(1939-09-21) Happy Hogsmeade Weekend
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Summary: Rena happens to be in Hogsmeade on Auror business over the weekend, and she has a rather interesting encounter with young Angelus Eibon and Anthony Rowle on the way home.
Date: 1939-09-21
Location: East High Street - Hogsmeade

Autumn is well on its way, alas. It has been a stressful and eventful summer that has seemed both long and short at the same time in Rena's mind.
The wind is gusty and cool, but the golden sunshine is warm on her skin as she walks out of Rosie's Caff. Smiling up at the sky, the redhead squints her eyes slightly before shifting the weight of the parcel she's carrying to make walking easier. She has apparently been inside to pick up some food - probably something sweet and delicious. Carefully, she tip-toes down the steps and onto the street.

Angelus is a little disappointed as he wanders along the street on his own. His head is lowered, watching his steps instead of looking around, humming softly to himself. The youth is, of course, adorned in fashionable light blue and white robes, the fabric warm and expensive. His head comes up as he passes by Rosie's, noticing the familiar redhead exiting and immediately straightens. "Good day, Auror Odori," Angelus greets politely, instantly bowing his head respectfully.

The wind snatches at Rena's hat, and she shifts the parcel again so that one hand is free to pat it lightly back into place. Blustery weather is never kind to ladies in hats, unfortunately. And all of her hat pins are back in London, unfortunately. She hadn't intended on making such a fast exit for Hogsmeade last night - and she came totally unprepared.
Angelus' greeting causes Rena to start a little. The name "Odori" still seems so very odd to her… frankly, she misses Lee. "Oh, 'ello Mister Eibon." She says with a vaguely uncertain smile. "Hogsmeade weekend agreeing with you? Been around to all the 'igh spots in town?" She then asks, trying to lighten the atmosphere a bit.

"It's been going well," Angelus responds with a slight dip of his head. Proper, and well-behaved, his accent is strictly in formal, southern British. His smile is bright as it flicks across his face, rolling his shoulders back in response. "I haven't picked up my usual package at Harkiss' yet, though." Clearly every child should stalk up with candy on Hogsmeade weekend. The youth clears his throat as he takes a step closer to Rena, a single brow arching as a hand is drawn out. "Can I help you with that, ma'am?" he offers, flashing a sincere smile.

Rena considers the question carefully. Not because she doesn't trust the boy with a box of goodies, but rather because she has a distinct allergy to troubling people for help when she's quite capable on her own. However, the wind is being rather problematic, and that decides the issue rather quickly. "Well, if you're sure it isn't a bother," she relents with a smile, offering the box to Angelus. "Thanks awfully."
Heading in the direction of her cottage, Rena motions for the boy to follow: "I 'ear things ain't been exactly peachy keen at school, lately." She offers, by way of conversation. "For just about everyone, one way and another." Not just the Muggleborns, seemingly.

Anthony is briskly wandering up the street, in the direction of the cottages. He's in his muggloid clothing, although the fabrics really don't… quite… work together. And the Ravenclaw tie is a bit of a giveaway, anyway.

"Not at all," replies Angelus politely to it not being a bother. "I'd be happy to assist." He flashes a brilliantly warm smile, stepping up to receive the box, which he holds carefully in his arms. His head dips once in acknowledgement to her gesture, and he begins to follow the witch. The frown that flicks out is brief, but his smile doesn't return. Instead, his expression is neutral as he nods his head gravely. "No, ma'am, I suppose it is a little stressful this year." A single brow lifts curiously, a little unsure. What… What sort of information do Aurors know?

"That's a shame," Rena replies to Angelus with a faint sigh as they walk. "I mean, School was never a bouquet of roses for me, personally - I know it's supposed to be a happy place, where the kids make friends, learn and generally enjoy themselves. I wish things 'adn't gone so 'aywire for everyone this year." Pausing, she feels it necessary to add: "For me, it was difficult because I was so terribly 'omesick most of the time. I did enjoy the learning. Even when I was dealing with N.E.W.T.s and working toward becoming an Auror."
Rena's eyes catch sight of a boy she met not long ago. "Good morning, Mister Rowle!" She says brightly, hoping that her voice catches the young man by the ear as he passes them by. All in all, she's got far too many good reasons to be in a cheerful mood today.

Anthony pauses in his pacing, "Ah… Mrs Odori!" He lifts the hat politely, "Delightful to see you again. Much sooner than I was expecting." He seems to be heading in the same general direction.

