(1939-09-22) What Does It Take?
Details for What Does It Take?
Summary: A peaceful picnic is interrupted by Pure-bloods - who seem quite suspicious of an innocuous little bag, but unwilling to do anything about it. What does it take to get the Magijugend to step over the line?!
Date: September 22nd, 1939
Location: Campus Grounds

Since the weather has started cooling off lately, even drizzling, when there's a nice day Angelus has been taking the opportunity to step outside. After having lunch in the Great Hall, he's decided to spend the rest of the hour out on the grounds. He's got his quaffle tucked under an arm as he walks, glancing around, looking for people who might be interested in simply tossing it around.

Madeline never spends too long in the Great Hall at meals - seeing as she doesn't eat them. As soon as is polite - or as soon as she feels she's made her point - she'll slip out to get something to eat. Today, she's spread out a cloth on the grass, opening a jar of pickles and putting some of them on bread with some cheese and meat and some herbs the girl has picked up somewhere. She then takes a hearty bite, letting out a happy sound. Not too far off, in one of the trees, Cyprien is climbing up and down amongst the branches.

Megan happens to be flying over the black lake on her broom. She's leaning quite far forward, holding onto the handle with fingerless gloves, and is flying as fast as she can will her broom to go, only a foot above the surface of the water. Eddies in the water ripple behind her due to the disturbance she makes in the air, spraying up a little to either side of her.

Abraxas Malfoy, dressed in his school robes and with a book under his arm, comes out of the castle and onto the grounds, pushing his bangs up out of his eyes and then peering around. He starts to walk in the direction of a bench, but, seeing Angelus, gives him a friendly upnod of greeting, acknowledging his fellow Magijugende.

Madeline and her picnic are the first to be noticed by Angelus, arching a brow as he eyes the girl. Tongue touching the top of his lip as he considers, he lets out a hum as he shifts his gaze away, looking skyward as he tosses up his quaffle, and catching it. Nope, he doesn't see anyone there. Ahem. Tossing the orb again and catching it, a brow lifts as he spies the figure gliding across the water. He can't help but frown as it reminds him of a previous incident, but thankfully he can't quite make out /who/ it is. And then he spies Abraxas and is returning his greeting in the same way. "Malfoy," he greets. His eyes flick briefly to the book. "What do you have there?" he asks curiously.

"A book, obviously, Eibon." Abraxas says, lightly, then holds it up. It's a book on Charm Theory, as a matter of fact, but then he tucks it back under his arm, "Anything exciting going on today? I hope that your trunk is safe."

Putting down her sandwich, and opening her book bag, Madeline looks for a cloth napkin. She pushes aside some books, and a colorful cloth pouch, bulging and full falls out. She hastily picks it up, shoving it back into her bag. Ah ha! There's the napkin.

Megan pulls back on the handle of her broom as she approaches the shoreline, slowing down and simultaneously gaining a little altitude as she ascends the hill and approaches the grounds. Spotting Madeline, she heads toward her dorm-mate, and comes to a hover near the edge of the girl's picnic blanket. "Hullo," she says, as she spins on the broom's axis, momentarily upside down, her hair spilling toward the ground as it's still subject to gravity.

"Yea," Angelus murmurs out. He's aware it's a book, obviously. He gives it a curious look as he holds it up, nodding his head. "I need some more work with my charms," the youth muses. "So I can be of more help." He quirks a brow briefly, and shifts the quaffle over to his side as he shakes his head. "Not yet," Gel answer, nothing too exciting yet, and lets out a 'heh' as he gives his head a nod. "It's safe. Though I think my House is in order now," he adds, a smug smile slipping across his face. His blue eyes flick towards the broom rider when she approaches, finally able to notice who it is, but he can't help but frown and spread out his free hand as he watches her approach Madeline. He's here too! "May!" he calls out, lifting his head and beckoning her - except that with his gaze towards the picnic he notices the colourful bag. "What's that?"

"I don't know what it is." Abraxas answers, "Or why there's another Eibon zooming around on a broom. But the girl's in your house, Eibon, why don't we go question her. Go ahead, I'll be right behind you." He smiles lazily, and starts to walk in that direction, reaching out to grab the quaffle so that Angelus has both hands free.

