(1939-09-26) Cutting Out Relations
Details for Cutting Out Relations
Summary: Angelus and Asmund start talking and testing out a miniature toy broom. Gel 'opens' up to Asmund about how horrible people are to him until Evelyn arrives. Emily comes in and tries to help and offer support.
Date: September 26, 1939
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

Angelus, who is dressed neatly in uniform, is running towards the lake shore with a wide grin in his face. His face is reddened by his exertion and the cool breeze; his blonde locks are tousled by the wind even though his curls still seem to stay in their relative place. Down from the cliffs, the youth’s blue eyes scan the lake shore fervently, and grins when he spies the miniature broom toy lying on the ground, the water lapping at it. Jogging forward, he moves to pick it up.

Asmund, also looking rather prim in his uniform, is walking rather calmly towards the lake. He carries himself in a relaxed manner as he thumbs through a Herbology textbook, though his eyes can be seen to flicker occasionally to the shiny, new Prefect badge upon his uniforms, which he seems unable to hide a slight smirk about. A briefly curious glance is cast upwards as the other youth runs by, but Asmund merely calls, "Careful," in a watch-your-footing sort of tone.

“Hey Fawley!” Angelus greets energetically as he passes the boy. But he continues on until he picks up the little broom, shaking it in the air to shake some of the water from it. Then he turns to glance back over to Asmund, a grin tugging at his lips. “How’s it going, Fawley? Congratulations on becoming prefect, by the way.”

Trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to hide a smirk that shows how proud he is to have been made Prefect, Asmund gives Angelus a slow, intent nod and replies, "Thank you, Angelus." He continues his pacing until he isn't too far off from the other boy, tilting his head slightly at the toy broom, "What's that for?" Asmund still smirks, though now it seems to be more out of curiosity about Gel's plans for the toy.

“Who knew I’d be deputized, too, this year?” comments Angelus with a smirk, lifting his head in self-importance. “I suppose its practice for when I become a prefect next year.” He grins, speaking confidently and with no doubt that he won’t become a prefect when he’s a fifth. His silver pendant gleams as it hangs in front of him. Grinning as he lifts the miniature broom to offer Asmund a better look. “It has a slow descent charm on it,” he explains. “I was tossing it off the cliffs and watching it drift down.”

After a momentary confused frown, Asmund's eyes catch the gleaming pendant hanging around Angelus' neck. His frown turns into a smile that just doesn't quite seem to reach his eyes, though he says, "Ah, yes. How good for you, Angelus." His gaze drifts for a few moments over the broom as he adds, "Yes, that certainly would put you on track to becoming a Prefect." Asmund closes the distance some, and as he does so, he gestures towards the toy broom with an open hand asking, "Doing something of an experiment, are you?"

Angelus nods his head, grinning again as his eyes glitter. “Of course, an Eibon in power really isn’t anything to be surprised about,” he says proudly, his smug smile slipping across his face. He does let out a sigh as he shakes his head slowly. “Though I do hope that when I become a prefect next year people will be more inclined to show respect.” His gaze drops to the toy broom in his hand, and he flashes another grin. “Just having a little fun,” he answers and offers it out to Asmund. “Here, give it a toss.”

"What do you mean, Angelus?" Asmund asks, adding in a more private tone, "Has anyone been disrespecting you?" Asmund's over-protective side seems to come out as if he had just caught the boy being bullied. He accepts the toy broom from Angelus' hands and takes a few long strides backwards, "If you want to talk, Angelus, I'm always available." Leaving the matter at that, in the younger boy's hands, Asmund raises the toy broom and tosses it as one might toss a paper airplane, towards the other boy.

Walking casually and, as usual, quiet silently, along the beach, Evelyn finds herself stopping every now and then to just watch the water. Her mind, for the time being, is focused on that. So much so, that she doesn't even notice the others along the beach, no matter how close she gets to them.

Further down the beach are a group of girls who are just generally having a good time of it. Including one who seems to be wearing shorts under her skirt. -How- do we know about the shorts under her skirt? Because she's walking on her hands. She's a pretty little thing with her dark hair bound in a braided crown… and apparently quite nimble. Eventually, she drops her legs and fluidly stands back up with a 'TADAAAA' sort of pose.