A hum escapes from Angelus, slowly nodding his head as he keeps up with the witch, listening to her as he cocks his head. "I fear that in some minds school isn't meant to be enjoyable," he comments honestly, followed by a little sigh. His head lifts as he adds, "Finish our studies and return to our dorms without much fuss." But, aware that he's complaining about the lack of fun to the grown up, Gel clears his throat and murmurs, "I'm sorry, ma'am." He falls silent as he follows along, and is about to pipe up again when his blue eyes flick towards Anthony. "Hello, Rowle."

"Enjoying 'Ogsmeade Weekend, too?" Rena asks Tony with an innocent smile. However, Angelus' rather subdued attitude, and less than enthusiastic greeting of the other boy causes Rena's glance to drift curiously between them. "No need to be sorry. As I've said - things 'aven't exactly been sunshine and rainbows for anyone at school this year, from what I've 'eard." Pausing briefly, she decides to go out on a limb and say: "I know it's none of my affair as an Auror, but as a person, I've been worried about you kids in school, you know. It ain't right to make children miserable in school. Learning is supposed to be a fun thing. You remember lessons better if you're 'aving a good time. At least, that's what I always found."
At the very least, the young woman hopes that she's coming across as a friendly and sympathetic soul. If Angelus only knew what she'd heard about him lately.

Anthony gives a brisk nod, "Eibon." And he falls in with the others, "Actually, you have a point. I'm concerned on the effects that this will have on the average level of attainment. Although I have to admit, I'm still having fun, but that's a rather selfish view."

Angelus nods to show his acknowledgement, watching Rena curiously before his blue eyes flick onto Anthony. But now that the seventh year and the grown up are here, the boy takes to being quiet, not wishing to interrupt or be disrespectful. Eventually, however, careful as not to cut anyone off, he pipes up after clearing his throat. "It's not really fair of me to complain about the lack of fun. It's really not place to complain about the way the school is run." He glances between seventh year and Auror, but is only quiet for a few after he lets out a sigh. "Pardon me, but if there's so many problems why hasn't anyone thought about building a secondary school? We're always told to stay away or not say anything if we can't get along, so wouldn't it help matters if we could just have our own place?"

Anthony's remark causes Rena to surreptitiously rub the bridge of her nose with her index finger to mask the amused smile lurking in the background. He always used such grand and mighty words.
Returning her attention to Angelus quickly, however, she shakes her head: "On the one 'and, I can see 'ow a lot of people might think that building another school would solve problems; but, on the other… it wouldn't. Because, you see, by doing that, people would be throwing up a white flag and surrendering. Running away from problems never works." Here, she pauses and glances down momentarily. "If anyone knows that, it's me. If something is wrong, or an injustice is being done, the thing to do is to stand up for what is right and keep on trying to put things right - come 'ell or 'igh water. That's just one of the many things I learned when I was in Hogwarts, you know."

Anthony says, "And beside, how long would it take to get it arranged, and a site found, and paid for, and staff recruited, and the whole situation approved by the Ministry? No. No, this is where it must be sorted out. Here, and in London."

A brow raises as Angelus locks his blue eyes on the witch briefly, turning to look back ahead of himself, and a quick glance at the seventh year. Humming out as he thinks about his words first, the youth pipes up again. "It doesn't have to be big. But if we had a place of a pre-school, where beginners, witches and wizards who are just discovering they have magical talent can learn the basics so that they better fit in when they start Hogwarts for the first time. Wouldn't that help people be less likely be put out or feel frustrated?" Gel looks down to the ground, grimacing a little. "'Cause the school can't go on the way it is right now."

"I'm afraid you're both right in a way," Rena says rather unhappily. Tony's point about the problems needing to be sorted out is unfortunately true. It's got to be done here where the problem lies. "And I mean that. School can't go on the way it's going now. But, that being said, these things need to be handled civilly by level headed people. And I just 'aven't seen much level-headedness in the people who are trying to fix what's wrong."
Stopping a moment as they head down East Crook road, Rena takes a notion to ask: "What would you boys say are the most troubling things about school right now? You're in the thick of it. And all I've seen is a bunch of grown-ups shouting at each other about politics. Why not ask the kids?"

Anthony considers this, "The lack of education. Quite apart from the Magijugend… and they _are_ troubling.. and it would not surprise me if they felt under compulsion, under the circumstances… the fact that we are losing a days education every day for the pupils least adapted to our ways of life."

