for the evening. The ceiling is covered in a starry sky, and huge columns seem to project upwards into infinity, with torches of magical fire providing illumination for the event. The walls are hidden behind a hedge and ivy wall, and the floor, other than the dance floor, is soft grass, creating the impression of a secret garden far from worldy concerns. A raised stage at the front, made to look like a pergola, holds a wizarding band, with a podium to the side for a speaker. A few chairs and loveseats have been scattered around the edges of the room, and long tables hold refreshments, including bowls of punch, finger foods, and fountains of champagne and chocolate. The majority of the space, however, has been given over to a dance floor, leaving plenty of room for entertainment. The crossed wand and bone logo of St. Mungo's is everywhere, on banners in various shades of green.

The band has just finished tuning up, and the guests are starting to arrive, polite witches with wand-lighting charms activated checking tickets at the door, each ticket giving a particular chime when touched. Adelphus, who has been organizing the committee this year, wanders away from the stage and over towards the others, turning for a moment to look up and around, then adjusting his waistcoat with a sigh of slight contentment. The hard part is over, right? Right?!

When Kahren arrives, she's dressed in a deep red gown with many gathers at thigh height creating a rather volumnous skirt. The top of the bodice is decorated with embroidery - also in red thread - with thin, spaghetti straps going over her shoulders. She wears her hair loose, with just a single red flower pinned into place. She hands over her ticket, smiling at the witch at the door, before sweeping inside, doing a full turn to admire the decore.

Denny cleans up rather nicely by the looks, the usually rather thuggish looking gentleman completely clean shaven, and respectable looking. He's got on the finest clothing that he really has, which to anyone who knows the man would say a lot just as he tends not to wear his best to anything other then funerals. His hair is cleanly slicked down to look much more in line, a healthy dose of pomade without making it look too greasy.

Making his way into the room proper Orwell is all friendly smiles, exuding the kind of charm, and refinement that could be expected of a man from a much higher social standing. Gone is the thuggish attitude, and heavy trenchcoat, instead he seems to be on his very best behavior, trying to make friends in all the right places.

Gilbert arrives stag, in an emerald green tuxedo topped with black velvet robes. After taking a moment to see who is in attendance he moves over towards the food tables, trading hellos with people as he walks through the crowd.

Adelphus, who has just left the area near the stage, straightens his tie and walks towards the door to greet those who are arriving, doing his job as Gala Committee Chair. The band, meanwhile, starts to play soft chamber music, suitable for the cocktail hour.

Already inside, a small witch in sheer golden robes and an amber silk-charmeuse gown appears at Adelphus' side. "Let me see… You're a bit crooked," Copper murmurs as she shifts to adjust the man's waistcoat just a little more. "There now." Green eyes twinkle coolly up at the wizard. "You did a good job, you know," she drawls. "The place looks perfect… I espcially like how my heels don't sink into the grass."

"Adelphus," Kahren greets her coworker casually - seeing as this is outside of work. She steps over to him, taking his hand in hers for a warm squeeze. "You've out done yourself! This is lovely. I wouldn't recognize the place at all," she states in a firm tone. "I don't know how you managed it."

Gilbert grabs a flute of champaigne from the buffett table then makes his way through the crowd to the small group of Healers. Once he's there he offers a hand to Adelphus, "Healer Slughorn. I hear your the Committe Chair. Excellent work setting up the Gala."

Adelphus shakes hands warmly, "Kahren, glad you could make it. And we have a lot of people who are really excellent at charms and conjuration. It was just calling in a few favors." He turns and allows Copper to fix him with a surprisingly long-suffering sigh, "Thank you, dear. Do you know Healer Kahren Umbridge? Kahren, this is my friend Ariadne Prince." He makes the introductions, then turns to take another hand, "Mr. Sullivan, thank you for coming. We appreciate your support."

Sporting a practically brand new gold band on his left hand, the Irish Master Healer is still, to the annoyance of some of his colleagues, walking on air. His scruff cleaned for the second time in one month, Keenan O'Shea wears his formal robes easily, his height giving him the easy advantage in scanning the crowd as he enters the gala. The Irish charm has been turned on full force with the gleam of green eyes and the dimpled grin as he responds to something said by the stunning raven haired witch on his arm.

A tall man in his late thirties enters into the gala apparently representing his family. His orange hair is kept neat and tidy and he's exchanged work robes or his about town clothes for proper dressed up robes. Galahad spots an old friend and the woman on his arm "Well well, Keenan but I have missed a lot." The man says but his tone is light and his smile friendly he looks to woman "Galahad Weasley." he says kindly in introduction.

Veruca Max O'Shea is no stranger to fancy affairs, having grown up in a Pureblood family. Dressed to the nines, in an expensive looking set of robes, she moves smoothly on the arm of her husband, almost gliding with the grace of her steps. She leans in to him, lips moving in a low murmur that carries no farther than Keenan's ear, and smiles as her attention sweeps the already assembled crowd. The new arrival gains her gaze, but she lets her husband handle the introductions. She knows it's still a novelty he enjoys.

Copper's full lips curl into a lazy smirk at Adelphus' sigh, but she then turns to shake Kahren's hand. "My goodness, Kahren. It's been quite some time. I'm glad to see that you're still doing the healer thing." There's a light laugh in her voice, and she retracts her hand when a server arrives with a glass of brandy. Her attention returns to Adelphus. "Kahren was a year ahead of me at Hogwarts, Mr. Slughorn," she half-purrs. "You really must do better with your introductions." There is a teasing note of challenge in her voice.

"Miss Prince…?" Kahren allows her attention to be directed to the woman, before realization dawns. "Oh, of course, Ariadne! It has been ages. How have you been?" She takes Copper's hand, giving it a friendly squeeze before looking back to Adelphus. "We just about adored whichever subject the other loathed. Isn't that right? I'm sorry we never kept in touch - did you manage to open that shop of yours?"

"Weasley," Keenan greets, still smiling from whatever his wife murmured. "It is good to see ye looking well and in one piece. Usually I only have the pleasure of yer company when ye need patching up." There's a quick glance between the two as he realizes that they haven't met before, and his eyebrows raise slightly. "Veruca, may I introduce Mr. Galahad Weasley… Weasley, I am pleased to introduce to you Mrs. Veruca O'Shea." It's a novelty that he intends to enjoy until his dying day, as he gives the two a little space to make each other's acquaintance.

"I'm sorry that my aged brain is no longer capable of remembering the names and ages of everyone I meet and work with. I should just assume that everyone already knows each other, becuase most of us already do." Adelphus laughs, and then takes his turn to answer for Copper, saying, "She does, and she will tell you all about it, because she is inordinately proud. She fancies antiques."

