(1939-09-24) Trouble in Store
Details for Trouble in Store
Summary: Various Lions plot, grumble, plan and chat
Date: (1939-09-24)
Location: Gryffindor Common Room
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Gryffindor Common Room

The big, round common room of Gryffindor Tower is full of squashy stuffed armchairs and couches upholstered in rich red fabric. Tables are placed in useful spots around the room and a bulletin board is up on one wall, where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. can be posted. The wooden floors are covered by old Persian rugs and the walls are covered in burgundy wallpaper that depict various mystical animals in golden silhouettes. Illumination is provided by a large window that looks out onto the castle grounds and is supplemented by a fireplace that dominates one large section of the wall providing not only light but also warmth.

Angus is curled up on one of the sofas, with a big book. He's grumbling slightly as he reads it. "Dinnae ken why I need tae know this rubbish."

Chastity come flouncing gracefully down the steps, she is dressed in her uniform sans the robes, her long golden hair is pulled back into a pony tail, clipped with a beautiful gold clip encrusted with ruby and diamonds. Making her way to the common room she looks around and spots Angus on the sofas, though seeing him reading she doesn't bother him, instead she goes to make a pot of tea.

Angus looks up long enough to yell, "White, twa sugars, Proodmoor!"

Chastity looks over her shoulder at Angus and rolls her eyes, "Chastity if you would please.. I know Victor didn't mind but.. goodness." She gives a tsk but she does make him some tea, as she makes hers. Taking it over to him she settles into the couch and says, "What are you reading?"

Angus flicks it up to show the spine of the book, 'Notable treaties in Magical History, 1500-1700'

Chastity stares at it and says, "That sounds dreadfully boring." She shakes her head and snuggles back into the chair wrapping her hands delicately around the cup, warming her hands on it.

Angus takes his cup of tea with a grunt of thanks, "You've goat it tae look forward tae, Quine! An' if yehs think it's boaring, it's wurse than yeh's expectin'."

Chastity nods her head and says, "If Hogwarts is open then, the way it is going I don't think they'll let certain people come anymore and if that's the case when will they stop letting half bloods come then?" She sips her tea and sighs softly, "Then without all them, we won't have very many students, only us pure bloods and we're not that many."

You say, "Och, I dinnae thing it'll come tae that. There's an awful lot of Half Bloods, Quine. I dinnae thing they can afford tae offend _that_ many people."

Chastity shakes her head and says, "Well you never know, they could." She looks down in her tea and says, "The muggle borns only get one class, and from what I have heard, they don't get to do much but sit and watch the paint dry."

You say, "I wouldnae ken! But it doesnae sound greated…"

Chastity cocks her head to one side, "Beg pardon? I didn't quite understand what you said."

Angus tones it down. "I said, I wouldnae know. It doesn't sound great." It's a long suffering tone, with still quite a lot of burr to it. But significantly more comprehensible.

Chastity ahhs and gives a nod to that, "No it doesn't, so what are you up to today. I long for the days I can go to Hogsmead, I don't have anyone about now that can get me things from the shops there and I would love to have a nice butterbeer. Ikky, our house elf, used to make the best."

Angus sniffs. He doesn't comment about house elves, and the relative merits of. Of course, the MacMillans, whilst one of the Sacred Families, are not renowned for being rich, and his clothing has 'robust but not new' written all over it. "Well, I've finished my homework reading. So… I dinn….. I don't know what I'll do. Maybe find someone wi' a parrot in the Owlery, and teach it rude words."

Chastity gives him a startled look then quickly hides her smile in her tea cup, "That sounds like a smashing good time. I don't think I've actully seen a parrot here at Hogwarts.. but I hear that Mischeif can mock words." She looks around and hmms, "Where did that cat get to?"

Angus admits, "Aye, but I dinnae want Maddie gettin' in trouble. It's nae fun when it's a Muggle Born, y'ken? That's not fair pranking." He gives a little shrug, "Failing that, how are you at cooking?"

Chastity stares at him and raises an eyebrow, "Cooking? I…can make a cup of tea? Does that count?" She's rich, servants and house elfs do everything for her.

Angus grumbles, "Och. I dinnae think my baking is up tae it. I was thinkin' oh makin' a wee potion laced Chocolate cake…"

Chastity raises an eyebrow and says, "What kind of potion would you lace it with and why why why would you ruin a lovely chocolate cake.. I'd put it in something like.. vanilla."

Angus says innocently, "I was thinking mebee Capillatum potion, aye?" He gestures, "I have a feeling that if a nice chocolate cake was sent tae the mud club, it'd get diverted somewhere else. Perhaps the Magijugend meeting."

Chastity has to purse her lips together but the look of laughter is in her big blue eyes, "I see, well what if someone actually got the Mud club?" She gives a little wrinkle of her nose, and again looks around, finally she finds what she is looking for. Rising from her seat she moves over to the stairs to the girls' dormatory, she scoops up a white puff ball and moves back to her seat, "There you are you little trouble maker."