A heavy sigh escapes the youth as he glances briefly down. “Unfortunately,” he murmurs out. He shakes his head slowly, sliding a hand in gesture through the air. “It’s just people taking out their frustrations on me, really. Sadly, the one who’s been giving me a lot of grief is also a prefect.” A short, humourless chuckle escapes the boy. Angelus shrugs a little as he shakes his head. “Nothing I can prove against a prefect though, unfortunately. Rosen is a sneaky sixth, only causes problems for me when I can’t do anything about it.” He backs up a little too to add to the distance, grinning as he reaches up for the miniature broom, but it glides overhead so that Angelus has to turn, watching it land somewhere close to his cousin. He runs over to pick it up, and smirks as he glances up at Evelyn. His greeting to his cousin is no longer personable, and he dips his head politely as though she were a stranger. “Good morning, Darcy.”

While Asmund hadn't particularly been paying attention to any of the other students along the lakeside, with the exception of wincing slightly as he thought a younger girl was about to break her neck doing a handstand, he takes a few strides and closes the distance to Angelus. "Rosen? You mean that quiet Ravenclaw girl?" He touches his own chin for a moment, contemplating the matter, "I would never have guessed…" Seeing Angelus speaking to Evelyn, Asmund remains a few paces away, patiently clasping his hands behind his back and trying to mind his own business.

What's that? Evelyn blinks as something catches her attention. Oh! A little toy broom. And…Angelus. Of course Angelus. When is he not around these days? "Nothing wrong with being a Darcy." She mutters quietly. It's one of the few things of her mother's heritage that she can remember. "Angelus. I hope all is…well…" At least she's not treating him like a stranger. Doesn't mean she's not angry or annoyed, though.

There's some mild commotion from further down the beach, and the gaggle of girls has parted as one of the lake beasties surfaces for a moment and is gone again. Some girls are running and screaming and laughing back up to the castle. One, the hand-walker, has turned and is running joyously across the beach towards Angelus. "Hi, Gel!" she calls as she gets closer. "Did you see?" Pink cheeked and breathless, she stops beside the boy and lifts up on tiptoe to press a kiss to his cheek. "Did you see? Wasn't it fun? Oh hi, Eibon… Hullo, Fawley."

Angelus’ head lifts with pride as he smirks. “Isn’t there?” he asks with a slight tilt of his head. As he straightens, his stance is proper, dismissing his cousin with a smirk as he turns away from her. “Quiet!” Angelus lets out on an exclamation, a short ‘hah’ escaping him as he rolls his eyes. But he sighs, giving Asmund a troubled look as he cranes his head. “We should probably not speak any more about Rosen. She’s got this one,” he says, pointing his thumb over his shoulder at Evelyn, “so engrossed and believing every little thing she says that Rosen is practically a saint in her eyes.” He rolls his eyes before he rolls his head and sweeps his gaze towards the eager second year. “Miley!” he calls out energetically, his smile warm as he lift a hand in a wave. He turns his head when she moves to kiss his cheek, so that she can ‘accidentally’ kiss his lips instead. “Oops,” he’ll murmur out mischievously. When she greets Evelyn, he shakes his head and makes a sound of disapproval. “It’s Darcy,” he corrects Emily, and then leans closer and lowering his voice. “She has no right being an Eibon when she turns her back from her family.”

In what might be mistaken as a condescending manner, Asmund, keeping his hands clasped behind his back, bends slightly at the waist while he addresses Emily, "Miss Gibbon, how are you this morning? That was quite an impressive feat of acrobatics." He straightens up and gives a polite smile to Evelyn as well, sensing that he is probably welcome in the conversation. As for Gel's 'accidental' smooching, he simply rolls his eyes and releases his hands from behind his back, standing in a more relaxed posture.

Glancing around at the others, Evelyn just turns to stare at Angelus. "I…I am an Eibon. One who uh…well…um…one who doesn't insult another Eibon's parents. Which is…umm…well, always in poor taste. But, well, when one does…uh…well, do so…they better make sure that…that those parents aren't dead. Isn't that, umm, isn't that right, Angelus?" Nope. She still hasn't let that go, not fully. "And it's uh…it's not Elspeth that's the reason that I um, believe what I believe." She rolls her eyes. "But um…this isn't really the time nor the place."