Copper shudders. "I remember you trying to convince me that Potions was worth the smells. To this day, I remain convinced that you are off your rocker, my dear girl." Such a posh accent she has: all upper crust with a fashionable proclivity for rounding and dropping sounds in a rich-girl-who-knows-how-to-slum-it-in-style sort of way. She rolls her eyes faintly at Adelphus and smirks as she nudges him lightly. "I do. I'd opened it a few years ago in East Knockturn, but then I went to the Continent and, as the French call it, Le Maghreb to do some collecting for the store. I've opened back up recently. Still in East Knockturn, mind you, but in a slightly larger location. I'd be happy to take you there via apparition if you'd like to poke around." Is that laughter in her eyes?

Gilbert bows slightly to the Healers and Copper,"I merely wanted to say it was a job well done. Ladies, gentleman, if you will please excuse me." With that and a warm smile he's back off and doing the rounds, leaving Copper, Adelphus, and Kahren to their conversation.

Galahad chuckles slightly to his friends words about him being harmed. "I'm quite glad to admit that doesnt happen much often anymore, i'm much too old for such things." The man says to his friend though at the introductions his focus shifts to the woman. "Ah, Mrs O'shea it's a pleasure to meet you." he reaches to shake her hand if she'll accept it but he'll give a bow in respect either way. "Keenan and I were in school together."

Taking his time Denny makes his way about the room, exchanging friendly greetings and handshakes dusting off the occasional talk of what few articles have been in the paper about the impending trial. Water off a turtles back so they say. He's making every effort to get just the right impressions at this place. While not spending much time at all with the food itself he is certainly spending a good deal of effort and time trying to network.

Copper turns then to level a brilliant smile on Gilbert. "Why, Mr. Sullivan… It's a pleasure to see you off stage. I'll confess that I do enjoy your work a great deal."

"And I bet you haven't made a single potion since your fifth year," Kahren responds with a laugh. She doesn't seem to mind this in the least, of course. After a year or two, she gave up on hoping Copper would come around. "But why, for goodness sake, do you keep your shop on Knockturn? Surely you could find somewhere else for it?" She asks, her brow furrowing. She nods to Gilbert, giving the man a friendly smile, before her attention returns to Adelphus and Copper.

There's a pleasant smile from Veruca at the introduction to Galahad, and she accepts the hand to shake. "Mister Weasley, the pleasure is mine. I always enjoy meetings friends and colleagues of Keenan. We shall have to find time later for you to tell me some of your misadventures together." Because she knows Keenan, and the ringleader us used to be for a while at school. The words are smooth and light, conveying good humor clearly. "Are you with Mungo's as well?"

"So, Mr. Sullivan…" Adelphus begins, "I don't want to disturb a pleasant evening with politics…" at this point, Ariadne probably elbows him, "But I read your letter to the Prophet. I'm curious - have you had any response? I'd be most sad if we were cost a promising healer because of poor NEWT scores amongst this year's class."

Watching his wife weave her sophisticated charm brings a lazy grin to the ginger healer, and he loosens her arm just enough to take two flutes of champagne from a passing tray and offer her one. Although he's spotted a few people that he will have to talk with in a bit, for the moment he's content to sip champagne and watch Veruca.

"Of course, i'd be glad to give you all the stories i'm able." Galahad says a light laugh escaping as he glances over to Keenan a wink tossed his way, but he looks back as he's spoken to further the first answer he gives is a simple shake of his head lightly to the question of his job before he speaks. "No, my path never carried me towards the healer path. I work at the ministry myself. Though rather boring a historian."

Gilbert bows to Cooper, leg extended forward, hand crossed over his chest, in the best Shakespearean style, "The pleasure is all mine in seeing you again Ms. Prince. And my work on the stage would be for naught without the audience so I am very glad to hear that you have enjoyed our humble performances. another one of which I'm working on putting together at the moment." As he comes up he smiles brightly, leaving the tidbit of information about a possible new play just hanging in the air.

Instead he turns to Aldelphus, his smile fading a bit, "Well, thankfully Flint's new policies have created an outcry that has unified a lot of people that are usually on different sides of the fence. And people are starting to explore different ideas on how to shore up the students' education in the meantime. I myself am planning on proposing the institution of a new, if temporary, school to give anyone that does not agree with Flint's policies the opportunity to be educated at the high standards we have come to expect from Hogwarts. Just elsewhere."

Copper shrugs. "I employ a house elf for cleaning and I purchase anything else that I might need a potion for." She smirks at Adelphus. "Besides, Adelphus is rather a talent with these things. I'm sure he could make whatever I need should I be unable to source it." As for the question about finding 'somewhere else' to locate her shop? A bright and melodic laugh peals through the area, unabashed. "Oh my dear… I sell only to true collectors." Her eyes twinkle impishly. "I find that the locale helps to weed out the casual shoppers. Besides, the locals don't mind me and I don't mind them. It's -really- not all that bad. Not a broken bone nor a tiny scratch on his flawless buttercream skin…"

Gilbert's 'tidbit' however draws forth a lazy smile. "You scoundrel," she purrs delightedly. A beat. "Send me the script. If I like it, I'll have my solicitor send you a note." She turns to Kahren. "Dear, have you met Mr. Sullivan? He's quite the actor."

Veruca accepts the champagne flute from Keenan with delicate fingers, murmuring, "Thank you, darling." Her eyes slip to him for a moment, catching his green, before they're back on Galahad. "Mister Weasley," she says, a light chiding in her words, "History is hardly boring. There are so many lessons to be learned from it. Sadly, lessons that are too soon forgotten and repeated. Do you specialize in any certain era?" Her free hand again catches her husband's arm, touch light.

"That's what I thought." Kahren lets out a quiet laugh as Cooper confirms the utter lack of potion making she's accomplished. "Oh well. I can't convert everyone." As Adelphus brings up the school, though, her expression sobers up. "I think the whole fiasco is atrocious - a real embarrassment and a blotch on Hogwart's history. I'm working with the school right now to see if I can arrange a healing seminar for the students - much like the classes we're offering adults. I'm adament that all students of fifth year and up be allowed to attend."

She glances back at Cooper, then at Gilbert as she adds, "We haven't met, no, but I am a fan of theater." She offers her hand to the man. "A pleasure. I'm Kahren Umbridge."

