(1939-09-23) Hidden Practice
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Summary: Amyah hides behind a statue to practice with a spell, but she didn't think it all through! She's caught by Abraxas, who does his prefect duties.
Date: September 23, 1939
Location: Shifting Corridor, 6th Floor, Hogwarts

Up, and up, and up the staircases, Amyah has found a nice, quiet little place to practice. While she did glance around the corridor before sneaking behind a statue, the young redhead is sure that she’s safely hidden. She has her wand out, practicing the newest spell she had just learned. So far she hasn’t been able to accomplish it though, leaving off the last swirl of the wand motion, and frowning as she lifts her wand and draw in a deep breath. “Oh, phooey,” she murmurs, glancing down to her bag where her plush lamb pokes out of. “This isn’t working very well. How am I supposed to fight the eeeeevil Dr. Sorcero if I can’t get this right. Fumos.” She tries again, whirling her wand around in spiral only to come up short and wince when a squirt of a gassy substance simply farts from the tip and dissipates.

Abraxas emerges from Professor Black's ancient runes classroom, his book under his arm. He begins to walk down the hallway, but then hears a talking statue. Or is it? Well, certainly not, if there were talking statues up here, he'd know. So he turns on his heel and heads in that direction.

Amyah practices the motion of the spell carefully without saying the incantation. She glances down to her bag and beams brightly at the lamb. “This time for sure, okay?” She swirls her wand around. “Fumos.” This time a plume of smoke poofs out of her wand and the girl winces. Oh! Oh dear! She didn’t think about the aftereffects /at all/. “Oh…my…” she lets out as she starts coughing, wagging her hand in front of her. “Oh dear!” Snatching up the strap of her bag, she all but tumbles out from behind the statue, unable to hold back the thrilled shriek. She can’t help but giggle fitfully as she steps backwards, eyeing the statue as she continues to back in the direction Abraxas is coming from.

And just like that, the hallway starts to fill with smoke, "What the…" Abraxas says, as he pulls out his wand, but then he can't see anything clearly in the haze of smoke. His book thuds to the floor as he gropes out in front of him with one hand, "Blasted… no…. blast! NO SPELLS IN THE HALLWAYS!" he finally shouts, as he continues to grope through the thick smoke.

Amyah continues to back up until she all but runs into Abraxas. “Oops.” She blinks, turning around and instantly letting out, “Sorry, sorry!” She squints, and then an alarmed look crosses her face before she gasps and quickly tucks her wand away, pulling the strap of her bag onto her shoulder innocently. “Oh, yeeea, those blasted /orcs/. Causing quite the ruckus, I’d say.” She squints through the smog as it slowly begins to thin and lets out an, “Ohhhhh. You’re one of the eeeeevil Dr. Sorcero’s lab rats. Lana,” she says as she gestures down at the lamb sticking out of her bag, “cast the divine light.” Amyah playfully lets out a ‘whoosh’ noise as she waves her hand above her head.

Abraxas grabs for Amyah's robes in the smoke, which is finally beginning to clear, "Who is that… Oh, you're one of the muggleborns." He has his wand in his hand, but it's down at his side, his book abandoned somewhere on the floor, "No casting spells in the halls, darn you. Look at this mess!"

“The orcs farted out smoke,” Amyah says with a giggle in response to casting spells. She glances down, lowering so that she can reach out to pick up the Slytherin’s book. “You dropped your book,” she says, offering it out to him. “It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone that you failed to save the school from the horde of monstrous orcs.” She smiles brightly up at him.

"Right, Tennan. Orcs did it. You can go ahead and tell Headmaster Flint that. Maybe he'll take better to mockery than I do. Now, come along." He takes the book and then motions with it in the appropriate direction.

Amyah’s smile turns into a frown as she stares up at Abraxas. “Oh, come now… It’s Abraxas, isn’t it?” She lets out a huff. “It was just a little smoke. No one got hurt, nothing bad happened, so why /must/ you insist on making a big deal about it?” She offers out a smile again. “You carry on with where you’re going and pretend you never saw me, okay?”

"That's not going to happen. You're going to come with me, right now. And it's Prefect Malfoy to you." Abraxas points again, and says, "Now, let's go. I don't have all day to bicker with you over your unauthorized use of magic. Maybe you should be practicing the sorts of things that you're meant for, like washing windows and shining shoes."

Amyah pouts, looking ever so sadly up at the Slytherin. “You’re not going to have very many friends if you don’t lighten up,” she states simply. She adjusts the strap on her shoulder, slowly starting to step, but she keeps her pace to stay beside him. “Do you really want to waste the Headmaster’s precious time with needless interruptions? I don’t knoooow, I think he’d be very upset with you for interrupting him. I mean, he must be so busy-“ She cuts off and frowns at his last words, and stops to turn to face Abraxas fully. “Well now, why do you have to go and be /rude/ like that? That’s just not nice at all. Abraxas Malfoy,” she says, placing her hands on her hips, “let me hear you say sorry.”

"I don't think I said anything rude. If the truth hurts, you'll just have to deal with it. Now, let's get a move on. I'm sure he'll be fascinated to hear why a fourth-year muggleborn decided to spend her time learning a smokescreen spell instead of working on the spells in your curriculum." Abraxas motions once more, "One more time, Tennan. You're coming with me to the Headmaster's Office now. Let's go."

As Amyah frowns her cheeks colour a little bit, whirling around and starting to walk again. “Well, Lana,” she says, pulling the strap of her bag closer to her front. “There are certain people in the world who just want to be rude and mean. Yes, lead the way. Maybe the Headmaster will forgive you for interrupting him for something so unnecessary.”

"I don't think I'll be the one concerned about the Headmaster's forgiveness." Abraxas says, firmly, and then starts to lead her towards the stairs down to the office.

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