(1939-09-21) Checking in on the New Head Girl
Details for Checking in on the New Head Girl
Summary: Morgana and Eibhlin catch up.
Date: 1939-09-21
Location: Three Broomsticks
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It's another Hogsmeade weekend, and this time Morgana was intentionally here, helping out a few of the muggle born students with some Runes. Since that isn't something they're learning in their fancy new class. Now she's settled into the 3 Broomsticks, with a few books opened and seems to be writing out a lesson plan or sorts, or just doodling it's hard to tell. She has a glass of wine in front of her and a cheese plate to nibble on as well when she gets hungry.

Morgana is still writing on her parchment when Eibhlin arrives, and once she is there she keeps her eyes on her paper. It's not out of rudeness, just sheer focus on what she's working on. "Afternoon Eibhlin." She says, gesturing to the opposite bench in the booth. "I hear congratulations are in order, you made Head Girl this year, right?"

If anything, Eibhlin likely understands that level of focus, and she doesn't seem to be put off by it. Instead, she merely inclines her head as she slips into the booth. "Aye. I did at that. It's one hell of a responsibility, especially with all the shite happening at Hogwarts this year. I've got a thin line to walk." Her eyes trail over the notebook.

"It was chaos for me last year, at least you had the chance to be a Prefect first." Morgana got to go in blindly. "I pity the job you have this year, and I hope that our house behaves. I cannot believe what some of our house mates got up to last year and I'm surprised that Flint just dethrone me because of their behavior. It doesn't help that the Head Boy was mostly useless." It was Conall last year, which made everything interesting.

Eibhlin nods. "So far people have been behaving. It helps that there are a few of the faculty that are providing structure for the frustration of the students." She shrugs. "Headboy this year is a Slytherin; Shafiq, actually. I've not seen him around much or even really seen him doing his job. Gryffindor is the house that's having the most problems. They have a Magijugend in their ranks, and they aren't adjusting well to it."

"That little club wasn't as big of a deal last year. I mean there were a few people that I worried about, but most of them saw it as a social status thing. I don't think it's the case this year. Head Boys are useless, you might as well ge used to that now." Morgana says with a smirk before she finally finishes what she's working on. "So.. you and Rowle huh?"

Whatever Eibhlin was going to say in response to clubs and head boys is lost at the mention of Anthony. Her cheeks turn pink, and nods awkwardly. "Aye," she says softly. "He's coming to meet my Mam for Christmas, and he wants to take me to meet his family for New Year's." Oh thank goodness. The wine arrives. Eibhlin picks it up and takes a lengthy 'sip' from the glass.

Morgana takes a few of the parchment papers and slips them into a folder, while she begins cleaning off the table properly. "I do hope he's treating you well. I will warn you that if you give him an inch, he takes a mile. We… dated isn't the right word, but it was earlier in the year and we didn't part on the best terms. Either way I know he's a good sort, just needs to know what the letters n and o mean together. Do tell me if he isn't behaving."

Eibhlin smiles faintly. "He's learned, it seems, in the interim. I told him I wasn't ready for that and he respects it." She pushes back a bit of hair. "I think he was just in a really bad place for a while. Being tortured like he was.. It's not something that you just bounce back from. Madame Hooch has helped him a lot, making him run all the time and getting him to work it out." She chuckles. "There was a snake, got loose from someone's summoning spell and ended up in the prefect's bathroom while I was taking a bath… He and Lowe helped me stun it. Anthony also conjured a smoke screen and gave me his robes with his back turned, you know?" There's a long pause as the girl remains softly. "I know I jumped around a lot, but… I'm not doing that now. Anthony and I are pretty healthy together. Are.. you upset?"

Morgana shakes her had at Elbhlin. "Not in the least, I wasn't in the best head space either, and while I tried to help him through it, I wasn't doing the right things either. He needed comfort that I wasn't able to give him, but I am glad to see that he's calmed down." When she mentions the bathroom she shakes her head. "That damned bathroom. You would think they would have not made that co-ed, but who am I to question it." She says with a knowing smirk.