"Ah, you see, now *I* have learned something new." Adelphus says, looking around at the little knot of people, "Wizarding antiques, that I knew, but I never imagined Miss Prince to be a theatre producer as well. And yes, I can whip up any potion you might require. Wellll…" he pauses, shooting Kahren a knowing glance, "If by 'whip up' you mean 'make in a process that may take between hours and days and has a fairly decent chance of going wrong.'" He smiles, but then grows a bit more serious, turning back to Gilbert, "Somewhere… not Hogwarts? Isn't that just as bad as what's being done now? Wizards go to Hogwarts. They've gone to Hogwarts for a thousand years, almost." The healer sounds shocked at the very idea of some /other/ school.

Copper gives Adelphus a -look-. "So long as you do not do it in my kitchen, you and I will have no quarrel," she replies firmly. "I don't care for the smell nor the chance for explosions."

One eyebrow raises towards Galahad as he sips his champagne. Lowering the flute until his arm is at an easy angle, he directs his amusement to his friend. "Careful, there, Weasley. That door can go both ways," he cautions, a gleam in his eye that dims slightly as he overhears the conversation behind them somewhere about another school, but he doesn't turn as yet. Instead, he tilts his head slightly, ostensibly paying attention to the discussion before him, but an ear following those who discuss the situation at Hogwarts.

Gilbert gives Kahren a warm handshake, "The pleasure is mine, Ms. Umbridge." then turns another warm smile on Copper, "Its a deviation from my normal ventures. First of all, I am writing the script. Not only that but it is a play meant for the younger crowd. A theatrical adaptation of The Warlock's Hairy Heart." and then back to the topic of the month, Hogwarts. The smile fades to be replaced by a somber nod, "I understand the feeling. And what I am proposing is /not/ a permanent replacement for Hogwarts. Instead a refuge, meant to weather the storm until politics have run their course and Hogwarts has been set to rights." A small sip from his champagne flute gives people a chance to think about the idea and Gilbert himself a chance to watch the reactions.

Galahad smiles friendly still "I quite agree with you, I enjoy my work quite alot. Hm, for the most part I study Magical History, but I will never pass up reading or learning about something new." He speaks lightly "It sounds like you have an interest in history yourself? Though I should likely let you get back to your husband instead of rambling on myself." he chuckles lightly grabbing a drink himself as it passes by. He looks to Keenan and grins "Point taken, my friend." but its said jokingly.

Veruca takes a sip of champagne, inclining her head toward Galahad, "I have something of an interest in it, yet. I prefer not to be doomed to repeat it, myself." Her smile remains warm, but she notices Keenan's momentary distraction. She's also heard the nearby conversation, but didn't come to an evening out in a 'secret garden' for charity to get caught up in political discussions. Instead she looks around and brings up another topic of conversation. "The decorations are lovely. I don't believe I caught what charity this is for. It is for Mungo's itself?"

Copper gives Adelphus a -look-. "So long as you do not do it in my kitchen, you and I will have no quarrel," she replies firmly. "I don't care for the smell nor the chance for explosions." But her look relaxes into an amused smile. "Hardly a producer, Darling," she murmurs. "You know how fond I am of the arts… I occasionally help finance plays… art showings… ballets.. that sort of thing." Her eyes twinkle. "And there is a vast deal about me that you've not yet discovered." She grins as an aside to Kahren. "I insist that we catch up over tea, dear. Perhaps sometime this week? You can tell me all about your fluffy fanged creatures and I'll bore you with my latest finds."

Picking a group at random to walk over to and join into the conversation is fairly easy, considering how many floating conversations are going on. His target spotted Denny makes his way over saying rather calmly with a small glass in one hand "Proceeds are going to Mungo's itself". His voice sounds rather worn from recent events but all in all he just sounds like a charming gentlemen.

"That sounds like a deal to me, Ariadne," Kahren agrees brightly, giving the woman a smile, before directing her attention to Gilbert. "I hate to say it - but doesn't it remove the immediacy of the issue if we remove the troubled students from the situation?" she asks.

"I tend to agree with Healer Umbridge." Adelphus says, on the subject of Hogwarts, "We all might… well, I'm sure I've said an intemperate thing a time or two. But all Wizards and Witches can attend Hogwarts. That's just the way things are. And the way they should remain." He sighs, and says, "My apologies for putting you on the spot, Mr. Sullivan. I'm sure you'd much rather talk about your new play." He then leans over and murmurs something to Copper.

You whisper, "Don't you mean /our/ kitchen?" to Copper.

Gilbert smiles a bit at his group members and shrugs, "It could, Ms. Umbridge. Or it could speed up the process of putting things to right. I dare say most people would react the way all of you have, which means they would do everything in their power to make it so things go back to the way they should be. But right now all Wizard and Witches /can't/ go to Hogwarts. Muggle-born Wizards and Witches are for all effects and purposes going to a completely different school, regardless of it being physically located on the Hogwarts' grounds. Wouldn't you agree?" After he's said that he nods to Adelphus and chuckles, "I am equally comfortable speak on either topic. But I would prefer that /your/ night and the night of your guests not be ruined by unsavory topics, important as they might be."

"That is quite wise, to learn from history and continue forward instead of looping back around." Galahad says to Veruca he doesnt seem interested in joining the politcal talk really either but he looks about as the decorations are brought up. "I belive it is for the hospital itself." he responds in agreement witht he new arrival after a moments thought when he's quiet just taking a drink.

Keenan nods in concurrence with the new arrival. "It is for St. Mungo's, and I am sure that having my wife to myself will not happen much tonight until we are home, Weasley, but I thank ye for the consideration." He winks and turns his attention more fully to the man who has joined them. "Healer O'Shea, and this is my wife, Mrs. Veruca O'Shea," he greets, tilting his head in just that manner that encourages someone to return the favor of an introduction.

Copper just reaches out and lays a restraining hand on Adelphus as he continues to talk politics. From the slightly impatient light lurking behind her eyes, she is apparently bored of the topic. "Very well, Dear," she sighs in response to whatever he had whispered. "-Our- kitchen. But I will still make your life a living hell if you fill the flat with acrid green smoke or incinerate -anything-." She smiles around at the two with them. "But we're being selfish! Go and mingle, my darlings. Meet people and dance. Have a lovely evening!"

Veruca's smile extends toward the new arrival. "I've been remiss in keeping up in matters, I admit." The start of the muggle war has had some repercussions on the wizarding community, as far as those who have had investments in both societies, and it's kept Rue quite busy. With Keenan making their introduction, her eyes linger curiously on Denny.

"And I would say that this would give the people who started this exactly what they wish for," Kahren responds, shaking her head slightly. "I'm sure it will be set right again. This sort of behavior is too ugly for our girl." Wizards are the more enlightened society, after all.

Her attention returns to Copper and Adelphus for a moment, amusement on her features. Well. This wasn't something that Adelphus had ever mentioned. How lovely.

