(1939-09-25) Cooking up Trouble
Details for Cooking up Trouble
Summary: Angus and Calista… baking?
Date: 1939-09-25
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts Castle
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Angus is mixing in a large porcelain bowl. And yes, he's doing it by hand. With a look of intense concentration. And flour all over his clothes.

Calista walks into the room, lifting a brow at the amount of flour in the air and on the young boy. She steps over toa seat and settles to just watch for a little bit. Maybe cooking isn't exactly what Calista is all about.

Angus looks up, "Uh… can yehs turn that page fur me? I would, but I've goat a wee bittie butter ohn mah hands." Also chocolate. Flour. And… possibly oil? Or something?

Calista gets up, ponding briefly, then stepping over to turn the page for the younger student. she does pause long enough to skim it over though, trying to figure out what he is making. "Of course." she says as she finally turns it over the page and steps clear the line of sight.

It's a chocolate cake. A rich, ganache cake. With extra chocolate.

You say, "Thanks Quine." He reads a bit more, "You know, there's goat tae be a spell which would make this easier, but I dinnae ken whit it is." And the stirring continues, "It smells good, though."

"Quine?" Calista repeats a little uncertain of the meaning of the word, "I think you could put a few runes on the book, make it self turning." The Slytherin says as she starts to study it for a moment, then looks back over at the cooking lad. "You are doing much better at it than I would."

You say, "Aye! I didnae do Ancient Runes as an Elective, ken? Uh… Quine. Means gurl, y'ken?" He looks at the recipe again, then sticks a finger in, and licks it, "Och, nae bad! This one might be wurth cookin', aye?" He offers the bowl towards you, "Wanna taste the mix?"

Flint's face recoils a little as he tastes the mix, and then looks at the bowl as if it was a venomous creature for a second, "Thank you, no." the woman says as she glances back to the boy. Then back to the bowl. "Well, may—be." Calista says and pulls down a fresh mixing spoon to dip in the mix before lifting it up and tasting it. Brows raise a little, then her head rocks side to side, "Not bad."

Angus gives a nod of approval, and starts putting it into cake tins, "Noo. The next bit calls for a mess o'cream, and chocolate. Noo, here's some I prepared earlier! Acio Cream!"

And, there is, perhaps, a reason he's doing the mixing by hand. The cream refuses, firmly, to Acio

There is a little smirk on Flint's face as she watches, then she steps over and gets the cream in the more natural way. It just would not do if she failed the charm too. "Here you are." Se says thoughtfully, relaxing a little. She consults the book for a couple of steps ahead, and begins sortting out needed items for time consuming, "Have you ever made one of these before?"

Angus makes a little face, and starts folding the cream and cocoa powder together, "Och, no. No, I made a simple chocolate cake last week, and it was okay, but this one looked better, so…" He gives a shrug, "If I dinnae do it myself, who will I do it for, aye?" He pauses, "Mind, I feel a wee bittie sorry for the Mudbloods. Mebee I'll send it to their wee club, ken?"

'Did he really have to do that?' Calista wonders, her eyes thinning a little bit as she looks backk to Angus from gathering things. "They.. Can be members of this club." She states a little sharply, "You would not understand why they have to be seperated, you are not old enough, yet. You can send it to them if you wish, there is no issue with them eating."

You say, "Aye… I mean, they can be here. But aye, I was gonnae send it to them, mebee. Y'ken? The pur waifs dinnae get the same meals as us." He pauses and shoves a hand out towards you. A rather greasy, cocoay hand, "Och, wheers mah Manners? Angus MacMillan." Making him a member of one of the sacred families. "Sorry. Ma says I'm awful bad wi' that."

The Slytherin woman first tossses her hand out to the side as she backs a little to avoid getting the mess on her uniform. Still, she does take the hand, meeting the boy's eyes, "calista Flint." She says and waits for the last name to hit, "Yes, the Headmaster is my Uncle." she says and then takes a slow breath as she tries to decide if she should explain the separate meals.

Angus tenses a _little_, but then you get a slightly cheeky grin, "Och, so, you didnae get your looks frae that side o' the family, aye?" And more mixing occurs.

There is a little smile, "Well, my mother always claims I looked more like a Burke." She states in a relaxed fashion as she looks back to the prepping. She then turns her attention away the actually cookie to the book again. "I think I could make it turn when told."

You say, "Och? Aye? Well, that'd be handy. I'm no' the best wizard at the wand stuff. Noo, with a _broom_ I'm pure dead brill, ken."

"What position do you plan to play?" She asks, though pondering the concept the boy may already play. Calista looks back to the book. "I would have to settle on a spell that would work, then I could likely incribe the book to that purpose. It will likely be a charm, and that is .. Difficult, but not impossible. It would also take the right ink and a bit of time." She smiles AS SHE LOOKS BACK UP, "For now we use hands."

Angus gives a grin, as he keeps mixing, "Well, I normally play Beater, but they've got me playing Chaser this year. So… that'll be nice and different, ken. Course, it's a lot harder to get onto Gryffindor's team than the others, quine." Cos, yeah, there's nothing like a 14 year old puffing his chest up to look impressive.

Calista is over by Angus, who is obviously cooking. she is acting much like his nurse in a surgery, passing him ingredients and other things. A little page turning. She is also however at least as interested in staying cflean, where as he is covered like a pastry chef. "Oh, a chaser.." Ah wha? "That sounds fun." she says and passes the nest thing on the list.

Angus starts grating some luxuriously dark chocolate into the cocoay cream. "Aye. Aye, lots o' goals tae score." He seems to get more active when talking about Quidditch. Ah. A fan. "You're no a player yoursel' then?"

"No, more the dance and musical type." Calista says as she watches the chocolae added. "I was never great with a broom."

Angus starts patiently stirring it in, "Aye? I thought aboot the arts club. But it's so hard tae fit everythin' in, y'ken? Wi broom club, and duelling, and y'ken this place is.. useful?"

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