(1939-09-24) Teamwork
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Summary: In which Hugh and Rena chase down a request for a meeting with Aurors, with surprising results
Date: (1939-09-24)
Location: East End of London

Run by Denny:

It's late at night with the moon no where to be seen in the sky above, obscured by a heavy storm front that has moved its way in to slowly engulf the area. On this long stretch of road in either direction span old homes and low rent apartments, the dull glow of cracked streetlamps unable to pierce the think covering of rain.

The one light that does shine through the dark rainfall, originates from an apartment building much the same as any other. A lone figure stands on the steps leading up to the doorway dressed in rather heavy clothing to combat the weather. He looks rather nervous.

Hugh stomps down the street, his abominable pipe producing its usual noxious odurs. He's dressed even more 'practically' than normal- a solid looking sailors coat tight wrapped around him. He might be taken for some merchant seaman, taking a rest from the docks (and presumably in search of alcohol, or female company, or both).

Rena grew up in places like this - or near them, at least. She knows the kinds of women who hang around on street corners. It's rather difficult for her to reconcile herself with dressing /that/ way herself, even for a mission. She's elevated herself so far above her upbringing, never willing to be seen in public without a tailored suit or proper dress… and yet, tonight she must play the part, and do it well. The dress she wears is green satin - too gaudy for good taste in polite society - and her hair is down around her shoulders in loose, bouncy curls for a change. She does look remarkably different.
Hidden in a darkened doorway for the moment, Rena is hit by the familiar, acrid smoke of Hugh's pipe, and it signals his arrival. Slipping out from the shadows, she boldly reaches out and touches his arm: "'Ello, 'andsome - looking for a little friendly company tonight?" She asks with a saucy little smile.

The man answers by shifting his pipe to the other corner of his mouth (away from the girl). How gentlemanly. And putting his arm around her waist. How not. "Of course, my dear. I have a room this way…"

A few people make their way about dressed in rather poor quality clothing, making their way to seedy rendezvous in this most interesting part of town. They don't take too much note of the two, going about their days when they get the idea of what's actually going on between the two. The bright green and sailors coat seemingly the perfect disguise for this part of town.

The figure in the doorway lights up a small cigarette trying to keep warm in the rain. It's hard for him to see much of anything at the moment, but when he see's figures approaching he reaches for something fumbling quite badly.

"You'd better know it's ME, you cad," Rena says under her breath in a somewhat severe undertone to Hugh as he slips his arm around her. In a louder voice, however, she says: "Come on, luv - let's get out of the rain before I ruin my dress." She casts a searching glance around their general vicinity and finally happens upon the address given to the Ministry. It is mercifully nearby.
Giving the "sailor" a cunning, smooth little smile, Rena urges him in the direction of the nervous looking man in the doorway just a short distance ahead.

Hugh glances up the stairs, "This way, m'dear." And he starts that route, eyeing the person fumbling for something, and reaching inside his jacket, as his pipe stops glowing, "Just give me a moment to relight…" He keeps walking, but releases the girls waist. Clearly, Nicotina is more important to him than Eros.

The nervous man tucks his wand back away into the pocket of his jacket this man seemingly so worried by something that he would have blasted two people he didn't even know. His face is somewhat pale, and his eyes heavily baggy, as he tries to stuff the wand back away without making too much of a scene.

Through the door can be seen the apartment building proper, and this place is really something. There are holes in the carpet, the lights look to have all but died, and some of the rooms don't even seem to have doors to them any more. If the people living here had any sense this place would have most likely been condemned by now, but whoever owns it is intent on keeping it running like normal.

The sight of the place is no shocker to Rena. Distasteful as it may be to her sensibilities now, she remembers such places from her childhood as bein fairly (and sadly) normal. When Hugh releases the little redhead to relight his pipe, she plants her hands on her hips and looks at him with a pouty toss of her curls: "Oi, c'mon, Sailor - I ain't paid to get all wet out 'ere on the street." Where she has her own wand hidden is up to conjecture at the moment. She MUST have it on her somewhere, but she lacks her handbag…
Seeing as how Hugh is the man, she has to wait for him to lead the way to their target for the sake of appearances; however, and Rena just makes a show of being the impatient little tart.

Hugh keeps stepping up towards the man as he relights the pipe- a little ronson lighter, made from a spent cartridge case. Not unusual after the Great War. Then he replaces it in his pocket, and as he reaches the man, he withdraws his hand from his inner pocket, this time holding his wand. "Aurors. You wanted to talk. Leave the wand where it is, and talk."