"Well, I guess /that/ cat is well and truly out of the bag, isn't it?" Adelphus says, with a little harrumph towards Copper. "Alright, fine, no more politics. The champagne is cold, and I'm sure the music will be picking up to a higher tempo shortly."

Copper merely offers a subtle air kiss to Adelphus, her lips smoothly arcing into an amused smirk. "Champagne is a much better topic of conversation," she agrees, even as she sips at a brandy. "Now, Mr. Sullivan… Why don't you escort Miss Umbrage to the dance floor?" Her eyes twinkle. "Someone needs to start us off."

Keeping rather silent save for the silent tip of a nonexistent hat for the time being Denny seems content just to have drifted to a new conversation. He takes a small sip from his glass, looking between each member of the group, before saying "Denny Albert Orwell, at your service,"

Kahren can't help but laugh. "Adelphus, if you wish to keep it private, no one shall hear a word from my lips. But I think it's marvelous." But then Copper is volunteering her for a dance, and the healer suddenly looks rather flustered. "I - really. No, I'm not much of a dancer," she protests. "I'm sure there's someone else…"

Gilbert's eyes flit from one person to another in the small group. He enjoys people watching and he does it enough to be fairly good at picking up body language. He thinks for a moment and decides to side with Copper. With an amused smile he bows slightly to Kahren, makig enough of a show of it so that its hard to miss. "Ms. Umbridge, if you would please do me the honor of a dance? I assure you, I am perfectly competent and will not step on your toes. Much." He holds the woman's eyes with a twinkle inhis own, enjoying the little game Copper has put in front of him.

"I'm not too concerned, I just thought Ariadne might want to keep things private. But yes, I we're something of a couple for the last month or so." Adelphus admits, with a light grin, "And you, Miss Prince, will you do me the honor of a dance as well?"

As if on cue, the band strikes up some quick waltzy music - or whatever passes for it in Wizarding circles.

Copper interjects smoothly. "Nonsense, Kahren. Mr. Sullivan is quite light on his feet and knows his mark well. It will be fun and you will have a good time. Now, go on and don't be obstructionist." There is clearly no twinkling in Copper's eyes. Nope. None. None at all. She turns to Adelphus at his comments and laughs lightly. "Oh, well, you know me, Darling. I don't care two figs what other people think." The request for a dance prompts a slow smile. "Perhaps," she purrs demurely.

"But I can't make the same promises," Kahren protests. "Really, I'm sorry, but even saying I have two left feet would be too generous," she protests. "I prefer not to dance." The look she gives Copper now is slightly annoyed - though no doubt the woman knows from experience that Kahren rarely holds on to these emotions for long.

Galahad turns slightly as the music starts up and he ponders for some reason dancing being done that evening hadnt crossed his mind. Though he'll take a drink from his glass before adding. "You two should dance." he speaks to the newlyweds. He turns so that he can look to watch any who will join the dance floor before looking back to them a friendly smile still.

Nodding his head at the introduction. "A pleasure, Mr. Orwell…" he trails off as the music starts and Galahad is making his suggestion. "However, if ye will pardon us, I believe I will take Weasley's suggestion and dance with my wife… if she can keep up?" he turns a teasing challenge to Veruca as he drains the last of his champagne and puts it on a passing tray.

"There there, Umbridge," the small redhead murmurs soothingly, patting the girl's arm. "No reason to fluff up. Why doesn't Mr. Sullivan escort you over to a table instead?" Copper gives Kahren an unassumingly friendly smile and then places her hand in Adelphus' arm. "After you, Mr. Slughorn." She casually sets aside her glass of brandy and grins before murmuring to the man.

Gilbert chuckles, taking no offense at all at the rebuff. Instead he comes out of his bow formally offering Kahren an arm, "Then by all means, let me escort you to a table as Ms. Prince has suggested. And could I fetch you something to drink while in the process?"

Dark brows lift, as if Veruca can't believe the words her husband has dared utter. "If she can keep up?" she repeats, pointedly. Her smile is barely tamed as she looks to Denny. "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Orwell. I'm sure we shall find a chance to speak more this evening, but it appears that I must teach a lesson first." She looks to Galahad with a nod, "Mister Weasley." She follows Keenan out to the dance floor, saying to him, "You just watch me keep up, Ginger."

Adelphus takes Copper's hand and leads her towards the dancefloor, laughing at something she whispers to him along the way. "Alright, alright. We'll see." The dancefloor is disguised to look like flagstones, though it has the smoothness of a wood floor, so that dancing is effortless regardless of the appearance. He bows, and then takes her hand in his and raises it, the other hand resting on her waist.

"I am sorry," Kahren murmurs to Gilbert in an aside. "I'm sure you can find yourself a dance partner if you like - no need to mind after me." Still, she allows him to guide her towards the refreshment as she adds, "Oh, I have a fondness for red wines - and port." Mischevously she adds, "And sometimes rum."

Gilbert grins and shakes his head, waving away the apology with a small flick of his free hand, "Don't bother yourself with it. If you do not like dancing then you do not like dancing. But!" And at but he raises a finger, "If you do like rum then you must try something I discovered on one of my trips. Are you willing to accept /that/ challenge, my dear Ms. Umbridge?" As he talks he guide Kahren to the refreshments tables, specifically to the bar.

Copper picks up the trail of her skirt by its wrist catch and allows Adelphus to lead her fluidly into the lightness of the waltz. "I feel like I should have had some champagne before hand," she murmurs with a smirk as they begin to whirl around the dancefloor. Both of them are from fairly wealthy Pureblood families; they likely know these dances frontwards and back. "It seems like I should be riding on a bed of bubbles, letting it all go to my head."

"Does this mean ye're going to lead, lass?" Keenan asks with a grin as he holds his arm for Veruca and leads her to the floor. The two make a striking pair, tall and graceful as they move splendidly without mishap, even if the healer doesn't seem to lift his eyes once from his partner's face. His grin broadens as the beautiful witch deftly turns the tables on him in a move so subtle that only those with a great familiarity with dancing would recognize.

"It sounds like just my sort of challenge, Mister Sullivan," Kahren agrees. "Where, may I ask, do you travel to? I admit I've never been far - but I stay so tied to home, and the hospital… My own choice, of course, but…"

"The night is still young, Ariadne, dear." Adelphus says, in reference to her mention of needing more champagne. He grins, though, clasping her hand lightly as he circles around the dancefloor. He's not a particularly skilled or showy dancer - but he knows the steps and is spry enough to avoid trodding on any sensitive toes or expensive pumps. "We can have champagne, then dance more, and compare. That's what you Ravenclaw sorts do, isn't it? Study things?" He gives her a wink.

