(1939-09-25) Flirts, Girls, and Muggle-born
Details for Flirts, Girls, and Muggle-born
Summary: Emily questions Angelus' flirting, who only seems to be amused. Ethel talks about Halloween approaching and Agnes and Madeline arrive to scare off the pure-bloods. Except for the brave Slytherin, Samira.
Date: September 25, 1939
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts

Angelus has stepped outside, descended the front steps of the castle, and moved off to the side. His book strap in hand, the youth rests up against the wall, standing near the stairs leading down and watching people coming out or heading in. He just chills, dressed in his school uniform neatly, the air getting cooler as it blows about this day.

With the second years leaving one of the outdoor classes and heading in for dinner, a pack of Slytherins and Ravenclaws are ambling towards the castle. One of them, a pretty little girl in Slytherin green with long brown hair plaited in a crown about her head, breaks away from the group and heads towards Angelus. She doesn't look exceptionally happy. She looks.. flustered. Perhaps even mildly upset.

"Angelus," she says, stopping just at the outer limits of arm's reach.

Ethel is making her way, as it seems like everyone else, from class to class, thankfully this is her free period and she is on her way to the Owlery to have a lovely conversation with some of the birds that live there. Stepping out of the castle she inhales deeply and sighs contently, "Lovely day!"

Positioned where he can easily see the traffic of people passing by, Angelus notices the crowds of students, letting out a hum thoughtfully as he tilts his head. His gaze flicks over the students curiously, but then sighs and shakes his head with little interest. At least until Emily veers off and a grin flashes across his face. “Hey, sweetheart, looking as striking as ever,” he greets, leaning away from the castle wall. He immediately steps up to drape an arm around her, but as he catches sight of Ethel a head lifts in her direction. “It’s not bad,” he agrees with a smile.

Emily's lips purse slightly as Angelus drapes his arm around her. She murmurs something to the boy under her breath, tense and uncertain as she holds her books to her chest. Ethel's arrival is only noted when Gel speaks to her, and she gives the older girl a terse half-smile.

Emily whispers: Angelus.. I've had some girl's trying to tease me about you flirting with other girls. Tell me if there's any truth to it, because I want to believe you.

Ethel looks over to Angelus and Emily, she gives the two a smile, "Not bad? Don't you enjoy the cold? The leaves starting to change? Soon Halloween will be upon us!" She seems happy about that most of all.

A single brow arches inquisitively as Angelus leans his head down, so that he can kiss Emily’s cheek. “What’s the matter-“ He begins to ask, but finishes with an, “Oh,” as she whispers and the youth lets out a hearty laugh. His blue eyes flick over towards Ethel again and he rolls his shoulders coolly. “The cold isn’t a problem.” He grins widely and very eagerly at the mention of Halloween. “I know, isn’t it brilliant? I’m looking forward to the all sweets feast again.” A hum escapes him as he thinks, suddenly wondering what Flint will do. He wouldn’t take away Halloween, would he? Gel shakes his head and sighs out, lowering his gaze back to Emily and smirking at the second year. His voice is a little lower as he speaks to her. “Oh, sweetheart, all you need to concern yourself with is that you’re my girlfriend. That gives you bonuses. If you can’t handle me looking over other girls, then maybe you’re too young…” He trails off, letting Emily finish off his words as he quirks a brow expectantly.

Emily's eyes narrow at Angelus. "Angelus Eibon," she says, her voice cracklingly low. "Need I remind you what you said when we started dating? Or in the boat house?" Her voice drops again. She has that feisty glint in her eyes as her head tilts. It's not like Angelus would be surprised by the amount of steel found in his girlfriend. It's actually possible that he was goading her on purpose. After a moment, her eyes snap to Ethel. "Sorry."

Emily whispers: You said you were just my boyfriend, and I told you that you'd lose one -hell- of a friend if you threw me over… Just think about all the things I do for you that no one else will do. So, let me just say this: I might be two years younger than you, but I've got just as much pride as you. Don't you dare try to manipulate me like that ever again. You just be honest with me and I'll be honest with you. Looking is one thing, but don't cheat on me, okay?

Ethel raises an eyebrow at the two and gives a shake of her head, this.. she is staying out of, "The all sweets feast is a wonderful time of year, I enjoy!" She chuckles and gives a shake of her head to Emily, "No need to be sorry to me."

Angelus grins widely as he tilts his head at Emily, amusement glinting in his eyes. “How cute,” he comments lightly, chuckling. Perhaps to make a point, Gel leans his head down to press his lips against her cheek with the typical noise when one makes kissing aloud. He whispers in her ear before he draws his head back up. He offers Emily a charming smile, craning his head a little. “Jealousy’s not a very pleasing quality, Miley,” says Gel on a sigh. “Do keep that in check next time.” His arm lifts from the second year, and he dips his head towards Ethel, making a very showy attempt to curl his arm around Ethel pointedly. “So how have you been, Murray?”

