(1939-09-25) Partners in Crime...fighting
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Summary: Elijah and Peregrine have been partnered up, and waste no time getting to work.
Date: 25 September 1939
Location: Law Enforcement - Ministry of Magic

Having taken a few personal days for himself, Elijah is finally getting back to work. The good inspector can be found pacing back in forth in the office, a file held out in front of him mouthing to himself as he reads. He's in the way of people, but they don't seem to mind. They pretty much know that this is how he gets things done.

Peregrine steps into the office, taking off his hat and coat and hanging them on a coathook. He tilts his head for a moment at the man walking around, then walks in his direction, "Inspector Lovegood?" he says, offering his hand. Considering how long they've been at MLE, the two probably at least know each other by sight, no doubt.

Elijah looks up from his file and smiles, "Ah, hello, Perry." He sets the file down and slips the cigarette from his mouth, reaching out with his free hand to accept the shake, "I trust all is well?"

"Well, Elijah, I have some very bad news." Perry says, shaking and then pulling over another office chair and leaning back with his feet up on the blotter of somebody else's desk. "The Commissioner tells me that we've both been without a partner too long." He leans back, interlacing his fingers behind his head and stretching out his lanky frame.

Elijah moves to have a seat at his desk, looking over at Peregrine with an incredulous look as he takes a drag from his cigarette and taps the ashes off into a nearby tray, "And?"

"Apparently, we're working together for the time being." Perry says, with a roll of his eyes, reaching into his own pocket for a pack of cigarillos.

Elijah raises an eyebrow at the man and says, "Fair enough," before he opens the file in front of him and asks, "Well…what cases are you currently assigned to, Perry?"

"Most of them are closed. I just got back from Wales not to long ago, after chasing down some bad chaps there." Peregrine flips open his lighter and lights his cigarillo. "There was some talk about the murder in Diagon Alley a while back, and it's relation to a cold case? Someone already in Azkaban? You're working on that, aren't you?"

"Aye. I'm heading it, actually," Elijah responds flipping the file closed without even really giving it a look and leaning back in his chair to give Peregrine a once-over, "That, in conjunction with the body that was found on Knockturn not too long ago. Hypatia recently asked to be involved. Thoughts?"

"Her father was my partner back in the day. She seems like a promising young officer, and I've told her old man I'd take her under my wing - as grey as the feathers are becoming these days. So, I think if she wants to come along, it might teach her something." Peregrine replies, before taking a drag and exhaling, "If you mean my thoughts on the case… Well, a dead body showing up with half of the wand that was found at an earlier crime scene, when the man convicted of that earlier crime is in Azkaban… It leaves one doubtful, doesn't it, about the propriety of that conviction."

"I've been doubtful about that judgement for a long time. The fact that the evidence has always just…been there. It doesn't make sense. The faceless corpse just happens to have a piece of fabric that bears Carrow's initials. The fact that the one man who could have indicted Brad Moody just so happened to die during the rally. It doesn't feel right. Doesn't feel right at all," Elijah says, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"Moody? The wireless fellow? What does he have to do with all this?" Peregrine asks, as the two inspectors are no doubt becoming surrounded by something of a pall of smoke. "I'm afraid I only know the very basics of the case. But it seems like there might be very good cause to dig deeper and kick over whatever anthills are necessary."

"I have reason to believe that Moody and his Army of Truth are behind the attacks on Diagon Alley and that the MLF's aggression were merely a smokescreen utilized by Moody to pull scrutiny from his organization," Elijah remarks, tapping the ash from his cigarette, "The evidence and amount of witnesses is slim…but I know it in my gut."

"Alright. Then we need more, don't we? Because the Wizengamot doesn't tend to overturn convictions or impose new ones based on an Inspector saying, "I think I know better." Peregrine closes his eyes, and thinks, then says, "Let's start from the beginning, then. What do we know?"

"Right now? I suppose we just have to wait," Elijah says with a grin. "There is absolutely nothing we can do, within the boundaries of the law." The good inspector runs a hand back through his hair and say, "So…for the foreseeable we're just going to continue working whatever case happens to end up on our desk."

"Alright. I'll keep my ear to the ground for anything that sounds interesting." Peregrine says, with a nod, "I'm sure something will find its way to such illustrious personages as ourselves."

Elijah grins and says, "Florian Snoozely." He slides a file to the man and continues, "Brought in a few years ago on charges of selling counterfeit artifacts. He was put away for a year and he's back out. Recently, a rash of dangerous magical artifacts are ending up in the hands of the public. Poorly duplicated warming blankets that have been causing fires or music boxes that end up leaving people deaf, et cetera." Elijah moves to retakes his seat, allowing Perry to review the file.

"And let me guess, Mr. Snoozely is either nowhere to be found, or confesses only to being as pure as the driven snow?" Peregrine pulls out a small pair of reading glasses and perches them on the edge of his nose, then lets his cigarillo sit between his lips as he reads, every once and a while exhaling smoke through his nose. "Revenge?" he asks, finally.

"He denies everything," Elijah clarifies. A brief drag of his cigarette follows with it being snuffed out in the ash-tray and Elijah leans forward, elbows resting on the desk, "I'm not sure. It could be, but I've never given him that much credit. I think he's probably just trying to get back into the game…might have gotten a little rusty."

"Deny, deny, deny, and if all else fails, make counter-accusations." Peregrine says, with a snort, then plants the cigarillo back in his mouth and finishes reading the file. "I think we should go down to the waterfront and check out this company he spends so much time at. Perhaps we can find something going on there. Your conclusion about why seems reasonable, though."

"Like I said; not a criminal mastermind by any stretch of the imagination. Just a dumb counterfeiter trying to make a knut or two," Elijah says, standing and grabbing his long coat. Gesturing towards the staircase, he says, "After you."

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