Gilbert abandons Kahren momentarily to have a low voice conversation with the bartender. After a few moments he returns while the bartender pulls out a bottle of rum and a bottle of Burpy Bubbles Soda, cola flavored. "Well, mainly I travel around the country, Spain, and France depending on the acting opportunities. But a few traveling shows have taken me to the Americas, as well as some research trips."

As Adelphus and Copper dance, neither are experts, but no one gets hurt. Copper's voice dips low, pitched only for her partner's ears. After a moment, she laughs and then gestures towards the side.

In a rare change of pace for the journeyman known as Jobe, he has decided to attend the Gala event of the weekend! His hair is clean, clothes are kempt. The beard is trimmed nicely. Heck, even a few of his rings look a bit shinier than normal.

With a steady, almost uneven grace he strides into the Hall, brown eyes ever darting. Searching. Wondering. He knew no-one here, that much can easily be told. Yet that still has not stopped him, the man coming to a halt near the edge of the gathering, hands tucked at the small of his back. Just taking in the scene.

"I have heard that America is a very… interesting place. Vibrant, shall we say?" Kahren suggests, as she watches him with the drinks. "…they combine rum with Burpy Bubbles?" She's not sure how she feels about that. She's fairly sure Arthur would hate it, though.

Adelphus blushes just a bit at whatever Copper whispers to him, as the two of them circle around the flagstone-appearing dancefloor. As the dance winds down he stops and smiles, "Let's get a drink." he says, "Then I guess I should say something." A grin, and he walks over towards the champagne fountain to get two glasses.

Copper looks smugly pleased that Adelphus is blushing, simply curtseying after the dance as he leads her to the fountain. She murmurs something else and then nods. "You probably should," she remarks idly. "I'm told that addresses and thank yous are a part of such occasions."

Gilbert chuckles as he nods and answers Kahren's comment, "That would indeed be a good way to describe the Americas, especially the Northamericans." Then he looks over at the bartender for a moment, just in time to watch the man bring the two drinks over. After thanking him he takes the drinks and offers one to Kahren with the following explenation,"Well, no. They have a soda called Coca-Cola. And the drink is called a Cola and Rum or in some places a Cuba Libre." He looks down at his drink then back up at Kahren with a blossoming smile, "I dare say that this is going to be a different experience but it should be close enough to the original to be enjoyable. Cheers!"

The bartenders are quite magical, too. Shakers levitate, random jets of fire occasionally shoot out of wands, and some of the drinks glow in strange colors. One uses his wand to levitate a shot of whiskey, sans glass, and toss it to someone like a hibatchi chef handing out a bonus shrimp. Of course, most of the time, they just serve drinks.

A little late to the gala, Angeline and Noalan II are fashionably late. The blonde haired witch is dressed beautifully in a dark blue wizarding gown that sparkles as it flows around her with silvery material draping exquisitely from the shoulders. A bright, warm smile rests on her face, sparkling in her eyes as she scans the hall. Her hand rests lightly in her husband's arm.

Kahren accepts the glass, still not looking certain about the inclusion of Burby Bubbles in her rum,b ut she raises the glass anyways. "To new friends - and to St. Mungo's," she offers, clinking glasses with the man before she drinks. She makes a thoughtful face as she considers the flavor.

After spending some time on the edge of the main group, watching people interact with each other by dancing or just chatting, Jobe slowly makes his way over to the bar himself. With a wrinkle of his nose and a narrow of his eyes he slides onto an isolated stool, seeming content with just letting the dull sounds of chatter fall over his ears for the moment. Even when a glass of bourbon is handed to him, the male merely waves his thanks to sip it quietly.

Seeing most other people moving off to dance Denny quietly slips back into the crowds schmoozing with just about everyone. Eventually through his winding path of handshaking, and smiling he makes his way over towards where Jobe happens to be sitting. Without really thinking much on it he grabs a seat next to the man.

Adelphus closes his eyes for a long-suffering second as Copper whispers in his ear again, then he downs an entire glass of champagne in a go. "I think I need something stronger…" he says, then takes her hand and heads towards the bar.

"To new friends and to St. Mungo's!" Gilbert seconds Kahren's toast then takes a pull from his glass. He seems satisfied with the taste of the drink, although he almost immediately needs to use his free hand to cover a discrete burp, "Pardon me. But tell me, what do you think? The Coca-Cola version is a bit sweeter and less… Gassy I guess would be the most appropriate word but this is still a reasonable approximation."

Sipping his bourbon with cautioned hesitation, Jobe mulls the strong alcohol in his mouth a little. Then, with an audible swallow, he turns his head to Denny. The man who has suddenly taken a seat next to him is given a careful gaze out of the corner of his russett brown eyes. "Enjoying your evening?" He asks Denny in casual conversation, taking another gulp of his alcohol and emptying the glass.

"Well, it isn't… bad," Kahren responds, though that's hardly a compliment. "But I think I prefer just rum. Still, I can see how this sort of thing would appeal to some." Gamely, she takes another sip. Americans are probably terribly quaint, she decides. "You traveling amongst wizarding communities, I presume?" she adds curiously.

Once more, Copper merely smirks at Adelphus' reply. "I do believe that you were going to make some remarks?" she drawls as she lifts her champagne flute to her lips…

Noalan II has decided to do his civic duty and take the opportunity to take his wife out for the evening. His robes are a deep forest green with silver trim. A silver and emerald ring decorates his finger and a silver small silver broach of his family crest sits on his lapel. His Salt and pepper hair styled back, showing his forehead and ears. "… putting in for the governors again." He says as he walks in with his wife.

Gilbert shakes his head since he can't immediately answer the question because he's swallowing another bit of rum and 'coke'. Once he's swallowed he says, "Actually, no. I specialize in Muggle Studies and to facilitate meeting as many Muggles as possible I also trained as an actor. When I perform and travel it is usually with Muggle theatrical companies."

"You're right, of course." Adelphus says, with a little sigh, "Alright, I'll do that first." He gives her a kiss on the cheek and murmurs a reply to her whisper, then says, "And I should probably stick with the champagne. But I'll be back in a few minutes."

Angeline is very eager to be here this evening. As her blue eyes pull away from scanning the hall, she smiles affectionately as she inclines her head to her husband. Her fingers tighten a little on his arm to show her support. "It's just a matter of time, dear. You'll be accepted in due time." She tips her head onward, gesturing towards the bar. "Should we grab some drinks and then maybe a dance? Or would you like to mingle a little?"

