(1939-09-22) Congratulations, Auror
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Summary: Rena is called into the chief's office to speak with Ogden and Worthington. Never in her wildest dreams could she have expected the outcome of the meeting, however.
Date: 1939-09-22
Location: Worthington's Office
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It's another busy day in the Auror Office. The recent battle with Dark wizards in a Diagon Alley factory has everyone hopping, chasing down leads and trying to determine where the woman identified as Corinthia Vengal may have Disapparated to with her cohorts. Amidst this chaos, Commissioner Ogden enters the office, drawing a few stares and some worried looks. Business returns to normal when Ogden disappears into Chief Worthington's office. Twenty minutes later, the office door opens, and the Chief himself leans out the door. He gives a two-fingers point to Rena, which curls into a beckoning motion. A number of worried eyes fall upon her now. She's going in there? With the Commissioner? Will they ever see her again?

Poor Rena. She's been riding such a high ever since the incident, if only because she knows for all the wrong she may have done, she did something right. The Heart of Gold is in the Ministry's hands. Pierre Lefèvre is alive and well and also in Ministry hands. A Fiendfyre did NOT engulf London in flames… The good outweighs the bad, right? Nobody even got killed!
Worthington wants her in his office, and Ogden is in there. The moment she sees him motion for her, the colour just drains from her features completely. For a moment, she wants to sink into her chair and hide under her desk… but that's cowardice. And never has anyone been able to accuse Rena of cowardice.

Swallowing hard, she slowly rises to her feet and begins the long walk to the Chief's office. Chin up, Rena. Even if they throw the book at you, you know you did some little good in your time here. "Y-you wanted to see me, sir?" The small redhead asks in a tiny, unnerved voice as she enters the office.

"Come in, Auror Initiate Odori." The clipped, precise words come not from the Chief, but from Commissioner Ogden, who is standing to the side of Worthington's desk. Almost nobody ever uses the full title of an Initiate when addressing them; nobody but Ogden, that is.

Worthington gestures to one of the chairs across his desk from him. "Have a seat, Rena. We've been going over your report from the factory investigation. It's been an interesting read. Is sounds as if there were some close calls."

The sight of Ogden is enough to make Rena freeze momentarily. If anybody had a face that could stop a clock - he's got it in spades.
Recovering quickly, Rena glances at Chief Worthington and moves over to the offered chair and primly takes a seat. She cannot, of course, make herself even remotely comfortable. What she wouldn't give to only be talking to Worthington right now. Ogden terrifies her to no end, because she knows he's never been very impressed with her… nor has he had much reason to be. That's her fault and nobody else's.

"It… didn't exactly go the way it should have done, sir," Rena answers quietly, trying not to stare pointedly at the floor. "I don't think the three of us were on the same page at all from the start… I tried to be clever though, and work with the situation. But, even though I may 'ave done a lot to get the Heart back and all, I caused a lot of problems too." Hesitance leaves her voice, and the words begin to pour out: "If I 'adn't gone sneaking around, and if I 'adn't busted the lock on the door, the woman wouldn't 'ave tried to conjure Fiendfyre and I wouldn't 'ave 'ad to use force, and the 'Eart wouldn't've been damaged…"

Ogden takes up a teacup from the desk, sipping while he listens to Rena. At least he holds up a hand to silence here. "Yes, yes. Chief Auror Worthington told me that you would attempt to place the fault on yourself. That will be quite enough of that."

Worthington tries his best to disguise his smirk, but Rena still gets an I-told-you-so look.

Odgen continues, "We have every reason to believe that Corinthia Vengal would have attempted to unleash Fiendfyre whether or not you had broken open that door. In fact, you sudden appearance may have denied her the time to complete the spell, which she may have had with a subtler entrance. We believe it was Vengal protocol to destroy the Heart, the workshop, and Mr. Lefevre if discovered."

Rena falls silent as Ogden admonishes her not to continue blaming herself so vehemently for what happened. It's all she can do to stop herself from trembling though, despite the look that Worthington gives her.
Ogden's further explanation causes her to start slightly, and her gaze fixes on the man. Her lips part in mild surprise, but she stays quiet as long as he's speaking. Unfortunately, her soft-hearted nature always seems to be her downfall at times like this. All she can think to exclaim is: "But that would've been dreadful. Mister Lefèvre is such a nice man!" Clearly, that idea is the most terrible to her. Of course, she realizes that the Heart is dreadfully important, too, and she blushes rather deeply.

"S-sorry," she apologizes for her outburst. "I'm… I'm awfully glad, though. That she didn't get a chance. I was terrified at the time, thinking of 'ow many people might die. I couldn't bear it."

Worthington nods solemnly, lacing his fingers together. "Fiendfyre in the middle of Diagon Alley. The damage would have been catastrophic. You're smart thinking saved them, Rena."

Ogden's lips twitch in a little frown every time Worthington calls Rena by her first name, but he says nothing on it. "I've been reviewing your case files, Auror Initiate Odori. While some of your methods may be…unconventional at times, you have demonstrated a knack for getting results. Chief Worthington speaks highly of your dedication and passion for the job. Your humility is a virtue as well…if a bit overstated." He gives Worthington a nod, gesturing to the man.