For a split second when the wand is drawn this cowardly man looks like he's about to pass out. When Auror is mentioned some of the color comes back to his face. He takes a quick look about, before saying more calmly "If you're looking for a room, we can talk rates inside," his voice still shaking as he speaks.

For her part, Rena keeps glancing furtively around behind them, bringing up the rear as Hugh approaches the man. She wants to be sure that no prying eyes are piercing the fog and rain to see them with wands in plain sight. Fortunately, nothing and no one is in view at the moment.
"Yes, let's do that." The woman says in a low undertone as she moves up the steps. She looks completely disreputable, but there is a seriousness under her painted features that is unmistakable.

Hugh nods, "Yes. Yes, I could use a bed for the night." There's a brief glances seemingly towards the girl, but actually his eyes never leave the man. "Lead on."

The very moment Rena is past the threshold and the door is shut, she says: "A moment, Hugh."
Leaning down slightly, she hikes up her satin skirt with her left hand, revealing most of the length of her leg. Tucked into the top of the thigh-high stocking and secured by a black lace garter is her wand. She quickly withdraws it and drops the skirt back into place.
"Homenum Revelio" She says confidently, not wasting a second in using the Human Revealing charm to be sure that she has a firm fix on whomever might be within the house or near vicinity.

Leading the way, the rather nervous man holds his jacket tighter to himself. He's constantly looking about as if he feels like people are watching him from every corner, as he makes it to the stairs he finally calms down somewhat the dilapidated surroundings comforting him to an extent. "Right this way," He says using the railing to help himself along.

Hugh nods to Rena. Trusting her to be the backstop, whilst he follows the man, "Lead the way." His wand, 13 inches of oak, lies stiff and solid by his side, as he follows.

Rena remains behind. Hugh will have to deal with the witness by himself for the moment. Although she makes no mention of what she can and cannot see through the haze of magic, her expression is calmly terse. She's on the job, and her game-face is on now - despite the way she looks. She doesn't have much time to decide on how to act with regard to the invisible figure in the rain, and she must make up her mind quickly. For the moment, the door remains closed, and her eyes remain locked on the glow she can see through the wall that marks his (or her) presence.

"I've been, worried for some time," The gentleman leading the way admits taking his time on the stairs and speaking rather quietly. When he takes off his hat the mans short grey hair can be seen for the first time. "About my daughter,"

The figure gets closer to the door itself, taking its time in a slow stride. The human stops just before the steps leading up to the door, and looks around.

You say, "Your daughter, sir?" He looks towards the door, "She in there, sir?"

The older gentleman tucks his hat, while reaching for his door handle "N-no, I haven't seen her in months, but" He stops his hand from grabbing the door nob, just to run his hand through his hair and explain with a bit of a low sigh "I keep getting envelopes in the mail, filled with pound notes, and I'm worried she had something to do with that nasty business,"

Hugh says reassuringly, "Why don't we step inside, and you can tell me about it, sir?" He's going for something reassuring. Official. And totally unlike his usual route.

Only incredibly powerful wizards learn to wrap themselves in invisibility - or else posess powerful magical items to cause it. There is the posibility that the man merely drank a hard to come by potion… but his approach to the door puts Rena's jaw on edge. She can't risk the safety of their target, nor the safety of her partner. She's taken it upon herself to watch his back during this little jaunt, and she takes the job seriously.
Waiting for the right moment, she lays her hand silently on the doornob, and then jerks it open: "Locomotor Mortis!" She commands, directing her wand at the now somewhat fading glow of the invisible man, casting the Leg-Locking spell on him. She can always undo it later if she's made a mistake.

"Ye, yes, of course" The older gentleman actually grabs the handle this time, placing the key from his pocket in the lock. "I just don't know what I'd do if-"

The figure hits the ground hard, collapsing into a pile with legs locked in place. They can't exactly do much but lay there, having lost their balance.

And at about the same time this figure hits the ground there is a rather large explosion from the building itself. The door seemingly detonating completely the second it is opened sending shards of wood, and glass flying every which way. The old man is catapulted over the banister and down to the first floor.

Hugh dives to the floor, and shoves his wand over the side, yelling, "Wingardio Leviosa!" Clearly it's with a view to stopping the mans fall, or at least controlling it to the ground

Rena's wand is directed at the invisible man's head, and she stands over him with a look of complete authority… even if she looks like an East End whore. "Throw your wand to the side. If you mean no harm, I'll return it to you, release you and be /very/ apologetic, I'm sure." She says, not trusting the invisible figure any more than she could throw or drag him.
The explosion catches her off-guard, and Rena jumps with a start. Her focus on the prone man wavers and she looks over her shoulder: "Hugh!" she shouts in panic.


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