"Really?" Kahren asks, looking rather fascinated. "What was that like? Are the Muggles there terribly different than around here? I imagine they have… cinema, and the underground, and aeroplanes, and much the same things?"

After draining his first small glass of whiskey, Jobe calls for another with a polite flick of his wrist. As he does so, the tall man reaches into his pocket — withdrawing a long, ten centimetre smoking pipe. Lighting the end of it, he takes a long draw, before exhaling some smoke into the cool air. Holding it in his spare hand, he takes another sip of his now re-filled whiskey glass.

Hey, this gala stuff isn't so bad after all! Who knew that being social could be so easy?

Copper's lips curl into a coy smirk at something, and she shakes her head. "Maybe, if you're very well behaved…" She murmurs something quietly to him as her eyes turn towards the door and the people entering.

Gilbert waggles his hand in a partial answer to Kahren, "They are a lot like the Muggles in this area. The main differences are in their food and their language. And the Americans have this exhuberance to them that the British just do not have. And a fierce patriotism rooted in their history as rebels."

"A matter time till the place eats it's self as well the way it's going. Perhaps a new one would be in order after that." Noalan II says, his voice making it difficult to tell if he likes or dislikes that idea. "Drinks and mingling first I think. Some people won't be capable of it later I think."

Gilbert waggles his hand in a partial answer to Kahren, "They are a lot like the Muggles in this area. The main differences are in their food and their language. And the Americans have this exhuberance to them that the British just do not have. And a fierce patriotism rooted in their history as rebels."

Adelphus walks up to the shaped treetrunk near the pergola that serves as the podium for the evening. The band finishes their number and stops playing.

"More than here?" Kahren muses. "And I thought the Muggles here were quite fond of their King… what is his name again? Charles, or Frederick, or something. I think I read it in the Prophet once…" Though she can't for the life of her remember now.

Showing up fashionably on time are the Macnairs. Clover is dressed in a green dress that is accented with emeralds, and knowing the amount of money that Zephyr has, they're probably real. The Master Healer has a very pretty decoration on her arm, by the name of Zephyr. He is also very nicely dressed and she pats his arm as they enter the room. "We don't have to be here long, I know how you feel about fundraises darling."

Zephyr leans over to very lightly kiss Clover's cheek. "Yes, you meet the worst sort of people at these things." He says dryly down to her. She's probably the only one to realize that he's kidding. Since it was the 1934 St. Mungo's Gala where he first met his future wife. "What shall we do first? Eat, mingle, or dance to avoid the mingling and food?"

Adelphus clears his throat and murmurs "Sonorus" as touches his wand to his throat. The gentle burr of his voice fills the room, "Good evening! For those of you who do not know, I am Adelphus Slughorn, and I have the honor to be the chair of the Gala Committee this year. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming and for donating so generously to support Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Since our founding by Mungo Bonham almost four hundred years ago, the healers of St. Mungo's have been there for you. Thank you for being here for us!". He lowers his wand long enough to clap, raising his hands so his fellow staff members know that they should do the same.

Sitting his drink on the counter behind him, Denny starts to clap along respectably, listening to the words being said from Adelphus. He keeps a friendly smile on, not even having popped one of his cheep cigars into the corner of his mouth yet. He's just in one of those polite moods.

Jobe turns on his stool when Adelphus' voice booms throughout the Hall. With his pipe in mouth, the man from the mountains just sort of watches as applause erupts around him. Taking another long draw, Jobe lowers his pipe to take another sip of tasty bourbon. He does raise his glass slightly in appreciation and admiration. If nothing else, he was thankful that he got an invite here.

Gilbert claps along with everyone else while still talking with Kahren, "But that's the difference. Here its all about the King. There its about individual freedoms and maintaining themfor everyone."

Copper sips at her champagne for a while… clapping politely as the clapping begins and filters through the room with almost everyone else joining in. Servers continue filter through the room, offering canapes and cocktails or flutes of champagne.

Adelphus' speech is the saving grace of some poor soul who's just been given a rather long and extremely detailed recounting of the time Healer Felicity Rowle pulled a broom out from a witches chest. The relief the speech provides also establishes and easy escape and the gentleman excuses himself so that he can go donate. "Thank you for your contribution." She says genuinely before sniffing at some strangely shaped tiny little bit of food. "Well I guess this if anywhere is the best place to get food poisoning." Is said outloud before she takes the tiny appetizer into her mouth and daintily chews it up. Her head tilts on way and then the other way as she chews it while applauding for Adelphus.

"I'm not entirely certain I appreciate the important of the distinction," Kahren murmurs, while clapping. "But perhaps we can discuss it properly in a moment." She then turns her attention politely back to Adelphus.

A soft sigh brushes past Angeline's lips, but she's still smiling with the warmth of it in her eyes. There is a tinge of concern at her husband's words, but she does her best to push that out of her mind, trusting that her children are handling themselves perfectly well. "I'm sure things will get sorted out," she responds softly. "The board of governors would be smart to take your offer now." She nods her head in response to mingling first, but her brightly lit eyes drift towards Adelphus. Her hand slips from Noalan's arm so that she can applaud accordingly.

Adelphus pauses only a moment after his clapping stops, and then touches his wand back to his throat, "I will not take much of your time. But in this time of strife in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds, it is heartening to know that there are still those who are willing to contribute their hard earned galleons and sickles towards preserving one of the great institutions of the Wizarding world. Our healers continue to work on cutting edge potions and spells to ease suffering and heal magical damage and disease - work that we couldn't do without events like this and people like you to support it. We look forward to seeing you all in the future - but hopefully not as patients Now, please, enjoy the food and dancing,

"Oh I know. They sorts you run into here are just deplorable. I hear they like to seduce women with tangos and fine champagne. It's a good thing I have you here to protect me from such people." When he asks what she wants to do, she makes an effort to think it over. "Why don't we dance? Work up an appitite so we'll enjoy the food more."

Adelphus pauses only a moment after his clapping stops, and then touches his wand back to his throat, "I will not take much of your time. But in this time of strife in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds, it is heartening to know that there are still those who are willing to contribute their hard earned galleons and sickles towards preserving one of the great institutions of the Wizarding world. Our healers continue to work on cutting edge potions and spells to ease suffering and heal magical damage and disease - work that we couldn't do without events like this and people like you to support it. We look forward to seeing you all in the future - but hopefully not as patients Now, please, enjoy the food and dancing, and let's enjoy the party!"

The healer claps his hands again, a single, loud time…

Noalan II pauses when Angeline does and turns to give the speech most of his attention. He takes the opportunity to give the crowd a good looking over for familiar faces, people of important, and law enforcement. At the occasional golf clap in appropriate areas. "We'll see, their judgment up to this point doesn't lend confidence to their decision making skills."