Angus gives a cheerful grin, "Then a DIFFERENT half o' the school will applaud. It's a win-win, aye?"

It's now that Chastity laughs, acutally throwing her head back and laughing, "Oh you're quite evil Angus.. not sure really if it's evil or brilliant. A bit of both really."

Angus gives a broad grin, "Aye! Well, first things first. Brew up things. Second things second, get cooking!"

Chastity hmms and says, "How hard would it be to brew up the potion? I love potions, and herbs." She gently pets the white cat in her lap, "I may be able to help."

As he walks down the stairs, Eamon takes the last two steps in a hop! He blinks and is taken back having someone in the common when he was not expecting. He looks between Chastity and Angus giving them a wave and a smile. He moves to plop down on the closest chair and asks, "All right?"

Angus gives a grin, "Aye! Aye. I dinnae ken. I'm no great at potions. But sure, Quine, if you want."

Chastity nods her head and gives Angus a smirk, "Well if you get me the stuff…" She looks over to Eamon and says, "Hello Eamon, I trust you are having a lovely day?"

Eamon shrugs as he rubs his eyes, and grins with a smirk, "As right as rain. How are classes going for both of you this year?" Eamon leans back in his chair before he swings his legs over the arm.

Angus gives a little groan, "History o' magic!"

Chastity chuckles at Angus and says, "Sounds like you enjoy the subject." She teases and looks to Eamon and says, "Kind of bare this year, with all the muggles not allowed to take classes with us."

Eamon nods and says, "A shame. Yet I won't lie. I don't mind the extra attention I can get in class. Some of my classes have been killer." He runs a hand through his hair, looking in his lap and looks over at Angus, "Just make sure you stay awake…the final exam in your fifth year is killer."

The potrait hole opens, and in steps Madeline - the girl looking fairly cheerful. She smiles to the other Gryffindors, and then plops herself down at one of the tables. A second Gryffindor enters immediately afterwards, heading up to the dorms.

Opening here book bag, Madeline pulls out a package of dried fruit and begins nibbling on one of them.

You say, "Och, I'll bear that in mind. I've goat tae get reasonable OWLs, in case the Quidditch doesnae happen, I'm told." He makes a philosophical looking shrug, "But it wouldnae be too bad working with the Animals for the Ministry.""

Chastity looks over at Maddie as she comes in and gives the other second year a bright smile, "Hello Madeline, hope you had a good day. How was your class?" She reaches down to pet Crystal in her lap and then looks about, "I should go get washed up for tea."

As he looks towards Madeline, he cocks an eyebrow and hmmms, "Still mad at me Maddie?" Eamon askes curiously.

"Oh, it was pretty miserable," Madeline says cheerfully. "But at least we're done learning how to unclog and clean loos. I couldn't stand one more day of that." She rolls her eyes widely, then fixes her attention on Eamon. "I don't know. You ready to admit that Flint's policies are horrible and we all need to fight them together?"

Angus looks over to Maddy, and then casually throws a paper plane at her. "Och! Cheer up, quine, aye? Ah've got they things fur yehs!"

Chastity gives a wrinkle of her nose to Madeline and says, "I'm so sorry." She rises, scooping her cat up off her lap and says, "Excuse me please." She gives a wave to them all and starts for the stairs."

Eamon watches as Chastity retreats for her tea, before turning his attention back at Madeline, "I'm sorry. I do feel for you Madeline. I really do. I think what Flint is doing is horrible. Yet, that insufferable man already hates me for some reason or another. I need to graduate with honors so I can make my Da proud. I will not get involved in those stupid politics. I wish you could understand my point of the subject." How odd for a Gryffindor to hide from conflict ESPECIALLY when it is the right thing to do.

"'Stupid politics,'" Madeline repeats in a scathing tone. Yes, it's possible she's still mad at Eamon. "Gosh. I'm sorry if standing up for others might be inconvenient for you. I guess I'll go make sure all the loos 're unclogged, and wash the windows in the girl's dorms." She rolls her eyes, then trains her attention back on Angus with a grin.

"What things?" she asks eagerly. "My uncle sent me a chanter! You heard, didn't you?" Who - in the entire school - hadn't?

You say, "Och! Of course I did, quine! Let me get yehs some music too, aye? But I've got they things… stay there?" And he hurries off up to the boys dorm, "Dinnae move, y'ken?"

"'Stupid politics,'" Madeline repeats in a scathing tone. Yes, it's possible she's still mad at Eamon. "Gosh. I'm sorry if standing up for others might be inconvenient for you. I guess I'll go make sure all the loos 're unclogged, and wash the windows in the girl's dorms." She rolls her eyes, then trains her attention back on Angus with a grin.

"What things?" she asks eagerly. "My uncle sent me a chanter! You heard, didn't you?" Who - in the entire school - hadn't?

Angus says, "Och! Of course I did, quine! Let me get yehs some music too, aye? But I've got they things… stay there?" And he hurries off up to the boys dorm, "Dinnae move, y'ken?"