Angelus’ whisper: Don’t you worry our pretty little head. You should be so lucky to be my girlfriend.

Out comes a Hufflepuff, a little surprised to see Ethel out here. She gives a little wave, looking about to get a better feel for how things are going. There is a young Slytherin there, so the muggleborn starts closer with a bit of caution. "Good day." she offers in a cheerful tone as she looks the group over.

Coming in from the castle grounds, Madeline has her raven on her arm, and one of her half-blood friends next to her. "That would be a pretty neat trick," she agrees with the girl. "Maybe we'll work on that. You think you could do it, huh Mischief?" she asks the bird cheerfully, reaching out to ruffle her feathers.

Ethel watches Emily turn to go, she on the other hand greets Agnes, "Good to see you Agnes, having a good day?" She turns her attention back to Angelus and says, "Oh well enough, it's been kind of a rough year so far for some students."

“Has it now?” Angelus asks, tipping his head a little to the side as if he could not fathom why it would be rough for some students. “I think it’s just a matter of dramatics, really.” He lets out a soft breath, and his eyes flick towards Madeline first, arching a brow curiously. “Evans,” he greets the girl politely. A hum escapes the youth as he glances towards Agnes and he offers her a dip of his head. “Granger, isn’t it? Good day,” he returns, though his gaze brushes over her, checking to see if anything is out of place. Angelus’ arm is pulled from Ethel when he turns to Emily, and chuckling with amusement, he quickly moves after her to grab her hand. “Wait, wait, stop, stop, stop, I’m just playing around with you because you’re adorable. Don’t go.” His voice lowers as he leans a little closer to her. “You can’t leave me alone when the low breeds start coming around.”

Emily stops when Angelus takes her hand, and she turns slowly to face him with solemn eyes. "Well, it wasn't funny, Angelus." When he lowers her voice, she purses her lips. "Then apologise," she says softly as if only for his ears. He might be chuckling, but she isn't.

"Eibon, I would pay good money to watch the dramatics you would throw if you were forced to learn only cleaning charms for a year," Madeline remarks in a dry voice. "I'm sure Agnes 'n me'd be happy to teach you how to unclog and clean privies, though. It's just as exciting as it sounds."

She drops onto a bench, rolling her eyes while her friend nudges her. "Don't antagonize him, Mads. We all know who's better, right?"

Madeline nods, and scratches at her raven's head again.

Anges is of course in perfect form. The muggleborn already a fifth year has been the rather quiet and polite type. "Yes, good day, Eibon." She returns. Ethel is given a greeting, "Hello Prefect." She returns to Ethel. The other comments from Angelus move her attention back on to him. The look is cool, a brow arching, but she says nothing more, and instead looks to Madeline's arrive, "Hello, Evans."

A bit cool for some is rather cold for Samira. She emerges from the castle wearing her winter cloak much earlier in the year than anyone else. And still, she pauses at the top of the steps and squints at the cool afternoon air. At the sound of familiar voices, Samira glances over at the little gathering beside the front steps. With a rather wide grin, she meanders down the steps towards them. "Good afternoon."

Ethel gives a nod to Agnes and turns to Maddy giving her a tight little smile before looking back to Angelus and Emily, "If the two of you are going to have a lover's quarrel perhaps you should take it elsewhere, somewhere less public perhaps? If you'll excuse me I need to go check on my owl. Good evening to you all."

Angelus releases a sigh, dropping his head briefly. “All right, sweetheart. I’m sorry,” he says apologetically. “I’ll try to remember how delicate you are.” He lifts his hand to brush his fingers lightly against her chin, offering her a dazzling smile. Turning towards Madeline as a brow lifts, the youth grins. His accent shifts, sounding more Scottish. “Oh, of course you would, Evans. Anyone would pay any amount of money to see me do anything.” A smug smile slips against his lips. “I make everything look /good/, obviously. Don’t think I haven’t seen you blush at my presence.” His eyes flick towards Agnes, back to Madeline, and he sighs. “I think it’s time to head in and find better company.” He turns to the stairs, glancing up and catching sight of Samira, immediately bringing out a grin. “Looking as lovely as ever, Prince. I regret that I’m not staying out any further,” he states. His arm lifts to make a point in wrapping an arm around Emily. “This beautiful young girl of mine has finished teaching some of the creatures around.”

Agnes watches the young pure-blood couple depart, walking over to Madeline after waving to Prefect Ethel. She leans close to the younger Gryff girl, and the Hufflepuff, grins, "Yes, pure-bloods, so very delicate, fragile." But then she straightens and adjusts her sedate calm expression as she watches the courtyard and gets ready for dinner time.