Angelus looks a little disappointed by the answer. Frowning, he lowers his gaze again as he walks carefully. "…Right," Gel murmurs out quietly. A sigh escapes the boy, and as he speaks up again he lifts his head in an important manner. "My father's level headed and civil - if he were accepted on the board of governors…" A faint smile twitches at his lips, but Angelus clears his throat, stopping when the Auror does and shifting a bit uncomfortably. Oh, how he would /love/ to answer, but as he shifts the box he's holding for Rena, he twists and looks at his self for a quick glance. He looks to Anthony as he answers, which brings out a frown. "The Magijugend aren't what everyone keeps saying they are," he says quickly and defensively.

Rena listens to Anthony with care and understanding, letting the boy have his say. Angelus does the same, remaining very polite and laid back during the whole conversation, thus far. Curious, she turns her dark gaze to the younger boy and watches his reaction before he begins to speak. When he's had his say, the young woman diplomatically replies: "Well, that's the trouble with rumours. Some may be based on a grain of truth, but it's so 'ard to find it once it's been embellished and told and re-told… What is it that people say about the Magijugend that 'as you upset? I know Alphard told me what the club was all about when 'e was an intern over the summer at the Ministry." Might as well try to get a fix on how Angelus really feels about it all.

Anthony remains quiet, listening.

Angelus dips his head in a one, quick nod in agreement. "Yes, ma'am," he says in a proper tone, "rumours can stretch the truth to ridiculous levels." She offers a cordial smile, just a flicker before he's letting out a hum in thought. His blue eyes flick towards the seventh year before he looks back up to Rena. "Well, ma'am, if you heard from Black what the club was all about, then you know firsthand. He knows better than anyone else, after all." He smiles and nods his head. "Everyone expects that we want to dismiss Muggle-born altogether and turn them away. To make the school just for the purest." Gel shakes his head, inhales deeply and continues. "All we want is to preserve our culture, keep things the way it should be with magic, not turn it into another Muggle world. Which is why a pre-school could work so well, so that students can learn a bit about our culture before being thrown into it and making other people upset because of ignorance." At the end, the lets out a breath and dips down into a rather formal bow to the Auror, emphasizing his respect.

"That's about the size of what Alphard told me," Rena replies at length, regarding the point and purpose of the Magijugend club. However, she doesn't seem to be inclined to remark on the idea of a pre-school for Muggleborn students. She may have been thrown for a loop when she first entered Hogwarts, but still, she did manage to get over it in time… although most people who know her even a little would say that she never got over being a Muggle. Nor does she have any desire to. Alphard told her she might as well run around naked as be dressed in her absurd Muggle clothing.
"Well," Rena speaks again, breathing a little sigh. "I do 'ope that things begin turning around for the better, soon. Segregation never answers problems. And I think a lot of people are making a lot of mistakes. But, you know… Back when I was in school, one of the most important lessons I ever learned was about mistakes." Here, she turns her gaze to focus on Angelus. "Even when you fall flat on your face, you're going in the right direction. Forward. And, tomorrow is always fresh without any mistakes 'aving been made in it, yet."

Anthony gives a little nod, "Eibon. May I see your wand, please?" It's pleasantly asked. Polite, even. But it's as if there's some surprise lurking there.

Angelus straightens, adjusting his grip on the box as he focuses his eyes on Rena. He nods to her as he responds, "Yes, ma'am." A light smile flutters against his lips. "We can only learn from our mistakes if we're willing." The youth is completely taken a back, blinking, as he slides his gaze onto Anthony. His wand? A brow arches as he tilts his head, frowning, but clearing his throat and nodding uncertainly. "I suppose?" He shifts to Rena's package against his body and one hand while he dips his hand into his robes and to his shoulder. The dark wooden wand, almost black, with its luxurious blue vanity handle, is offered out delicately to the seventh year curiously.
Right below the handle of his wand, a silver band could either be a part of the vanity handle or…added.

Rena smiles warmly at Angelus as he agrees with her about learning from mistakes. Another lesson she learned was that you can often find common ground with people, even if you don't see eye to eye on many things. However, Anthony's request to see Angelus' wand causes her to arch one eyebrow inquisitively. For the moment, she simply stands by and watches the interaction between the boys with curiosity.

Anthony doesn't take it. There's courtesy involved, but he does note, "You clearly love your wand. You decorate it." He gestures with a hand. "Handle…. jewelry." There's a faint smile, "Don't you think it'd look better if you took it all off, and had the feel of the naked wood in your hand?"

Angelus shifts a little, his blue eyes locked on the Ravenclaw curiously. When his wand isn't taken, he waits a second or so before he moves his hand back to the box, but with the wand still gripped in his hand. "I'm rather fond of it," he responds to Anthony with a curt nod. "But I especially like the handle," he says, and he can't help but say this with a slightly conceited tone. When you can afford such extraordinary things, why shouldn't we show it off?"