"Megan!" Madeline greets the other second year with a giggle. "If you're not careful you're going to fall on your head - and I don't know how to put it back together yet!" she protests, but she's smiling the whole while.

At the question about the colorful cloth bag, Madeline almost instantly gets a cautious, and more closed expression on her features. "It's nothing," she answers, followed immediately by, "It's mine."

Megan rotates on the broom's axis, righting herself, and blows some stray strands of hair out of her face. Hearing her brother's voice, she turns her head to face him. She grimaces, expecting a reprimand for stunt-flying without a spotter. "Hi, Gel…" she replies to him, less than enthusiastically.

A short, quiet chuckle escapes Angelus as he flicks his gaze briefly to Abraxas. The youth has naturally started stepping closer to the picnic. "Yes, my sister? She shouldn't be on her broom. /Alone/," Gel says the last word louder, firmly, and clearing his throat afterwards. "May. If you had fallen into the water while no one was watching, what do you think would have happened? You need to be careful." Just a little bit protective. Also, maybe just a little bit annoyed. His sister might not have noticed him, but there's a twinge of envy that she approached Madeline over him. His gaze shifts onto Madeline again, curious.

"He might be right about that," Madeline admits, giving Megan a little shrug of her shoulders. "Grindylows are pretty nasty. I met some this summer. They tried to pull me into the water - it was pretty neat, actually!" Madeline has a strange definition of 'neat,' sometimes.

"I know, it's just—", Megan begins, but then arches an eyebrow and looks at Madeline dubiously. "You have a peculiar definition of 'neat'," she informs her. Understatement of the year, that.

Angelus nods. He /is/ right, obviously. A heavy sigh escapes him, his gaze focused back on Megan as he quirks a brow. "Really, May," he carries on, "when I'm a prefect next year I'm going to have to take points away for stunts like that." Gel frowns, tilting his head a little. Of course it is /when/ he's prefect, because who wouldn't have Angelus Eibon as a prefect? The Gryffindor /Legend/. "Just be careful," he echoes. His eyes are drawn back to Madeline. "So… What was in the bag?" He clears his throat and holds up a single finger, which he brings up his second finger beside it.

"Well - it was neat!" Madeline answers Megan with a giggle. "And Ms. Fawley pulled me out of the way in time, so it was fine," she adds. Her eyes go to Angelus next, and she shakes her head stubbornly. "It's mine. And it's not against the rules, so I don't have to tell you."

"I'll be more careful," Megan promises Angelus, dismounting her still-shiny new broom. One might notice a pentagon-based shape carved into the handle, her personal crest which is based on the family crest. "Sometimes I just feel I need to burn off some angst by flying really, really fast," she justifies, or tries to. To Madeline she says, "I imagine you'll have an interesting epitaph. 'Died neatly' or somesuch." She says this with a smirk. "Maybe it's the best way to go."

Angelus nods to Megan again at her promise. "I know," he says on a sigh. "Just…" He starts to repeat himself, but instead shakes his head. As slides his gaze back to Madeline a third finger joins the other two, and Gel frowns as he curls his fingers and lowers his hand. A brow lifts as he focuses his eyes on her. "If it isn't against the rules than you shouldn't have anything to fear by showing it to me."

Megan's attention snaps back to Angelus. "Gel, if it isn't against the rules, then she has a right to privacy as well," Megan interjects, perhaps a little more harshly than she intended.

"Oh, gosh, I bet I will!" Madeline agrees with Megan. "Smooshed by the dragon I'm gonna tame, or maybe my bubble-head charm'll wear off while I'm swimming with the merpeople and their pet grindylows! But none of that'll happen until I'm reeeeeeeeally old," she asserts, before frowning at Angelus.

She then nods in agreement with Megan. "It's private," she insists.

Angelus frowns, letting out an exasperated sigh. "May," he lets out on a sigh, eyes flicking to her. "I don't know if it is or isn't because I haven't seen it." He tilts his head a little, giving his sister a pleading look. His free hand makes a brushing motion, as if indicating for her to step back, before he shifts his quaffle a little. "Evans," Gel states, and something flickers in his eyes as he slides his gaze back to her. "The fact that I'm asking it means you should be taking it out of your pack right now and handing it over. If it's private, I'm sorry." He lifts his head with superiority. "But we really need to be careful."