Emily sighs as Angelus 'sneaks' a kiss and she nudges him a little. Not that she really seems to mind… She's all smiles and good humour — right up to the point where Angelus talks about Evelyn and last names. That cheery disposition falters and fades into a mixture of shock, confusion, and perhaps even faint embarrassment. "Oh. Um. Yes, of course." A beat or three passes and she turns to Asmund suddenly. "Oh wasn't it?" she replies as if that whole awkward family thing wasn't happening. She's British, after all. Best not to acknowledge these things in public… "I do so enjoy a bit of romping." Despite her reaction, she hasn't moved an inch from Angelus' side.

Nope, it isn’t the time for that. Holding his head with an air of superiority, Angelus doesn’t even glance at his cousin as she speaks. He flicks his gaze to Asmund and glances at Emily, but lets them talk without interrupting. Only at the end when Evelyn pronounces his name, Angelus lets out an, “Oh,” and hums out, tilting his head as he turns his gaze onto his cousin. He clears his throat, shifting his stance as he stands properly. “I’m sorry, what was that? I missed any important words being said through all the blather coming out with it.”

Emily sighs and murmurs quietly to Angelus. She leans up to kiss his CHEEK this time (and yes, she makes sure that it's his cheek). "Try to play nice, dear," she says softly, a hint of amusement in her voice. "I'm going to head to class… I've got potions this morning. Meet me afterwards? I want to tell you something."

Emily whispers: You know, Angelus… You're not going to get anywhere if you say things like that to her. You'll only push her away. Not to mention it makes other people feel like they have to defend her. Not me, of course, because you're my boyfriend and I support you.

Asmund blanches slightly, perhaps sensing that he may be bearing witness to private familial matters. He seems glad that Emily is giving him an out, and nods in agreement with her, "Oh, I couldn't agree more. Though, I must admit, I'm also relieved that you didn't hurt myself. I don't think my father would be any too pleased if I lost my Prefect status within one term." He chuckles as he folds his arms to grasp at his elbows. As Evelyn mentions, what Asmund assumes to be, her opinions about Elspeth, his brow knits slightly and his tone sounds slightly concerned, "I have never been given any reason to not think highly of her, though I do not know her personally."

Offering a little wave to Emily, Evelyn looks toward Asmund. Ignoring Angelus' words for now, she smiles a little. "Oh, um…yes, well, she's a lovely person, in my opinion. But, well, it's uh, it's unfortunate that we can't all just get along." At that, she glances at Angelus. "And umm…well, it's obvious that some don't want me here. I'm uh, I'm just going to head on. I was going to…well, see if I could catch sight of the uh…the giant squid. And I'm…well, I've got too much energy. Anyway, it was nice seeing you all." She clears her throat, and starts to walk again, past Angelus and Asmund, slowly but surely.

“I’ve tried to keep a good relationship with her,” Angelus responds to Emily’s whisper. He’s not trying to keep it quiet or anything, just shrugs simply. “I don’t want anything to do with her with her mind as corrupt as it is.” Simple as that, and he keeps his head held high as he clears his throat. A little smile flickers across his face as he glances to Asmund. “Do be on your guard with that one, Asmund,” he says, more personable to the fifth. “Though I suspect you shouldn’t have a problem with Rosen. She only gets vicious with people who don’t believe every little thing she says.” He gestures with the toy broom. “We should hang out again when classes aren’t going to be beginning soon.” He smiles warmly. “Congratulations again on making prefect.”

Emily nods then to Angelus, apparently understanding his response and accepting it. "Well, meet me after potions, won't you?" She flashes him a dazzling smile and turns to fly back to the castle. "Bye, Fawley!" she calls over her shoulder. "Bye, Darcy!"

Emily whispers: Well, as long as you've done due diligence, no one can fault you! Don't forget! I've got something to show you!

Apparently having lost track of the time, Asmund looks startled for a moment and practically yelps, "Class! Right!" He shoots a look up at the castle and then back at the rest, "We had all best be off. Don't need to be getting detentions." He waves to the rest of them as he begins making quick strides towards the castle, mentally berating himself for not setting a better example.

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