"I'm afraid I tend to take a practical approach to magic, myself," Rena responds to both boys, trying to diffuse the situation a little. She isn't sure what Anthony hopes to accomplish by getting Angelus to display his highly decorative wand. And, needless to say, a slightly bemused glance drifts toward the former before she adds: "As an Auror, we keep our wands clean of any extra embellishments that might possibly hinder or alter the performance. Decoration can be a tricky thing - especially metal bits like that ring."

Anthony says thoughtfully, "That's a view, of course. But I believe it shows a lack of respect both to the craftsman who originally made the wand. If he had felt it needed a handle, he would have placed one on it… and to the one who helped the wand and you pick each other." He gesticulates vaguely with his left hand, "And of course, it introduces a third individual… the weaver… into the relationship between you and your wand. I'm not sure that is desirable, philosophically speaking, or wise, magically speaking. I'd offer to show you my wand in return, or demonstration, but probably that would not be needed."

Angelus looks from Auror to seventh year as they speak, frowning a little as he listens. He lowers his gaze and shifts his hand to again examine his wand. The motioning flicks he does are done very carefully, the tip pointed away from the other two. "I've found no hindrance," he murmurs out, looking up at Rena, and then towards Anthony. A brow rises as he asks, "Would you find tying a decorative ribbon from the end of your broom a lack of respect, too." He lifts his shoulders coolly. "It's just a little decor." His eyes flick back up to Rena, to his wand, shifting uncomfortably as he clears his throat. He suddenly decides to tuck his wand back into its holster under his robes, blinking. "A matter of preference," he points out with a smile.

Rena takes a moment to count her change, as it were. Especially when decorative ribbons are mentioned in conjunction with brooms. Her own dear Cycloom is possibly the most decorated and outlandish flying object in the whole of England… but she doesn't care. It's hers, and Laurence made it especially for her.
"Well, that's true enough. To each 'is own, as the saying goes." Rena speaks at length. They are quite near to her cottage now, and she casts a furtive glance in its direction. "Perhaps I'd best take the parcel from 'ere, boys." She says with a smile. "I'm actually 'ere today on Auror business that I sadly can't tell you about, and it's best if I go on to the cottage alone."

Anthony says, rather austerely, "Yes. Yes. I would. Not that I fly. But my link with a broom is not, I think, the same as that with my wand." Clearly not, Tony, if you refer to one as 'a', and the other as 'my'. "Nor is yours, I would hazard. Could you consider owning two brooms, and riding them both? It is not distasteful. Now, imagine having two wands, and thinking of them both as _yours_. It feels somewhat indecent, doesn't it? Almost like the idea of having two wives." He nods politely to the Auror, "Of course, Mrs Odori. Wouldn't dream of intruding."

First, Angelus nods to Rena, though it isn't without a curious look as he tilts his head, watching her. Ooooh! Auror business! A thought /does/ occur that it would be brilliant to sneak around and see what Aurors get up to. But last time he stumbled onto a scene with the Ministry… Yea, he gives his head a little shake, resisting the urge to comment and offering out the box back to the witch. "It was a pleasure to run into you again, Auror Odori," he says politely, offering a kind smile. When he turns to Anthony, an arrogant smirk flicks at his lips. "Actually, I always have two brooms. Should my Cleansweep Three become damaged I'd fall back on my Cleansweep Two." Oh, yes, it was very necessary to mention the types of brooms he has. He likes to flaunt his wealth. "For the wand, Rowle? Mhm…" He dips his head an inch. "I wouldn't mind owning two wands." Just like he wouldn't mind having two girls hanging around him. Ahem.

Anthony says, "You might wish," he notes, as he starts towards the school, "to avoid saying that too loudly where your wand can hear you!"

Rena can't help but say one last thing on the subject of wands: "Although a lot of people would prefer to keep in tune with one wand, I'm afraid 'aving an alternate wand is just good practice in my profession, lads. I lost my main Rowan for several months after an incident in Umber alley and 'ad to accustom myself to a Birch. While I prefer the first, one 'as to be flexible enough to put their 'and to a new one, if need be. Accidents 'appen with Aurors. We're lucky if the only thing we lose is our wand." A bit of a self-conscious smirk shows here, and Rena shakes her head at herself before turning to go.
"Been lovely seeing both of you again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend… and do try to keep your chins up about School. I'm sure things are going to come 'round right in the end, somehow."

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