"Forgive me if I don't see what you personally feel the need to be careful about in this particular instance," Megan replies to Angelus. "I think you're singling her out without just cause. You have no more moral right to invade her privacy than she has of yours, Magijugend or not."

Madeline takes her bag and pulls the strap over her head, tucking her bag into place under her left arm while fixing Angelus with a determined look. "You don't get to look at my things just because you want to. It's mine, it's not against the rules, and it's private," she insists. Her eyes are almost daring him. Come on, Eibon. Try something.

Calista walks towards the group, well, actually she has little interest in children normally, she was simply headed in. Fortunately this uts her close enough to her the plight of poor young Angelus, even if the boy is /just/ a Gryffindor, he is Magijugend. She comes to a stop skimming over the set, "Good afternoon." She offers with a soft smile. "Is something wrong. You all look so troubled? And it is such a lovely day." She says in a gentle tone.

Angelus turns his head to the side, his gaze sliding away from both girls. His fingers curl into his hand and flex as his eyes become colder, envy burning in them. He frowns in disapproval, drawing out a sigh. Turning his head back to Madeline, he murmurs in a steely quiet tone, "Why can't just do as your told?" And he quickly turns his head away again, shifting uneasily as he avoids looking at Megan. The youth grimaces when he spies Calista, and she turns to completely face her and offer a respectable bow of his head. "Good afternoon, Flint." A soft hum escapes the boy and he lifts his shoulders uncertainly. "Aside from Evans refusing to obey?" A quick glance is shot over to Megan, looking worried.

"I know we don't see eye to eye on some things," Megan says, noticing Calista's approach. "I'm trying to be patient and understanding. You're my favorite brother. Please pick your battles carefully." It's possibly the most defiant thing she's said to Angelus in a long while, and she tried to be as blunt as possible without being impolite. She doesn't know what could possibly dissuade Angelus if not the threat of losing her trust and confidence. A year ago, she would've relented because she looked up so highly toward him, but now she's maturing and developing her own sense of right and wrong.

"Megan - it's alright," Madeline murmurs to the other girl. She's going to spoil it! Still hugging her bag to her side, she shoots towards Angelus defiantly, "Because I'm standing up for what's right. You searching my stuff on a whim's just wrong," she asserts - aiming for cheeky and not finding much trouble getting there.

Calista watches the exchange and focuses her attention first on Megan, then it shifts to Madeline. "Oh, well." She pauses and list her hand to the side of her neck, letting the fingers slide down slowly. "I am sorry you don't think that is fair, but it is the rules." She says in a still soft, almost sympathetic voice. "If he does it, then he does not have to get you in trouble.. No points lost. It will be okay. We just don't want you to have anything that will hurt you. It looks very bad if you won't show him. Then we have to report you to the Prefects. But, I think maybe you should speak with Unc.. Headmaster Flint if you have issues with the rules." Never angry, never sharp or hostile in tone, in fact that frustrating opposite like she is talking to a baby.

Angelus turns to the side away from Calista, Megan, and Madeline and drops his head to his hands as his palms meet over his nose and fingers on his forehead, closing his eyes. He just needs a moment. He doesn't shift his position when he murmurs out, "May. Please." A heavy sigh escapes the youth as he lowers his hands, lifting his head as he turns back to look silently at the seventh year. He tilts his head a little, frowning. "It's a colourful little bag. Obviously full with something. I'm sorry, but," he says, dipping his head respectfully to Calista, "can I leave her to you? I've got to talk to my sister." He turns, reaching out as he steps up to Megan, trying to grab her hand in attempt to lead her way. "Just come with me, May."

Megan gives Madeline a look of sympathy as Gel takes her hand and leads her away. "I'm sorry. You know I love you to pieces, but I had to intervene if I could, and I could only intervene if it was you. I have no sway over Flint, so whatever she does, I won't blame you for it," she promises. She tightens her hold on Angelus' hand.

Is it possible that Madeline's relieved when Angelus leaves her to Flint's niece? This is even better. This is much better. The girl gives Calista an openly defiant look and crosses her arms over her chest. "It's from my dad. It's private. And I'm allowed to have it," she insists in a stubborn tone. "And I don't remember anywhere there being a rule that Magijugend are allowed to search anyone, anytime they like without any reason. So I don't have to show you. You can report me to the prefects if you like. I'll wait hear and eat my sandwich."