As he sighs softly, Eamon swings his legs over the arm of the chair and he stands up. He looks at Madeline running a hand through his hair, "I know your passionate Madie. I really do…and I think the Muggle-borns are getting the shite end of the deal. Yet, a bit of advice…if you sit back and watch in silence you might learn something, instead of blowing your horn like the music section at candy store. If you continue to blow loud enough people might just consider you amusing and nothing more."

The older boy looks sad and wants to say more but doesn't as he begins to walk towards the Port Hole.

Madeline gives another roll of her eyes. "No real Gryffindor can stand back and watch folks get- …the bad end of a deal," she answers, avoiding the bad word. Oh, her mother would scour her mouth out so fast…

She watches Angus bounce off- curiousity overtaking her expresion. "I ken!" she calls after him - letting out a quiet giggle. It's kind of fun repeating Angus' way of talking.

Angus emerges from the dorm, carrying a folder of parchments, and a few handfulls of parchment with musical notations on them. "Aye. Here we are. My… uh… y'ken? Last year?" And a shove of the two sets of parchments, "And some easy tunes, ken?"

"Ohhhh…" Madeline says, taking the pages and flipping through them - Eamon already dismissed from her mind. "I don't know how to read this, though. But you'll teach me?"

You say, "Och, aye. I dinnae read music _well_, but I know what it means. Mostly."

"Great! I don't know what any of it means. It's all gobeldy-gook!" She declares. Then she opens the folder, flipping through what's inside - and beaming at Angus. "This is great!" she adds cheerfully. "Thank you."

Angus gives a faint grin, "It's no like I'm gonnae look again before 5th year, eh?"

"Right. Well, I'll be careful not to lose any of them," Madeline promises, beaming at Angus. "And I'll give them back after we get everything sorted out again."

You say, "Aye… best had. No that I expect tae pass potions, but yeh never know, aye?"

"You're not dumb. If you work at it, you can pass it," Madeline insists firmly. "Just like I have to work at transfiguration." She frowns slightly before adding, "It's going to be hard passing it this year. I've already missed a whole month of study time."

You say, "Aye. Well…. You can have they notes too. But I'm no good at that either, y'ken? I dinnae do well in schoolrooms."

"Then you take your practice outside!" Madeline asserts. "I mean. Asides from the potions - that I guess you gotta be in a classroom for. But there's no reason you can wander around the grounds turning rocks into birds or whatever."

You say, "Aye? Well…. aside frae the school rules, ken?"

"Well… yeah, but if it's for studying, I don't think most folks'd bother you," Madeline answers firmly. "I cast magic outside sometimes. Or I did. Last year me and Adam practiced magic with snowball fights, and we practiced the color changing charm on the snow and painted big pictures in the snow. It was fun!"

Angus grins, "Aye. Aye, I ken." He shrugs, "Well, mebee I will at that. I wish they did more with the beasties, though."

"I'm really looking forward to that class next year," Madeline says eagerly. "And going to Creature Camp again this summer. I was pretty good with the winged horses - Josie and Ms. Fawley said so."

You say, "The Hippogriffs? Aye. They're braw." He gives a faint smile, "Mebee, I should go and try and be a Dragon Handler if the Quidditch doesnae work out, aye?""

Madeline shakes her head. "No, the winged horses. The pegasus. I did alright with the hippogriffs too - but I think I need to get to know them better before they'll really trust me," she explains. "Have you seen a real dragon?" she asks curiously.

Angus gives a little nod, "Aye. They're pretty beasties. They shouldnae be able tae get into the air, but they do. It's like they beat it into submission, ken?"

"I don't really see how the horses get airborne either!" Madeline adds. "My uncle says we can go on a trip and see some dragons after I pass my OWLs," she adds hopefully.

You say, "Aye? Is that where your interest is, Evans?"

"One of 'em!" Madeline says brightly. "I'm gonna tame dragons and talk to merpeople and find lost treasures like Merlin's wand!" She exclaims. "Then I'm gonna write books about my adventures and maybe invent potions or spells." Yes. All of it.

"While I'm Auroring," she adds helpfully.

Angus laughs, "Och. Aye? Well, sounds exhausting!"

"I can do it! I got loooooads of energy. I just have to practice enough." Madeline beams at Angus. "You knoow. So I'm ready."

Angus rolls his eyes upwards, "Aye, Evans. Well, scoot, Quine! You've got studying tae do!"

Madeline nods, popping the rest of her dried fruit into her mouth. "You'll teah me how to read the music tomorrow," she half-suggests, half-assumes, giving Angus a bright smile as she starts gathering up her things. "..and I wouldn't mind one bit if that MacGaille found a stink bomb in his trunk or somethinng," she confides quietly.

Angus laughs, "Working on something else right now, but I'll bear it in mind, ken?"

Madeline nods her head. "I do!" I agrees, without knowing what - precisely - he has in mind. "Thanks again!" she alls before disappearing up the stairs.

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