Fireflies - lightning bugs to some - rise from some of the bushes, and float like little sparks of light above the visitors to the gala. They float upwards, making a circling spiral and seeming to go higher and higher into the conjured ceiling of the dance hall. Then, when they reach a height, they burst! Fireworks light the night sky, in every color of the rainbow, shining bright, multicolored light down on the gathered crowd. One firework is in the form of a swooping thestral, and glides low before dissapearing up into the stars, training sparks of red. Another is a dragon, a centaur, and other such magical beasts amongst the peals of light and sound.

Jobe takes a deep breath, before exhaling slowly and surely. Lifting a finger to rub his nose in thought, he places his now once-again empty glass on the bar. With his pipe back in his mouth, the man leans back, taking in the various forms and people all around. Clapping, cheering or just being socialites. His gaze shifts, moving from the main speech giver in Adelphus, to the newest arrival in Felicity.

His attention is then grabbed by the in-house fireworks, watching the things explode in a riot of colour and sound. A small smile graces his lips, seeming happy with the show of magic.

Applauding quietly, Copper waits to the side until Adelphus returns to her. "Very nice touch, Darling," she murmurs with a small, sly smile. "And well done. Now, let's go finish mingling…" The midnight blue-clad wizard and the golden amber-adorned witch begin to work their way through the crowds again, stopping here, chatting there, shaking hands and continental-cheek kissing on occasion… Until they reach the Eibons. "Why, Mr. and Mrs. Eibon," Copper says with a brilliant smile. "What a pleasure to see you again. You know, it seems that I never see you except at these little gatherings."

And, as the last light of the fireworks fades and the stars and torches brighten again, the band begins to play again.

Angeline gives her full attention to the speech, nodding her head as she listens. She applauds louder as the fireworks break into forms, energized by the display. But the witch also takes the opportunity to look around again, and she smiles brilliantly as she gestures over towards Gilbert. "There's Mr. Sullivan, he went to school with me, dear," she comments. But before she can insist on approaching, Angeline's blue eyes are sliding onto the approach of Copper. "Good evening, Ms. Prince. How are you doing?" she asks, friendly.

"A pleasure to see you again." Noalan II greats, giving her a little bow. "There always seems to be something else going on, doesn't there? I feel I'm in the country less than half the time." His eyes flick up to the light display, then drop back, "How have things been going for you? Come across anything interesting lately?"

Adelphus has finished with his formal duties and obtained two more glasses of champagne, and so he heads over to join Copper again, offering her one of the two he holds. "Good evening." he says, to the Eibons, "Thank you for coming. I hope you're finding it a pleasant evening?"

Copper chuckles softly. "I have been keeping marvelously… Thank you for asking." Then Noalan asks about interesting things. "Perhaps," she demures. "However, I promised Mr. Slughorn that I would not talk business tonight… Perhaps if you're still in town, you could drop by the store tomorrow." She sips at her champagne. "I might have a bauble or two that would intrigue… Speaking of Mr. Slughorn, Adelphus this is Mr Noalan Eibon II and his charming wife Angeline."

Gilbert politely watches the end of the speech and the fireworks, finishing his drink in the process. Once the show is over he turns his attention back to Kahren, "It is probably just a philosophical distinction. In the end it creates very similar results. But enough about me. I am entirely sure you have many an interesting story to tell about your time working at St. Mungo's."

As the fireflies float up and explode into fireflies, Kahren laughs in delight, clapping her hands. She directs her attention back to Gilbert, smiling a bit uncertainly. "Oh, I don't know. I'm not the best story teller, I'm afraid. And for most of the past seven years I've been in the Plant and Potion Poisoning wards - where the stories are generally much less interesting. Some criminal acts, of course, but largely it's brewing mishaps, or parents who don't take the proper precautions when young children are in the home."

"A pleasure, Mr. and Mrs. Eibon." Adelphus says, shaking and kissing hands respectively with appropriate amounts of polite bowing and smiling, all with his champagne glass expertly balanced. "I do apologize, but I must pull Miss Prince away for a little while to assist me with something. With your permission?" He takes Copper's hand, and makesto lead her away.

Smiling, Angeline nods to Copper, but allows her husband to take over. As her gaze drifts onto Adelphus' approach, she offers the wizard a nod along with an amiable smile. "It's very pleasant, you have done a wonderful job with this event, Adelphus," says the blonde haired witch personably. Angeline's gaze breaks away briefly before they return to Noalan and she taps his arm lightly. In soft voice, she murmurs, "I'm going to go get us drinks and stop by to say hello to Mr. Sullivan." Before she heads off though, she turns to Copper and Adelphus. "It was lovely to see you again, Ms. Prince. Lovely to meet you," she adds to the wizard.

"But of course, Darling." Copper returns her attention to Noalan. "I hope to see you at the shop in the next couple of days… Be well, Mr. Eibon, Mrs. Eibon…" And she's led off.

Noalan II gives her an understanding nod, "Of course, I would never want you to break your promises." When Adelphus approaches he offers the man his hand. "Mister Slughorn. It's our pleasure." He says to their introduction. "It's been entertaining so far. I must say, it's nice to see someone has the courage still to hold large events like this." When he excuses himself he nods, "Of course, don't let me detain you."

Gilbert smiles as he sees Angelina coming his way and nods slightly to her once she gets close enough to greet, "Angelina, a pleasure to see you again. Have you had a chance to meet Healer Umbridge?" He motions to his companion of the moment, making the proper and polite introcudtions.

"You know, I do not believe we've ever had the pleasure," Kahren responds, her gaze flicking to her hand for the tell-tale signs of a ring as she asks, "Mrs…?" She holds one hand out to clasp the other's warmly. "Mister Sullivan had just been telling me of his travels in America."

"Gilbert!" Angeline's greeting is full of energy, her eyes sparkling brightly. "It's so good to see you," she offers genuinely as she spreads her hands. Smiling cheerfully as she looks to Kahren at the introduction, the witch lowers her head in a polite greeting. "A pleasure to meet you. Eibon," she finishes Kahren's question, hand reaching out to shake her hand. Her gaze shifts as her husband follows - since his conversation has finished - and gestures as she politely introduces. "And here is my husband, Noalan Eibon. I'm sure you've heard of him."

With his old conversation partners moving away, he turns and follows close behind Angeline. He steps up next to her, left arm going around her waist as she introduces him. "Sir." He says in way of introduction, "I believe my son owns some you're your books."