The Chief Auror reaches into his desk drawer, taking out a gleaming badge, which he tosses Rena's way without a word.

Rena listens to the older men, her gaze shifting back and forth between the two of them rather uncertainly. She always has a sense of impending doom when she's in this office - now more than ever with Ogden being there.
Just when she was about to brace herself for a scolding, the conversation turns decidedly toward praise, and she looks up at the men hopefully… But the badge wasn't what she was expecting to be tossed her way. For a long moment, she stares at it, scarcely able to breathe, let alone speak. Every word seems to have failed her.
Reaching out and taking it with a trembling hand, she holds it gingerly, looking over it in disbelief. "Sir… I.. don't know what to say. I don't think I'm good enough to deserve it." Rena says with wide-eyed, breathless astonishment.

Worthington cannot help himself. He laughs aloud, covering his mouth as he rises and walks around his desk to offer a hand to Rena. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry. I just knew you'd say that. Congratulations, Auror. You've more than earned it."

Even Ogden chuckles a bit at Rena's expected humility. "Indeed, my congratulations as well, Auror Odori. Do make us proud." He offers a congratulatory handshake as well, and without another word, makes his own way out of the office.

Something about being called into the Chief's office always makes Rena feel as though she's been called up to the Headmaster's at Hogwarts. It makes one feel humbled and terribly small - just like a child. Little wonder then that she finds herself so completely knocked for a loop by the two men's joint reaction to her humility. How she even manages to rise to her feet and think fast enough to accept the handshakes, first from Worthington and then from Ogden before he can take his leave. As he exits, she does say in a small voice: "I… I won't let you down, sir. I promise."
In an instant, Rena finds herself alone with the Chief, and that gleaming badge in her hand. She looks at it again, and then back at Worthington. The badge, then Worthington… Completely overwhelmed by a flood of mixed emotions and memories of her past year as an Initiate, she loses what little composure she had to begin with. "Oh, Mister Worthington!" She says breathlessly, throwing her arms around the poor man in one of those rather infamous impulse hugs of hers. She did it to Takeshi once and knocked him flat on his back. But, thankfully, the boss is made of sterner stuff.

The Chief is tougher, sure, but not exactly a large man. He finds himself pinned between his next and a very enthusiastic Rena. It isn't often that the cool Gordon Worthington is caught off-guard, but for a moment he is frozen, uncertain just how to respond. A split second decision, and he wraps his arms, returning the embrace. What the hell. "You've done good, kid."

In that split-second between the enthusiasm breaking loose, and the realization that she's probably just done something terribly improper and embarrassing, Rena was about to withdraw and apologize for the hug; but, she finds herself wrapped in his arms instead. It's such a nice, warm and comforting feeling that she never expected - not in a million years. Hmm… He actually smells quite lovely. What kind of cologne does he use? She never noticed that before.
Rena's cheeks are rather tinged with rosie red when she does release her boss; and although she can't stop beaming, her expression is rather shy. "I… I'm sorry, sir. Don't know what came over me," she says, recovering herself slightly. "But, I do mean it. I won't let you down. I promise! A-and no more politics - they cause too much trouble. Cross my 'eart."

Worthington plays the gentleman, holding Rena chastely until she pulls away. How does he compose himself so quickly? He gives her a neutral smile and waves off her apology. "I know you'll give one hundred and fifty percent of what you've got. You wouldn't be holding that badge if I didn't." He stares at her for an inexplicable moment, then nods. "Go on, then. You've got work to do, and probably a congratulatory dinner or something with your husband."

Rena isn't known for being particularly subtle - nor for being terribly perceptive about people's body-language, but Worthington does cause her to tilt her head slightly for a second. Before she can try to process a thought though, he reminds her that she has work waiting for her, and giving Takeshi the good news afterward. Unfortunately, her expression falls more quickly than she can recover it.
"Oh, yes… I-if he's home. I'm sure he'll take it calmly," she replies, smiling with a hint of uncertainty. "Of course, 'e always believes in me. Thinks I'm some kind of hero, even when I fail. If only 'e knew the accidents and problems I cause, yea?" It's sweet of him to be blind to her faults, but sometimes, it feels like being taken for granted.
Glancing down at the badge, the troubled look softens out of her expression once more and she beams again. "Cor, I wouldn't be 'ere if it weren't for you, Mister Worthington. You gave me the courage to keep trying when I wanted to quit… I think you're just wonderful."

That's enough of that, Rena - honestly. She blushes rather hotly again and moves to the door. Won't everyone in the office be surprised when they see she's still employed?

Worthington listens patiently to Rena talk about her husband, only a slight crinkle in his brow betraying a touch of concern. "Thank you, Rena. You're an asset to this office, and don't you dare ever think of quitting again. I won't stand for it. You've got a unique perspective that I value greatly. I value you greatly." He steps forward quickly to beat her to the door, and opens it for her. "Go get 'em, kid."

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