Samira pauses at Ethel's parting remark about Angelus and Emily having a lover's quarrel. She stares at the pair, particularly the 12 year old Emily. Lovers? Though she does her best to hide it behind a bit of a bemused smile, it's clear that she is a bit unsettled by this most recent bit of culture-shock. She nods a bit as Angelus wraps an arm around Emily and tells Samira that he's on his way out, but she doesn't respond further.

Bowing her head slightly, she runs a hand through her wild, dark curls and glances to Madeline and her friend. "Hello, little one," she says, inclining her head with an amused grin. Tilting her head at Agnes, she says, "Fragile, hm?"

Emily arches her eyebrow at Ethel and then rolls her eyes. She mutters to Angelus, but something like 'blood' and possibly even the word 'mud' might could possibly be overheard.. Though at her current volume it would be hard to swear to that fact. Samira, on the other hand, is given a friendly smile. "Hullo, Prince." As a result of Angelus' apology, Emily seems to be in much better spirits. She walks in with him towards dinner.

Emily whispers: Oh, for pity's sake. She's barely better than a mud blood herself. I guess blood always does tell after all.

"Is it still murder if-"

"Yes, Maddie."

Madeline lets out a heavy sigh, then looks up to greet Samira with a broad smile. "Enjoying your classes?" she asks. "It must be hard - switching schools. I bet some of it you already know, and some of it is just so weird! I hope you don't feel behind in any of the classes?"

Agnes looks up to the newly arriving Slytherin, who apparently heard her comment about Emily and Angelus. She and Madeline are out in the cool air before the castle, it is close to if not on time for the main dinner crowd, though the Hufflepuff seems to be in no hurry to go. "Hello." She greets the Slytherin, "Delicate was their word.." She says as if it means nothing that she should further define it. I am Agnes Granger, fifth year." She will try, after all this one she doesn't know.

Samira nods a bit at Madeline. "There is less ritual here, but it is the same magic. I see more of what isn't taught here, than what isn't taught there." Looking to Agnes, Samira's smile widens. She tilts her head, intrigued. "A fifth year? But, I don't recognize you. Ah, are you a muggleborn student?"

"What sort of ritual did they have at your school?" Madeline asks with puzzlement. "I mean - well - the only sort of magic I know is what they teach here, and even that just barely." Feeling ignored, Mischief starts tugging at Madeline's robes, prompting the girl to reach out and playfully tug at the bird's beak. "You're going to ruin your reputation hanging about with us," she adds dryly, before saying with sudden excitement, "Ooo! Wanna see how good I've got at putting my toes on my head?!"

Agnes seems to study Samira more, possibly wondering if it is a trap. "Oh, yes, I am in the SCUMS program." She says softly, inhaling a little bit and getting ready to say more before Madeline pulls her attention from Samira. "She is being nice.. I am certainly going to enjoy it." She says and looks back to Samira, "It is a pleasure to meet you, welcome to Hogwarts." The tone a little precise, but considering it is likely a risky level of familiar with a Slytherin.

Samira giggles impishly at Madeline's warning that she will ruin her reputation. Then, at her sudden mention of toes on her head, Samira laughs. "If you wish. You have been practicing? Oh, and I suspect I am known as peculiar. I doubt the fact that I find muggle born students to be entertaining will damage that view. Now go on, show me."

As Agnes formally welcomes her to Hogwarts, Samira glances over at her with an amused grin and nods a bit. "Tell me. What are your classes like?"

"Fly," Madeline warns Mischief, before she tosses her bird into the air. The bird answers with a croaking protest, but does circle around once before finding somewhere to land. Madeline's half-blood friend - who had pulled out a book and started to read - gets up from the bench as Madeline lies on it on her stomach - arching her back and lifting her head, with her legs curling around to touch the top of her head. "There! See? Lots better, right?"

"SCUMs classes, we are all in the same room, and we learn useful things, like polishing shoes and how we hurt wizards around the world by being born." Agnes says, but the tone just sounds hollow, "Please excuse me, it was certainly wonderful to meet you," she offers in a gentle voice. "I do have a few things to practice, from my clubs."

Samira nods in approval at Madeline's progress. "Much better. Remember not to push yourself too much or it will hurt your back. But, bit by bit, try to touch your nose." Glancing at Agnes, the pureblood transfer student giggles impishly before nodding. "Clubs, yes. Always important to keep up with such things. Good luck. I am off to do the same." She lifts a hand in farewell before starting to head off in search of the Greenhouses.

"My nose?" Madeline boggles, though at Agnes' words, she drops her legs, then flips around to give the other girl a worried look. "Hey, Agnes, wait up!" she calls and trots after her.

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