Denny watches silently from beside the bar finally giving into his addiction, and lighting up one of his rather cheep wizard cigars. From the moment he starts smoking the smoke itself taking odd shapes with each puff, that dances around a bit before dissipating. This charity event has already proved a rather interesting venue for him to cement his public appearance, as 'not that bad of a guy'. Though as to how well it's working, only time will tell, but in his mind at least he's doing a commendable job. He hasn't even raised his voice at anyone yet.

Broderick pushed through into the community hall, his eyes dancing around to look at the other current visitors. With a slight smile offered to those around, he turned and made his way slowly over towards the bar.

Gilbert offers his hand to Noalan, "A pleasure to meet the man behind the legend." What exactly 'the legend' is Gilbert leaves unspoken. "And a pleasure to hear that you sone owns some of my books. Is he interested in Muggle Studies? I do not think I have been honored by having one of my books being used as part of the class textbooks at Hogwarts."

Kahren is not terribly good at knowing famous names, but she smiles, and offers her hand to Noalan regardless. "Mr. Noalan, certainly a pleasure," she greets him warmly. "I hope that you and your lovely wife are enjoying the Gala. We certainly appreciate your generous support of the Hospital. Is your son at the school? I'm hoping to teach some workshops on basic healing spells - I hope you can encourage him to attend."

After her initial introduction, Angeline allows for the greetings to take effect without interfering. She smiles fondly as she turns to her husband, commenting sincerely, "Gilbert was always a big fan of books." She glances back to him. "You definitely need to come over some time and have some tea," she offers. Angeline looks to Kahren again, and her eyes flicker with a mother's pride. "I've two sons and a daughter presently in school. Hmm," she lets out. She turns to look at Noalan, letting him answer about the workshop.

Noalan II's stiff features react little to the question, "Such a lot of respect, is gratifying. Though I'm sure any tails you've heard are greatly exaggerated." He says neutrally. His question causes his eyebrow to twitch ever so slightly, "My son's interests are… varied." He says, not seeming particularly keen on elaborating. Any gossip around his eldest son would certainly include that he's quite close to a Muggle born girl. "Healer Umbridge. It is good be meeting so many fine medical practitioners tonight." When Angeline finishes talking he adds, "My eldest is taking the NEWT's for becoming a curse breaker, so I have no idea if he'd have the time or interest for that, but I could be wrong. The younger ones may be more likely to come. If they allow you to hold that workshop the way things are going there."

Gilbert pulls out of the pocket of his tuxedo's coat, of all things, a Muggle pocket watch. Popping its lid open with practiced ease he checks the time and frowns a little bit. Looking up at his group he says, "Ms. Umbridge, now that you have appropriate company I must take my leave. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again soon." To Angeline and Noalan he adds, "Angeline, a pleasure to see you again. And I would be delighted to stop by for tea at some point. Mr. Eibon, nice to meet you finally. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the gala." And with that he starts making his way out to the exit.

"Have a good evening, Mister Sullivan," Kahren responds, before returning ehr attention to Noalan and Angeline. "A cursebreaker? A lofty goal - the goblins are quite selective, I believe. But if he does succeed - it can be dangerous work. Healing spells would be all the crucial to him, then," she offers encouragingly. "And I certainly hope they workshops will get there final approval. In these dark times, it seems more vital than ever that we all be prepared. I believe it'll only be for the fifth years and up. Even though we'll be focusing on fairly basic, first aid magic, it's so important that have a strong foundation before we allow them to cast healing spells on others."

"It was very lovely to see you," Angeline returns to Gilbert with a nod and a smile. "I do hope you can make it out." She lowers her head politely to her former schoolmate and offers out wave as he departs. Turning her gaze back to Kahren, she nods as she listens to her talk. Her expression shifts appropriately to pride, a concerned agreement about the dangers of curse-breaking, and a pensive one as about the workshops. She glances to her husband, reaching out to touch her fingertips to his lower arm and looks back to Kahren. "I think we can suggest it to him, at the very least. My oldest will make up his own mind though, of course. But yes," she nods in agreement. "It makes sense to set an age restriction. My daughter, while she's very eager and bright, she's only twelve."

"Of course. I keep forgetting that we teach our children how cast offensive spells in their younger years, and only later teach them counter spells, shields and healing." Noalan II says, straight faced, "Perhaps he will show up then. You never know when a spiked floor trap will be missed and you suddenly have to unperforated your lower half." He lets Angeline go on for a bit about their children, letting his gaze wander the hall. "I suspect your approval may hinge on whom you propose to instruct." He says, when his wife is finally done.

"I fully intend to instruct all students," Kahren answers simply. "It benefits no one to deny any such potentially life-saving information. And while I cannot control when the staff at Hogwarts find it most appropriate to teach what skills - I can control when I think it's appropriate to teach healing spells. An inexperienced student casting a healing spell on an injured individual could in fact exaserbate the injury - which is the last thing we would want," she explains. "Which is why I intend to teach it only to students who are or soon will be the age of majority. They will best appreciate the gravity of having someone health in their hands."

Angeline smiles kindly as she nods to Kahren. "Very well put, Healer Umbridge." She inclines her head a little, bringing her hand to rest flat against her lower neck. "I know a little bit on how challenging a healing spell may be. I don't cast on other people, but a quite a few creatures have needed care." Her smile twitches as she bobs her head. "It's reassuring to hear people speak about safety their teachings." Angeline looks down briefly, a little concern leaking through. "I'm sorry, thinking about the school's been a bit worrying. Sometimes I wish I can pop on in there to check that their okay." She lets out a little laugh. "Thank goodness for those Hogsmeade weekends."

"As you say. I certainly have no input into such matters." The corner of Noalan II mouth twitches ever so slightly, "I'd imagine you'll have a hard time getting that approved. The way I hear it, the Headmaster has very nearly gone so far as to added rubber padding to the tips of the Muggleborns wands to prevent them sticking them up their noses." To his wife he nods, "It is fortuitous to live so close to the school sometimes."

"It must be a relief to see them then. I have cousins at the school - I hope I can find them this weekend, to check on them." Kahren sighs, then shakes her head. "To be honest, though, I think it would be foolish of him to refuse such a workshop. I think parents could be rather outraged by that - regardless of their blood status. Should they find out. There's no logical reason to refuse such workshops."

Angeline nods to both Kahren and her husband, her smile flickering appreciatively. "It is nice when I have a chance to see them." Her smile falters a little as the talk about the school carries on, but she kindly rubs a hand soothingly along her husband's lower arm. "Should we head over to pick up some drinks?" asks the witch softly. Bringing her gaze back onto Kahren, Angeline nods to her. "I do hope everything goes well your workshops, Healer Umbridge. It was lovely to speak with you."

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