Calista's eyes follow Angelus briefly, sinking to the hand clasp with his sister. That might not be forgotten, in fact that might be more important than what the mudblood has. Still, the tone and defiance would be enough to get a glare from Flint if Maddy was a pureblood of her age. She isn't, so the soft smile remains. "I distressed you did not get the notice. Or maybe you were not paying attention in the special class. that is one of the reasons the class was created, to make things easier for you." She says and signs, "I shall speak with the Headmaster about including a memo to the instructor to remind the special class." No she never says scums. "I could haul you up right now. And if you continue this attitude, things will only get worse. You are not supposed to have what it is, you know you are not. Why did you bring it. Do you want to get in trouble? Are you trying to disrupt the school by breaking the rules? That would be very bad. Just." she pauses and bites her lip. "Just show it to me. Or have it confiscated by the instructors."

"I am supposed to have it. It is private, and from my father, and breaks no school rules," Madeline insists. "And I will not show it to you. You can only detain me if I'm breaking the rules, and I know that I am not." The word 'not' is enunciated clearly. "I'd like to finish my sandwich now. But I'll wait here for a prefect or a teacher, if you like." She continues to watch Calista with stubborn determination - and that other Gryffindor who was climbing in the nearby tree? He's watching intently now.

Megan is being taken to an undisclosed location by Angelus, to probably be lectured about undisclosed things.

Calista frown, her face tightening, then, it relaxes. There is something there, a flash of something cunning, which might not be as subtle as a good poker player, but there is a plot. "Very well, I will inform Professor Dumbledore that you do not wish to comply with the Headmaster's rule. We shall see how that goes for you, Evans." Two birds one stone, she will also inform Uncle Gervase, so that he can monitor what Dumbledore does when one of his precious Gryffs breaks the rules. "I would have been so simple. But, you proved your point. Just think on this, young Muggleborn, did you help your cause?" Well, at least that implied a certain expectation of Maddy's intelligence.

"You can certainly tell Professor Dumbledore that I refused to let you go through my private things without cause," Madeline answers - trying to hide her disappointment that that was all Calista would do. What does it take to get one of these guys to abuse their power?! Geeze. "But if you tell him I broke any rules, well, that's a lie."

"I told you it is a rule now, you have been informed. Also, it is not without cause. Angelus Eibon, an upperclassman of your house was in fact attempting to get you to show him what you have. You refused, as a member of your house, he had concerns. So certainly I do." Calista shakes her head, "I am not lieing, I will explain the situation to the professor. Of course, there are rules. If you accuse a fellow member of the dueling club of an offense of honor, such as lying, you are in danger in that as well." She states, still calm, still even in tone, still annoyingly superior. Yet, the niece of the Headmaster break the rules? There is not even a rumor of her having ever done that at the most minor levels. "So, I will tell him, both that, and that you refused to comply with the rule, after it was explained to you by two upper-classmen, now. Good day, Evans, don't be late for the special class. That would be three marks against you."

"It's a rule, that all students most open their bags and show their things to the Magijugend on any little whim?" Madeline asks, with her brow furrowed. "And all Eibon saw was this." Madeline opens her bookbag and pulls out the colorful cloth bag in question so Calista can see it - it looks rather full. She retains a firm hold on it. "Seems weak-tea to me, far as reasons go. You have a lovely day, Flint! I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will love to hear about my suspiciously green bag!"

"Not all students, Evans, only Muggleborns. There was are concerns that there are threats to the school from Muggleborns." she says as she looks the bag over, never reaching for it. Calista frowns a bit more. Her wand comes out, and she glances at it. The move is in no way offense, pointed away and never facing the girl or the bag. In fact, Calista just stares at it oddly a moment and tucks it back away as she starts to walk. "I will write the Professor a letter tomorrow, Evans. If there is anything, in the bag or elsewhere, I suggest you get rid of it. It won't be a moral objection if you are guilty." She states and starts to walk off.

Madeline rolls her eyes widely. "I'm not getting rid of it. My dad says I need to have it." She puts it away in her bookbag, letting out a frustrated sigh. There has got to be someone in the Magijugend who will take things too far so she can make a proper report! This is getting frustrating! Still annoyed, the girl starts to eat her sandwich. When she's done, she'll have to go find Dumbledore. What a bother.

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