Eibhlin looks entirely relieved, but then she chuckles. "Well, actually, they had to break through the door. I had locked it. The snake fell from somewhere overhead -into- the bathtube. I gave me a proper scare, I'll admit…"

Morgana chuckles a bit and shakes her head. "Yeah that's not where snakes go. I hope the rest of the year has gone smoothly then. Tell me about what you plan to do after wards." She feels like she's been asking this question a lot this weekend, but that comes with tutoring. "I don't recall you having made a decision the last time we talked."

Eibhlin exhales with a bright smile.. "Actually, Anthony and I both want to go into the Department of Mysteries. I've been sending correspondence to Endira for a few years now; and Anthony had been sending word to them as well. I plan on starting at the Department of Experimental Charms, however, so that they can see me problem solve and see my talent."

"A wise idea. Unfortunately a bad bout of guidance kept me from going into another department in the Ministry. I'm sure Mopsus did it on purpose, to try and teach me some sort of lesson. Just… be ready to have a very, very long processes. I've barely gotten started, so I'm working at a potion shop until they make up their mind." The annoyance her her tone is evident, even if she tries to hide it.

"It seemed the most prudent course of action," Eibhlin says slowly. "I enjoy charms and it's a job that requires skill and creativity… I think that Anthony has similar plans to apply to a Ministry position outside the department of mysteries." She doesn't comment on Mopsus, but she does wince sympathetically when the potion shop is mentioned. "I heard," she says softly. "I'm sure it won't take them much longer… Or maybe you'll find better work in the interim.."

"I know he told me that he spent some time in the IMC department over the summer. I was bored when I went but that could have jsut been the bad summer I had that year." When she mentions better work she shrugs. "The work isn't bad, I get to be in the middle of everything, and now that everyone is back in Hogwarts the store is way easier to keep clean." Leaning forward a bit she nods her head. "I've been contacted by them, but I don't want to say over what. I'm not sure of what they're doing so I'm just… sort of rolling with it."

Eibhlin inclines her head, dropping her voice casually. "You don't have to say what. Tony and I are involved too. If you'd like, I can make sure that you're kept up to date… I'm hoping that there will be a change soon and everything can go back the way it was, but… We'll see."

"I don't think they've contacted us on the same thing. Like I said I"m not sure if it's from there, but the circumstances are fishy. However I think I know what you're talking about and any updates you feel like you want to share, please do." Morgana says with a nod of her head.

Eibhlin nods. "Will do." She's silent for a while. Eventually, she lifts her blue eyes up and fixes them on Morgana's own dark pair. "Morgana? I'm glad we can talk now. I'd like to think that we can keep talking… I'd like to be a friend to you one day."

Morgana reaches into her satchel and pulls out a spare bit of parchment. Waving her wand over it, she casts and incantation and passes it over. "Should you wish to convey anything that you might worry someone will read, just write it on here. I've enchanted it to hide the words once you've said the name of our House Founder." She'll nod her head to the other girl and give her a faint smile. "I'm sure we'll get there, but we both have things we want to do first."

Eibhlin takes the paper and makes a small dot on it with a ball point… She folds it up and sticks it away into her handbag. "Ta," she says with another small smile of her own. "And.. yeah. Look.. I'll contact you soon, alright? There's a lot of work needs doing with regards to education and… Well, just watch for my owl."

Morgana pulls her cheese and bread snack back over in front of her as the meeting appears to be over. "The owls will know where to find me I'm sure. You have a good rest of the weekend and good luck with the rest of the students this year." Morgana wouldn't want to be in her shoes this year, that's for sure.

Eibhlin finishes her wine and stands. "Thanks. Let me know if you need anything yourself, alright?" With another smile, Eibhlin is gone, her heels clicking softly on the floor.

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